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Hey there, xiaoxiaomei here! 😊

For now I’m just enjoying translating c-novels, and if anything, I can give you all my word that if I start translating a novel, I will definitely go through with it to the end.

Those who have followed this blog for a while now should be aware of the way I do things, I’ll try my best to update at least once a week (mainly around the weekend) when working on translation projects, but I do apologise in advance for failing to do so on some occasions.

Hope everyone would enjoy reading!

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If you’d like to get in touch with about anything at all, do fill in the contact form below, I’ll try to check my emails as often as I can and get back to you asap. Thank you~  🙂

19 thoughts on “About | Contact

  1. Hi xiao0xiao1mei! 😀
    Thank you so much for your translations! They are wonderful: so beautiful, lyrical, and smoothly flowing. And I love how they’re accompanied by beautiful images and poems. You’re really opening up doors to beautiful Chinese literature that would otherwise be off-bounds for many of us (ancient writing is hard to translate and even listen to in mandarin).
    I look forward to continuing the Chaos of Beauty journey!


    1. Hi singleswan! 🙂
      You’re very welcome and I’m so grateful you feel that way. It’s great to be able to introduce classic poems, idioms, and wellknown ancient stories along with the novel, and I’m happy you’re finding all this useful 🙂
      Both modern and ancient novels have their own fair share of difficulties. I personally feel that the modern novels are harder to translate, not only are Chinese idioms still used on a day to day basis in China, but there’s all the modern slang that to introduce readers to as well, and sometimes they will throw the odd poetry lines lol
      Thank you for the support! 🙂


  2. Hi xiao0xiao1mei!
    Thoroughly enjoy your translations on Chaos of Beauty. You maybe a newbie at translation but your grasp of the storyline and your interpretation of it, even a veteran cannot compare. Great work! Looking forward to the next chapter.


  3. I’ve only read Jin Yong and wuxia genre Chinese novels before UNTIL I found your blog!! Thank you so so much for sharing C-novel translations to the world. It’s so overlooked (and much better but I’m biased haha) compared to Western and Japanese ones people don’t realize what they are missing out 😛 Going to spend the rest of my day reading here hehe ❤


    1. Haha I don’t think any author can really surpass the fame that Jin Yong built up with his novels, particularly when they have official english translated versions XD but its great that you have come to find other c-novels 🙂 oh and have you come across shushengbar?? They have a huge list of all sorts of c-novel translations there, just to keep your reading list going 😛 enjoy~~


  4. Hello Xia0xiaolmei,

    I ran into your blog a long time ago when I searched up 伊吹五月 to get some of her images. Then I became amazed at your blog and clicked on every single tab. I felt like I encountered a new world! Before reading your blog, I never knew that people actually translate Chinese novels into English!

    I cannot live without C-novels. I am native Chinese and I left China when I just turned 11. My parents thought that I was going to eventually lose my Chinese skills, but I didn’t, because I read COUNTLESS c-novels online and published. I read ones from 晋江,红袖,or just baidu tieba, then I started to read the super famous ones on 起点. But I did feel sad sometimes, because I can’t really share them to people around me other than two of my friends who are native Chinese and Taiwanese.

    But your blog really fascinates me! I feel like I finally found people who understand me now! I have to tell you that your blog brought me not only amazement, but also a strong motivation to translate c-novels myself! I am serious; I really want to start translating. Do you want me to work with you to translate more c-novels? It would be a dream comes true if I can work with you. I have been reading all kinds of c-novels (言情,历史,架空,政斗,惊险,心理,盗墓,穿越,末世,未来,and more) for like eight years and I even plan to write my own now. I am fluent in English and I can read both simplified and traditional Chinese~

    I do not know how to fully express my dream of translating novels together with you. We can translate and update two different ones at the same time, or I can be your assistant to translate the parts that you don’t feel like doing…….I hope you can consider my sincerity. I registered an account just so I can tell you this (I couldn’t figure out how to message you privately, sorry).
    But, if you don’t want me~(TOT)~(crycrycry….), it’s ok……can you share with me how did you start translating and just your experiences…I thought it would be wonderful if you want me, if not, then I still need to contemplate if I should start translating and how should I start…

    No matter what, thank you soooooo much! I will love your blog ALWAYS!
    I will wait for your reply.

    Thanks again,
    P.s. when I saw that 帝王业 is on your list of next to translate, I was so excited(but I came too late, the voting ended)(I heard director 于正 wants to make it into a drama, but I think it will be ruined by him…sad..). Also, before reading your translations, I never knew historical/traditional c-novels can be expressed in English this well! You are awesome!


    1. Hi Annie,

      Wow, you make me feel so flattered that my blog has influenced you so much, thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 It’s amazing to know how you came across my blog from searching up 伊吹五月 illustations too haha

      If translating c-novels is what you want to do, I am more than happy to suppport you and have you join me 😀 by the sounds of it, you surely have read a lot more c-novels than me anyways hahaha I’ve only joined this whole c-novels community around last year XD

      …oh my god no! I haven’t actually read 帝王业 but by the sounds of it, is has a solid plot and well 于正 managed to butcher 云中歌 which had an entirely perfect storyline set out for him, so that itself says a lot about my faith in his dramas.

      Also, I have to say, I can literally feel how much you seem to want to give translating c-novels a go, and I completely understand how you feel as I experienced the same thing after stumbling upon this whole c-novel translating community and all the blogs I got to find thanks to shushengbar 🙂

      Ooh, and btw you can email this address so that we can discuss more: d3wynight@yahoo.com

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  5. Hey, did I miss an update about hiatus? No problems – but I was just rereading Chaos and it made me realize how time had slipped by. Hope all is well in your world.


    1. Hello humbledaisy1, we are so sorry~ Xiaoxiaomei and I were discussing about potentials for future projects last month. Xiaoxiaomei has decided to take a hiatus for now, because of a lot of crazy and busy schoolwork. I have been busy with college stuff over the last couple of months, but I am thinking about new project ideas. I am hoping that a project will happen this year~We will post updates!
      Thank you so much for your love and support~~It is so nice to hear from you!!


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        1. Haha thank you~ I was actually just being overwhelmed with studying when you sent the comment! Aww, it’s just so wonderful to see your message and come back to the blog. This blog is indeed my happy place! I will try my best to make a project happening~


  6. Hi xiaoxiaomei,

    I am Thai fan and I love Chaos of Beauty so much
    I have sent you the email, pleas check my email also
    Thank you I will continue to read your translate


  7. Hi, I am new fans here. Just stumbling after become addicted to Chinese novel. Oh I had sent an email, could please check it? Thank you very much. ^^


  8. Hallo 😊
    Im indonesian, i already read your translate story about mulberry song, and i like it. Could you give me your permit to retranslate it into my native language, please?
    Thank you


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