江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 58

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



Gentleman Returns

On this night, Pang Wan sits on the ice cold bed, straightening out the circumstances surrounding the news she got this morning.

Mei Wu is Gu Xi Ju’s undercover agent, Rong Gu is too.

Mei Wu’s face is fake, Sect Leader saw through her, causing her to have no choice but to find a substitute to die in her place.

But she loves Nan Yi, and is unwilling to let Nan Yi marry another woman so fast, thus putting her life at risk to come ruin the wedding.

Rong Gu-Gu’s reason is she was worried about her, hence why she could no longer feign her comatose state. Rong Gu-Gu being knocked unconscious from a serious injury that day is probably also due to Sect Leader taking advantage of the disarray, he saw that there’s something wrong about Rong Gu, and now seeing Gu Xi Ju’s attitude today, clearly he had abandoned Mei Wu to keep Rong Gu.

And Nan Yi, when Nan Yi had requested her to play this wedding act, clearly he had thought she is his sister, so why would he still take such a huge risk?

But all these news, cannot be more shocking than the last one, she is actually Sect Leader and the former Sheng Gu’s daughter, whilst Nan Yi is Sect Leader Madam and someone else’s child.

How could this Bai Yue Sect be summed up with a simple word of a “mess”?

And how could the Jiang Hu be clearly explained with a simple word of “exhausting”?

She thinks for very very long time, in the end, unable to suppress the sleepiness, she falls asleep fully clothed, still dressed in the wedding gown.

Amongst the haziness, it seems someone had jumped in and said something as they caressed her face, but then quietly leaves.

She already has no energy to bother with it.

The next morning, she drowsily opens her eyes, but sees a familiar person sat before her bed.

There was a little moment, she practically thought she was still dreaming —— since he had left, she would always have one or two dreams with him in them.

So she only rubs her eyes, turning over, intending to continue sleeping a bit longer.

Then, her entire person was yanked back.

“You can actually still sleep?!” An exploding shout sounds, her entire jaw had been clamped to the point it could crack.

The pain causing her to have no other choice but to thoroughly wake up, trying her best to open her eyes.

Golden hair coronet adorned with green jade, eyes clear and bright, a body of blue brocade robes with mink lining, cheeks thin and pale, the mole between his brow, makes him look like a pure noble, distinguished and admirable —— such a classic gentleman appearance, other than Great Young Master He Qing Lu, further alternative thoughts are not needed.

Just that, right now his eyes are bloodshot, huge bluish shadows hangs under his eyes, an appearance of sleepy and exhausted to the extreme.

“Gentleman, how come you’re here? Did you not sleep well last night?” Pang Wan dizzily knocks away his violent hands.

Seven days and seven nights with no sleep no rest, he rode the horse at a flying speed, He Qing Lu’s heart filled with raging flames had already boiled up to his throat, his shame turns into anger as he looks at the bleary-eyed person on the bed, suddenly wanting to strangle her, eat her into his stomach, turn her bones into ashes.

But, in the end, he cannot bear to.

“What are you wearing? Is this how you repay me?!”

His anger catches onto something else, all that can be heard is a sound of “ci-la”, and the top quality silk quilt is ripped into two, revealing a bright red bridal gown underneath.

Yet Gentleman He’s eyes were even redder than that of the wedding gown, almost red to the point of dripping blood.

No matter how dull, how stupid Pang Wan is, this time, she too has completely woken up.

“Gentleman, let me explain!” She was startled into jumping up from the bed, reaching out to shake He Qing Lu’s shoulders, “There’s a reason for this!”

However, He Qing Lu does not listen to her, and only went straight into tearing apart the wedding gown on her, all of a sudden, the entire room was sounding “ci-la”, crimson red fabrics strewn all over the floor.

He is really furious, unable to care about anything else.

Pang Wan does not dare to rebel against him, and could only wait for him to finish venting with teary eyes, until only her snow white underclothing was covering her body, does He Qing Lu finally stop.

“Explain.” He sits back on the bed side, breathing heavily, looking down at her.

Only now does Pang Wan pout her lips, fearfully coming clean with the whole matter of Nan Yi asking her to act this all out with him.

“It’s fake, this is a fake wedding.” She stresses this point, afraid he would explode again, “We didn’t bow to one another as husband and wife, nevermind consummating the marriage, everything does not count.”

He Qing Lu coldly looks at her, not saying anything.

Of course he knows the two of them did not complete the wedding ceremony, having rushed to Bai Yue Sect before dawn, the first thing he did was go to the wedding hall to confirm the news.

——should they have really completed the ceremony, does she really think she would still be able to lie in bed and sleep through the night just fine?

——should they really have consummated the marriage, he……he simply does not even want to imagine this.

He gazes at Pang Wan, within a moment, frustration that he had never felt before comes crashing down like toppling mountains and overturning seas, practically about to have him pushed to the edge of the cliff.

Having lived twenty years as heaven’s favoured child, he has attached importance to a person for the first time, wanting to keep someone by his side for the first time, doting on her, loving her, thinking of her, hating that he cannot carry her around in his pocket, have her melting into his mouth —— and even, even the word “like” which she never would have thought he would say had already been said.

But she does not care at all.

Even if he had made such a solemn oath, saying he will marry her.

A certain spot in his heart suddenly pulls together into a ball, so painful, he practically cannot say anything.

Pang Wan sees He Qing Lu’s face turning pale one moment and ashen the next, and can pretty much guess that he is facing an inner conflict, thus making her feel guilty and sad, she can only hold his hand in hers, helplessly keeping watch of him from under her lashes.

However, He Qing Lu tosses his sleeve back, pulling his hand away.

At this time, Pang Wan bravely plays up her fearlessly shameless spirit, she persistently continues to grab Gentleman’s hand.

Grabs hold, gets thrown off, once again grabs hold, once again gets thrown off.

Tossing around for approximately five times, He Qing Lu finally doesn’t throw her off anymore, and only glares with a pair of amber eyes like frosty stars.

“Gentleman, I was wrong!” Seeing that he’s finally willing to look directly at her, Pang Wan hurriedly pretends to be pitiful and acts nice and obedient, “Can you forgive me this one time ah?”

He Qing Lu clearly catches the cunningness in her eyes, making him feel even more angered and pained at heart.

He understands that clever little brain of hers is thinking of how to please him, but this kind of pleasing is not because of the same favouring he holds towards her, this knowledge practically makes his chest feel like its splitting open.

He takes a deep deep breath.

——no, cannot blame her, what significance is there in blaming her? What he owes her, afraid that it is even more than this, he can no longer waste time on arguing and feeling pained.

“You come here.” He sighs.

Pang Wan hurriedly crawls to his side, sitting upright next to him, in all seriousness.

He Qing Lu looks at her for a moment, then suddenly lowers his head to kiss her lips.

The intensive kiss comes tumbling down like rain, hot and humid, bit by bit nibbling up her fragrant tenderness. Perhaps due to guilt, or perhaps due to fear, Pang Wan was startled at first, but then unconsciously opens her mouth, gently responding to the man in front of her, originally handsome like a divine being.

Gaining in exchange, was him practically about to swallow her into a fierce storm.

“You are my, He Qing Lu’s wife, you cannot marry another, no acting, no joking, nor can you even lie about it.”

The husky voice sounding just like it floated in from the distant horizon, carrying subtle anger and sorrow.

——is it sorrow?

Pang Wan hazily thinks this, feeling that she is most likely imagining things.


The two youngsters sit sticking together at the bedside for a while, when He Qing Lu suddenly holds Pang Wan’s hand as he heads outwards.

“Let’s go, take me to see your father.” His tone is utterly filled with anxiousness.

Pang Wan is stunned, and was just about to say “I don’t know where my father is buried”, when she suddenly understands, the one he speaks of is actually her “biological father” Zuo Huai An.

During the night, the crisis of yesterday’s wedding should be known to the world now.

“He went to find my senior brother.” Pang Wan’s face reveals sorrow and utter dejection, “Don’t know when there will be news.”

——don’ t know if the matter Gu Xi Ju mentioned of Zuo Huai An killing Nan Yi’s biological parents is actually true or false? If it’s true, only afraid that with Nan Yi’s temper, he would never come back again.

Seeing her ashen face, He Qing Lu stops advancing forward, and sits back down at the bedside.

“You did no wrong.” He strokes her hair.

He was never someone who is able to say sugar-coated words, thinking back and forth, he can only follow his instincts in comforting her with right and wrong.

But to Pang Wan who had been struck with three consecutive hits yesterday, hearing such words, is already enough.

After all, her world had all collapsed in one day —— father isn’t father, uncle isn’t uncle, close friend is an undercover agent, what’s more frightening is, there is also a diabolical monster that had been holding delusional thoughts of manipulating her all along.

In fact, she is extremely anxious and afraid.

But she sees He Qing Lu take out a silk pouch from his chest, plucking out a pill from it and places it into her mouth.

Pang Wan obediently consumes it, noticing the pill still carries his body warmth.

“What’s this?” She looks up at him.

“Nerves Calming Pill, I went back home to get it.” Seeing her be so obedient, He Qing Lu’s face softens up, “This medicine is good for your injury, remember to eat it on time.”

“You went back to Solitary Palace these past days?” Pang Wan is slightly surprised.

He Qing Lu shakes his head, saying another place’s name.

“That’s but two whole months away from the south ah!” Pang Wan’s eyeballs had almost fallen out, “How many days was your roundtrip?”

“Fifteen days on the way there, seven days on the way back.” He Qing Lu is presumably a little weary, as he lightly closes both eyes.

Pang Wan now understands.

Seven days ago, just happens to be the day Zuo Huai An announced her and Nan Yi’s wedding, afraid that he came speeding back once he heard the news, up when the stars are out until the moon rises, refusing to take any rests, hence why he would be tired out to this extent.

Her heart instantly aches a little.

With this one aching, she sort of wants to cry, and so buries her head into his arms.

Gentleman He who had always be obsessively neat and clean, does not smell so good this time, having rushed through seven days and nights, braving the cold and wet, even the most precious deities would also been stained by the smell of mist and smoke.

But Pang Wan finds that such smell of mist and smoke is the world’s most fragrant smell, making her earnestly wish to indulge in it.

Because this bad guy who had always been bullying her and humiliating her, actually has a pure and sincere heart.

——short on words, but huge on the actions.

She raises her eyes to secretly look at him, but sees his eyes closed as he falls asleep just like that, presumably because the tense knot in his heart has finally loosened, he can no longer fight back the weariness anymore.

“Sleep well.”

She lays him flat on the bed, covering him with a thick quilt, the dimples by her lips blooming.

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