江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 17

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

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Kneel Down

The sun setting west, the moon rising above the trees, Pang Wan has already been standing in the courtyard for an entire hour.

After Gu Xi Ju took her out of the black bamboo forest, he directly discards her here, entering his room with a toss of his wide sleeves. Her heart and mind is troubled, in the end, she doesn’t dare to act upon her own will and return to her room for a rest, only remaining on the spot as she awaits for her pending sentence.

She knows, Gu Xi Ju is really angry this time, completely stripped clean from his usual ‘pleasantly warm like spring breeze’ Supreme Chief grace, on the road back, he did not even utter a single word, just that his eyes were lit with raging fire, the veins on his forehead twitching.

Who knows how he will punish her this time? Beating with the paddle? Ban from eating? As thousands of thoughts circulates, deep down, she is secretly hoping, Gu Xi Ju is able to show some lenience out of personal consideration for how much he usually dotes on her. (Beating with the paddle or dǎ bǎn zi / 打板子is the punishment most often seen in ancient dramas, where a long handled paddle or wooden staff is used to beat the butt, back or thighs)

Having waiting for approximately another half an hour, Bai Xiao Sheng walks out from the building.

“You insanely audacious rascal!” He extends his finger and strongly jabs her forehead, his handsome face filled with anger, “Who allowed you to go? Who allow you to go along? You actually dare to ruin Supreme Chief’s happy moment?!”

Pang Wan is pained by the jab, but because she is in the wrong, she dares be angry but dares not voice out her anger, and could only tearfully bear with it.

“You shall suffer your share tonight!” Bai Xiao Sheng casts her a glare, pulling at her sleeve as he heads inside.

The hall is brightly lit, Gu Xi Ju sits high up at his seat, ashen face showing no expression.

Maid A and B serves on both sides of him respectively, although they too are keeping a straight face, upon a closer look, the corners of their lips a clearly hanging thirty percent sign of taking pleasure in another’s misfortune.

“Supreme Chief, I was wrong!”

Pang Wan has always been nimble-minded, seeing that the atmosphere doesn’t seem right, she immediately cries out for mercy, “I have already reflected, I no longer dare to disturb Supreme Chief next time……”

“There’s still a next time?” Those deep eyes glances at her, dark clouds looming all around.

“No no!” Pang Wan frantically waves her hands, looking very wronged as she raises her head, “I really didn’t have any malicious intent, only wanted to see what Fairy Sister looks like……”

“Who do you think you are?! To think you’re worthy of seeing Fairy’s real appearance?” A shrill sneer sounds, it’s Maid B.

Pang Wan purses her lips, strongly suppressing the rising of unpleasant feelings within her chest, and helplessly looks towards Gu Xi Ju.

However this time, Gu Xi Ju disregards her request for help.

“Kneel down.”

He looks at her, and icily says this.

That pitiful expression instantly freezes, Pang Wan somewhat doesn’t dare to believe her own ears.

“Supreme Chief told you to kneel down!” Maid B repeats with her piercing voice.

“Why do I have to kneel?” Pang Wan stares at Gu Xi Ju stunned, the rosiness in her pretty face fading, “I already admitted wrong ah!”

“You dare to disobey Supreme Chief’s order?” Maid B sounds a cold laugh, the sword in hand already removed from its sheath, cha!

Pang Wan blankly turns to look towards Bai Xiao Sheng, but sees him silently avert his eyes, solemnly nodding his head —— he also wants her to kneel.

“You can punish me, blame me, but, I cannot kneel.”

Pang Wan works up her courage and looks towards Gu Xi Ju again, taking a serious stance, one word by word she speaks.

In this moment, on her stubborn little face, there reveals a type of very complex expression: hope, trust, and little bits of never before seen beseeching —— she has her own dignity, she cannot kneel.

The dignified Bai Yue Sheng Gu, has only ever bowed down to the heaven, earth and ancestors, even Sect Leader Uncle never bear to have her kneel down, on what grounds, should she kneel down because of one woman?

Deeply still eyes locks onto her face, Gu Xi Ju looks at her, within that pair of narrow eyes, there appears to be something faintly twitching.

Pang Wan never manages to catch onto it clearly.

“Kneel down.”

After a long time, those pretty and thin lips lightly spits out two words, voice dull, carrying the danger of a brewing storm.

Maid B smiles, that is a “lady, I, just knew this would happen” type of complacent smile.

Bai Xiao Sheng gently sighs.

Pang Wan stands on the spot all alone, saying nothing.

It was in this very moment, that she suddenly came to understand a principle.

——no matter how much he usually appears to dote on her, that is all not part of Gu Xi Ju’s true nature. His tender love, his tolerance, is nothing more than an act to win over people’s hearts, he is only temporarily putting away his fangs and claws in order to achieve his objective.

Gu Xi Ju is but a ‘sleeping’ dragon that will bite, and Sang Chan is his inverted scale.

(An inverted scale or nì lín / 逆鳞 comes from the ancients’ saying – lóng zhī nì lín / 龙之逆鳞 – the inverted scale of a dragon. It is said that on a dragon’s neck area, there is an inverted scale which is the dragon’s sensitive spot, once touched, the dragon will kill the opposition. Nowadays it is an extended metaphor for the weakness of those in power, touching so and so’s inverted scale 逆鳞 is no different to seeking death)

Cannot be felt, cannot be touched, even secretly catching a glimpse, he cannot bear to allow.

“I will not kneel.” Reaching a clear understanding of this principle, Pang Wan smiles.

The dim light in Gu Xi Ju’s eyes flickers.

“You’re human, Sang Chan is human, I, too am human.” She raises her chin up high, setting her back pen-straight, “Everyone is on equal standing, on what grounds, must I kneel?”

“Supreme Chief is not punishing you because of Fairy Sang Chan, but because you, as a maid, actually did not obey your master’s orders.”

Bai Xiao Sheng sounds a cough from the side, frowning.

“Right, not obeying your master’s orders, as a maid, is indeed not right.”

Pang Wan tugs up the corners of her lips towards the one above the hall, that brilliantly rosy face beaming with vitality.

Gu Xi Ju narrows his eyes —— for some unknown reason, he does not like this smile, really does not like it.

“That’s why, I quit!”

Removing the command token and throwing it onto the ground with a “kuang-dang”, Pang Wan turns around with a toss of her hair as she makes her way out the doors, taking large strides, not even sparing a glance back.

Gu Xi Ju’s knuckles tightens as it clutches onto the armrest, faintly turning white.

“Where you running off to?!”

Maid B flies forward in vigorous strides and leaps, the long sword in hand directly piercing towards Pang Wan’s stomach.

Only hearing a sound of “dang”, and the blade is blocked by a golden whip just three centimetres away from the target.

“Want to land a sneak attack on me?” Under the cool lighting, the girl’s pair of almond eyes burns like lava, but also exudes extremely chilling coldness.

Maid B, despite having fought hundreds of battles, was actually intimidated by the opponent’s fiercely sharp imposing manner.

A sound of pa-da, and a strong force suddenly attacks, causing her to consecutively take two steps back.

“Go back and train another three years first!” The girl lets blossom a touch of contemptuous smile towards her.

Two sounds of shua-shua, and the golden whip returns to her waist side, Pang Wan leaps onto the roof, instantly vanishing out of sight.

“Supreme Chief!” Maid B impatiently wishes to launch into pursuit, but dares not to act on her own will, subconsciously taking a look at Gu Xi Ju’s face.

Gu Xi Ju silently sits on the chair, looking into the direction the girl had disappeared in, saying not a single word.

Right now, whether his expression is showing sorrow or happiness, anger or anger, no one could work it out.

Nor did anyone dare to.

Oh don’t you just love it when characters stands up for themselves and pull out that “I quit!” line? It’s just always so satisfying to see, although it can be said that Wan Wan really is just too spoilt, but even then, as someone from the modern times, I understand her reasoning of dignity. The girl would rather get beaten, would rather starve, than to kneel down, that says a lot.

Well…I know this chapter is a little shorter than the usual, but I’ll have the next chap up real soon, perhaps tomorrow 🙂


32 thoughts on “江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 17

  1. omg! Good job Pang Wan, so glad you stick to your principle. That’s saying something about her character. Love her even more.

    Thank you for the chapter, can’t wait reading next chapter.
    Maybe she will see that guy who stared at her in the restaurant. Hehehe…. New chapter of new men, lol

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  2. That’s dignity, we respect you sis u.u
    And an act to gain peoples hearts……. so, does it means that Wan Wan is the one that acts more natural? GXJ really disappointed me with this “knee” one D:
    If it was some other thing that didn’t attack the dignity….. sigh…….. if we go by Pang Wan logic, he should have been able to get fairy without having to act like a goody two shoes……….. but he likes to act, so SERVES YOU RIGHT MF!!!

    ->Deeply still eyes locks onto her face, Gu Xi Ju looks at her, within that pair of narrow eyes, there appears to be something faintly twitching.Pang Wan tugs up the corners of her lips towards the one above the hall, that brilliantly rosy face beaming with vitality.
    Gu Xi Ju narrows his eyes —— for some unknown reason, he does not like this smile, really does not like it. <- He doesn't like because he is an S, or could guess what willful girl would say and not knee down, or is because he guessed that what she would do next would part their ways (parting away from a powerful pawn or Wan Wan?)?

    I want to believe in him……….. but now Wan Wan will definitely run in trouble!

    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. thanks a lot!

    this is a really long comment, sorry!
    ah, she knows he’s really angry, and of course, she knows her mistake. bai xiao sheng, as a friend of mine has said, is indeed on gu xi ju’s side, but i sense that he really cares for pang wan. ah—! want to ship it!

    oh—! i know that kneeling is indeed a common punishment, but the truth is, i think if he had punished her in a differemt way, maybe doing chores or something else, she would have accepted it. but to kneel down, it is a matter of dignity, she will not do it! it was really cool though— that pang wan’s senseof identity is there, that she knows, no matter what, she must keep her dignity, for she also represents her sect. feels, feels—-! yeah, i do get why she says it was a mask, but i don’t think so. partof it might have been a mask, but i feel that he was sincere about it, somewhere in his heart! also, i can’t tell if gu xi ju had decided ont his punishment because he thought it was a light one of sorts, or not!

    feels, so many feels! ah, pang wan actually quit! she quit in such an insanely cooo manner though, i’m just going ‘woah—-!so cool, pang wan!’ hm, gu xi ju’s knuckles turning white, he us also shocked and he…? is he angry, or does he want to stop her? i’d like to think it’s the latter, but i feel it might have been both, too!

    hmph! that maid b, how dare she! preposterous! yeah—! pang wan was so cool! especially using her charisma and eyes, the windows to the soul, to scare her! kyaaa! pang wan, awesome!
    hm—i wonder where pang wan will go next? and what will happen to her— also, i want to see gu xi ju’s condition without pang wan. will he make a realisation? will he more depressed than usual? please, show me—!

    hehe, i agree, it’s so satisfying to see the ‘i quit!’ line! she is spoiled, but she is still someone who’s aware of her surroundings and very flexible about things. and she’s someone who can admit her mistakes and accept punishment, too!

    ….well, i’m sorry that i wrote an entire essay—!

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  4. Go girl! I grown fond of supreme chief but a girl has a mission of hunting her other leading men as well. So such scene just had to happen. ^^

    Its fun seeing a character stand on her own dignity when it is darn hard and not really recommended to defy everything thats against your belief and will when you’re facing a higher up’s authority, either in school, community or work.

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  5. Ah, what a beautiful moment. It feels like Pang Wan has grown up a little, and another side to Gu Xi Ju has been revealed. I wonder what he feels about what occurred?
    When Pang Wan refused to kneel down, I was thinking that she put both her pride and the dignity of Bai Yue Sheng Gu into thought. So proud of her!

    And Bai Xiao Sheng didn’t (and couldn’t) do anything so I was a bit disappointed. But what can you expect from only a short time of interaction? Oh well.

    Thanks for the chapter! Short or otherwise, I’m always thankful for the translations. (If you do release another chapter tomorrow, nothing but joy though. 🙂 )

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  6. Loved it, actually I have loved all the chapters so far. I love her spunk, her reasoning and her clear statements. She might not be correct all the time, but she has dignity (as seen in her refusing to block the marriage of that other person she really liked) and can stand her ground.
    Truly in this chapter, that gxj person lost my respect by his random behavior – I don’t like such male leads, if he likes her, he should state it out loud, if he likes the fairy, he should openly pursue her. This nonsense of his is something no woman should tolerate.

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  7. PW so awesome!!! Got disappointed with GXJ in this chapter, this made me wondering GXJ probably not the male lead, perhaps the fake WG?

    After read this chapter and the last one I think GXJ is hypocrite guy, really disliked him now haha

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  8. I’m also disappointed in GXJ. I’m glad that PW quit. She can continue on with her adventures & conquering all the male leads. I’m pretty sure that fake WG & GXJ is not the main guy. It’s either BXS or the guy that likeS her at the beginning.


  9. hi guys! just here to leave a comment…this is my most favorite part so far…and all i could say is that she’s SOOOO COOL!!!!!”BOOYAH”
    i really like Wan wan, she’s not the typical female wuxia lead, she did not come to be Too Strong or Too Smart and also she’s almost on the funny or comedian side because of her endeavors and her misadventure through the events…
    I like that even “if” she seems to be an idiot in the making, she actually has deep though and principles which she upholds like now; she showing that even if the heavens fall at her now she will not kneel without a very important reason ; such as not following orders (are you fucking me when did a lead kneel because of such a reason) maybe to protect or save another life (epically heroic plot) or to gain forgiveness (never gonna happen here) but never with following order (nah uh, N.E.V.E.R)
    And I’m SOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED with Gu Xi Ju, i really think his not such an a**hole, really his a hopeless romantic (and according to Pan Wan he, will never get such a female lead will all to righteous air and black dark heart inside) and i guess she’s right if Gu Xi Ju really is such a a**hole i would like him to die instead as to end this mission and all
    I though he was more of the head strong type with a heart deep and sealed but the mere interruption on their meeting (the hell, if you love someone even the world is not an obstacle to find her or even say that you love her) leads him on losing Wan wan for good……
    P.S. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE LOVE LOVE IT 🙂 can’t wait for the next >..<
    P.S.S. I think Wan wan will also find her nemesis *evil laugh* on a more cunning , cautious, and whole hearted, super strong male lead, which will become a lot better than those mentioned male leads which pursues a gentle? graceful? righteous?beauty that astounded the world? female lead( which Pan Wan really idolizes, hell haven't even know her, and she's like the angel that came from the heavens)

    P.S.S.S sorry for the long comment, too much caffeine, and too much drama from reading other WN and LN


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  10. Thanks for the update. While it might seem modern, I see PW’s refusal to kneel and the resulting “I quit” as respect for her own sect/background. Maybe if she really was just a maid but PW is more than that and she knows she deserves more respect.

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  11. Wan Wan is an unrestrained maiden but will not disappoint Bai Yue Sect.
    no need to stick with GXJ, a righteous but a two-faced Supreme leader


  12. Thanks for the update. This chapter pretty much confirms to me that GXJ is not the male lead. Now the other candidates need to show up soon cus its about the time the female lead starts to spend quality time with male lead so they can fall in love. I’m thinking her male lead will probably be solitary palace guy or the ninth prince dude. I still think fake WG was solitary prince so he for now is in the running to be male lead.

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  13. This chapter. Let me describe how this chapter made me feel ok.
    It’s a snowy night with rain and thunderstorm, yes, don’t ask. It’s freezing cold and the wind goes woo woo. And then I climb into a warm and soft bed full of cushions, fluffy pillows and a thick quilt. And then mom brings in a bowl of hot cheesey chicken soup. That is the level of satisfaction I felt when she said “I quit”. I think I found my new fav protagonist from a c novel. Who else is as powerful and amazing as her while balancing it with cuteness? Nobody I tell you. She’s just like me ok, jk. No really.


  14. wan wan is so cool…i love this chapter so much…If i am bai yue Rong Gu, i would be very proud of her…She’s not in Ba Yue sect for 6 years for nothing…She’s spoilt but in a reasonable way….She’s a sheng gu through and through..


  15. Though she’s a little (read: very) delusional, I like her character a lot, and my like is only increasing. This didn’t really happen with Gui Wan… But Pang Wan has a back bone, and I really admire that.
    Thanks for the translation.


  16. How can he expect her to submit just because he hired her and treats her well? That is enough to earn loyalty and appreciation, but not total submission that she shoukd kneel for somwthing so shallow as ruining his date. Heck, it wasnt even a date as him being led by the nose unconditionally by Sang Chan. Xi Jun messed up. If he wants Pang Wan, he has to try much harder. He doesnt even trust her, doesnt tell her wjat he is up to. He even made others hint to her about gow well he treats her instead of asking her directly to help him. What right does he have to feel betrayed even if she leaves? Ill be disappointed if he makes her an anemy for such a petty reason.

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