江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 63

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)



Encountering Him Once Again

Lu Kui gazes at the black-haired young lady in red garment sleeping on the bed, she falls into a moment of daze.

She has originally thought that she would never see her again, yet did not expect for her to come back in the end, like a lingering ghost.

Presumably due to the drug’s effect, the young lady is in deep sleep, her breathing calm and her face serene, not at all aware that she has already been brought from the horse carriage to Misty Wave Manor.

Lu Kui just doesn’t understand, why Supreme Chief must spend countless effort to capture this woman of the unorthodox sect, who is said to have already lost all her inner energy.

Even if she is a chess piece, she should have already lost her effectiveness, so shouldn’t she be immediately abandoned as usual?

Rustling footsteps sounds from the door, she lifts her head to take a look, and just sees a tall figure opening up the curtain and entering the room.

“Supreme Chief.” She immediately stands up and greets him.

The one who just arrived nods, then makes a “stay quiet” gesture.

How can Lu Kui not understand her master’s thoughts, she quickly bows and withdraws, before she steps out, she turns back and casts an unwilling glance.

Her master is leaning besides the tea table, meaningfully gazing at the young lady in deep sleep.

When Pang Wan opens up her eyes, the sight that greets her is thus his gaze that is carefully studying her.

Aromatic smoke rises from the incense burner, the silk curtains flows all the way to the ground, that person supports his cheek with his hand as his arm rests on the intricately-carved tea table, his eyes misty, as though he is admiring a piece of precious yet fragile jade ware through incense smoke and haze. There was a moment, that she almost thought she is dreaming, a nightmare.

But she quickly wakes up.

“You kidnapped me?” She moves her hair by her cheeks to the back of her head, her face somewhat pale, looking almost calm, “Why did you kidnap me?”

Gu Xi Ju’s lips gently lifts up, forming a tender and charming curve: “What do you think?”

He shall grasp the initiative in all the games, so he does not like to answer other people’s questions, because then he would lose the decisive opportunity.

“You don’t want me to know Nan Yi’s whereabouts?” Pang Wan clenches her teeth, “You don’t want me to meet him, you are afraid that if I convince him to return to Bai Yue Sect, all your efforts will be wasted?”

“Smart.” Gu Xi Ju smiles, he reaches out his hand to caress her hair, but Pang Wan silently avoids his touch.

“No matter how you try, you are unable to avoid me for your entire life.” He is not angry, full of pity, he lowers his head to look at her, his eyes even more lingering and sentimental, “Don’t forget there’s a mark I have personally carved on your body.”

Pang Wan unconsciously touches her left chest —— that scar is indeed still there, but her heart pains no more.

“I have said, as long as I live, I will not let anything go according to your will.” She lifts up her head and looks at him, sneering out loud, her almond eyes full of perseverance and stubbornness, “Since you think I am a threat, then isn’t it better to just kill me.”

“Why did I fail to kill you back then?” As if he heard an illogical joke, Gu Xi Ju lifts his chin, “It is only a pity that the Heavens was not willing to let you die.”

“The Heavens are also not willing for you to leave me.” He easily grabs hold of her chin without any ffort, his eyelashes also lower, those eyes freezing cold, “Maybe this is all fate.”

His arrogant and conquering air presses against her face, Pang Wan just feels a sense of disgust gushing out, and quickly tries to push him away.

It is helpless that she has no inner energy left, all her punches and kicks all become a kitten’s tickling on his body, making him lightly laughs nonstop.

“Hush, be a good girl, you obediently stay by my side, don’t go out causing troubles.” Gu Xi Ju binds her hands, and gives her cheek a pat, “No matter what I will not let you see Nan Yi, right now you are the only one who can convince him, I do not want to take this risk.”

There are flames burning in Pang Wan’s eyes: “If you are truly capable then kill us both, completely exterminate us!”

Gu Xi Ju sneers: “Killing your senior brother is not easy, he has mastered the divine martial arts, afraid that he can fight to a tie with me.” He gently pinches the tip of Pang Wan’s nose, ingenuinely coaxing her, “Whilst killing you is so easy, I cannot bear to.” Pang Wan then opens her mouth to bite his finger, Gu Xi Ju doesn’t have enough time to react, and unexpectedly makes it possible for her to succeed.

Seeing her revenge is successful, Pang Wan exerts more and more energy, her sharp tiger teeth breaking his skin and making his blood flow out, her whole mouth is full of a taste of sweet blood.

However, Gu Xi Ju does not struggle at all, looking at her with an unchanging smile, he even lifts up his other hand, tenderly touches her jade-smooth cheeks, he gazes at her in enchantment, as if he is appreciating his painstakingly created masterpiece, revealing a satisfied look on his face.

Pang Wan bites on for a long time, until her gum turns sour and painful, her tears also flow down.

She does not want to cry, she is unwilling to have even one tear fall down in front of this jerk, but she just cannot control her tears.

Gu Xi Ju sees her crying like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, and only then does he sigh, applying force on her chin and takes out his finger.

“Dispersed your anger now? En?” He doesn’t have the time to care for his injured hand, directly pulling her into his embrace.

Pang Wan takes a deep breath, stares into his eyes: “If you forcefully keep me here, my husband-to-be will not let you off.”

A flash of strange light shines past Gu Xi Ju’s eyes.

“Husband-to-be?” He holds up her chin, scathing and forceful breath comes near her, “When did you get engaged with someone?”

The smile on Pang Wan’s face gradually grows bigger and bigger, “You have no right to ask about my business.”

But what Gu Xi Ju cannot bear to hear just happens to be this sentence.

“How could I have no right to ask?” He gazes at her, the smile on his face brightens, the temperature of his palm also increases, “Don’t forget who have caused you to become the you today.”

The exceptionally arrogant Sheng Gu of the unorthodox sect from the past, has already fallen to a common human with not even the slightest bit of inner energy.

The innocent young lady who loved white garment and white dress, has become a vengeance-filled demoness in red.

The initiator of all this is him, the creator of all this is also him, he is her god, every important part of her life cannot lack his presence.

“You better behave well, do not frequently go against me.” Lowering his eyes, he drops an icy cold kiss on the young lady’s forehead, “I do not always have this much patience.”

The idea of embracing the beauty has disappeared, Gu Xi Ju loses interest and waves his sleeves, “Someone come, help Young Miss to wash and comb.”

The Capital welcomes its first snow of this winter.

Pang Wan sits on the bed by the window, wearing a golden mink cloak, holding a small charcoal heater in her hands, occasionally throwing a sweet dessert into her mouth.

She appears quite relaxed, in a good mood too, sometimes even reaches out her hand to catch the snowflakes falling from the sky.

When the snow and wind grew stronger, she would also murmur some unknown songs, this kind of comfortable action truly does not look like someone under confinement.

“Supreme Chief asks Young Miss, would you be willing to dine with him today?” Lu Kui suppresses the irritation in her heart, respectfully lowering her head in front of Pang Wan.

“I don’t like his room, it’s better if you just bring the meal here.” Pang Wan takes out a winter plum-blossom branch from the slender vase, and gently places it under her nose, “You tell him, should he really wishes to see me……” Her red lips slightly open, two beautiful dimples appear on her face, “He may come here himself.”

For a moment, Lu Kui had the impulsive thought of strangling her to death.

“Yes.” She bows and leaves.

After enjoying the scene of plum blossoms in the snow for a little while, the curtains in her room are opened again, Lu Kui brings in several maids with food containers in their hands, starting to prepare the dinner table.

Pang Wan looks at the dishes that are clearly more refined than usual, and silently curves her lips.

As expected, after a moment, Gu Xi Ju steps in: “How come you want to eat with me today?” He commanded the maids to leave, then gracefully sits by her side.

“Being imprisoned by you for so many days, suddenly I want to find someone to talk to.” Pang Wan reaches past his body, grabbing a plate of crunchy peanut from the little table, and sends one straight into her mouth.

“And here I assumed you have finally thought of an idea to defy me.” Gu Xi Ju’s face reveals some disappointment that pne is unable to evaluate the authenticity of, “It is a pity that I have been waiting for several days, upon hearing Lu Kui’s report, I immediately rushed here, didn’t expect it was just empty happiness.”

Pang Wan puts down her hand holding the peanuts, and casts him a glance from the side, “How do you want me to exact revenge on you?”

Gu Xi Ju smiles without answering, lowering his head and bites on the red-skin covered peanut on her fingertips, also does not forget to lick her with his lingering tongue: “Eat my flesh, drink my blood, carve my look into your heart, never ever forget for your entire life.” He swallows that peanut, telling a joke that can’t be distinguished to be truth or lie, “Are you willing to?”

Pang Wan charmingly grins: “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Her unusually bright smile dazzled Gu Xi Ju‘s eyes, the look in his eyes slightly shifts, he leans forward to kiss her.

Yet a pair of jade-white hands covers his lips.

“I want to ask you.” The young lady’s voice soft and sweet, “You clearly don’t like me, so why are you treating me so well right now?”

Gu Xi Ju sighs, holding her hands in his palms.

“Who said I don’t like you?” He lowers his head and rubs against her ear, a tender smile on his lips, “Of course I like you.”

The young lady giggles, her voice sounds crisp yet cool: “No, you treating me well, is simply because the person whom you have played around with before has exited the game first, you enjoy the process of manipulating others, I have not been completely conquered by you, so you are not satisfied, is that right?” In a spot he cannot see, her eyes shine crystal clear.

“Even if you are a toy to me, I still like you.” Gu Xi Ji does not rebuke her, his head just continues slipping down, until he finds the space between her slender neck and shoulder, he then finally deeply buries his head there.

En, it is this kind of fragrance, the unmatched fruity fragrance that is unique to this young lady’s body, it is enough to calm all the deteriorating emotions in his body, making him willing to wallow right here right now.

Ah, this is the toy that has been carefully sculpted by his own hands, to have now become charming and tempting to this degree, how can he not seek joy from it?

“If that night you really were drugged by ‘Nan-Ke’, don’t know who would have been the person appearing in front of you in the end?” The young lady sighs.

Since finding out that “Maid A”whom she had always underestimated, Lu Kui,  actual surname “Tang”, is also the youngest daughter of the previous sect leader of Tang Men, she became very certain that on the night of the beauty trap, Gu Xi Ju was not drugged, he was acting all along.

Maybe he took the antidote beforehand, or maybe he did not really drink the poisoned wine at all, maybe her drug was secretly substituted by the loyal Lu Kui.

Beauty trap, the one truly trapped was in fact herself.

“Are you curious?” Gu Xi Ju laughs, his warm breath turns into white mist sticking to her skin.

“En, I am also curious, how about tonight you and me both take a pellet and sleep together in each other’s embrace, then let us see what would be the result?” He takes grasp of her waist, speaking in a relaxed tone, “You can take this chance to see who my beloved is, and I can also see who yours is.”

He is unashamed of his words to this extent, but Pang Wan does not push him away, she just turns her head to the side and stares at a spot outside the window.

Under the winter plum tree in the yard is a layer of fallen petals, painting a ground of under-ripped yellow, they were clearly blooming on the branches in tranquil fragrance a moment ago, yet with a blink of an eye, they have already all withered, as if the real winter has just arrived.

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  3. Ugh… So revolting. GXJ is just so disgusting. How Wan Wan can focus on her game after his touches is amazing. Still don’t get how the hell she was kidnapped under HQL’s watch. Looks like HQL finally found her though or I’m assuming its him. Thanks for the chapter!

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