执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 78 (Part One)


Chapter Seventy-Eight (Part One)

Side Chapter: Meng Han Yu

Meng Han Yu is a child, is an extremely headache-inducing child, at least this is what his parents think.

It makes sense, if you think about it, should your child lead the children of other families to fight every few days, and show no remorse after fighting, arrogantly walking up to people’s faces to say: “Look how useless such and such is, my one punch sent him to the ground, the people behind me didn’t even get the chance to hit him. Just like that, yet he dares to provoke me, saying my father is not as formidable as his father?” Speaking up to here, he is still full of spirit in enthusiastically talking, going on to say: “My father has a son like me, hence destined to not be a dog, but a wolf!” –– say, how could you not get a headache?

When these words came out of Meng Han Yu’s mouth, he was only seven years old, sounding rather baby-like when he said it at that time, then when he reached the age of eleven, don’t know how many times he was beaten by his father in total, these classic and renowned words of his continued, just that they slightly changed from before, bearings also became much more seasoned.

He would disdainfully slant his eyes, slowly saying: “A tiger cub has no dog father, seeing my bright and valiant bearings, how could you possibly not imagine what my father is like?”

After Meng Peng Fei hears this revised version of the classic speech, he fumed out of his ears, then takes the big stick beside him, and prepares to show his precious son some good old ‘dear love’. But his wife – Guo Wan Ying – who was stood at the side speaks up, voice soft and tender, yet carries an imposing air that is impossible to ignore, she says: “Should you beat my son silly, then what to do?”

Meng Peng Fei glances at the stick that’s approximately an arm thick, finding that his own wife’s words are not unreasonable.

Meng Peng Fei is a general, his martial arts are naturally top-notch, but his brain isn’t very calculative. His wife- Guo Wan Ying – may be a fragile woman, but have intensively read books on the history of wars since young, in that delicately small body, it is unsure how much calculative thoughts are hidden inside. This pair of man and woman had unexpectedly produced a spark, and have unexpectedly lived in harmony since. And after their harmonious times, their precious son – Meng Han Yu – was born, one whose body deserves a beating but is overly intelligent – Meng Han Yu.

Meng Han Yu may deserve some good spanking, but that brain of his truly is unspeakably great. Able to smoothly recite the four books and the five classics, is greatly interested in reading war books and theories, able to speak about war strategies with good reasons –– Meng Han Yu is nothing like an eleven-year-old in regards to these matters.

In fact, Meng Peng Fei and Guo Wan Ying has another child, three years younger than Meng Han Yu, is a delicate and pretty little noble girl, named ‘Ying Lu’. Guo Wan Ying hopes for her own daughter to be ‘crystal clear like dew’, and not to be absorbed in war and strategies like her, thus losing the interests a girl should have. So she in particularly spent more efforts on her son, even if this son truly renders one unable to laugh, nor cry.

Guo Wan Ying would always persuade her husband like this, “Forget it, forget it, a child that doesn’t deserve a beating cannot be considered to have a childhood, let us endure it for now and it’ll pass by.”

Since his wife has already said this, even though he is angered to the extent of having a body of fried hair, Meng Peng Fei can only grit his teeth and swallow it back: “Forget it, forget it, with Han Yu’s mother here, I’ll endure it.” With a turn of an eye, he furiously thinks: ‘Should I catch a day his mother isn’t here, I must give this little rascal a good beating!’

The main character of this – Meng Han Yu – hence continued to cause endless trouble, wreaking havoc as he thinks: ‘Where Mother is, I shall be. En en, must never ever be alone with Father.’

And the Meng family’s youngest young lady – Ying Lu – watches on with her big water-like eyes, watching the livid looking Father and tender looking Mother, as well as the slyly blinking Brother, feeling extremely confused – ‘Eh, what is wrong with Father, Mother and Brother, are they going to fight?’ Thinking up to here, she claps her hands together, very good, she bets Mother will win!

Look at these few people of the Meng family, being noisy like flying chickens and jumping dogs every day, but they are just in happiness like that, so happy that it sure makes people jealous.

This day, Meng Han Yu hears that his father will be accompanying the emperor to participate in some sort of Mount Qi Yun gathering, in a moment of boredom, he comes up with an idea. On the rare day, he doesn’t run off outside, sounding “pi-dian-pi-dian” as he runs to his father’s study room, kicking open the big doors, whilst loudly yelling: “Father, can I come in?”

Meng Peng Fei who was sat at the desk twitches the corners of his lips, ‘This damned rascal, the door’s already kicked open so why bother asking ah?’

Meng Han Yu is accustomed to seeing his father’s angry face, he had only asked to be polite just now, that is his father after all, superficial efforts still need to be done. “Father.” He doesn’t hold back in walking up to the table, taking a snack from the plate and stuffing it into his mouth, “Mm, I heard you will be away in the next few days?”

Meng Peng Fei tries his best to not set his eyes on the snacks, putting on a warm and happy smile as he says: “En.” Not angry, he really isn’t angry, although those snacks had been specially made for him by his wife, there are still many more on the plate, so he must be magnanimous, cannot make a fuss over such a little matter with his son.

“Mm, how long will you be away for this time?” Meng Han Yu swallows the snack in his mouth, hand delivering another one from the plate into his mouth and swallows it again.

“Around a month or so.” Meng Peng Fei uncontrollably stares at his son’s mouth, ‘Oh grandmother, how is this kid’s throat so big? Swallowing one after another, isn’t he afraid of choking?!’

Meng Han Yu does not mind his father’s eyes on him at all, a snack in each hand as he starts engulfing them all, ‘Mm, how could the snacks made by Mother be so delicious?’ Greatly making him want to swallow his tongue down along with them! But he still hasn’t forgotten about the serious matter, chewing as he vaguely asks: “Father’s going away for so long ah, Mother and I, as well as Sister will miss you to death then.”

Meng Peng Fei clenches his fist, face slightly turning dark, ‘Damned rascal, should you really think of your father so much, at least leave him a few snacks!’

“Ke-ke-ke”, Meng Han Yu finally chokes a little, but after a deep breath, he starts to stuff himself again, “About that Father ah, this time you leave, can……”

Meng Peng Fei could no longer endure it, reaching out smack away his little claws, “Damned rascal stop right now! You’ve almost eaten them all!”

Meng Han Yu sheepishly draws back his hand, licking his fingertips as he says: “Ai~, is it not just a few pieces of snacks, Father, why would you care about it so much?”

Meng Peng Fei rolls his eyes, “Don’t say you don’t know that your mother only makes these snacks once every six months.”

Meng Han Yu sounds a few “hei-hei” laughs, indeed, the snacks his mother makes is certainly delicious, but don’t know why, she only makes it once every six months. He dusts off the crumbs from his hand, intimately nudging against Meng Peng Fei’s side, “About that ah, Father, say, you’ll be away for so long this time ah……”

Meng Peng Fei relishes the taste of his wife’s loving snacks, “En?”

“Would there be many fun places along the way ah……?”

“En, the scenery isn’t bad.”

“The scenery is really that nice?”

“Why would I lie to a damned rascal like you?”

“If that’s the case ah……” Meng Han Yu claps his hand, “I’ll go get packing then.”

Meng Peng Fei’s hand pauses, suspiciously looking at his own son, “Why would you be packing?”

Meng Han Yu answers in a matter of fact tone, “Going out ah.”

“Going out where?”

“Mount Qi Yun ah.”


Meng Peng Fei feels that his son is sometimes a really strange individual, “Who said they’ll bring you along?”

Meng Han Yu deliberately acts cool as he throws back his sleeves, “Father ah.”

“Me?” Meng Peng Fei twitches his eyes, smiling on surface as he says: “When was this?”

“Just now ah.”

“Who agreed to bring you along just now?”

“Father ah.”

“Get lost you damned rascal, this old man isn’t falling for this trick of yours, want to go to Mount Qi Yun with me? Let me tell you, no way!”

Meng Han Yu furrows his brows, seriously asking: “Father really isn’t bringing me along?”

Meng Peng Fei comfortably leans back on the chair, “Not bringing.”

“Really not bringing?”

“Not bringing.”

“Fine then.” Meng Han Yu is dejected, “I’ll go find Mother.”

Meng Peng Fei is feeling so proud right now, usually, it has always been the damned rascal angering him, today, it’s a rare sight for him to have this damned rascal surrender, refreshing, even winning a battle isn’t this refreshing! “Go then, go then.” Go crying your complaints to your mother, young child.

“I’ll go tell Mother what I saw the day before.”

“Oh?” Meng Peng Fei raises his brows, “What did you see?”

“The day before, I went finding Father at the army training grounds.”

Meng Peng Fei’s smile collapses, “And?”

“I saw Father with Auntie Lin.”

Meng Peng Fei gets a bit of a bad feeling, “Then?”

“Auntie Lin hugged Father crying……”

Meng Peng Fei frantically stands up, “Han Yu, it isn’t like that between I and your Auntie Lin, you understand that.”

Meng Han Yu lets out a melancholic sigh, “I am only a child, how could I understand? I just know that Auntie Lin hugged Father as she sorrowfully cries, saying to Father ‘I’m willing to even be a little concubine!’”

Meng Peng Fei’s face looks troubled, that Lin Xuan O, of all the people she could like, she has to like him, could it be that she doesn’t know he will only love his wife in this lifetime?! “Meng Han Yu, the person I love will only ever be your mother, Lin Xuan O has no relation to me!”

“In fact……” Meng Han Yu stretches out his words, earnestly looking at his father as he says: “Father, I know the matter that day was just a misunderstanding.”

“En en.” Meng Peng Fei hastily nods, “Misunderstanding, purely a misunderstanding!”

“You know that it is just a misunderstanding yourself.”

“Of course, of course, it is indeed just a misunderstanding!”

“But ah……” Meng Han Yu’s tone makes a turn, worriedly saying: “Mother doesn’t know.”

“Eh……” Meng Peng Fei thinks of his extremely extremely jealous wife, his sturdy body slightly trembles: when my lady gets jealous, it sure is……

Meng Han Yu spots the right timing, face making a change, brightly smiling as he asks: “So, Father, are you bringing me along to Mount Qi Yun?”

“Not bringing.”



“I’m going to find Mother.”

“……” Upon hearing this, Meng Peng Fei grits his teeth and says: “Bringing!”

“Yoohoo!” Meng Han Yu jumps high, excitedly running out, “Time to get packing!”

Behind him, Meng Peng Fei sounds “ge-zhi-ge-zhi” as he grinds his teeth, but not long after, he reveals a wicked smile: bringing this damned rascal along to Mount Qi Yun this time……perhaps, it’ll be perfect for fixing him up?

Thinking up to here, Meng Peng Fei suddenly doesn’t feel gloomy anymore, handsome face smiling wickedly, until Guo Wan Ying walks in and gets startled by it.

“Eh, dear husband, what is……going on with you?”

“Nothing nothing.” Meng Peng Fei gently embraces her, once again revealing a wicked smile where she cannot see, “Just feel that the weather will be very good in a few days……extremely good, that’s it.”

Meng Han Yu, this old man will let you know why the sun is always so……red.


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  1. *looks at title and sees “part 1″* …. This is going to end in a horrible cliff isn’t it…. ;-;

    Oh wait, a side chapter. 😮

    Hahha, Ying Lu knows how to pick winning bet even from a young age ^_^;

    … This rascal. ~_~; Even from a young age already likes to bully people and steal their things…..

    …. (ლ‸-) Even know how to blackmail people…..

    Definitely up to no good, so young already know how to play this sort of thing. >_<;

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  2. Damn,it feels like the author is really a huge S!!! The injustice I feel for the Meng family is too much!! The father and the mother Of MSJ, was absolutely the best fam ever out of all the others introduce in this story!!

    MSJ, being so carefree and being such a rogue as young age just shows how loving his parents are.😞


    ’” Thinking up to here, she claps her hands together, very good, she bets Mother will win!” —Ying Lu😂😂

    Anyways thank you soooo much for the chapter!!

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  3. *gasp and dramatically puts a hand over my chest* My. Heart. Has. Been. Captured. My oh my if MSJ or should I say MHY didnt do all those bad things to Ah Lan and YWR then I might have stolen him for myself. Sadly, every good things happens in childhood only. Makes me tear up. The mischievous MHY and the ever so naive and adorable MYL (wthout the black pig yet) and their boisterous and happy family. Ai, this wouldve been such a good story plot if the stupid emperess didnt kill his family… now I might need some kleenex so…. *steals from the bank and buys kleenex*

    Thanks for the chapter

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