执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Special Chapter 1 (Recap)

Ok so the author did include two side chapters for An Qing and Yan You each. However, I’ll just quickly whiz through An Qing’s chapter, which originally had 2 parts – quite a lengthy one, with sections in italic being direct translations from the original.


Special Chapter One (Recap)

An Qing

An Qing has always been the favoured one, the child loved by everyone, with pretty looks and a gentle demeanour, anyone can see that she was raised with lots of love.

In fact, An Qing is aware of her parents’ bias, and actually doesn’t like that her older sister is being treated so unfairly, so she comes to the decision that she must treat An Ran very well, because if she doesn’t treat her well, who will?

The two sisters build a strong bond over the years, despite not seeing each other as often due to studies and work.

An Qing grows up to be a beauty with many admirers pursuing her, she dreams of a passionate romance with a man she loves, but when she does fall in love, it is love at first sight, the man being An Ran’s boyfriend, Yan You.

She never thought her story would be such a dog-bloodied one, just like those stories where the female lead falls in love with her sister’s or best friend’s boyfriend, and then the two will overcome the gossips surrounding them and courageously be together in the end. She wonders, would it be the same for her?

Whilst An Qing is troubled by her thoughts, shamelessly yearning for her sister’s boyfriend, she still holds a little hope inside of her.

She starts to see An Ran more frequently, in hopes of getting to know Yan You more.

An Ran has always loved to share her happiness with An Qing since young, and would tell her all about her relationship with Yan You, from how they met to their sweet little moments. This only made An Qing more jealous, but she just smiles in front of her sister, her love for Yan You continuing to grow.

No one would have thought that this perfect child has already developed such an ugly side to her, suppressing her pain as she sinks further into jealousy.

That’s right, she’s prettier than An Ran, she’s more favoured than An Ran, she receives more doting love from their parents than An Ran, all this, she doesn’t care about, but why is it that the person she cares about, just has to care about An Ran more?

An Ran, based on what?

It was her that passed the tissues to An Ran when An Ran cried, it was her that comforted An Ran when An Ran was upset, it was her that brought warmth to An Ran when An Ran was lonely, but why must An Ran still have to snatch away the only person she cares about?

Three years passes, Yan You and An Ran’s relationship is still going strong, already making marriage plans.

It was in this moment, that An Ran was diagnosed with blood cancer.

Whilst this brought shock and sorrows, An Qing also sees the light in this.

An Ran and Yan You’s clear skies has been clouded, and An Qing is stunned, aside from the complicated emotions of sorrow, she vaguely gives rise to joy, perhaps, she has a chance.

It is in human nature to chase after one’s own happiness, ignoring the pain it brings others.

Just like how An Qing in this very moment, didn’t give the slightest consideration to how much pain An Ran would be in.

Every person’s heart has an ugly demon, once released, there is no going back.

Yan You continues to diligently stay by An Ran’s side, despite the treatments causing her hair to fall out, despite the treatments causing her temper to get worse, despite his parents crying for him to break up.

An Qing is pained by this sight of him, if only the one he loves is her.

Days pass with everyone waiting for the end they dare not to face.

That night, An Qing gives Yan You a call, she hears him muttering nonsense and comes to his apartment in concern.

In a drunken state, Yan You helplessly cries out his sorrows to An Ran, stating that he refuses to break up with her as his parents wishes, crying for her not to leave him.

An Qing is shaken by his outbreak, his deep love for An Ran. She makes a courageous move to kiss him, deeply kissing this man she loved for so many years. All she wants is one night.

That next morning, Yan You tells her last night was a mistake, he tells her to forget it.

An Qing thought that all she wanted was that one night, but she now hesitates, a great opportunity is before her, but it turns out, Yan You had noticed her feelings long before, just that, he had always hoped it was a mere misconception of his. He tells her, he doesn’t love her, she is only An Ran’s sister, the one he loves is An Ran, and always will be.

The two decide to forget about the night, but as fate would have it, she gets pregnant.

When Yan You hears the news, he tells her to abort it, but An Qing has already informed both their parents. So no matter how unwilling, Yan You had to go along with the wedding plans.

An Ran ultimately finds out about her pregnancy, and in face of her sister’s worries, An Qing finds that she has already become so twisted.

With the wedding approaching, An Qing knows it wouldn’t go as well as she wishes, yet she still persisted, as long as he is hers, but Yan You once again breaks her heart……

He tears the wedding invitation right before her face, wickedly saying: “Are you prepared to become a living widow?”

An Qing calmly says: “We’ll definitely get married.”

“Very well.” Yan You glances at her stomach, “Also, this child……” He smiles, “You rest assured, I will not love it, I want nothing more than for it to die this very instant, really.”

An Qing trembles in anger, how could he be like this? This is their child, this is a life that belongs to them, this is a life that will continue their bloodline!

The day before the wedding, An Qing pays An Ran a visit, she tells her the truth. She’ll be marrying Yan You, Yan You and her are together now.

She receives a fierce slap, An Ran tells her to “get lost” through gritted teeth. The tears falls as she leaves, her shamelessness, her guilt towards An Ran, her ruthlessness towards Yan You, but she is also very happy, because the one in pain, isn’t just her anymore.

The wedding proceeds, with smiles concealing her helplessness, his hatred.

She didn’t think An Ran would actually show up, fainting on the scene, then immediately rushed into hospital, and ten hours later, announced dead.

Yan You didn’t cry, just quietly holding An Ran’s pale corpse, but she knows his heart has died. And so she cries with a smile. Her sister is dead, she’s no longer the side character in their story, there’s no one to snatch away her husband.

Her parents were greatly affected by An Ran’s death, the look in their eyes when they see her gained an additional touch of coldness, the familiar doting love completely gone. An Qing does not desire anything from them, after all, their love was all given to her before, there’s nothing more she can ask for now.

At the same time, Yan You became soulless, but she doesn’t care, he is hers now. She can raise the baby herself, give it all the love, yet she starts to have frequent dreams of An Ran.

The An Ran in her dreams is still so pale white, delicate face showing no emotions, just silently watching her, until the guilt that she had deliberately suppressed in her heart comes surging out.

She pleadingly says: “An Ran, we were wrong, we were wrong, don’t leave us alright? I won’t fight you for Yan You anymore, I’ll give in to you, we won’t get married anymore.”

But An Ran’s eyes doesn’t even blink, slowly turning transparent, disappearing before her eyes.

An Qing wakes up drenched in sweat, she strokes her rounded stomach, begging An Ran to show her and the child some mercy.

However, the child was ultimately lost. All because An Qing had slipped on the stairs, Yan You who was beside her, avoided her with disgust, and she went rolling down. She sees red below, and painfully begs for Yan You to save the child.

Yan You coldly sends her to the hospital, just passing her over to the doctor, then leaves.

Whilst unconscious, An Qing thinks, perhaps she really was wrong, just because of a man who doesn’t love her, she fell so low.

After waking up to see her parents’ distressful faces, she tells them that she’s thought it through, the child was not meant to be. She has grown up now, no longer hating, no longer loving.

Her father hesitates, then slowly tells her, Yan You died, from gas poisoning

An Qing asks to be left alone, she questions whether it was An Ran who took him away, but that’s impossible, because An Ran will never like anything that has been flawed, no matter how much she loves it, should it contain the slightest flaw, she will discard it, with no regrets, that’s the only reason An Qing had the confidence to marry Yan You.

She suddenly recalls a distant scene, the young An Ran with a dirtied little face, grinning as she says to her: “An Qing, don’t be afraid, in future, tell me when you’re upset, I’ll help you take care of the people that picked on you! Oh, also, I’ll be by your side!”

She now feels extremely upset, so unbearably upset.

But she knows her sister will not smile at her anymore, never again.

I’m sorry that this feels so rushed, this is just glossing over just how selfish and obsessive she was. I really didn’t want to translate an entire 2-part chapter of this, even then, this turned out to be longer than expected haha…anyways~, I thought I’d at least go over the chapter to fill you all in on her side of the story, and here it is, if anyone wanted it.

An interesting bit that I did pick up on, is the dream of An Ran……did anyone else pick up on this? …or at least found it slightly familiar?? It’s just something really little, but interesting to think about nonetheless.

With Yan You’s chapter, I have fully translated it. Again, there are two parts, and I think you guys will appreciate it much more 😉


61 thoughts on “执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Special Chapter 1 (Recap)

  1. Oh wow! Your summary of it was awesome!! I saw the dark side of the sister.. she doesnt deserve any redemption and should continue to live in guilt…
    Thank you 😘😘

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  2. Yup i remember it… the event i think happended when the king assassination and she is unconscious … ah ran dreamed her sister’s begging for forgiveness…

    Is YR reincarnated of YY? Because actually i still don’t know what persistence that made YR loved ah ran that much… if he is really the reincarnation of YY so it was possible to love ah ran that deeply…

    Cz in the end YR said ah ran will be always be his in the next life…

    Well i dunno 😂

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  3. Thanks, xia0xiao1mei, for spending time to translate this dreadful long chapter. I thought here it came and I had to force myself to read it. Contradicting to my expectation, this dreadful chapter turned out to be a very good one because it gave us the closure for Ah Lan’s previous life. Most of us wished to learn more of how her younger sis’s and boyfriend’s lives after Ah Lan was gone so we now got our wish with a price to pay. I really like this author because she didn’t gloss over about AQ and let her live in despair and regret after backstabbing AR and cause her premature death. By the way, I remember about the dream but don’t remember the chapter #. Ah Lan also had the same dream after she got seriously injured when saving her father emperor.

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  4. Gonna throw up some reminders for people who may want to reread some stuff:-

    Chapter 46 is the sidestory from Ah Lan/Ah Ran’s POV.
    Chapter 35 is her recovering from the assassination attempt.

    Hmm… An Qing’s life isn’t particularly pleasant either from the looks of it, but alas, with regards to the actions of the people around them, too little too late.

    I’ll bring something up for comparison between the two chapters real quick as well, Ah Ran felt that all of the love was centered around An Qing whereas Ah Qing felt that Ah Ran got all the best things in life. It’s sort of a bittersweet thing to realize that perhaps they were both right. A set of parents trying to dote on a child that isn’t theirs? probably really difficult, so they tried to make up for it by giving Ah Ran more in terms of physical objects, whereas they hoped that supporting An Qing more emotionally is enough. Pity that An Qing is ungrateful and doesn’t understand her parents….

    I’ll be honest, the only part I really hate about An Qing is that she had to make sure to hurt An Ran. If An Ran died naturally of blood cancer and then An Qing decided to pursue Yan You, I don’t think I would hate her even half as much, and honestly, all that needed to happen was to be quiet for several more months. That’s literally all.

    Yan You moving on if he can… would probably be what An Ran wanted as well.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and instead this debacle occured….

    I feel like there’s some inconsistencies in personalities that I should look at as well, An Qing pointing out that An Ran doesn’t like things with imperfections for example, whereas I feel the real Ah Lan was attracted to people with imperfections, Ying Lu, YWR, HLC, all of them had imperfections and she didn’t push them away. Sure she wasn’t the warmest with them either, but if this chapter is to be believed, she should have distanced herself more from them in my opinion.

    … Hmm… Probably more i need to read into but not for the moment.

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    1. I also want to say although I believe I had some pretty harsh things to say about Yan You at the time. … … *checks past chapter* O…..O I didn’t say anything harsh about Yan You. I’m a bit shocked at myself LOL. I usually jump to conclusions whenever an MC gets hurt by an ML XD

      Uh I mean, point is! I don’t think He’s a bad guy 😛 and I’ll probably reiterate that after his POV comes out~

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    2. NOOOOOOO. I think I mixed up Ah Lan’s backstory with a different novel >_>; WELL DANGIT. That just makes things worse-ish. because the comparison thing? No longer works at all because I thought this was a novel where Ah Lan’s original parents died and she was taken in by another family….. I READ TOO MANY NOVELS AT ONCE! Waaahhhhhh

      An Qing literally got more attention and love from the parents and is still being whiny. I don’t think there’s much more that needs to be defended there then. She was spoiled rotten would be my guess.

      … I want to redo my comment ;-;

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    3. What An Qing points out in that hatred for flaw is true. Ah Lan doesn’t want Yan You anymore because his love is now flawed. What she seeks from YY is love, so it must be perfect without so much as a flaw–even if accidental. She doesn’t need the whole personality to be perfect as well. Its already stressed how she knew and believe firmly all humans had flaw; nobody is perfect. And towards her dearesr friends and suitors; spesifically, to Ying Lu, she did not want or seek a perfect person/personality.

      I hope you caught what I means… its so hard to explain. I can understand because I like perfect thing as well. When it has a flaw, I will discard it and never took a liking to it ever again. Part of being perfectionist. But it’s not like I hate or dislike or found imperfect thing unattractive, you see.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Hmm… Perhaps I also lost track of what is meant by a “flaw”.

          What I pointed out in my comment was character “flaws” which I think isn’t a flaw in Ah Lan’s eyes but rather a part of being human. If we assume that humans have to be flawed (which is probably true) then we have to look at how people would become flawed in her eyes.

          I.e I don’t think Ah Lan can “own” a person that is flawless, but she can “own” a relationship that is flawless.

          So in this particular case, Yan You’s love for her which used to be flawless has a giant flaw now and she doesn’t forgive him for this. (this is further proven in chapter 35 where she feels she should be sad for Yan You’s phantom, but she feels disgust and sneers instead.)

          Although I think in that case, this idea of flawless relationships still suffers from problems of definition since her relationship with all the leaders and imperial family members would probably be quite strained. … … I guess I need to think on this more. @_@;

          Also, I’m not actually saying the “author” made a mistake or is inconsistent, I’m saying that the narrator (in this case An Qing) expected something about Ah Ran/Lan that may not be true, we already have a confirmed case of this being true (Parent’s feelings) so I wonder if Ah Qing also misunderstood Ah Ran/Lan because of what she herself feels Ah Ran/Lan is like.

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          1. Your explanation uo there is exactly the thing I was trying to explain lol why am I so awkward with words ;-;

            Mm I mean An Qing too. I think she is spot on on her thought of Ah Lan. This topic is a greatly gray and abstract matter so I won’t elaborate more, lest it becames a mumbo jumbo of words X)

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        2. Also! Thank you for the food for thought! ^^; Ideas require new or different inputs to really grow and I quite enjoyed trying to understand the concept of “flaws” a bit deeper.

          Sadly I’m not much of a perfectionist so I doubt I can understand it completely, but… it’s still an interesting experience trying to understand it, so thank you :3

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          1. It’s not wholly thanks to perfectionist. I perceive Ah Lan have the exact type of personality as me, so I’m confident she is: unforgiving, realist, perfectionist. If that can help with understanding more 🙂

            Or if not, just let it go hhh


  5. Thank you foe the translation!

    May I ask more details about how exactly the parents treat An Qing coldly? What did they spesifically do? Or is it they just mentioned to be treating her coldly without any action-showing?

    ‘Cause I got grudges with them. If they felt guilty then they better be. It’s their fault in parenting that result in this tragedy for the sisters.


    1. I don’t like the parents either. They were completely unfair to An Ran, and when they realized it, they decided to look at An Qing like it’s entirely her fault instead of taking any responsibility themselves.

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    2. Not much action showing really, just a cold look in their eyes as opposed to the loving look she was previously so used to.

      At that point, An Ran and her parents have reached a middle ground, in regards to the bad blood between them, and of course, they showed her more love after she was diagnosed with cancer, perhaps they had finally looked back on their past actions and wanted to repent themselves


      1. Oh and of course, when she broke the news of her pregnancy to them, that was already the breaking point, she did get shouted at and all, but what can they do, she’s pregnant, so they just went along with it too


    1. I had the same idea, friend.

      Or actually I half-hoped he is. Only half. ‘Cos accidental mistake is still a mistake… so I kinda don’t want Yuwen Rui to be Yan You, even if Yuwen Rui already proved himself to be better than Yan You. Just don’t wanna forgive :<

      But as long as Ah Lan is happy, anything goes

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        1. Well i more agree with YR to be YY… cz human won’t make same mistake as the previous one…
          And we can see how flawless YR love for Ah Lan… like he know which part that ah lan can forgive and which one that can’t… it is too unreal for love be that flawless except he have already know what is the price for making mistakes… that’s why in my previous comment i kindda believe that YR is YY’s reincarnation

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        2. I thought that too. It’s just that the sentence where Yuwen Rui was saying that Ah Lan is his forever in the last chapter makes me think of YR as YY..


  6. Thank God you Disney have to translate the whole two chapters with that An Qing bitch. Just a few lines in and I’m fuming with rage already

    “She pleadingly says: “An Ran, we were wrong, we were wrong, don’t leave us alright? I won’t fight you for Yan You anymore, I’ll give in to you, we won’t get married anymore.” —especially at this part like bitch you wanna say sorry but who there wasn’t even a fight for the Yan You Guy. 🙄 I’m kinda glad that Yan You does love An Ran…but the fact that he fucking slept with her is annoying in itself. Wish he could have just ruthlessly, like YWR style push the delusional girl away. 😎

    It took that selfish pampered An Qing the death of AnRan, Yan You and the poor baby. Too realise how bitchy she is. Gosh, seriously hate people like that.

    Thaaaaanks for the recap.

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    1. Even the way she “apologized” and said it makes me angry… Just like those white lotus characters who haven’t done anything wrong. She only says it out of guilt, not because she cares about either An Ran or Yan You.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter, I know the loved/unloved child is a trope that shows up a lot in novels but I find it hard to understand how normal parents (ie. not a chaebol situation) can deny one child over another. It’s all excuses – I imagine the author having to come up with some situation where they (the family) would leave a daughter dying in the hospital to go through with this farce. At least Ah Lan didn’t have to go through that again!


    1. Unfortunately extreme favouritism is a lot more common than we think, I’ve seen it in so many families, particularly asian ones, not saying they’re all like that, but I have often come across the idea of the ‘golden child’ vs the child unpleasantly referred to as ‘the useless one’


  8. Thank you for the translation!! ^_^

    YY was weak…
    AQ was selfish…
    Her parents were injust…

    That’s the feeling I have!
    Just because you’re drunk you can’t call the sister who you know loves you. For me YY needed confort and AQ was there. AQ saw the opportunity and jumped on it. The parents were just thinking about their beloved child and helped her to be with the person she loved without thinking of the other one who was dying from cancer…

    I’m just sorry for AR…
    (Sorry for my bad english, not a native 😛 )


    1. Perfectly summed up. I didn’t include it in the chapter, but the worst ones (after AQ) were in fact YY’s parents, they were the real bitches, and were the ones that put the most pressure on the man, because they were so desperate to have him break up with a dying woman. AQ knew this and deliberately informed them of her pregnancy before telling YY, and his parents being the bitches they are, were overjoyed to have such a pretty, ‘nice and gentle’ lady as a daughter-in-law, thus forcing YY to take responsibility.

      Also, your English is absolutely great, don’t worry 🙂


  9. I have zero pity for her. If you truly love someone, you’d want them to be happy. But An Qing doesn’t really love Yan You, doesn’t love An Ran, doesn’t love her parents, doesn’t love her child… she only loves herself.

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  10. Yuwen Rui is definitely Yan You… 😃 I can’t believe that I read this side chapter first before I finish reading the final 8 chapters. Hehehe… But thank you for this summary, at least we can see that An Qing didn’t have a good life after what she did to her sister.


    1. Tbf these last two side chapters were actually thrown in right before AL and YWR got captured by MSJ, I just decided to put them at the end so that they don’t interrupt the main story, I guess you can say you pretty much just followed the original chapter order haha

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  11. It is not evil to hope you will be loved in return by the one you love. I just wish the author took pity and gave her a more redemptive story line. 😢 I suddenly remember the book, The Age of Innocence, it explores that kind of theme in a way but on a male perspective, I suppose.

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  12. Thank you for giving us this chapter. At first reading through what AQ & YY had done. I was disappointed in YY for going through with the marriage but there’s a baby involved so I can’t blame him, but after reading this he just got all his points back plus some extra. I’m sorry he had to die due to AQ selfishness. Poor baby…I hope you reincarnated as AL & YWR love child..or is it that too twisted of me? I just want him to know she ended her suffer and had a wonder life with a man who loved and devoted to her. (゜-゜)

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  13. heck thanks so much for glossing over her stuff! That ungrateful, pain in the arse bitch, whining about how she is wronged wowowow i will appreciate Yan You a bit more knowing he is not an active or fickle person in this fiasco

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  14. Some might think that Yan You is heartless… But that’s human’s nature, selfishness is very hard to be avoided. Just look at An Qing and her selfishness, she never thought of looking at it from her sis’s pov, she only thought “I did everything for her, yet why can’t she give me that one thing I wanted?” completely not seeing that the only thing she wanted is the only thing her sister has.

    Yan You too… Was heartless but I can see where this came through, whom he loved is An Ran, one mistake when he was drunk (?) and I can sense he really regret for making that mistake, he’s no saint and An Qing is also the same- even though, An Qing is wayy worse.

    I mean, it’s not wrong for her to fall in love.
    But it’s certainly wrong for her to rejoice over her sister’s deadly sickness.
    It’s really wrong for her to kiss her sis’s boyfriend.
    It’s wrong for her to expect her sister “Is gonna be dead anyways”
    It’s very wrong of her to seduce and even slept with her sister’s boyfriend, even when she knows that the man himself held no such thoughts and only taking advantage of his drunkenness
    It’s disgustingly wrong for her to hurt her sister that way… And she’s even happy for it.

    I mean, if the man side is willing to “Do” that, then it’s both sides’ fault, or even if the man who seduced her, I would hate Yan You terribly. But I can’t bring myself to hate Yan You despite his bad deeds.


  15. no sister in the real world will ever regret after she “killed” her siblings as long as it will bring benefits for her…


  16. I must admit I kind of pity An Qing, by the time she realized the value of what she was losing it was gone. No sister, no husband, no baby, and even her parents don’t necessarily value her anymore. You could almost see her committing suicide after this.


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