江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 55

(translated by anniaxx)



A Yellow Oriole Is Behind

“Tell everyone, Fairy Sang Chan has been kidnapped by the young master of the unorthodox sect.”

Gazing at the figure going afar in the forest, Gu Xi Ju picks up the silk handkerchief on the ground, his lips bending into a good-looking curve.

Bai Xiao Sheng has been following him for all these years, he clearly understands what this smile signifies, this is the satisfied smile of getting what he wants.

Since the poison incident a few days ago, every clan and every sect has been extremely anxious, there are frequent rumors saying “this land is not propitious, the heaven is not helping us”, many people in the team have already thought about going back, negotiating how to relinquish on attacking the Holy Bai Yue Sect.

Yet this happened tonight, it would be impossible for these men of Jiang Hu to chicken out now, they cannot leave Fairy Sang Chan behind and go back, no clan wants to gain this infamous reputation.

In Jiang Hu, moral is paramount.

“This young master came out of seclusion, then truly immediately sent me a big gift.”

Gu Xi Ju lightly knocks on the desk, revealing a pleased look on his face.

Cloud-Rising Mountain, in the main court of Bai Yue Sect.

“Unfilial son!” Zuo Huai An swings a strong slap, causing Nan Yi to continuously fall back several steps.

“Bastard! Who allowed you to kidnap that girl?” He is extremely furious, even his hair is about to erect due to his anger, “Do you know, this will give Gu Xi Ju another excuse to attack Bai Yue!”

Nan Yi bites down on his teeth and wipes away the blood from the corner of his lips, saying in a low voice, “I’m not afraid.”

“You are not afraid? What the hell are you not afraid of!” Zoo Huai An is made even more enraged by his neither humble nor arrogant response, another slap with complete force lands, “Why didn’t you think before you act? Your junior sister took great effort and finally made them anxious, with your act, her works are all gone to waste!”

Nan Yi stands in the same place, directly allows this slap to land on himself.

“I will pay responsibility.” His face is extraordinarily pale, yet he remains stubborn and persistent.

“Pay responsibility! How can you pay responsibility?” Zuo Huai An is really infuriated to the extreme by him, “It was not easy for you to reach the ninth level of Xi Sui Jing, my inner energy is also not stable right now due to healing you, right now is the time for the entire sect to rest and restore energy, but you just want to cause troubles for me! Why do you always like to snatch these kind of girls back, do you still not understand until today? Beauties are the roots of troubles! Root of troubles are the beauties!” scolds him vehemently.

Nan Yi suddenly lifts his head up, directly stares at Zuo Huai An, his eyes as bright as a torch.

“Father, I want to know, how did Mei Wu really die?”

He speaks in a heavy voice.

Zuo Huai An pauses, then angrily tells, “How did she die? Didn’t you see it all? Someone cut her feet, snapped her meridians, let out all her blood, then she died!”

“What I want to ask is, who really was the one, why did that person kill her?” Nan Yi gazes at him, every word and every sentence sounds like being squeezed out from his teeth, “She was only just a little maid, having caused no injustice or hatred to anyone, how could she die this tragically? This strangely?”

Zuo Huai An stares back into his eyes for a whilst, his tall figure starts to shake.

“Unfilial son!” His hand slaps down, the large marble desk immediately breaks into pieces, its ash flying in the air, “What do you mean? You are suspecting your father? Did you eat the heart of a bear or the guts of a leopard? That spiteful woman named Sang Chan drugged you?! ”

Nan Yi quietly looks up to him, with no sign of withdrawing.

“What good comes out of that kind of women? You really think she truly liked you?!” Zuo Huai An inhales in a deep breath, bursts out into laughter when his anger reaches the limit, “It’s so good that she died, she died right on time! Full of pretense with not even half a bit of real emotion, truly not worthy to be married into my family of Bai Yue!”

The veins on Nan Yi’s forehead are almost going to jump out, “How can you talk about her like this?!”

Zuo Huai An laughs out loudly, his sonorous laughter echoes in the room.

“Whatever I say, counts as the reality, don’t you dare to argue back your father’s words?” He throws his sleeve towards Nan Yi, scolding, “Get the hell out of here, and release that spiteful woman immediately! I will hunt you down if you waste a second!”

Nan Yi’s forehead has already been beaten to the point of bleeding, he clenches his teeth and does not say a word.

“I tell you! Do not think about any other women anymore, in your life you can only marry your junior sister! If you dare to be disloyal, be careful that I will exterminate you!”

Zuo Huai An roars like a male lion.

Nan Yi is completely stunned.

He quickly lifts up his head, looking at Zuo Huai An with an unbelievable expression, “How can this be done? She is clearly……”

Then he swallowed the rest of the words back into his stomach.

Zuo Huai An did not to notice his unusual reaction, just goes on and sneers, “Have you forgotten what I said to you when I passed on Xi Sui Jing to you?”

Nan Yi’s face freezes, then lowers his head, “……I have not.”

Zuo Huai An nods in satisfaction, his voice as cold and hard as a frozen stone, “You swore the promise yourself, you shall not forget in your entire life.”

Nan Yi says in a soft voice, “Your child will never dare.”

Only then Zuo Huai An wave his hand, showing a trace of tiredness on his face, “Take your leave, do not care about anything regarding Mei Wu anymore, quickly send back Sang Chan.”

Nan Yi accepts the command and just when he is about to go, he hears Zuo Huai An slowly saying behind him, “Listen to your father’s words, do not cause more troubles in this period of time, touch less blood, after sending back those ridiculous clowns at the foot of the mountain, your father will host a splendid wedding for you two.”


This is the scene that Nan Yi sees when he walks back to the cave.

It seems like Sang Chan has fallen asleep after eating the drug, Pang Wan is holding a brush, and with it, she pokes, pokes, pokes, then draws, draws, draws on Sang Chan’s beautiful face.

“Who told you to be so beautiful, showing off!” Her tone really has a little jealous-sour taste in it.

Nan Yi originally had a whole stomach of worrisome thoughts, yet when he sees her mischievous look, he could not resist his urge to laugh.

“How could you do this!” He pretends to be angry and takes the brush away from her hand, “You don’t learn anything good!”

Pang Wan sounds a humph, jumps down from the stone staircase.

“I just can’t stand looking at white lotus flowers!” She purses her lips, puts her hands on her hips and makes a dictating gesture, “She has everything, yet she does not cherish any of it; compare to her, I am a grass on the sidewalk with no father’s care and no mother’s love, truly so pitiful!”

Nan Yi’s face stiffens.

“Who said you are a grass on the sidewalk?” He gives her a glare, “Even though you have never met your father and mother, but don’t I and Father treat you well enough everyday?”

Pang Wan pauses, pouting her lips and saying nothing.

Under the shine of the candle light, the young lady’s clean cheeks are like freshly steamed custard buns, making it hard to not desire to take a bite.

“Wan Wan.” Nan Yi suddenly calls her name.

Pang Wan turns her face to look at him, she blinks her eyelashes in confusion.

“Is there someone who you like in your heart?” Nan Yi seriously gazes into her eyes.

Pang Wan freezes, in her head, a slender shadow vaguely appears.

“……probably no.” She lowers her eyes till she cannot lower them anymore.

Nan Yi nods.

“Father wants me to marry you.” He softly says, “He said when those people at the foot of the mountain are gone, he will host us a wedding.”

Lifting up her head, Pang Wan is severely shocked.

Nan Yi’s facial expression looks extra strange under the candle light.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore, help me to carry this thing out.”

Not waiting for Pang Wan to react, he bends down and puts Sang Chan onto his shoulders, walking out with big and quick steps.


Another three days have passed, Zuo Huai An is sitting on a chair and drinking tea, then suddenly hears the news from a spy.

The spy reports that the second batch of poisonous powder has already been diffused out on butterflies, another bunch of people from the righteous side have collapsed, they were forced to retreat during the night. Of course, Sang Chan is also safe and sound, back in the team, it can be said that Gu Xi Ju’s excuse has been made impossible.

Only then did Zuo Huai An slightly releases a breath.

Although he vaguely feels in her heart that this time the opponents’ retreat is a little bit too smooth, it does not affect the stream of anxious enthusiasm in his heart——to prevent unnecessary things to happen, he decides to host a wedding for Pang Wan and Nan Yi as soon as possible.

Pang Wan stares at the wedding gown in the maid’s hands, her face shows a second of palpitation.

Its strong bright red(traditional Chinese wedding gown is red), is even more attracting and glamorous than the Fire Phoenix Cloak that she is in.

Picking up the Phoenix coronet and jewelry in the tray, she just feels that every piece is extraordinary and precious, looks like sect leader has spend great amount of money on them.

The maid kneels on the ground, detailedly reporting that the wedding date has been decided on the day after seven days; she does not say anything, waves her hand to signal the maids to leave.

Turning back and returning to her bedroom, yet she sees Nan Yi dressed in complete black, standing in front of the bed.

“How dare you, you actually dare to break into a young lady’s bedroom at night!” Pang Wan grabs the longans from the table and throws them on him.

Nan Yi flicks the “hidden weapons” away, his usually tense face reveals a trace of smile.

“I came to see you, according to the rules, I won’t be able to see you in the following several days.” He walks to her, caresses her hair.

Pang Wan obeys him and does not make any moves to protest, purses her lips and humphs.

Nan Yi’s hand pauses, suddenly he says, “Sorry for having you going through this.”

Pang Wan looks up, just sees his ink-dark pupils shinning as stars in the sky, sparkling with visible yet untouchable light.

——ever since he has came out of his seclusion, she has not been able to see through him.

“I’m so defeated by you!” She pushes him away a little angrily, “You have always been beating and scolding me ever since we were young, now I am even forced to marry you, my life is truly bitter to the extreme.”

Nan Yi laughs without any anger, holds up her hands and covers them in his palms, “I promise, those things in our childhood, will never ever happen again.”

Pang Wan presses her lips and does not talk, recalling the things from their childhood, she is more or less jealous. But she clearly knows, if Nan Yi did not chase and fight her, maybe she would not have the skills that she has today.

“You know you owe me a lot? You should pay back to me well in the future!”

She gives him a condescending glance, seizing this opportunity to act arrogant.

Nan Yi gently pokes her forehead.

“Thank you.” He suddenly tells her in a low voice.

Pang Wan is stunned for a second, then replies with a cute smile, “This sentence cannot be counted as the interest of your debt.”

Nan Yi hooks up the corners of his lips.

After quietly sitting in the room for a moment, Pang Wan finally would not resist and asks, “Senior brother, how confident are you about that day?”

“……ninety percent.”

A luminous light rapidly shines in Nan Yi’s eyes.

About the title: 螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后 translates to “a mantis is hunting a cicada, but a yellow oriole is behind them”. This means while two forces are busy fighting each other, another force is quietly watching and planning to devour them all.4ec2d5628535e5ddc64cf06471c6a7efce1b622c

(pic from http://baike.baidu.com)

Translator’s Note: OHHHHHH….Someone is getting married!!! Hummmm, how is this gonna turn out?

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  1. Ehh?!
    NY and PW getting married? But when he asked if she had someone in her heart a slender shadow appeared…. there’s only a slender man in this story! You did well Lu boy! But if don’t hurry up she will end up marrying another! But maybe NY will push PW to him, after all his affection for her isn’t of a lover and he knows that PW isn’t fit to bai yue sect……

    Those 2 factions are fighting, but some third party approaches? Palace young master?

    Uhhhh! We are at the end of 2º book? So anxious~
    Thanks for the chapter~

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  2. Ohhh! After 7 days, it would seem that day would be exactly new year so Gentleman He and Wan Wan’s promised day will coincide! Heheheh.
    ‘What are we gonna do?’
    ‘Steal the bride!’
    Gentleman, please be on time!

    Thanks for the update!

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  3. Somethings off
    That GXJ backed off so easily, despite knowing the truth about their poisoned butterflies etc is too good to be true
    I don’t think PW should marry her senior brother but with so much having happened, does she have the will to protest
    Thanks for translating

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  4. thanks!
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  5. Nan Yi was going to say something!!! Wang Wang is clearly what!!!! I wanna know!!! What is she?????

    Why is Wang Wang asking about that day? What day is she talking about? Nan Yi is already foreshadowing something of a separation that they can’t go back to the past where he bullies her anymore or there won’t b anymore of those in the coming future. But lord, I am still thinking of Nan Yi wearing those red earrings. Hot! Hot!

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  6. Is Nan Yi and Wan Wan planning something else in the event of their wedding day… ☺ I hope its smtg with trapping and slapping GXJ. Plus kicking his little bro hard.

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  7. My thoughts when reading this chapter: Noooooo!

    Also, as her big brother, I trust Nan Yi knows that PWW clearly does not hold him in her heart? Maybe he’ll send out a message to find the one she’s in love with to fetch him quick! And HQL will show up to crash the wedding! GXJ, the bastard, also shows up! A three-way fight! PWW + HQL + Nan Yi x Sect Leader x GXJ!

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