江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 34

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



Don’t Need Face

Pang Wan’s has pretty much recovered after resting for two days.

Rong Gu-Gu had once said, Sheng Gu is born with a set of exquisitely fine bones, such that makes good shatterproof material.

But on the outside, she continues to claim it is inconvenient for her to move around, on one hand it is in hope for Gu Xi Ju to come see her often, on the other hand, she does not wish to face Nan Yi for now, because Nan Yi’s existence acts as a constant reminder to her, between her and Gu Xi Ju, they are separated by worlds apart, making it very difficult for them to have a good outcome.

One being the supreme chief of Wu Lin, one being the Sheng Gu of the unorthodox sect, no matter what kind of a context these two identities are placed in, it will still result in a ground-breaking star-crossed romance, whenever she thinks of Nan Yi’s knife-like eyes, Pang Wan’s heart cannot help feeling terrified.

Should Nan Yi know both her and Gu Xi Ju share mutual feelings, he would definitely draw out his blade and shed her skin first, then bury a parasite into her internal organs, because to the Bai Yue Sect, Pang Wan’s current behaviour is called betrayal, and she must be deep fried in hell for this.

——in any case, the road ahead is a long one ah!

But no matter how gruelling this romance is, Pang Wan is set on persevering.

What a joke! As if she would still want to continue spending days with no male lead doting on her, no second male lead loving her, such a hard life? The people in the land of Mary Sue were born to love, and live for romances. One can do with less firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea (daily necessities), but most certainly cannot do without being ro~man~ti~c!

Her Mary Sue spirit burning, Pang Wan is now fully engaged in battle mode, she is determined to do whatever it takes to pave the path into the future for herself and Gu Xi Ju —— fake death, memory loss, change of identity, such plots are considered nothing for any noblewoman who has gone through thick and thin on the battlefield! Dear Gu-ah, you rest assured! Thy wife will certainly not become your burden! Let us strive for brilliance together!!

Happy at the thought, she moves a little stool to the doorway and sits under the sun. As a Mary Sue character who lacks ambition and only wishes to fall in love with handsome men, she believes the past days really were too bitter, if not resented by this person then detested by that person, it really is as if all that’s left of her days are blackened coptis root residue. How great it is right now, the supreme leader of this land —— the supreme chief of Wu Lin has already given her his heart (although not explicitly said), she can practically foresee her brilliant future of hundreds and thousands worth of doting love concentrated on her alone.

To hell with Sang Chan-ah, Mei Wu-ah and whatnot, dear Gu is mine now, will also be mine in future, and thus be mine forever, wa-ha-ha!

As she was getting carried away by the thoughts, a maid suddenly comes reporting, saying a guest has come looking for her.

She lays on the bamboo chair and lazily sounds a response, at the time, she couldn’t come to a clear idea of what kind of a person would come looking for her, she does not seem to have made many friends within the Capital ah?

“Say, why have you not been attending to your lessons? Have your feelings been hurt?”

A voice like that of a yellow oriole sounds, a great beauty with graceful posture saunters over, glancing at that fake bandaging on her ankle as she walks.

Pang Wan is finally hit with realisation —— the arriving guest is Jin Bu Yao.

“What wind has brought you over here?”

She hurriedly sits up, pouring a cup of tea for this beauty of peerless elegance, and orders the maids to prepare some fruits and snacks.

“You’re sure spending your days here very well ah.” Seeing her acting as though she has command over the land, Jin Bu Yao smiles.

At the mention of her practicing in advance to act like the head mistress of the house, Pang Wan is thoroughly snuffed out by Jin Bu Yao’s bright and charming smile.

“Nanny, you’re making fun of me!” She purses her lips, feeling a little shy, and speaks up to ask, “What made Nanny think of coming to see me?”

In fact, what she really wanted to ask is “how does Nanny know I live here?”, but she also feels that this question has little significance, because at one glance, one can see that He Qing Lu is someone with power, influence and noble background, looking into her home address should be a piece of cake to him.

Jin Bu Yao spreads an unfathomable smile, glancing towards the doorway.

Pang Wan also follows her gaze and casts a glance outside, only seeing a bodyguard Jin Bu Yao had brought along with her, a big and tall figure with ordinary looks, currently stood with his back straight, a broadsword at his waist side, inspecting around the courtyard with a “ready to calmly face death” look.

Could it be something has happened? Pang Wan seriously couldn’t work this out, and could only mysteriously move her head closer to Jin Bu Yao: “Nanny, do you have some sort of secret to tell me?”

Jin Bu Yao smiles, raising the cup and gracefully takes a sip of tea.

“It’s actually nothing, just that I saw you leave the estate in such a hurry a few days ago, when I followed after you to take a look, I found that Young Master had accidentally flipped over all his tools.” Speaking up to here, she pauses, “Did something happen between you two?”

Deep down, Pang Wan is thinking, so it’s to act as mediator between a civil dispute, instantly relaxing, she shakes her head: “It’s nothing.”

Is it not just a fallout with He Qing Lu? It’s not worth reporting.

The corners of Jin Bu Yao’s lips stiffen, fan-like lashes suddenly flashes as she blinks twice.

“Nanny dislikes a lying little girl the most.”

She smiles a deeply sweet and charming, an extremely coquettish smile. Such smile makes Pang Wan feel as though her entire being had fallen into an icehouse.

“It’s really nothing……just had a fight with Gentleman He, he said he hates me, thinks I’m too much of a stupid idiot, and even told me get out the estate, and so I did.” Pang Wan glumly says.

Jin Bu Yao looks at her, not without pity, and reaches out to softly hold her hands in hers, softly speaking as she gently pats them: “Ai-ya, our family’s young master’s temper, you are also aware of it, he has been spoilt since young, with no one refusing to go along with him, always cradling him, you absolutely mustn’t keep his words at heart.”

Pang Wan already does not want to mention He Qing Lu, this person, and half-heartedly nods: “Nanny is right, I have never bothered with people that lacks common sense.”

Jin Bu Yao is stunned, the shoulders of the guard at the doorway also tremble.

“Our family’s young master……” Jin Bu Yao hesitates for a moment, seemingly wanting to circle her way back around the conversation, “It’s not that he lacks common sense, just that he is sometimes a little……frank and outspoken……”

Pang Wan seeing her struggle with her choice of words, is seriously fuming at heart: that’s still considered frank and outspoken? Such a poisonous tongue that argues about the littlest of details.

“I have watched young master grow up, he is very kind-hearted, just that his mouth is ruthless, don’t be mad at him.” Jin Bu Yao continues to speak good words for He Qing Lu.

Pang Wan vaguely hums a reply, heart growing suspicious: “Nanny, you didn’t specifically come here to tell me all this right?”

No matter what, she doesn’t think He Qing Lu would care about her feelings, that rascal cannot wait for her to leave, the farther away the better.

Jin Bu Yao chuckles: “In fact, Nanny has come to bid farewell to you, after another few days, we will be leaving the Capital, with this leave, don’t know when will be next time we will meet again, no matter what, we cannot part ways on bad terms now can we?”

Pang Wan is greatly shocked: “Where are you all going? For how long? Will you be returning?”

Jin Bu Yao pats her hand, smilingly saying: “The estate in the Capital is but only another property owned by young master’s family, according to the rules, he must go back home once a year, as to when he will come back after this……” She seemingly glances towards the doorway, “It completely depends on what our young master thinks.”

Pang Wan did not think she will have to bid farewell with Jin Bu Yao so fast, feeling very sad, she clings onto Jin Bu Yao’s arm as she shakes it: “Nanny, don’t leave, it’s your young master who’s going back, you don’t need to follow him back too, you need to stay behind and continue teaching me the art of seduction ah!”

Jin Bu Yao bursts out laughing: “Why not say you can’t bear to let go of the face that young master is personally making?”

It is unlike Pang Wan to have actually firmly shook her head without any hesitation: “I already don’t need that face.”

Jin Bu Yao’s willow brows raises, body gradually leaning backwards: “Tell Nanny, what made you suddenly change your mind?”

Pang Wan is embarrassed to say Gu Xi Ju is the reason, and only laughs: “Actually, I feel that the me right now is very good.” Having said that, she bows her head and fiddles with the hem of her clothes, just like a young maiden being shy.

All traces of the smile on Jin Bu Yao’s face vanish, once again restoring a look of cold desolation.

“Have you thought over this clearly?” Her expression solemn as she looks at Pang Wan, “You really wish to give up this golden opportunity?” Young master’s works are difficult to request for even with millions of gold.

Pang Wan very seriously nods her head: “I thought over it clearly, beauty is a floating cloud, this deal is thus written off, from now on, I no longer need to bother your family’s young master anymore.”

The guard by the doorway is thunderstruck.

Jun Bu Yao looks at Pang Wan whose face is filled with a spring glow, her mouth opens, wanting to say something, but in the end, only sighs.

“Forget it, forget it, it was I who insisted.” She barely squeezes out a smile at Pang Wan, taking out a silk pouch and places it in Pang Wan’s hand.

“Between nanny and you, it can also be considered a fated meeting, should you ever need anything in future, take this to Qi Xiang Tower, and someone will kindly take care of you.” Her eyes were slightly reddening.

Pang Wan hastily expresses her gratitude, then once again pesters Jin Bu Yao, speaking for a good while, consulting a lot about the art of husband taming, before the two people very reluctantly bid farewell.

Having left Misty Wave Manor, Jin Bu Yao had one foot on the horse carriage, when a black shadow barges in.

It is precisely the guard carrying a sword.

He enters the carriage, and with not a word, he extends his legs as he sits on the soft seating and closes his eyes, all that was missing is a note saying “cannot enter” stuck on his face.

Yet Jin Bu Yao just has to go and stroke the fur on the tiger’s head —— “Angry?” She looks at him with a deeply meaningful smile.

The guard does not even bother with her.

“No matter what, she has finally gotten what she wanted, we should be wishing her the best.” She softly says this, gazing out the window with a look of melancholy, sinking deep into her own thoughts.

The guard impatiently turns his head away, continuing to play deaf and act mute.

The horse carriage very quickly runs along, the street view outside the window like tides howling as they pass by.

The guard’s lashes gently fans.

——it’s all this Jin Bu Yao’s fault, insisting on dragging him along to bid farewell.

——as if he would wish that foolish girl the best, because he simply does not care.

——even though she says all has been written off, such damned words of never seeing him again, he does not feel the slightest bit upset.

——he cannot be any happier, never having to see her again.

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  1. Tsundere HQL hits again. OML HQL you pushing your beloved into another’s arms! Don’t pretend like you aren’t sad! Lying to yourself is bad!

    Ugh, I love that PW is all confident and happy now, but every time something good happens, it gets bad. And it doesn’t just get bad after a happy time in this story, and it gets really bad. I don’t trust this good and happy and content atmosphere. Like being in the center of a tornado. Please tell me I’m being cynical and everything will be all right for PW. 😭😭😭

    As always, thanks for the chapter, and I very much look forward to the next one!

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  2. So tsundere i cant even. My heart goes out to him though, i kind of ship them together, i like gxj but that would be a rocky path and i dont trust him all that well. Nan Yi should just drop dead for all i care.

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    1. They argue a lot but it’s also nice that he sees her most “real” side, everyones frustrated by his tsundere-ness but I like how he is gaining more people on this ship as oppose to his first appearance haha

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  3. HQL just doesn’t realize his feelings for WW, and once he does. He’ll definitely flip the world upside down ahahah. He’s just trying to lie to his own heart. Reminds me a little bit of love me if you dare where he’s the genius and doesn’t realize his feelings until later. Ahaha

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  4. Let’s take a look at HQL’s statement again and reverse it to see beyond his tsun side~~

    ——as if he would wish that foolish girl the best, because he simply cares (about her) too much.

    ——even though she says all has been written off, such damned words of never seeing him again, he feels extremely upset.

    ——he cannot be any sadder, never having to see her again.

    Thanks for the chapter! Looking at the obviously upset HQL made me so happy hahaha idk man

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  5. thanks!

    ah, no—! no—-! not with gu xi ju! wan wan, you can’t! a star-crossed romance, it definitely will be, but! but gu xi ju isn’t willing ot fight that hard for you, you know! how do you not know, wan wan! it’s not sang chan. it’s his job! his position! that’s the thing that matters most to you, not you—! ah—! -flips tables-

    jin bu yao, i’m realy glad you’re trying to mediate! it won’t work without he qing lu being there! but, hehe, he qing lu having acidentally flipped his tools! nice, nice—! he was thrown into chaos by wan wan, hahaha! ah, the guard wsa he qing l?! lolol, aw—! aw—! so sweet—! -sobs- for him to ‘lower’ himself that much, it really mattered to him, huh!

    jin bu yao is such a great friend to wan wan, it’s really great! and she’s the one who won’t care about wan wan’s identity whatsoever! -is literally crying at he qing lu’s thoughts- ah—-! ah—! his denial! no—!

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    1. ah, sorry, i have another thing to add, after rereading parts of it! it’s that i’m glad, no matter what, that wan wan no longer wants a face! she is perfect just the way it is, and that’s what matters most—! ah—!

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      1. I love JBY so much, shes the one who gets to enjoy the banters between the two and is also the one to act as mediator when the argument goes out of hand. And I also loved seeing HQL reactions here too hehe

        And I mean, she was never bad looking to begin with, everyone agrees with this so its great to see her accept it herself 🙂

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        1. yes, i love jin bu yao a lot too! she cares about wan wan, and clearly ships he qing lu and wan wan, kekeke! yeah, he qing lu’s reactions were funny, i was wondering why that bodyguard was so suspiciou, and jin bu yao paid such attention to him! well, i also felt really sad about wan wan saying she wouldn’t bother he qing lu anymore, and his reactions! my guts were twisting–!

          yeah, that’s right! she actually looks fine, but she thought that no one would love her since she didn’t have beauty! finally, she’s ok with how she looks now–! yay—!


  6. Only the crazy face-chopper is completely off the menu for me, but…. if he’s NOT a crazy face-chopper then it would still be possible…..

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!!


  7. Having some male lead’s love is really the most important to her bah!!!
    That can’t do! You butterfly head girl! You are happy being loved but if some other guy thrown himself at you you would also accept!! That can’t do! Her Mary Sue self didn’t change much! She still didn’t fall deeply in love dammit! Now I want for her to suffer when it comes to it!
    HQL still didn’t realise, and it probably will take time for it to mature and he realise. He is still in his infant phase, the phase that boys go picking fight with the girl they love, and PW is the same, still in her child phase of dreaming with princes in a white horse……..
    We are at the end of the book, so let it burn!!!!!!!!!! huahuauhauhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the translation!


  8. Nice chapter, THX! Looks like that “big and tall bodyguard” is going to hate Pang Wan so much that he is not going be able to stay away for too long. The trip back to see family will be cut short this time! LOL.


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