Another well known name that often pops up alongside Ibuki Satsuki, is 何何舞 He He Wu, or Eno. Quite a lot of her illustrations features boy love and so needless to say she is pretty popular amongst fans of BL. But that doesn’t mean that she only makes BL illustrations, and I’m sure that, like Ibuki Satsuki illustrations, you all must have seen her works scattered around too — particularly fans of Gu Man’s novels hehe — it is after all hard to not recognise such beautiful watercolour illustrations 🙂

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[ILLUSTRATION ARTIST] 伊吹五月: Ibuki Satsuki

I’m sorry to those waiting for Chaos of Beauty updates, I keep putting the lastest chapter aside but I will definitely have it posted around the weekend.

Ok, so with this very post, I have decided try something new…all you faithful followers of c-novel translations must know that us translators have our own collection of illustrations ready to add into our updates in order to help you visualise the stories better, same illustrations may be used here and there on different blogs and you may also have noticed that a lot of these illustrations comes from the same artists. Those of you who did a little searching may already know some of the illustrators but for those who don’t and perhaps those that may be new to c-novels, I wanted to start a series of posts to introduce you all to the lovely illustrators that has provided us with the beautiful artwork, and it is also the least I could do to honour them and bring them more love as I continue to use their illustrations in my translations haha.

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