江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 57

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)



The Truth

“You’re insane!”

A shrilling wail sounds from Rong Gu-Gu’s mouth, she stares at Zuo Huai An, to the point the corners of her eyes look as if their about to crack.

“You madman! Just because you cannot achieve the fulfillment yourself, you want to cruelly torture these two innocent children?”

Hearing what Zuo Huai An said, Nan Yi also couldn’t hide the consternation on his face.

“Little brat, have you forgotten what you promised me in seclusion?”

Seeing his hesitation, Zuo Huai An uncontrollably becomes furious and smacks his palm on the table, “You, yourself have said that as long you can master Xi Sui Jing, you will take care of your junior sister for the rest of her life yourself, otherwise, your soul shall be diffused, you spirit shall be scattered, you shall not have a good death, could it be that you want to break your promise today?!”

Pang Wan just feels that her head is in a complete daze, unconsciously turning to look at Nan Yi.

She had no idea that he has sworn such serious promise when he went into seclusion.

Yet she sees Nan Yi clench his teeth, suddenly kneeling down on the red carpet: “Once your child has sworn a promise, he definitely will not go back on his words!”

“This bride standing here today, will you marry her or not?” Zuo Huai An asks forcefully full of hostility.

Nan Yi closes his eyes, answering in a heavy voice: “As long as Junior Sister is willing to marry me, then I will marry her.”

“Madman! Madman! Your entire family is a whole bunch of madmen!” Rong Gu screams and jumps up, unable to control her flustered emotion, “You clearly know it’s incest yet still want to do it, do you all have any shame? What a group of monsters you all are! You bunch of unorthodox sect’s evil……”

She suddenly covers her mouth.


Zuo Huai An laughs out loud, the haze between his eyebrows immediately disappears, as if he has waited far too long for this day, and today his wish has finally been fulfilled.

“Rong Gu, it has been hard on you, spying for so many years and finally revealing yourself today! It truly isn’t easy!”

All that can be seen is one rise of his sleeve, then Pang Wan is immediately drawn to him as if she is only a little ant.

“My child,” Zuo Huai An gently looks at her, full of caring love, “Today your father shall let you know, what kind of a thing that Rong Gu whom you have loved with your whole heart is!”

Pang Wan hears him calling her his child, and couldn’t resist the shock in her heart, but is also worried about Rong Gu’s situation, all of a sudden, her entire face is blushing red due to anxiety.

“Rong Gu, are you truly sick to the point you cannot get up from your bed? For how long do want to continue pretending like this?”

Zuo Huai An sonorously laughs and waves his hand, three short knifes have already flew out from his sleeve, directly targeting to Rong Gu’s face.

All that can be heard is two sounds of “ding-ding”, and a paper fan suddenly comes flying in a spiral path, cleverly blocking all the short knifes.

A tall purple figure appears in the wedding court.

“Rong-er, there’s me here, you can take your leave first.”

That person turns back, his ink-dark hair raises up a century of charm, his steps elegant, his spirit winsome, as if a tree of laurel on the moon, would allow any slight degree of profaneness.

Rong Gu withdraws with tears flowing down her face, everyone is still shocked by the verve of the person who has just arrived, so at this moment, no one thought about chasing after her.

“Today is the day of great joy for Sect Leader Zuo, I failed to discipline my subordinate properly, causing her to gain the opportunity of jumping out and ruining the atmosphere, Sect Leader, please forgive me.”

This one casual sentence of his, easily shows that Rong Gu is from his side.

“Sect Leader, please consider that one of my subordinate has just been killed by you all, so please tolerate Rong-er this once.”

After hearing this, the bridal veil in Pang Wan’s hands drops to the ground.

“Did not expect that the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin would actually come to my son’s wedding, I truly have not prepared well to welcome your arrival!” Zuo Huai An’s face turns pale, his eyebrows also tightly furrows, “Don’t know what matter has caused the Supreme Chief to arrive here?”

His words are polite, but everyone can tell the fierce and murderous air surrounding him —— he is using all his self-control to resist himself from making a move, maybe it is because no blood shall be shed in the wedding court, or maybe it is because of some other unknown reason.

“I am only here to congratulate.” Gu Xi Ju looks at Zuo Huai An as if nothing has happened, calm and relaxed, “The Sect Leader of Bai Yue Sect takes in a daughter-in-law and marries off his own daughter all in the same day, such a great event, how could I not come to share the joy?”

The veins on Zuo Huai An’s forehead has already bulged, he clenches his teeth and says, “This is the affair of my own family, no need for Supreme Chief to worry!”

However, Gu Xi Ju presents a surprised look, “Could it be that you are worried that I would ruin this wedding?”

“No, I would not.” He shakes his head and laughs, “This is not even incest between brother and sister, why would I ruin it? The groom is not your biological son anyway.”

“Fake son, real daughter——Sect Leader has said it right, it is truly a marriage set by the heavens!” He very leisurely blinks.

This sentence is undoubtedly a bomb thrown into the court.

Within one second, uproar sounds up from every direction, everyone’s facial expression has changed, except for Gu Xi Ju’s.

“Father!” Nan Yi turns to stare at Zuo Huai An, his face showing a never before seen look of extreme shock.

Zuo Huai An’s face becomes like dead ashes in the blink of an eye, he dejectedly falls down on the chair like a deflated ball. He has closed his eyes, his mouth was about to open for several times, but after all it is still dead silence.

“Nan Yi, you are my child, Father has never treated you unfairly……” He pauses for a long time, then finally tells him in a shaking voice.

A jarring laugh just happens to sound at this moment, interrupted his emotional talk.

“Sect Leader Zuo, you are truly the one person I have ever seen who is able to remain so calm whilst telling a lie, I admire you!” The person laughing is of course Gu Xi Ju.

“You still dare to say that this youth is your child? That you have never treated him unfairly?” He looks at Zuo Huai An calmly and collectedly, mockery is clearly written on the corner of his eyes and the tip of his brows, “Dare I ask who was the one that has always given good things to his biological daughter, yet sending ‘your child’ to the most difficult place for training? Dare I ask who is the one that purposely concealed the truth regarding Mei Wu’s death, and gave out a hint tracing to me and the Solitary Palace? Dare I ask who is the one that exaggerated the opponent to be heavenly strong, forcing ‘your child’ to practice Xi Sui Jing to seek revenge, even causing him to be consumed by his own power and became a monster?”

His eyes as sharp as forceful knifes.

“Zuo Huai An, since his childhood till now, have you ever treated ‘your child’ with a true heart for half a moment? Or can it be said that you just thought of ‘your child’ as a tool?”

“You’d better also tell ‘your child’, how his real parents died in your hands!” His smile grows more ruthless and ferocious, “Do you want to drip ‘your child’ and yours blood into water right now[1]?And see exactly whose biological child he is?!”

It is suddenly deadly silent in the room, as if even a breeze of wind does not dare to touch the ground.

Pang Wan gazes at that purple figure in front of the court and falls into a daze.

She knows, if he dares to say this kind of presumptuous words, then he must have a hundred percent confidence in his heart, maybe he has even gotten a hold of an unshakable evidence. That person is growing out enormous black wings behind him, only a gentle sway will cause the heaven and earth to shake, the entire would is about to collapse, and no more peace will ever be found.

He is a real demon; he comes from hell.

Her whole body is as cold as ice.

All that can be heard is a mournful long cry, Nan Yi has teared off the red flower on his chest, he leaps out of the court with red eyes and lighting speed.

“Nan Yi!” Zuo Huai An utters a loud yell then chases after him.

Shi Jue Ming’s heart is burning, he quickly leads everyone to search for young master, the wedding officiant and wedding lady have all ran out, within one moment, only the bride is left all alone in the court.

The heart character incense has burned out, red and green silk have fallen off to the ground and ripped into two by people’s steps, dragon-phoenix wedding candles have melted into a small pool of slumped wax.

Pang Wan stands still in front of the double-happiness symbol, she is still in the wedding gown, the phoenix coronet is still on her head.

Suddenly a hand reaches out, removing the bridal veil which only had one corner hanging onto her.

“You are still young, it’s too early to be wearing a wedding gown.”

Gu Xi Ju silently appears in front of her.

His eyes slightly narrow, his smile is more gentle and warm than any time before.

Pang Wan shivers and shakes, unconsciously stepping back, yet her shoulders are grabbed by him.

“Aren’t you curious, why would I know so many secrets?”

Gu Xi Ju smilingly gazes at her fearful and distressed look, enjoying the ineffable comfort and pleasure in his heart.

Pang Wan uses all her energy to shake her head, struggling to cover her ears with her hands —— she’s afraid, she does not want to hear the voice from a demon.

But Gu Xi Ju captures her hands, tightly pressing them against her back.

“Why do you step back? Didn’t you used to love to stick to me and act pampered?”

He lowers his head toward her, a crispy sweet plum fragrance, ambiguously flit past the tip of her nose.

“Did you know, Rong Gu has been a spy in Bai Yue since ten years ago? Did you know, she writes letters to me reporting your actions every month?”

He takes out a stack of painting scrolls, slowly opening them up in front of her.

After she finishes looking at one scroll, the paper flies to the red carpet like a falling leaf.

Pang Wan’s eyes gradually widen.

The person in these paintings is her from ten to sixteen, from the simple facial feature drawings in the beginning, to laughs and cries towards the end, common scenes in her life like sitting and sleeping, every painting is extremely vivid, as if it is about to come to life.

It can be seen, the person drawing these has improved drawing skill over the years, and also gradually developed feelings for her.

“Rong Gu really likes you.” Gu Xi Ju sighs, “Otherwise she would not have disobeyed my order, running out in front of everyone today.”

“It is fortunate that I know more than she does, I cannot only have one spy, the strong card is in my hand in the end.”

He grins, throwing the last painting to the ground.

That one just happens to be the one from the day of “Nan Ke” beauty trap night, the one that she saw in the study room —— at that time she overestimated herself, assuming that it was painted by Gu Xi Ju.

Pang Wan almost wants to cry out loud.

——ten years! Ten whole years! Ten years of spying! Ten years of scheming!How great of a trap this is!

Her sacrifice, Nan Yi’s endurance, in the end both are defeated by several words from this person, he only used his mouth to successfully turn Nan Yi and Zuo Huai An into enemies, even if they would reluctantly reconcile in the future, there would still be unresolvable pain left in their hearts.

No matter how much force is used, external attack cannot be more effective than disintegrating enemies internally, Gu Xi Ju has indeed mastered this principle very well!

“Do you still not understand?”

Gu Xi Ju looks at her almost hopeless face, lightly sounding a laugh.

“Since the day you were sent back to Bai Yue Sect, your food and cloth expenditure, your books and studies, every person and thing that you could interact with around you, are all painstakingly planned by me——Wan Wan, I watched you grow up, I have always been watching you.”

His voice is so lingering, as if she is a syrupy maltose candy that is just for him to enjoy, only eating it would not be enough, he also wants to lick the remaining sweetness on his fingers one by one.

In Gu Xi Ju’s heart, he is the person who understands Pang Wan most , although he has not been standing next to her, although there have been million miles of distance between them, he has always been controlling her through Rong Gu-Gu.

He filtered out all the inappropriate books, getting rid of those training that might contaminate her heart, if it wasn’t for his careful cultivation, Pang Wan must have already become a ruthless bloodthirst demoness.

It is all because of him, today Wan Wan has grown to be so kind, full of weak and suppressible kindness.

But from now on, she will also become twisted because of him, becoming a person full of vengeance and vicious schemes.

He enjoys this special Child-Raising Game so much.

“You love sweet food, yet cannot eat too much; your favorite flower is jasmine, you hate earthworm and budworm the most; the very first person you liked, is Nan Yi, am I right?”

Gu Xi Ju’s voice sounds like it has flowed here from some stream far far away, filled with cold, thin, foggy air.

“Wan Wan, you have grown up raised by me, no one else knows you more than I do.”

He pulls the stiff Pang Wan into his arms, comfortably inhaling in a breath of the fragrance on the young lady’s body, which he has not enjoyed in a long time.

“No matter how much you resent me, you must understand this truth.”

[1]Dripping blood into water/滴血认亲/dī xiě run qīn is a paternity test that people back then frequently used. The parent and the child cut their fingers and drip a drop of blood into a bowl of water, if their drops of blood unite, then they are biologically related. However, according to science now, any two people’s blood would unite in water, so it does not work.

Translator’s Note: So many truth are revealed, how did you react when you read them? The scene with Pang Wan standing alone in the wedding room breaks my heart. And, Gu Xi Ju has always been watching her??? WOWOWOWOW….

Ying Zhao, our author, said at the end of this chap: “I really enjoy writing about the Supreme Chief, ah, such a psycho with ‘excellent reasons’. ” Sounds like Ying Zhao is pretty proud of creating this unexpected psychopath, hahahaha.

Lastly, that person, who has disappeared for so long, is finally about to come back.

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