江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 45

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)


CHAPTER Forty-Five

Two or Three Things About Mei Wu


Pang Wan sits on the bamboo couch, taking a deep breath and roaring at a strange-looking bamboo container, her whole face has already turned red.

Only hearing a sound of “ka-da”, and that bamboo tube quickly bounces up, from the center of the tube flies out a colorful candy-bean. Pang Wan reacts quickly, lifting her head and catching it with her mouth, that candy-bean is immediately captured by her tongue.

“Gentlemen, the range of sound control is limited, it can only influence a distance around one zhang from the origin.”

She looks back at the person by the desk as she chews the candy-bean with “ge-beng, ge-beng” sounds.

He Qing Lu casts her a glance, then continues lowering his head and studying the skull in his hands, “En, the distance is a little short.” He vaguely humphs, “But this thing is not supposed to be used on human, it is to be used on animals.”

“Animals?” Pang Wan is surprised.

“The sound that animals can detect is much further than what human can hear.” He Qing Lu looks at her with a smile on his face, “The mechanics of sound control fits better when used on them.”

“Could it be that you want to apply craniotomy surgery on them? Installing the reflective mechanic in their brain nerves?” Pang Wan widens her eyes, “This is so cruel, you can’t do this!”

He Qing Lu chokes a little.

“I have never really thought this way……” he murmurs to himself, luminous light gradually blooming in his eyes, “So there is actually this method too?”

Pang Wan cries out “not good” in her heart, quickly shouts, “Ay I was just saying nonsense, don’t believe that! Hey hey!”

He Qing Lu sees her nervous look, and couldn’t resist laughing out loud, “I never planned to do this, this so called sound-controlled mechanic is just to capture the movement of air currents and magnifies it, it has nothing to do with controlling nerves. I just considered that animals are much more sensitive to sound, so installing this set of mechanic on them after improving it might make it more sensitive.”

Only then did Pang Wan release her breath, inwardly thinking thank the heavens that this person’s talent have not unreasonably exceed those of thousands years later.

“Controlling brain nerve……” Yet she sees He Qing Lu’s eyes start to lose focus, he falls into a stage of serious pondering.

“Gentlemen!” Pang Wan jumps off the bamboo couch, and runs in front of him like a good puppy wagging its tail, “You said after I finish experimenting ten mechanics for you, you will tell me things about Lady Mei Wu, I have already finished now!”

His wandering mind is pulled back by her, He Qing Lu gently smiles at her, “What do you want to know?”

Now that Pang Wan is already under his wings, his expression and tone have both become so much gentler, can be counted as “would definitely say yes to whatever she’s asking”.

Pang Wan thinks a little more, then lays out her questions one by one.

And so from He Qing Lu’s description, she has learnt that Mei Wu is a gentle, kind, excellent maid, whose inner personality and outer appearance perfectly aligns.

“But don’t know why, she argued with my second uncle before leaving the palace.” He Qing Lu shakes his head, “According to her personality, she originally doesn’t ever even speak loudly.”

“Your second uncle really didn’t crazily court her?” asks Pang Wan, shocked.

“Women who fall for my second uncle are so many, he never even bothered to pay attention to Jin Bu Yao, how could he like a little maid?” He Qing Lu reacts scornfully at her naiveness.

Pang Wan is suddenly astonished by Jin Bu Yao’s standards, she recalls Palace Master’s facial features, and couldn’t help revealing a surprised countenance.

“Don’t judge based on how my uncle looks like right now, he’s wearing a disguise.”

He Qing Lu sees through her with one glance, appearing somewhat arrogant, “When my second uncle was young, he was indeed a beautiful man with great reputation, he just doesn’t want others to overly pay attention to his outer appearance.”

Pang Wan recalls the “gracefully moving gentleman with a jade-like face” told by the storyteller, then gazes at He Qing Lu’s serious delicate face, she nods and shows that she believes him.

“In fact, strictly speaking, Mei Wu can’t really be counted as my second uncle’s maid, she is the maid of my second uncle’s adopted daughter.” He Qing Lu thinks a little longer and adds, “She used to copy my cousin’s every move, and she was consumed by her own inner demon for a while, it was almost impossible to distinguish those two apart.”

Pang Wan just feels the drum in her brain had been struck, chaotically echoing.

“Your second uncle also has an adopted daughter? What is her name? How old is she? Where is she now?”

She hangs on to He Qing Lu’s arm.

He Qing Lu is very satisfied, lifting up the corners of his lips, “My second uncle also has another identity, which is the boatman Sang Shang Sheng on that emerald river as you have seen; now that I count it, his adopted daughter is almost twenty-one this year.” He bats his eyelashes at her, showing a mischievous and teasing look, “Come to think of it, she just happens to be that kind of white lotus flower lady that you always wanted to become. Heard that she does have some reputation in Jiang Hu, people all call her Fairy Sang Chan, have you heard of her?”

Pang Wan lets out an “ahhh” cry, stumbling back a step.

——did not think other than being Gu Xi Ju’s junior sister, Sang Chan is also He Shao Xin’s adopted daughter, He Qing Lu’s cousin! And Mei Wu was actually Sang Chan’s personal maid!

This news is thrown into her heart like a bomb, violently exploding everywhere.

“Then, what about that Ninth Prince in the story?” She thinks of the three peerless beautiful men that Wang Gang used to talk about, carefully looking at He Qing Lu, “Heard that Ninth Prince is still saving the princess consort position for her?”

“Ah, that fellow,” He Qing Lu grins, “There is such a case, his heart longed for my cousin, five years ago he came to propose, yet my cousin rejected him.” He shrugs his shoulders, “Maybe he still hasn’t give up yet.”

Pang Wan sees his mocking tone toward the prince, her heart couldn’t resist the shock, yet she is embarrassed to continue asking.

——didn’t expect Sang Chan actually has this kind of of prominent family background, truly a heaven-blessed girl with thousands of doting all concentrated on her.

Pang Wan sighs in her heart, she lowers her head and does not say anything.

“You two investigating Mei Wu’s death, won’t be solved by asking my second uncle.” Seeing her disheartened face, He Qing Lu could not resist his urge to comfort her, “She grew up with Sang Chan, no one can be compared to their close relationship since childhood, asking Sang Chan is the right thing to do.”

Pang Wan nods, lifting up her little face to him, “Don’t know where Fairy Sang Chan is right now?”

“She’s at the Ninth Prince’s minor manor in Lin Yi.”

As this delicate voice sounds, an exceptionally charming man leisurely walks into the room.

“Niece-in-law, how are you?”

That person squints his long peach-blossom eyes and smiles at Pang Wan, eyes containing a sparkling shine, his entire body exhibiting remarkable charm and brilliant spirit.

Although she has seen countless beautiful men in the land of Mary Sue, Pang Wan’s first look at this face still shook her heart, shook her to the point of becoming lifeless.

“Wake up, he’s already thirty-two years old, old enough to be your father.” He Qing Lu leans to her ear and reminds her, his face looking very unhappy.

“Hey! Little brat! What did you say about your second uncle?” He Shao Xin widens his eyes, turning back and continues winsomely smiling at Pang Wan, “How’s this, niece-in-law? Isn’t your second uncle handsome? Don’t you want to consider dumping this icy husband-to-be, and come with your second uncle to wander to the end of the wor……”

He did not even get a chance to say the word “world”, when a piece of hidden weapon flies right towards his face. He Shao Xin immediately grabs it in hand, when he sees that the hidden weapon is actually a piece of skull, he couldn’t help but to quickly throw it as if he has touched electricity, loudly shouting, “Ai-yo! I say big nephew, why do you always play with such ominous things?”

He Qing Lu embraces Pang Wan from the back, using a kind of protector’s posture to silently warn him.

“Boring.” He Shao Xin twitches his lips, revealing a bored expression, “I originally thought there would be a silly niece-in-law to play with, but being protected by you like this all day, is truly uninteresting to the extreme.”

“If you want to play, go find your own.” He Qing Lu pulls Pang Wan behind him and blocks her, showing an unpleasant face, “If you are truly bored, how about I send a letter to Jin Bu Yao, telling her that you are finally back?”

“Ai-ya big nephew, please have mercy on me!” He Shao Xin suddenly jumps eight zhangs high, “I will not make fun of niece-in-law anymore, please please do not tell Guardian Jin, please don’t!”

Then he quickly bows to Pang Wan with his hands held in front, “Niece-in-law, second uncle has offended you! I beg you to consider how i have betrayed my daughter, and please say some good words to help second uncle!”

Even though Pang Wan knows very well that he is acting, she still pulls He Qing Lu’s sleeve from the back, gently saying, “Let it be.”

Hearing this kitten-like mutter, He Qing Lu turns back and sees the young lady’s peach-red blushing cheeks, right now even if he has a heart molded with black iron, it would have been melted already.

“Humph!” He gives He Shao Xin a glare, and says no more.

Only then did He Shao Xin laugh and come near the two.

“Niece-in-law, don’t say second uncle has not reminded you, that daughter of mine, really isn’t saving me from worries nowadays.”

“Although I brought her back myself, I sent her to learn martial arts when she was only six, only seeing me once a year, what she is thinking now, I’m not even really sure.” He initially extends his hand to pat Pang Wan’s shoulder, but paused under He Qing Lu’s vicious glare; he takes his hand back and pretends to clean it on his sleeve.

“You should keep in mind to be careful of everything.”

After saying this, he giggles and waves his hand, then takes his leave in lively steps.

“Sang Chan is really your second uncle’s adopted daughter?”

Until that gorgeous and charming figure walked away, Pang Wan then comes out behind He Qing Lu.

“I promise.” He Qing Lu turns to her.

”How could he talk about his own daughter in that tone? Just like……just like he has no feelings for her.” Pang Wan murmurs.

“You think so too?” He Qing Lu smiles, “Jin Bu Yao has also scolded him like this before, saying that he looks like he has a very passionate heart, but is actually heartless.”

Pang Wan suddenly realizes, so the heartless man who Nanny Jin was reminiscing about is Solitary Palace Master, He Shao Xin.

“Oh right, where is Nanny Jin?”

She touches the silk pouch on her waist, now she finally understands why she was able to cross the emerald river peacefully back then.

“After we returned to the palace, second uncle disappeared, Jin Bu Yao is carrying her luggage right now, searching for him everywhere in the Jiang Hu.” He Qing Lu frowns, some helplessness revealed on his face, “Already so old but still playing these kind of hide and seek games, so gross.”

Pang Wan thinks of those two’s style of interaction, and couldn’t resist being speechless.

“Wait, why exactly did your second uncle suddenly come here today?”

After being silent for a moment, Pang Wan suddenly thinks of this important question.

“This, is probably because he has removed his disguise, so wanted to show off in front of you.”

He Qing Lu thinks of his second uncle’s childish character, and carelessly lifts his brows, “No need to care about him.”

Translator’s Note: Some truth have finally been revealed~~ Did you notice that He Qing Lu has been smiling so often lately? Look at his protective mode!! Sometimes when I think about how he pretended to be Wang Gang and endured the whipping and craziness of Pang Wan, just so he could get a chance to look at the blazing needles, I just can’t resist laughing!

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  1. Thanks again translator anniaxx and editor xia0xiao1mei! So happy! 🙂

    Wow, the cold and snobbish HQL became possessive and even demonstrative towards PY, not even his uncle can touch her. PY seems to have accepted him because she’s allowing him to hug her as well. (Dunno if she’s just pretending at this time just to get some information and also to allow NY to heal)

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  2. Wow, an early update, thank you!!^^
    So many truth reveiled. I’m curious of how will hql’s response be if he finds out pangwan’s real identity as shenggu and her previous connection with that heartless man who stabbed her


  3. Thank you for the early update!! I was just thinking today how it would be nice if there was an update☺.
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  4. Little Lu is so cute~! S2
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    Sang Chan and Mei Wu are quite similar….. Sang Chan got too involved with her sect….. Mei Wu accompanied Sang Chan for many years and is similar to her…….. the options are:

    1- Mei Wu fell in love with Nan Yi, but Sang Chan discovered it and went to kill her for the betrayal;

    2- Sang Chan fell in love with Nan Yi (used Mei Wu’s name), but Mei Wu discovered it and went to kill her for the betrayal of their ideals and usurped Sang Chan’s identity;

    3- Mei Wu wanted to show her loyalty to Sang Chan by infiltrating in PW’s sect and collecting information and maybe even kill someone important, but she fell in love with Nan Yi, but Sang Chan discovered it and went to kill her for the betrayal;

    4- Mei Wu wanted to show her loyalty to Sang Chan by infiltrating in PW’s sect and collecting information and maybe even kill someone important, but she was discovered by that gugu and they fought and she died while the gugu was gravely wounded;

    5- Mei Wu wanted to show her loyalty to Sang Chan by infiltrating in PW’s sect and collecting information and maybe even kill someone important, but she was discovered by that gugu and they fought and the gugu died, and Mei Wu changed their places and put a mask on each other, and so she can continue to spy the evil sect;

    Is there more theory?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. Bad feeling about Mei Wu.

    Maybe she is manipulating everything bad that has happened and impersonating as Sang Chan. Gu bastard said he didn’t meet her afterwards, but how else would he know Pang Wan was the Sheng Gu? Mei Wu saw her face before after all, but Wan Wan never saw Sang Chan’s. Mei Wu can copy Sang Chan but I’m guessing not her face, which is why that one guy went to HQL’s to get a mask made but he refused. I wonder if all male leads were used…

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  6. PW in the book 2 really scary. i don’t know why she acting obediently and really clingy towards this lovesick young master much to his liking. since she experienced death herself she more like a different PW that we used to know


  7. Chibi and arashi~, great theories! Thumbs up. I have a bad feeling Sang Chan, it could also be that Sang Chan fell for Nan Yi as Mei Wu or vise versa and things happened that resulted to someone’s death.

    I hope that Wan Wan is not plotting to betray HQL, i dont want to see him hurt, although it will not be in her new character to easily follow him. Its likely that she’s just going to the flow then betray or leave him later, which will be so sad…

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