江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 16

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)

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Beauty In The Forest

Due to encountering a man who has a crush on her in the main streets, Pang Wan’s mood brightens up a lot —— no matter what, she still has the capability to beckon bees and attract butterflies, and so her self-confidence shoots back up.

At that time, she did not know, the reason why someone would fix their eyes so deadly onto another, may very possibly be out of love, but the bigger possibility, is for it to be out of hatred and disdain.

En, we need not be in a hurry to tell her this, let us first allow her to enjoy a few days in Mary Sue dreamland.

The appointed meeting in five days, very quickly arrives, within these days, the entire estate was able to sense Supreme Chief’s happiness coming from the bottom of his heart, his smile like the spring breeze, his voice like a ringing bell, even his steps were a lot lighter and quicker.

“Is this how he always is before meeting Fairy?” Pang Wan hides behind the door, quietly whispering to Bai Xiao Sheng.

“Supreme Chief has indeed always held deep affection for Fairy.” It is unclear how Bai Xiao Sheng is feeling from his expression, seems to be envious, but also seems regretful.

Pang Wan inwardly sighs, not wanting to say anything —— this Supreme Chief ah, when it comes to issues concerning romance, he is just a complete fool. Does he think Sang Chan will like a ‘red from the roots, proper since a seedling’, passionately devoted, joy and anger on clear display, such an honest and sincere type like himself? Of course not! In the land of Mary Sue, unless the male lead is a black-belly[1] to the point that even their bones have been soaked in black ink, they generally wouldn’t be able to even touch the all-talented female lead, made of iron bones (unyielding). This just shows, Gu Xi Ju may have extraordinarily high martial arts skills, but when it comes romance, he is just a wooden block! Wooden block! A big wooden block that cannot be carved!

(Red from the roots, proper since a seedling or gēn hóng miáo zhèng / 根红苗正in Chinese refers to someone who comes from a good family background, and has been raised in a proper way)

“What’s wrong?” Bai Xiao Sheng sees her looking strange, and could not help asking.

“Supreme Chief really is……” Pang Wan swallows back an entire stomach of complaints, greatly irritated that the iron isn’t able to turn into steel, as she says, “Be careful deep affection doesn’t last.”

Bai Xiao Sheng looks at her weirdly: “He and Fairy have been under the same master for over ten years, senior brother and junior sister in relation, should these feelings not last then it would have ended a long time ago.”

Pang Wan was stunned at heart, suppressing her other words, not planning to pursue the matter.

“You’re able to rest assured when Supreme Chief is going to meet Fairy Sang Chan alone?” Who knew Bai Xiao Sheng would deliberately tease her.

“Rest assured ah, why wouldn’t I be?” Pang Wan rolls her eyes at him, “What can a man and woman do when both are in one room? Is it not just the matter related to having a baby?”

Bai Xiao Sheng sounds a “pu” before starting to choke.

“You shameless woman!” His handsome face looking determined to teach her a lesson, “How could you casually speak of such matters!?”

In the next moment, Pang Wan’s rosy red face had already leaned in, right in front of his nose, bringing along a wave of clear and sweet fragrant wind.

“Is no one going to do it if not spoken of?” Pang Wan widens her gleaming big and black almond eyes, batting those fine and long lashes, “Had your parents not done such a thing, how did you come into the world?”

Warm fragrance like gentle jade closing in, Bai Xiao Sheng was still a little distracted when he heard the first half of the sentence, upon hearing the last half, his expression instantly turns into rage: “Damn wench! Don’t you believe I will beat you?!”

How could Pang Wan possibly give him the chance? Already making a light leap out of the doors, under the sunlight, her skirt can be seen billowing in the wind, and she turns around to pull a silly face.

Allow Gu Xi Ju to go see Sang Chan alone? Heng, of course she wouldn’t allow it.

Pang Wan thinks this as she walks.

Even though that day, Gu Xi Ju’s eyes were ice cold to the point it could freeze lava, she, Pang Wan, will definitely not give up any opportunity to come in close contact with her idol —— since she is not allowed to go out bright and clear, then she shall sneak in the shady way.

When it came to the agreed day, Pang Wan makes use of her special hidden skill, she quietly holds her breath as she lies low in the black bamboo Forest.

In the middle of the bamboo forest, there is a cool pavilion that had been put up, sheer snow white curtains flutteringly dances along the wind, very much carrying a few points of a heavenly floaty feel.

Pang Wan picks up a few twigs and sticks them into her hair, quietly creeping her way behind a small mound, staring at that sheer white fabric without even blinking her eyes.

Beyond the curtains is a purple figure, currently sat at the black jade table, leisurely appreciating the tea.

He is waiting, waiting for the one he loves to come.

Ling-ling, ling-ling.

The resonant ringing of a golden bell suddenly sounds in the air.

Ling-ling, ling-ling.

“Senior Brother, have you been well?” Amongst the waves of pleasant bell ringing, a snow white figure descends from the sky, clothes billowing.

A fairy descending from heaven.

An extremely delicate lotus foot extends from within that fog-like drifting skirt, completely bare, rosiness within the white, the golden bell winds around the arch of her foot like a vine, adding a few points of gorgeous charm.

“I have come a little late.”

That tender voice like an oriole’s once again sounds, carrying three points of laughter, but contains no apologetic means whatsoever.

Pang Wan had never seen such a perfect little foot as though carved from jade, nor has she ever heard such a pleasantly charming voice, instantly rendered blank. When she had snapped out of it and raised her head to take a clear look at the person’s face, she actually finds that person wearing a bamboo hat with a veil, only exposing that pointed chin, and also delicate pink lips like flower petals.

Looking at this figure and hearing that voice alone, is enough to know the person is definitely a generation of peerless national beauty and heavenly fragrance.

Sang Chan, is indeed worthy of the “Fairy” title.


The purple figure elegantly rises, extending his hands, wanting to pull the beauty into his embrace, “For you, it is worth it no matter how long I wait.”

The beauty unexpectedly presses her lips into a smile, slightly pushing away the purple figure.

“Push and pull, indeed an expert!” Pang Wan squats behind the mound, both hands excitedly clenched into fists.

Watching from afar, she only sees that purple figure hold the beauty’s small hand, seating her at one end of the jade table, then personally brews her a cup of tea.

“Senior Brother’s tea, Chan-er seems to have not drank it for a long time.” The beauty watches the actions of the man before her, voice seeming to contain wistfulness.

The man in purple pauses, then raises his eyes to look at her: “Should you be willing, you can drink it anytime.”

The beauty does not answer, and only curls up by the table side in a deeply unfathomable manner, she rests her chin on her knees, lightly biting her cherry lips, long black hair flowing down like a waterfall, her entire person looking just like a jade rabbit waiting to be pitied, so fragile yet attractive, it moves the hearts of all who sees her.

——this is the classic “quickly embrace me” posture that requires long-term practicing ah! Senior sure has an attention for details, whilst not forgetting to work hard and diligently practice!

Pang Wan grows so excited, her eyes turn into crescents.

Gu Xi Ju sure enough extends a hand.

She only sees that long and slender hand fall onto the beauty’s cheek, separated by the white veil, as he gently caresses it.

The beauty stares at him, not saying anything.

—— that’s not right! You wooden block! That’s the “quickly embrace me” posture! Not the “come touch me” posture ah! Pang Wan was fuming at the sight as she watches on from behind the mound, hating to not be able to immediately roar out, idiot! Aren’t you going to hurry up and pull her into your embrace, regardless of right and wrong, and just fiercely go for the kiss? Also uncover the beauty’s veil whilst you’re at it, let me take a look!!

In this anxious moment, for some unknown reason, a “ka-cha” loudly sounds from above her head.

Pang Wan follows the sound and rolls her eyes up for a look, her face instantly pales —— a little sparrow from heaven knows where, is currently pecking at the fruits of the twigs in her hair.

In the very moment she looked up, the sparrow is frightened by the movement under its claws, and immediately flaps its wings as it flies towards the sky.

Ci-la-la, ci-la-la.

“It seems like an esteemed guest has arrived in the forest, I’d best come again another day.”

Beyond the curtains where it was utterly silent, the beauty suddenly smiles, turning towards the depths of the bamboo forest and flutteringly flies off.

“I sure didn’t know, there will actually be a day, Senior Brother would fail to comply with the agreement.”

The pretty voice quips with seeming laughter, before her voice had sounded, the beauty had already disappeared into the horizon without a trace.

Everything was restored to its original state within an instant: the rustling black bamboo Forest, the carefully built pavilion with white curtains, also that lone purple figure inside it.

That graceful yet fleeting glimpse of the fairy, seems to have never even came by.

Aware that she had caused great disaster, with no turning back, Pang Wan sulkily squats behind the small mound, not even having the courage to run away.

A tall big figure appears before her, silently covering all rays of light in front.

Ai-ya-ya, the weather is turning dark.

[1] Although all you fans of the black-belly novels are already familiar with the term, for those who don’t know black-belly or fù hēi / 腹黑 is a term that refers to someone who looks nice on the outside but is cunningly evil on the inside

Hello, xiaoxiaomei here again! As you all may know Annie has been busy with her private life lately, so I will be taking over her chapters for now. I give you my word that weekly double updates will continue as usual, so rest assured on that! And let’s wish Annie the best of luck, hope all will go well for her 🙂

But anyways~ there you have it, Fairy Sang Chan finally makes her appearance! And how should I say this…the author sure portrays her in a way that I didn’t really expect. Yes she’s elegant, and pure, but I guess I just expected her to have more of that noble feel often found in the ancient setting when it comes to beauties there. She also has a lot more of a coquettish feel to her than expected haha, what are your initial thoughts on this greatly admired fairy?

On the other hand, I seriously can’t get enough of Wan Wan’s antics though XD The girl sure knows how to enjoy a good show hahaha. But really Wan Wan, really, who told you to copy those silly cartoons and needlessly stick twigs into your hair, now look who got themself into deep trouble XD

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  1. thank you very much!
    all the best, Annie! yay to two chapters a week continuing—!

    so utterly exciting, oh my—-! lol, wan wan quickly cheering herself up! haha, that’s good, wan wan, i love your energetic self!
    hehe, that disdain can quickly turn into like…hehehe…
    so….gu xi ju really does like sang chan…or thinks he likes her? hm hm…

    bai xiao sheng and pang wan are actually pretty cute, hey—
    envious and regretful, hm? i understand why he thinks that, after further thought.
    ah—! lol, that interaction between bai xiao sheng and wan wan! so adorable—-! really cute, hey!

    -puts hand to face- i see, he really does like her, huh…
    -sighs- ah—–!! no, pang wan—! you’re going to get it now! he can finally meet the person he loves, but…you…

    seriously though, this sang chan. i think i might start to dislike her. but i don’t know, that’s just the superficial impression…yeah, you’re right, it seems like she has a more coquettish feel to it, though for some reason, i feel that wan wan, who has a lot of experience with mary sue-esque stuff, is one of the few who can see it quite clearly…

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    1. I actually find Bai Xiao Sheng and Wan Wan the cutest together, I mean they’re the only ones with real banter going on! But like Wan Wan had said before, from his name to his position, he is destined to just be a supporting character :/

      And yup there’s definitely a lot more to Sang Chan than other’s see in her

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      1. ah—! I found someone who agrees about bai xiao sheng and wan wan! nice! but, i think he’d do pretty well as a male lead, though? he’s got the looks, the power and position(right hand man to the supreme chief)…a supporting character can very well turn into a main character keke…break the mold xiao sheng, jia you!

        anyway, their banter is great! seriously! so— cute–!

        that’s right, i get a bad feeling from sang chan, for some reason…and dislike her immediately…

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          1. kyaa—! i know! he should totally break the mold too! that’d be one of the most un-mary sue-like thing, a supporting character with great potential, jumping up to become the lead! woo—!

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              1. ah, lol, that’s right! she wouldn’t expect it, but she’d end up doing it, lol! bai xiao sheng has all the requirements, though he just needs to be promoted to male lead, lol!


  2. Oh oh PW is really in trouble this time, isn’t she? Sang Chan doesn’t seem like a pure fairy to me. She seemed like an expert at playing games.

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  3. Awesome to here that it’ll still be two chapters a week. Keep up the great work. I laughed at how engrossed Wan Wan is with all these kinds of scenes. She’s so hilarious fuming out that he should do this and that. I just died laughing. This is one of the best novels out there I really enjoyed. I’m hoping they buy the copyrights for this and make a drama out of it.

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  4. That Sang Chan seems more like a little devil or succubus than a fairy =o
    Such a player-! Bah! I hope that when she tries to teach that block man he actually notices that Sang Chan actually made many of those moves not only on him but in many men! Such vixen!
    I just hope that GXJ won’t make something utterly stupid that will give a chance for the guy who hates WW to go and harm her……


    1. Tbh when I first read this chapter, I felt that GXJ seemed like quite the player himself, he played along with SC too casually, although you can say it’s out of infatuation on his part, but something still seems off……or is it just me??

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  5. totally burst out laughing when Wan Wan stuck twigs in her hair, spy with some pride!
    guess I had such high expectation of Sang Chan, her brief appearance was a bit disappointing. though she seems more fitted for the Mary Sue Character than Wan Wan past self

    all the best, Annie! thank you xiaoxiaomei for providing double weekly updates! can’t get enough of this novel XD


  6. Oh wan wan, you will have to be punished this time. You will have to face his wrath. And Sang Chan doesnt impress me, I dont think she’s that good. She appears superficial and fickle. So fake.


  7. Thanks for the update! The think SC and GXJ are just partner in that SC is probably a spy to help him. They are sister and brother for 10 yrs under the same master. If they have a different relationship then it would have already manifest itself.
    PW is too funny. Let see how she gets out of this sticky situation. Sweet talk….


    1. You’re welcome 🙂 and true, I like how you turned BXS’s words around here, but it makes sense, if theyve known each other for 10years and their feelings lasted all this time, then clearly there wasn’t much progress from that of senior brother and junior sister

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      1. Now now, your response makes me think that GXJ is not the male lead. But we won’t know for sure until later because I have not seen any worthy male lead yet except for GXJ. He is the only one who has the most interaction with PW. Can’t wait for the other potential male lead to show up.


  8. Thanku u for the update nd I don’t like SC she seems two faced nd y is GXJ acting like he like SC whhyyyyyy he’scoo supposed to like WW


      1. Thats one word to describe him >.<! I finished this novel thru google translate and I must say the author really knows how to pull out unexpected events! I totally did not expect all the things that happened.


  9. I also think that this would be a good drama with the right casts. But I think it’s really hard to pick a female lead to play PW. Have to pick someone who is lively, innocent & a little bit ignorant but at the same time not stupid.


    1. I agree! PW’s character would be difficult to pull off, but Yang Rong comes to mind for me, she could work her cute looks in a michevious way, and despite her age, shes capable of pulling off the looks of a young girl, not to mention its time for the girl to step away from villainous roles


  10. Maybe i am dense but I don’t know why having a sparrow on her head would give her away. Aren’t there supposed to be sparrows in the forest eating berries? Did the fairy notice the head the twig was stuck in? Also i do wonder if Fairy Sang Chan is leading everyone on with her veil. what if her face is ugly? but I guess the chief has seen her before if they had the same Master. I think he would do well to listen to Pang Wan’s pointers. she is so funny.


    1. The sparrow flew off sensing PW’s movement, meaning it was frightened by the presence of someone there, so the fact that it flew off like that, was a huge giveaway

      And yup GXJ has definitely seen her face before, so I wouldn’t say her beauty is a lie


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