江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 24

Another double update!

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)



Secret Behind The Divine Needles

Pang Wan finally stops provoking the gentleman of the He household, and devoted herself to carefully study the art of seduction as she faces the mirror by herself every day.

So when she was called to go see He Qing Lu, she was somewhat surprised.

The weather gradually heats up, and her new white outfit is not yet ready. She finds Jin Bu Yao and from her, mooches a pink silk shirt for her upper-body, along with an elegant red skirt for her lower body, on the skirt is a beautifully embroidered plum blossom, lively and delightful. Having imitated the fairy maiden that is like clear soup and tasteless water for far too long, she is inevitably tired of it, hence not only finding a floral hairpin to put on, but also tasselled earrings, swaying back and forth with her every step.

This is her usual way of dressing back in the unorthodox sect.

She peeks into the building, her body leaning forward, but sees the person inside dressed in a body of black, like a solitary pine tree standing alone, currently in deep thoughts whilst looking at the object on the desk.

——that is a Blazing Needle sealed within a block of ice, only by doing this, is it possible to preserve the hidden weapon, preventing it from melting away during the ongoing investigation.

Pang Wan seeing that he seems to have not detected her arrival, decides to quietly stand by the side, observing him without a sound.

Just as Jin Bu Yao had said, He Qing Lu is indeed extremely good looking, the type of good looks that strikes up admiration at first sight, rendered unforgettable at second sight and thereafter. Just as the ancients say, “dignified like the wind under the pine tree, high and soothingly long-drawn-out, proud like the rising of the rosy morning glow, clear and beautifully bright”.[1] 

(Dignified or 肃肃is pronounced sù sù, it also works as an onomatopoeia of the sound of wind, with the underlying meaning of peaceful and quiet, whilst proud or 轩轩 is pronounced xuān xuān, and can also work as an onomatopoeia for a flying motion)

“Enough looking?” He Qing Lu did not even bother to raise his eyelids, maintaining his original position as he asks this.

“Not enough, not enough, gentleman is so good looking, can’t get enough no matter how much I look!” Pang Wan spreads her lips into a huge grin, cheerfully running over to him in a bootlicking manner —— in any case, she has already cut off the thoughts of composing a love song together with this handsome man (writing a new love story),  should she be able to rake in any advantages with her words, that will also be good.

He Qing Lu is still keeping up with his usual lofty attitude, lightly harrumphing to show his contempt.

“What has gentleman called me over for?” She stands behind him, on her tiptoes as she looks towards the desk, and only sees many bottles and jars of all different colours scattered around the ice block.

“You finished your training on the art of seduction today?” He Qing Lu senses a warm fragrance closing in, and moves his body to the side.

No matter how slow-witted she is, Pang Wan is also aware the gentleman before her, avoids her like avoiding snakes and scorpions, and could only bitterly withdraw her curious eyes: “The core lessons have already finished.”

He Qing Lu nods, then says: “Does Jin Bu Yao treat you well?”

Pang Wan is surprised he would actually be concerned about her, but still answers truthfully: “Nanny Jin teaches me without any reservation, her character is much like her appearance, extremely nice.”

He Qing Lu looks as though he had just thought of something, hooking his lips into a smile: “She is indeed one who speaks human language to humans, speaks ghost language to ghosts.” (Meaning she is able to adapt very quickly and speak to people accordingly to how they are like)

Upon seeing him comment on Jin Bu Yao like this, Pang Wan’s little face instantly crumples: “Gentleman! Don’t you be speaking wilfully just because she likes you!” No matter how beautiful, how devilishly enchanting Jin Bu Yao is, that heart is also made of flesh!

“She likes me?” He Qing Lu was slightly stunned, then turns to look at Pang Wan.

Seeing her aggrieved face, he smiles indifferently: “The one she likes is another person.”

Pang Wan’s eyes instantly widens, a line of questioning just about to be blurted out.

“Such trifling matters can be discussed later.”

Who knew He Qing Lu would not even give her the chance to delve into some gossip, taking it upon himself to readily interrupt her.

“Since Jin Bu Yao was summoned by me, her treating you well, is it not the same as me treating you well?” He raises his brows at her.

Pang Wan speculates this highly dignified gentleman is presumably reminding her to be grateful, thus obediently nods.

Sure enough, He Qing Lu’s following words were —— “Then how could you return a graceful deed with ingratitude?”

In face of such accusation that came flying out of thin air, Pang Wan was completely at loss, and could only rub her nose as she sheepishly says: “Could it be I done something wrong?”

He Qing Lu sounds a cold laugh, conveniently picking up the red needle inside the ice box.

“You once told me, you do not know why the Blazing Needles does not melt in your hands. But I have clearly found, some sort of special drug has been added to this red needle, only applied at the top, leaving only a line of trace.” He looks at her, dark heavy blackness spreading within his eyes, “In other words, before using this hidden weapon, you would wipe some sort of drug on your hand in advance, is that not right?”

Pang Wan is greatly shocked, she would never have thought, the man before her who appears overbearing and unruly, actually understands how to extract fingerprints from one needle!

“The secret behind preventing the red needle from melting, lies within this particular drug, and this type of drug dissolves when it comes in contact with blood, thus lacking evidence for cause of death.” He Qing Lu straightens out his face, extending his slender and long right hand to her —— “Give me the bag you keep the needles in.”

Pang Wan unconsciously takes a step back.

——he’s right, she indeed did not tell him the truth.

Every time, before she uses the needles, she would first touch a specific corner of the needle bag. First apply some drugs, then use the needles, this is the secret Sect Leader Uncle had passed onto her.

Seeing her back slightly bow in a defensive posture, He Qing Lu’s eyes looks like dots of lacquer paint, and also smiles.

“You may be stupid, but should also be aware that, defying me will definitely not lead to a good outcome.” He lightly advises.

Pang Wan shakes her head.

“I did not deceive you.” She stands up straight, her chin tense, both cheeks like rosy clouds reflected across a clear pond, “Although before using the needles, applying the drug is required, I do not know what that drug is made from, or why its effect on the needle would prevent it from melting —— I only use it in accordance to my master’s instructions.”

He Qing Lu squints his long and narrow eyes, intently looking at her, seeming to assess the truth in her words.

“You are unwilling to tell me of the needle bag’s secret, because you wish to remain in my estate?” He seems to have come to this realisation, those thin and long eyebrows knitting together, “You are afraid that once I know the secret lies with the needle bag, I will no longer be interested in you as an individual, thus directly shooing you out the estate?”

Pang Wan is stunned, and ultimately does not answer him, she only tightly bites down on her lower lip, practically about to draw out blood.

“You want a face of peerless stunning beauty that much?” He Qing Lu looks at her in surprise, “To be admired by all in the world, is that important to you?”

Pang Wan’s lashes droops down, the tassel by her temple sways all alone.

“……rest assure, since I have promised to give you a face in exchange for the hidden weapon’s secret, I will not go back on my words.” He Qing Lu appears a little exhausted as he rubs the between of his brows, no longer looking directly at Pang Wan, “Those of the He Clan always remain true to their words, as long as your five thousand taels of silver is not on account, I promise you, this business deal is guaranteed with the honour of my family name put at stake.”

Pang Wan quickly raises her head, eyes brightly looking at him.

——to a prideful noble gentleman, nothing is more important than the honour of their family name, that’s why, she chooses to believe him.

“In fact, every time I use the needles, I would touch here beforehand.”

She takes off the needle bag and place it on the desk, pointing towards the area by the opening of worn down white.

He Qing Lu opens his eyes upon hearing this, that handsome face restoring its energetic look again: “You sure it is only this one spot?”

Pang Wan nods, then quickly reaches to cover the needle bag: “Promise me, you must never ruin this bag, cannot slash, cannot cut, nor can you burn it!” She anxiously looks at him, a look of pleading, “Should it be ruined, my master will kill me!” Although not necessarily kill, she will be dragged off for a round of beating, and definitely would not lack the punishment of bathing in poisoned water.

He Qing Lu seeing her utterly nervous appearance, deliberately straightens his face: “This I cannot say for sure.”

“Then that can’t do!” She immediately retrieves the needle bag, tightly holding it in her embrace as though it’s her life, “Determined to not let you investigate!”

He Qing Lu seeing how stubborn she is, lets out a sigh, very unwillingly saying: “Should you really be that worried, every time I study the needle bag, I’ll allow you to watch on from the side, how’s that?” He really does not want to use the word ‘monitor’.

Pang Wan tilts her head in thinking, and finds this condition really reliable, thus grinningly agrees.

In the afternoon of early summer, the air filled is with warmth, and within the study room by the lotus pond, the heads of a man and a woman is oddly huddled together.

“Cannot scratch! You’re already breaking the rules!” This is the young girl’s voice filled with anxiety.

“I only lightly picked at it……” This is the man’s voice showing disagreement.

“Who picks at things like that?! You picked out a very big piece of coating, you liar!” The young girl was practically on the verge of weeping.

“The size of a needle point is also considered a very big piece?! Do you have no concept of measurements at all……?” The man’s angry shame turns into rage.

On the soil slope by the shore, someone comfortably brushes aside the lotus leaf covering their face, revealing a beautifully fair face of glowing radiance.

Jin Bu Yao listens to the sound of quarrelling from a distance, by her cheeks, there hangs a trace of an undetectably faint smile.

“This lullaby sure is good.” She vaguely mutters, not caring about the greenish mud under her body, as she falls into sweet sleep just like that.


[1] The lines here comes from A New Account of the Tales of the World / 世说新语 and are typically used to describe handsome males in the ancient times.

Hello, hope you are all well with exam and deadlines season here. Ugh! So busy busy busy~~! I apologise for not being able to reply to your comments, but I did of course read through them. It was really nice to see that you all seem to have favorable impressions of Jin Bu Yao hehe. Also, so has everyone warmed up to our Gentleman He now haha, I love their funny little interactions XD

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  1. thanks a lot!
    i totally think wan wn shouod dres the way she likes! also, lol, calling them clear soup and tasteless water! ahaha!
    hey hey! wan wan misundertood! her warm fragrance was attracting him, wasn’t it! it’s not tha the doesn’t like it, right? why is that that’s how i interpret it?!
    so cute, though—! when thye talk about work, it’s very interesting!
    wait wait, jinbu yao, she— is she spying on them? ahaha!

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  2. Wow…there something wrong with JBY…their fight as lullaby? Because our young master show emotion (anger).

    I love PW and HQL interaction, it is looked…natural. I prefer the young master than GXW. I get that PW show herself more rather than when she became GXW maid…or is it only my opinion.

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  3. Wan Wan’s natural energetic charm sure is attractive~
    It’s actually strong point that actually make people feel comfortable/at easy!
    And just white, looking just like a lotus in a pound, is nice only in a while, if it’s everyday then it turns rather tasteless and lifeless, surely just a simple water from the tap without filter and coming hot because of summer (is no good) or some dubious water with a strange taste that you buy on street.
    Between a monochrome world and a colorful world, which one do you like most?

    And that last part I was thinking that HQL would actually kiss PW to make her shut up lol
    But is it just my wishful thinking? To let PW have the kind of classical romance ‘at first glance you looked cool/handsome, at second you were hateful, but at third… why do you look so lovely/stunning?’

    Thanks for the double release~!

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  4. Am I the only one waiting for GXW to make a comeback? But then again he asked her to kneel….I didn’t like that…. I’m liking gentleman He too hehe dying to know who the main lead is tho😍😍

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  5. Thanks for the update! Im really curious as to if she even gains a male lead. Young master is better than the general since hes more genuine in his attitude towards her.


  6. Thanks for the update. I am shipping PW with HQL. Love their interaction. As equal partners. Wonder where is GXW?


  7. I just love going master😍 when he asked if it was important for her to be liked be everyone, I thought he thinks she doesn’t need it and he got angry, because he likes her and likes to mess with her. And she doesn’t get angry in a brutal way with him and let him lead her arround. GXJ is a man who can not change he could never love her in truth and he is a danger to her sect. Young master is rich, powerful and intelligent and can protect PW, he also knows her true character.


  8. Thank you. Love their interaction. Can’t wait to see if he is the OTP and how he will deal with her obsession.


  9. Your translation in this story is very smooth that I can get even a 3-D-image of the novel lol much thx for your hard work. You’ve managed to increase my curiosity to the point that I decide to use google translate to find who’s the male lead haha I do love HQL and WW 🙂


  10. Why do I feel as if the plot is lulling a bit?! I mean, it feels like its getting unwontedly dragged out. The interactions are funny but they’re too predictable. But mostly, I’m just missing GXJ. When will he back? *sighs*

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  11. JBY must have detected HQL only reveals his emotion whenever he is near Wan Wan. must be the rare unselfish “supporting female character”: pushing the female lead to the “male lead (?)” so that he can be happy


  12. It used to be interesting but since HQL appeared this story has become lowkey annoying and I’m so sad because I genuinely liked this book. Ahhhhhh I Want to keep reading but I’m getting bored….


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