执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 70


Chapter Seventy

Ling Miao Er says she had only arrived here a few days ago, in order to clearly investigate news of Sword Enthusiast. Sword Enthusiast is the leader of ‘Mén’, in terms of his position and mightiness, needless to say, he is the biggest contributor to Yun Mi. Ling Miao Er also said that Sword Enthusiast’s character is extremely stubborn, should we have to convince him to return this time, it will definitely require a lot of efforts.

I’m a little puzzled, Yuwen Rui had come out for so long this time, could it be that he’s not worried of other kingdoms causing trouble in Yun Mi whilst he’s gone? Ling Miao Er tells me not worry with a smile, Yuwen Rui had already thought of this, of course Yun Mi will not be short of a ‘Yuwen Rui’, just that this Yuwen Rui is not actually Yuwen Rui.

I cannot help but to sigh after hearing this, this is why there are always differences between different people, he – Yuwen Rui – has already prepared a substitute, whereas I only just thought of this now.

Whatever, it really is aggravating to compare people.

Yuwen Rui was in no hurry to find Sword Enthusiast, accompanying me to tour around the little city for a few days, amidst this, Ling Miao Er rarely showed up, but when she did, she would definitely bring back news for Yuwen Rui, sometimes many, sometimes little. Yuwen Rui doesn’t really like to talk about these matters with me now, instead, he would always mindlessly talk about our future, peaceful, yet makes me anticipate it.

Such days went on for approximately a week, during this evening meal, Yuwen Rui tells me that he will be going out to find Sword Enthusiast with Ling Miao Er tomorrow, telling me to wait here for his return. I give him my promise, yet I feel a little anxious at heart. I tell myself that I need not be concerned, we have already stayed in Yun Ze for so long, days passing so peacefully, how could we not get pass this final day?

The next morning, Yuwen Rui and Ling Miao Er sets off to Xiao Chi Town.

Yuwen Rui is dressed in a moon-white long robe on his way out, making him look more sophisticated and handsome. His eyes appear to be sprinkled with the clean brightness of the moonlight, a touch of a light smile hooked onto his lips. He knocks his forehead against mine, softly saying to me: “Wait for me to return.”

I also knock my forehead onto him, responding with a smile: “Alright.”

I sit in the room, thinking over many things, from my disappearance at the beginning, to the changes in the palace and my capture, I seem to have been running around all along, but everything is coming to an end now. Yuwen Rui and I shall no longer be caught amongst the struggles between the three kingdoms, we will no longer care about who wins, who loses, we have agreed to grow a vineyard, spending our days bickering with one another.

As long as I wait for their return, everything will come to an end.

I wait from morning to afternoon, but after all the waiting, the one that comes isn’t Yuwen Rui.

The person at the door has a tall and slender figure, a body of black brocade robes, lined with gold, making him appear noble and compelling, looking further up, a handsome face with red lips and pearl white teeth, shimmering light circulating in those long and narrow phoenix eyes, unintentionally revealing an arrogant demeanour, a peerlessly dandy gentleman.

I purse my lips, calculating the times, it has already been two or three months since Meng Shao Jue and I last met, when he appears, I don’t find him unfamiliar at all, the figure in my mind very easily matching up with the person before me. He is still so charming and dashing as before, handsome face carrying a polite smile, the evil underlying his eyes almost unnoticeable. He walks up to the table and very naturally sits down, a captivating smile lights his face as he says: “Ah-Lan, long time no see.”

Yuwen Rui did not return, yet the one to come is instead Meng Shao Jue, this also means……

I tightly clench my fists under my sleeves, yet my face remains unaffected as I say: “Gentleman Meng, long time no see.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” He extends his hand and wags his finger, looking wronged, “Ah-Lan acting so unfamiliar with me, how hurtful this is.”

“Hoho.” I suppress the panic in my heart, lightly smiling as I say: “Was never familiar in the first place, so where is this unfamiliar talk coming from?”

He sounds a chuckle, mood unclear as he says: “What a great heartless lass, breaking old ties now.” He spreads open his fan and sways it, causally looking around the room and says: “This place really isn’t much.”

I say: “Of course it cannot compare to Gentleman’s Prime Minister Estate.”

After Yun Ze’s third prince ascended the throne, a bunch of deserving ministers were promoted and advanced in rank, amongst them, Meng Shao Jue who emerged from thin air, was blessed with the greatest glory, not only did he make the exception of becoming Yun Ze’s youngest prime minister, but was also bestowed the grandest estate in the Capital for his residence, truly a boundless glory.

Meng Shao Jue laughs upon hearing this, “Would Ah-Lan perhaps be interested in having a look?”

I reply with a smile: “If there is time in future, I will definitely go disturb you.”

“Better to go on a whim than to choose a day, how about going today?” He points out of the window with his fan, “The sunshine outside is just right, a perfect day to pay a visit.”

I look outside the window, sunset is of course infinitely great, but it signifies the darkness to come. I troubledly say: “But Cousin told me to wait for him here, should I leave, wouldn’t he be unable to find me?”

Meng Shao Jue covers half of his lips with the handle of the fan, saying with a seeming smile: “Having not seen you for so long, you still like to act so much.”

I draw back my line of sight, saying with a fake smile: “Since Gentleman Meng likes to act, of course I should act along with you.” Look at this, how much of a good-natured person I am.

“Act?” He raises his brows, lazily saying: “Alright then, I shan’t act with you. Yuwen Rui and Ling Miao Er will not be returning, nor do you have the need to stay here.”

I don’t answer him, speaking on my own accord: “Truthfully speaking, for you to be able to find us here, I am half surprised, but also half feel this isn’t unexpected.”

He looks at me with surprise, “Why are you surprised?”

I leisurely say: “Yuwen Rui has always carried out matters without any possible leaks, since he has the confidence to bring me to Yun Ze, then he must have carried out strict arrangements with both our tracks and our journey. Moreover, the person we’re finding has nothing to do with your Yun Ze, should you lot wish to know of our whereabouts, it should still be impossible.” I raise my eyes to look at him, “But you still managed to find us.”

Meng Shao Jue laughs elegantly, “You analysed very accurately, but all matters can encounter accidents.” He picks up a teacup to play with, long and slender fingers very nimble, “I indeed didn’t know of Yuwen Rui coming to Yun Ze, until seven days ago, I ran into a food merchant……”

I narrow my eyes, one name flashing past my mind, “Bai Jian Fei?”

“No matter what, this is the fruit you two planted yourselves.” He takes a sip of tea, “Had Yuwen Rui not have given Bai Jian Fei face back then, then he wouldn’t go finding someone to drink with him in a depressed mood. Had he not have been so desperate to vent out his feelings through drinking, then he wouldn’t come finding I, whom he had just met. Had he not spoken nonsense after getting drunk……” A cold shine rapidly flashes past his eyes, “Then, I wouldn’t have guessed you two have come to Yun Ze either.”

Deep down, I secretly curse, men sure are creatures that act recklessly after drinking! I then ask: “Then what about Sword Enthusiast, how did you find him?”

“Sword Enthusiast?” Meng Shao Jue suddenly laughs, happily saying: “So Lu Cheng’s nickname is Sword Enthusiast, indeed worthy of the name.”

I: “……” Lu Cheng? Sword Enthusiast? Meng Shao Jue didn’t even know this Lu Cheng is Sword Enthusiast, so how did he find him?

F*ck, could it be that he’s psychic?

“Look how tightly you’re furrowing your brows, looks like a little hill.” He ridicules as he looks at me, “No need to guess anymore, it was Lu Cheng who came finding me himself.”

“…..” I rub the between of my brows, “What kind of situation is this?” Is it not said that the members of ‘Mén’ hold unwavering loyalty? Has this Lu Cheng’s brain been trapped between a door, or did it get kicked by a donkey?

“I know what you’re thinking, thinking he can’t possibly have betrayed Yun Mi?” He lowly laughs, phoenix eyes bottomless deep, “Ah-Lan, all humans have a weakness, and Lu Cheng’s weakness is his daughter.”

“You captured his daughter to threaten him?”

“To a person like Lu Cheng, threats mean nothing.” He leisurely sways the cup, “It is just that he had found his long-lost daughter, and his daughter is currently lying in coma, he must obtain the world’s one and only Soul Reviving Herb for her to be saved.” He pauses, smile reaching his eyes, “And the very unfortunate coincidence is, that Soul Reviving Herb just happens to be in my hands.”

I grit my teeth, if this is the case, then everything is made clear, Meng Shao Jue guessed that we have come to Yun Ze, and at the same time, someone was inquiring about Sword Enthusiast, and so, Meng Shao Jue simply sat in waiting, waiting for his prey to walk right into his net……

F*ck your grand master Soul Reviving Herb!

“But,” He looks at me with interest, “What did you mean when you said it was within expectations?”

Within expectations?

A shallow smile lines my lips as I tug up the corners, “Don’t know if Great Gentleman Meng has read those villain books before?”

He doesn’t understand, “Villain books?”

“That’s right, our current circumstance is the same as those in the villain books.” I smile extremely pretentiously, “Clearly approaching a perfect ending, but the heartless author loves to mercilessly insert an obstacle at this time, throwing in some shrimp soldiers and crab generals (insignificant characters) to cause trouble.”


I seriously say: “So, Gentleman Meng, you, are precisely those shrimp soldiers and crab generals.” Should be dragged off to kill, to cook, to steam, to eat.

Meng Shao Jue sounds a quiet, muffled laughter first, then loudly laughs out loud, saying: “Ah-Lan, you are still so interesting.”

I dejectedly place a hand on my forehead, “Gentleman Meng, you still like to bring me so much troubles.”

Clearly, everything was about to end, clearly, Yuwen Rui and I were about to break away from these troubles, clearly……

The value of imaginations, is indeed, in them being imaginations, they would always extinguish when they near perfection, making it impossible for people to lament or regret.

“Alright, we’re done catching up now, I’ve already told you what you wanted to know.” Meng Shao Jue stands up, “Ah-Lan, leave with me.” I bitterly smile, “Am I able to say no?”

“Of course not.” He narrows his phoenix eyes, evilly saying: “Welcome to Yun Ze.”

I powerlessly think, in fact, I have been here for a long time already.


27 thoughts on “执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 70

  1. “Clearly approaching a perfect ending, but the heartless author loves to mercilessly insert an obstacle at this time, throwing in some shrimp soldiers and crab generals (insignificant characters) to cause trouble.”

    Damn. Srsly!!! Damn!!!!! The nofications for death flags has been buzzing since the first half of this chapter!!! But what does MSJ want!!! Aaaaaah.

    Sheesh, Ah Lan she sure attracts a lot of dangerous people😌

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!

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    1. Very true, getting involved with the Meng family is what basically dragged her into the whole mess to begin with.

      Also, don’t you just love how the author admits to being heartless, sure did mercilessly throw in an obstacle alright

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  2. Meng Shao Jue!! He finally reappears! (๑>∀<๑) Hoho
    Ah Lan is right! There’s always crab generals or shrimp soldiers lying in wait before reaching the finale.

    We’re nearing the end of this series QAQ uuuwuu Are there any sequels or extras?

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  3. I dont like him. He creeps me out even when others like him erlier, i always dont like him. The guy have so much fakeness bury in his smile. Atleast with the emperor you kinda have a guest whats on his mind, but this guy is terrifying

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  4. “he would always mindlessly talk about our future, peaceful, yet makes me anticipate it.” Aww… he’s talking about how sweet the grapes from their vineyard would be most likely. XD;


    .. WELP. I guess I should’ve expected this novel to make use of the Bai Family….


    I guess i should know better than to expect that Ah Lan wouldn’t get hospitality from the last kingdom she hasn’t been imprisoned in hehe.

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  5. Holy crap that Bai fellow is really desperate for YWR to marry his sister??? Giving him face, but forever tied to someone he doesn’t even care about, well, deck your own face, bro… IM JUST SO MAD RIGHT NOW AAAAAAAAAAA AND WHATS MSG DONE TO YWR???? LOCK HIM UP???? … well i say that because he’s male lead but… pls dont say he dead because, because, then…. *flips table* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGH

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  6. thanks!
    -shakes head- well, time to get kidnapped again! she’s travelling across kingdoms and getting kidnpped, ayeee! you stupid bai jian fei, yuwen rui had no obligation to help your sister, ok, on the first place!

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  7. Ah-Lan has the rare (unlucky) achievement of being abducted in all of the three kingdoms. In Yun Mi, she was abducted to the Meng estate. Then she’s abducted to … err, He Lian Chen’s kingdom, forgot the name. Then here in Yun Ze, she is abducted again ai~

    Two out of three time she was ‘picked’ up by Yuwen Rui, so the canon OTP is already clear.

    Well then, this should be the last time she’s abducted. Good thing there aren’t like seven kingdoms. Ah-Lan must have been bored out of her mind if she ended up being abducted in all seven kingdom. Yuwen Rui might had abducted her too, crossing the line to became a possessive yandere…


  8. AAHHH!! So smoeone did come to take her away!!! But it’s another guy I don’t ship with her! WHY CAN’T SHE JUST BE HAPPY!??!?!
    Many thanks. (Still waiting for any other rando to come and take her away).

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  9. Tsk tsk tsk a woman’s intuition is always right I tell you all. When everything is reaching its perfection those stupid crabs and shrimps are always there to block you. Hm? What? You appeared because you wanna be eaten by this young lady? Ha! Bring it on! But boy oh boy, Meng boy, I’ll give you face in regards of your cute little sister. But if you damage my ship I shall send the ice berg army to freeze you with your smile. Smile ah smile, I heard that the more you smile the younger you’ll look so wouldn’t that be good? Too bad you being narcissistic isnt too high to get spit from everyone.

    Thanks for the chapter

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    But have been kinda expecting this ever since they set foot in Yun Ze… Things with MSJ and Su Qi was obviously not wrapped up yet. Damn, at least I liked HLC and enjoyed his and Ah-Lan’s interactions, but MSJ have annoyed me endlessly since day one… F*cking Bastard. 👿

    I don’t believe in YR being dead thou, he will come pick her up or Ah-Lan will go pick him up!

    (P.s. Might sword enthusiast’s daughter be MSJ’s “sister”? Or maybe that other annoying woman I don’t remember the name of..?)


    1. Sword enthusiast has already found his daughter, she’s just in coma 🙂 As MSJ had explained…

      “It is just that he had found his long-lost daughter, and his daughter is currently lying in coma, he must obtain the world’s one and only Soul Reviving Herb for her to be saved.” He pauses, smile reaching his eyes, “And the very unfortunate coincidence is, that Soul Reviving Herb just happens to be in my hands.”

      But ya, I get you, I’ve never been fond of his character either, I suppose, learning his backstory does make me soften up to him a little, but it still doesn’t excuse him for being such a little shit


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