江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 64

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(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



A Beauty And A Mermaid

“I sure have underestimated you……” Separated by the glass bead curtains, the beauty’s delicate and graceful figure sways its way over, “……your thick skin.” She smiles towards Pang Wan, teeth like white shells between those red lips.

“Where did these words of yours come from, Fairy?” Pang Wan turns her head to look at the arriving person, face showing a moment of doubt.

“Is that not it?” Sang Chan curls up her eyes, sitting down at the edge of the couch with elegant bearings, just like a beautiful swan.

“And here I thought you would swear to take revenge on Gu Xi Ju, but did not think you would actually be willing to live here, and even be willing to such extent.” Sang Chan looks over her with a look of pity, the expression on her face as though saying: yet another foolish woman who has gone crazy for love, what a shame.

Pang Wan bursts out laughing: “I do in fact wish to leave, but have I not been captured here and prevented from leaving? Rather than desperately struggling against it, it is best to just enjoy life.”

Sang Chan twitches her brows: “I am very curious why you are still able to laugh? I heard you have completely lost your internal energy, it will probably be very difficult to cultivate martial arts again in future, you taking refuge like this in the enemy’s residence, are you abandoning yourself?”

Pang Wan tilts her head and looks at her: “Fairy, should you be in my situation, what would you do?”

However, Sang Chan does not care about her truthfully questions: “How could I possibly fall to such state like you? I will definitely not gamble on my own future for anyone, be it of title and position, or internal energy.” She scoffs at Pang Wan’s stupidity.

Pang Wan seriously takes a look at her, inwardly thinking this fairy sure is like a rarely seen type of character in the land of Mary Sue —— the “only love myself” type.

Due to loving and cherishing themselves to the extreme, they do not easily let their hearts be moved by men, even if there is a need for any affectionate scenes, all just comes down to playing along to the circumstances, should the situation make a sudden change, they will ensure that they, themselves, are able to pull away without any hesitation, at any given time.

This type of female lead is also very popular, because they can very easily be crowned “independent, intelligent, powerful”, and so on, the amount of harm inflicted on them are also often very little.

But if they reject loving others due to being afraid of being hurt, would they ever be able to gain true affection?

“Why is Fairy here today?” Pang Wan has no intention to discuss with her any further, and changes the topic.

“Naturally because someone cannot stand seeing you live so well, thus deliberately leading me over to apply pressure on you and put you in place.” Sang Chan casts a glance at her, charm circulating within her orbs, “Although I could have declined, for some reason I am quite interested in you?”

She hooks up a smile: “Should you not have lost all your internal energy, you were originally an excellent seedling.”

Pang Wan is stunned: “What seedling?”

Sang Chan purses her lips and does not speak.

Seeing that she doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood, Pang Wan asks her a question that had been sitting in her heart for a long time: “Since Fairy does not like Supreme Chief, why do you always act like you and him share mutual feelings of affection?”

Sang Chan sounds a humph from her nose, laughingly saying: “I have what I wish for, he has what he cannot give up, this is each taking what they want.”

“What do you mean each taking what they want?” A resonant voice like jade sounds, and a purple figure moves aside the beaded curtains as he steps in.

“Junior Sister sure is in a good mood, what made you come pay a visit to my residence?” Gu Xi Ju stands in front of the couch with a graceful smile.

Hearing his voice, Sang Chan’s forehead creases together.

“Senior Brother.” She turns to look at him, face instantly turning dignified and solemn, “In ten days when worshipping the heaven on Kun Lun, may Senior Brother remember to give Chang-er what I deserve.”

As though greeting a brother, Gu Xi Ju smiles as he pats her shoulder: “The promises I gave you, since when have I ever not fulfilled them?”

Sang Chan lowers her eyes, seeming to have sighed in relief.

“Since someone wanted to use me to lower your new favoured one’s spirit, Senior Brother should look into the intentions of those serving under you.” She turns back to smile a heart toppling smile at Pang Wan, then tosses back her sleeve, and saunters away.

Gu Xi Ju gazes at Sang Chan’s distant figure, until the sight of her shadow disappears, then he turns to look at Pang Wan who is on the couch.

From the moment he came in to now, her position had not changed at all, just silently observing him as she leans against the window frame.

“Is she beautiful?” Gu Xi Ju hooks up the corners of his lips as he smilingly takes a seat on the couch, smoothly making a move to embrace the young lady’s waist.

“She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the world.” Pang Wan silently avoids his hand which holds ill intent.

Gu Xi Ju is not angered, and only smiles.

“She is also the most intelligent woman I have ever seen.” He takes a lock of her hair, wrapping it around his fingers as he lazily plays with it, “All the women in Misty Wave Manor together, are not even enough to reach her toenails.”

Pang Wan does not speak.

Yet Gu Xi Ju bursts out laughing with a sound of “pu-chi”: “Are you mad? Jealous?” His burning hot hand gently touches her delicate white face.

Pang Wan shakes her head.

“You sure don’t know how to humour someone.” Seeing her look so resolute, Gu Xi Ju’s mood dims down as he pulls back his hand.

“Don’t worry, I may praise her like that, but in my heart, I indeed don’t like her.” He leisurely says, deep down, he regretfully misses how that young lady was before she came to understand how the world is, pettishly charming as she showed off her own cleverness.

Pang Wan widens both her eyes.

“Women, are best when they’re the silly type.” He meaningfully says the following sentence, “I don’t particularly like the self-righteous type.”

Pang Wan bites down on her bottom lip, sighing: “You simply don’t trust her.”

“What do you think?” Gu Xi Ju lightly taps her creamy cheek, seemingly smiling.

“I’m very curious, have you ever had someone you trusted in your life?” She gazes into his dark bottomless orbs.

“I have ah.” Gu Xi Ju raises the teacup, taking a sip with a lazy expression, “I trust you, also trust Bai Xiao Sheng, isn’t that right?”

Pang Wan laughs.

“That’s right ah.” She gives him an affirmative answer.

“Since I trust you so much, where’s your revenge then? When will you give it me?” Catching a rare sight of her docile side, Gu Xi Ju raises her chin in a moment of happiness, his eyes filled with expectation and judgements, “You wouldn’t leave me disappointed, right?” He lowers his head against her forelock, warm humid air caressing her cheek.

“……very soon.” Pang Wan raises her head and sends him a sweet smile, her smiling face like a flower, “I wouldn’t leave you disappointed.”


At night, the hour of midnight.

Shrouded in misty waves, Gu Xi Ju with his entire body naked, is soaking himself in the creamy white hot springs.

This is the time he enjoys most during the day.

Back then, he chose this location to build a mountain manor because there is a natural hot spring here, be it in terms of temperature or water quality, he is extremely satisfied in all aspects, those that practices martial arts often experience aching muscles, recuperating in hot springs makes for the best way to relax.

When bathing, he is accustomed to drinking a little wine, today is no exception, the maid had already brought the readily warmed wine in.

He takes a sip, and his brows slightly twitches.

When he turns his head to see a pair of pinkish jade white little feet vaguely exposed under the thin silk curtains, he laughs, before draining the flask of wine in one gulp.

After a moment, heat travels from the tip of his toes all the way up to his cheeks, he turns his head and sighs towards that veiled area of sheer curtains.

“Come on out.” His eyes curls.

A woman with a graceful figure slowly walks out from behind the curtains, cheeks facing down, black hair covering her chest.

Amongst dense mist, he can only see her lift her skirt, exposing two smooth and bare jade legs, toes testing the water before entering the hot springs, just like that, gracefully making her way into the middle of the pool. The loose skirt floating behind her, just like a blooming lotus flower.

Gu Xi Ju lazily leans against the marble wall, unhurriedly watching that shadow come closer and closer to him.

——using Nan Ke to pay me back? This sure is new, could it be you’d be using your own body as weapon too?

This may not be the counterattack he had expected, but he cannot deny, this is far beyond his expectations.

The corners of his lips curled high up, his eyes showing proud feelings that cannot be hidden.

He watches that woman draw closer and closer, but for some unknown reason stops halfway, seeming to hesitate.

“Why aren’t you continuing?” He smiles at her, “Since it’s rare for you to be willing to lay down such huge stakes, I will definitely play along to the end.”

Before he had finished speaking, he had already anxiously raised his hand, unable to wait to pull her into his arms.

The white mist disperses, and a sweet fragrance hits, his face makes an abrupt change.

In a split moment like lightning, all that can be heard is a muffled sound of “pu-chi” coming from within the water, and his calf is struck with heart-piercing pain, looking down, blood rolls out from the hot springs like flowers.

“Who is it?!” He overturns his hand and clutches the young lady’s throat, giving her a strong slap, black hair spreads aside to reveal an unconscious face —— it’s Lu Kui.

At the same time, a huge splash sounds from the bottom of the pool, another gentle and graceful figure jumps up from the water.

“Lord Supreme Chief, night hours in the spring are extremely precious, you better treat the maiden tenderly.”

That figure leaps to the pool side and climbs onto the shore, black hair like ink loose, wet clothes tightly wrapping her body, looking from afar, she is just like a mermaid.

Gu Xi Ju narrows his eyes, just about to direct his strength into moving forward, but stops the action in surprise —— his legs had actually gone limp, unable to summon any strength at all!

“How is it? Lord Supreme Chief, isn’t the taste of this enhanced version of “Nan Ke” in particularly great?” The ‘mermaid’ smiles at him, looking stunning like a confederate rose amongst the mist, “You see, my principle of being human is —— wherever I fall, is where I shall climb back up.”

She had been hiding underwater in the hot springs all along, taking advantage of the moment Gu Xi Ju falls into a trance to insert a Blazing Needle into his numbing acupoint, and also took out a dagger to gouge out a particular piece of something that was embedded in his body.

“Lady Tang has loved you for a long time, take your time to enjoy.” She waves a piece of white object in her hand at him, “I’ll be taking away this little plaything first.”

For the first time, Gu Xi Ju’s face appears like the tip of Mount Tai collapsing.

At the same time, a long whip flies in and wraps around the young lady’s waist, bringing her into the depths of the forest.

“You really think my husband-to-be is that narrow-minded?” The wind carries over her voice like silver bells, “He isn’t you, he has a heart that is capable of completely trusting in others!”

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    1. i think that’s the drug’s name that she’s used to hypnotized him in the earliest chapter to see whom he’s truly love but ho got her conned by showing her painting in his table. that’s when she’s sure that he loves her but he just deceived her in the end

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    1. The token is taken by Wan Wan.. Lu Kui is the maid who take care of Wan Wan n she like Gu Xi Ju. Nan Ke is a kind of drug.u can reread again chapter 14 for more detail😊.. n Wan Wan husband to be is our young master He Qing Lu.. ahhhhhh i miss him already😄😄😄

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