江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 66

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



Kun Lun Heaven Worshipping Ceremony

On this new year’s day, Wu Lin welcomes an event that comes once every four years, the Kun Lun Heaven Worshipping Ceremony.

Historically in the Jiang Hu, there has always been the practice of having the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin to lead all the sects to worship the heaven, on one hand to pray for the blessing of the gods, on the other hand to display the Supreme Chief’s absolute power as the one in command, and incidentally giving all the other sect leaders seating arrangements.

Gu Xi Ju succeeded the position as Supreme Chief of Wu Lin four years ago, thus accepted the Jade Dragon Token from his predecessor during the Heaven Worshipping Ceremony, at that time, he took the seat as a newcomer in his early twenties, hence gaining many protests and doubts. Now that four years have passed, he has successfully crushed Bai Yue Sect’s power, the two huge sects of Kun Lun and Shaolin has also expressed acknowledgement of his position, so no matter how one looks at this Heaven Worshipping Ceremony, it just looks like a big show of his magnificence.

The auspicious hour has arrived, tall stacks of wood has already been put up at the circular altar on the peak of Mount Kun Lun, offerings such as jade and silk covering the top of them. Following the ritualist’s order, Gu Xi Ju dressed in a body of purple slowly steps forward, personally lighting up the wood.

Black and grey smoke shooting straight into the clouds.

The ritualist then sounds another order for people to bring up a spotted deer, a black cattle and a horse, Gu Xi Ju draws out his treasured sword from his waist side, one by one stabbing into the necks of those poor animals, fresh red blood trickles into a bronze cauldron that had long been prepared.

When the bronze cauldron is filled with fresh blood, the animals are carried away, and only then do the servants bring up the fine wine and great dishes, a group of costumed dancers appears on the site and starts presenting a dance. Gu Xi Ju accepts the handkerchief handed by the servant and cleans both his hands, smiling as he watches the dancers.

In the distant, there is a little little black shadow hiding amongst the crowd, eyes fixed as they watch his every move.

How is he still this calm and composed? She thinks in puzzlement.

With one dance performance of {{Cloud Gate}} finishing, the climactic moment of the ceremony begins, the ritualist takes out a golden silk scroll and reads out to the heaven, a chronicle of events that have happened in the Jiang Hu within these four years, summarising the performance and results of all the different sects, and finally have the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin take out the Jade Dragon Token, the symbol of his title, requiring him to stamp it down on the historical records, for the ceremony to be considered completed.

“……as acknowledgement of the achievements, a Deputy Chief position is to be specially added, with the Yellow River as boundary, the affairs within the northern area shall fall into the hands of Sect Leader of Kun Lun Sect, He Shan Nai.”

After the ritualist finished saying this, the whole audience is immediately thrown into an uproar.

All these years in the Jiang Hu, such thing like a Deputy Chief has never existed, didn’t think that this Gu Xi Ju would actually create a precedent, nor is it clear if this is of decentralisation or offering amnesty?

“So peculiar.” That black shadow quietly murmurs, fortunately the voice drowns within the sea of discussion, not at all attracting any attention.

Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Gu Xi Ju and He Shan Nai both steadily sit there immovable like Mount Tai, the latter’s face is even revealing a trace of an unpredictable smile.

“May Supreme Chief stamp down!” Having said this, the ritualist respectfully hands him the golden silk scroll with both hands.

Gu Xi Ju accepts the golden silk scroll, and takes out a little command token from his sleeve, dipping it in the red mud and was just about to press down.

“Wait!” In this crucial moment, a voice finally sounds in a timely manner.

“Can Supreme Chief let everyone take a look at the Jade Dragon Token?” The person speaking is leader of the Beggars Sect, Shi De Duo.

“For what reason?” Gu Xi Ju highly raises both his sword-like brows.

With a little hesitation, Shi De Duo deeply says: “If Supreme Chief can excuse me, to tell you the truth, these past few days, many sects have received a letter from an anonymous source, stating Supreme Chief doesn’t actually have the Jade Dragon Token, and had even secretly courted Bai Yue Sect, the real token had already been given to Bai Yue Sect as a keepsake, even at the bottom of the letter, there is an imprint……”

His words comes to a pause here.

Gu Xi Ju good naturedly smiles: “An imprint of what?” His voice gentle like a wisp of breeze.

“An imprint of the Jade Dragon Token stamp!” Shi De Duo still manages to speak the truth with gritted teeth, the disciples of the Beggars Sect have always been fearless anyway.

The crowd quickly starts buzzing in discussion, whilst that lurking shadow lightly laughs.

——let’s see how you will explain this! See what lie you will come up with! She thinks, not without pride.

However, in the end she has underestimated Gu Xi Ju.

He instead smiles, lightly sounding a clap, he says: “Please invite Sir Ye Gui Nong up.”

Ye Gui Nong, is precisely the former Supreme Chief.

“Elder Ye, may you take a look at the Jade Dragon stamp in my hand, is it real or fake?”

Gu Xi Ju spreads his hand towards the fifty-year-old elderly.

Ye Gui Nong squints his eyes as he takes a look, a resounding voice saying: “It is indeed the same one I passed on to you four years ago, definitely not fake at all!”

Gu Xi Ju nods, then turns to say: “May the Abbot of Shaolin and Kun Lun Sect Leader come forward to take a look, does this Jade Dragon Token perhaps look any different from the one four years ago?”

He Shan Nai and Master Zhi Kong both stands and takes a look, both shaking their heads as they say: “There is no different at all.”


That shadow covers her own mouth, having almost screamed out loud. She can clearly see the fake Jade Dragon Token in Gu Xi Ju hands contain green amongst white, completely different to the suet white jade one in her sleeve, with such a significant different that can been spotted at a glance, why are all these people lying without batting an eyelid?!

Gu Xi Ju has that Jade Dragon Token in the palm of his hand, proudly exhibiting it as he walks around in a huge circle, asking over dozens of highly respected sect leaders at the table, the answer he got from each of them being “this token is not fake.”

And only then does he puts away the token, gracefully smiling as he stands in centre stage.

“Don’t know if Sect Leader have any other doubts?” Gu Xi Ju holds his fist out as he bows towards Shi De Duo in a reasonable manner.

Shi De Duo’s eyes circles his surrounding, only to find himself in an isolated spot, receiving no echoes from others, keeping to the principle of the less trouble the better, he too, bows and says: “Shi De Duo has caused offense, and has no further objection.”

Gu Xi Ju smiles, once again taking hold of the token, staining it in the red mud and presses down on the golden silk scroll with a “pa”.

Surrounded by cheering, Pang Wan’s heart turns cold.

——how did it turn out like this? why did it turn out like this? This isn’t the same as the preconceived script of hers ah! In her imagination, the other sect leaders should immediately discover the Jade Dragon Token is fake, and then interrogates Gu Xi Ju on the spot, this way, the people she planted would have the perfect chance to cause a scene of trouble at the altar, how come these people just wouldn’t believe the token in Gu Xi Ju’s hand is fake?

She couldn’t hold back on wanting to charge out from the crowd, but someone had grabbed hold of her arm.

Someone gently covers her mouth.

“Hush~, come back with me.” That masked man in black whispers to her.

Pang Wan turns to face that pair of black eyes like paint, eyes instantly shining brilliantly: “Brother Nan Yi!”

“Let’s go, he won’t be able to stay smug for long.”

The masked man mutters this next to her ear.


The Heaven Worshipping Ceremony smoothly finishes with no real danger, after saying his goodbyes to the other sect leaders, Gu Xi Ju complacently returns to his room to rest.

He had just took a seat and had a sip of tea, when he hears the maid hasty voice sound from outside the doors: “Fairy, you cannot enter, you cannot……”

Before he had placed the cup down, a wisp of a white figure charges in like a whirlwind.

“Gu Xi Ju! How could you treat me like this?!” Sang Chan beautifully refined face is filled with rage, “Didn’t think you are actually such an ungrateful person who burns down the bridge after crossing the river!”

Facing the question, Gu Xi Ju does not show any care at all as he hooks up the corners of his lips.

“Junior Sister, why the hurry? Why not sit down first and have a cup of tea I made?” He stands up and pours a cup of tea, leisurely placing it on the little ebony table in front of Sang Chan.

However that cup of tea sounds a “peng” as it is swiped onto the ground, high quality celadon smashing into pieces.

“Why did you not go through with what you promised me?!” Sang Chan’s originally tender voice instantly sounds high-pitched and ear piercing.

“Chan-er, listen to me explain.” Gu Xi Ju steadies his expression, before softly saying, “That Deputy Chief position was indeed originally arranged for you, but an error occurred in the final moment, hence why I could only let Kun Lun’s people take up the position first.”

Sang Chan coldly laughs: “What kind of error requires having you put out such a high price in exchange? Could it be that everything that He Shan Nai is capable of doing, is much more, much harder, than everything I had done for you these past ten years?”

With a sound of “shua” she draws out the long sword from her waist side, placing it against his neck.

“These past ten years, I have dressed myself up well in order to collect information for you, willingly becoming your excuse to block off marriage alliances, and even at the cost of abandoning the maid I adored the most, also giving up Ninth Prince’s proposal, what was all this for?”

Her eyes like frosty stars wells up with tears.

“You tell me, what exactly did I do wrong? Why did the position you promise me go to another person?! Why?!”

Speaking up to hear, the beauty is already starting to choke.

Gu Xi Ju’s brows furrows almost undetectably, with a turn of a head, he had already replaced it with an appeasing expression like the warm spring.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Chan-er, it’s just that it’s not yet the right time.” He reaches out to pat her shoulder, voice so gentle is can practically be dripping with water, “You are only in your early twenties, quickly ascending to the Deputy Chief position isn’t exactly a good thing, it is better to wait a few years until your influence grows much vaster, it can just be following a logical train of thought.”

Sang Chan stops wailing, looking up at him: “Wait a few years? Or wait another few decades? Do I have to wait until that He Shan Nai dies before I can give in?! Is my current influence not vast enough? The entire Jiang Hu knows of me, this fairy’s existence, could it be you want me to wait until I’m old and wrinkly before I can reasonably deserve the position?”

With one “pa” she throws off Gu Xi Ju’s hand, face revealing a look of disgust and contempt: “Gu Xi Ju, in fact, you simply have never thought of passing on the title of Supreme Chief to me! From the very beginning to end you have done nothing but use me!”

Gu Xi Ju’s face sinks.

“Chan-er must you speak so horribly, could it be, we’re not in relationship of mutual cooperation? Had it not been for me keeping everything in check from behind the scenes, you really think your great reputation as Fairy would be able to spread so quickly?” He harrumphs from his nose, “Junior Sister, you too shouldn’t overestimate yourself.”

Sang Chan is finally angered to the point of laughing.

“What? Is Supreme Chief planning on tearing apart our mutual respect? Now that you have firmly secured your position, you’re starting to clean out your manpower?” She overturns the sword in hand, the shining frosty light is thus reflected on Gu Xi Ju’s face.

However, Gu Xi Ju laughs.

Laughing at her stupidity, laughing at her lack of understanding of her own abilities.

“Chan-er, why must you be in such a rush to pierce through this layer of paper window (say the truth out loud directly)?” He regretfully shakes his head, “Other than me, what other backing do you have? Even if you find a new backstage supporter, you think that the heroes of the world will really openly make an enemy of me, just for a beauty?”

“Beauty grows old within a moment; youth is but only a passing instant.” He quietly pushes away that frosty sword, faintly sighing, “Serving with beauty alone, for how long can it last?”

This is precisely the reason why his heart has never been moved for Sang Chan.

Since the ancient times, it is said heroes have difficulty overcoming the obstacle that are beauties, his path of walking on clouds (be someone in high position) needs a peerless beauty of a generation to act as an embellishment, and this junior sister with far-reaching ambitions, is undoubtedly the best candidate.

Speaking in terms of public opinion, such thing that is an idol, is an unseen yet also very powerful weapon.

However, it is just another weapon.

“You carefully think about this, don’t be in such a hurry to draw a clean break with me.” He looks at Sang Chan with a smile filled with goodwill, “Go back and calculate your bargaining chips, it will not be too late for you to come finding me again once you thought it through.”

Sang Chan glares at him, entire body trembling.

However no matter how angry she is, she too, knows, in terms of martial arts, this man and her are fundamentally on two completely different standings, acting up against him will simply be humiliating herself.

What’s more terrifying is, finally, she can clearly see this man’s heart —— his heart is empty, there is simply no one else inside, she cannot count on him to be lenient on her.

Tossing aside the sword with a sound of “pa-da”, she holds back her tears as she throws back her sleeves and leaves.

Watching Sang Chan’s gradually fading figure, another slender figure enters through the doors from around the corner.

“What caused her to fall out with you?” The youth in white greeting Gu Xi Ju, is precisely Bai Xiao Sheng.

Gu Xi Ju turns his head to see the arriving person, smiling: “Advisor is worrying too much, Chan-er is only throwing a little temper.”

Bai Xiao Sheng sighs, faintly saying: “Right now everyone outside are discussing, why Supreme Chief would suddenly establish the position of a deputy chief, and even gave the title to He Shan Nai, who you previously had a rift with?” He blinks, “Everyone is speculating, could it be something of Supreme Chief’s has fallen into the hands of Kun Lun Sect?”

Gu Xi Ju shakes his head as he laughs: “What Advisor had just said, with the two of us accompanying one another through life and death for more than ten years, are you still unable to trust the kind of person I am?”

“He Shan Nai wants power, Sang Chan wants reputation, I am only satisfying them.” His face like pale clouds and light breeze, “Every single person has a desire, as long as you grasp hold of the thing they want, matters will always be easier to handle.”

“What about you? What do you want?” Bai Xiao Sheng’s voice quietly sounds.

Gu Xi Ju is stunned.

“This, it’s roughly……” Halfway through his sentence, the pleasant expression on his face suddenly disappears, and a look of disbelief replaces it.

“You actually……” He looks at Bai Xiao Sheng, the fierce light in his eyes looking just like a ball of raging fire wanting to have him burnt down.

A stream of fresh blood runs down from the corner of his lips.

“I actually poisoned you?” Bai Xiao Sheng’s face of pure and refined handsomeness turns twisted, he coldly laughs as he steps forward, “Why wouldn’t I dare to poison you? Not only would I poison you, I’d even use the sword against you!”

With a sound of “chi-la”, a long sword pierces into Gu Xi Ju’s clothing.

Gu Xi Ju could only feel the severe pain in his chest, before his eyes suddenly sees white, a man’s sad and shrill voice floating over from afar.

“You think I don’t know about the deal between you and He Shan Nai? You have never trusted me, the Jade Dragon Token you gave me to keep custody of is actually a fake! You had merely treated me like a live archery target made of human flesh! Today you are able to discard Sang Chan, this pawn, another day you will also discard me, Gu Xi Ju! You deserve this punishment!”

Gu Xi Ju opens his mouth wanting to say something, but is unable to issue any sound at all, his eyes see black as he comes crashing down to the ground.

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  1. ehm…. maybe its true about sang chan mad at him, but bxs??? i don’t think so.
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  2. Too bad GXJ won’t be killed or pushed out of the way just from this. He probably already saw it coming and prepared. I’d prefer him to be dead from this and just die a lame death. Why? I’d rather him not have a significant death. That is more than he deserves. Just let him be a loser. Hope we get to see more Wan Wan and co. after.

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  4. thank!
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