执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 68


Chapter Sixty-Eight

Throughout the two lifetimes I have lived, don’t know how many shameless people I have seen in the modern times, don’t know how many black-bellies I have come to know of in the ancient times, but when it comes to the most cruel-hearted and venomous-tongued, other than Yuwen Rui, there really isn’t anyone else. Towards this, I must strongly advise everyone, never lose yourself to a man based on their good looks and good temper, one must know that letting your heart be moved by appearance does you no good, to understand what sea the small streams leads to, is what you need.

The Bai family naturally doesn’t know of Yuwen Rui’s real face, so when his words were spoken, all three of them appeared to be in disbelief, and Liao Jun seems to have long expected this result, helplessly sighing as he says: “How is this even a man?”

Yuwen Rui is still looking ever so calm, long and slender fingers dusting off his wrinkled sleeves, lightly saying: “Could it be that you wish to verify whether I’m a man or not?”

Liao Jun immediately shakes his head like a rattle drum, “Nevermind, nevermind, you’re best leaving that to someone else.”

“Then hand the Zi Jin Pill over.” Yuwen Rui narrows his long and fine fox eyes, “Also, Gentleman Pan, are you done watching the show yet?”

The Ladyboy Pan before me heartily laughs out loud, leaving me behind as he exits the stone room. His eyes filled with admiration, disregarding everyone else’s eyes as he loudly claps: “A great Gentleman Yu Wen, a great ‘what’s it got to do with me if she dies’! Brat, I didn’t make a wrong judgement of you!”

Yuwen Rui shows no reaction upon hearing this, only saying: “So what if you made a wrong judgement, so what if you made the right judgement?”

Ladyboy Pan lazily leans against the door frame, “Should I have made the right judgement of you, I’ll set off in return today, should I have made the wrong judgement of you, I’ll immediately take Lan lass away, don’t you think that is fair?”

Yuwen Rui smiles, yet there is not the slightest of smiling means in his eyes, “That is, if you even have the skill to take her away.”

“Even if you give me the smallest opening of an opportunity, I will still take her away.” Ladyboy Pan speaks with utmost confidence, but in the very next second, he switches to a helpless tone, “It’s just unfortunate that you didn’t even me give that.”

Yuwen Rui half narrows his eyes, arrogantly saying: “She’s mine.”

I twitch the corner of my lips, this person……why would he suddenly provoke Ladyboy Pan?

Ladyboy Pan’s face looks beaten, “Brat, could it be that you insisted on not relieving Bai Qiang’s poison because you had long known I was next door, convinced that nothing will go wrong?”

The Bai family’s original expressions of resentment and awkwardness slightly changes upon hearing these words, their eyes slightly giving rise to a flicker of light, carrying a bit of anticipation as they look towards Yuwen Rui.

Just that Yuwen Rui, he……

He calmly sweeps a glance at everyone, cold and clear voice stating: “Zi Jin Pill is for me to consume.”

……sudden silence.

Bai Qiang’s fair white face is filled with heartbreak, eyes filled with tears, her trembling lips calls out to Bai Jian Fei, saying: “Bro-, Brother……”

Bai Jian Fei clenches his fists, resentfully looking at Yuwen Rui, “Yu Wen, you……”

“This should make things clear for you all now, right?” Ladyboy Pan mischievously looks at Bai Jian Fei, “This brat has not the slightest of interest towards your sister.”

Bai Qiang lowers her eyes upon hearing this, crystal tears lining her delicately pretty cheeks as they slowly roll down. Heart-aching pity flutters past Bai Jian Fei’s eyes as he sees this, when he faces Yuwen Rui, he coldly says: “Yu Wen, you’re really not going to care about the friendship between us at all?”

Yuwen Rui elegantly raises his eyes, “The friendship between Brother Bai and I, doesn’t mean that I have to accept Bai Qiang’s feelings.”

I secretly approve of this, if it isn’t right though, how could this thing called feelings be casually accepted?

“You……” Bai Jian Fei comes to an angry halt, just as he wanted to speak again, Ladyboy Pan extends his hand to stop him, he leisurely says: “Alright alright, although Yu Wen isn’t willing to help your sister relieve the poison, with that body of hers, your sister originally didn’t have much time left to live anyway. Had it not been for his help, your sister wouldn’t even be able to speak right now, so what’s the need in falling out over such a small matter?”

“Small matter?” Bai Jian Fei widens his eyes, furiously saying: “This is called a small matter? What’s so bad about my sister? Yet he would rather watch her die and not save her, refusing to…..”

“No matter how great Young Lady Bai is, it has nothing to do with me at all.” Yuwen Rui speaks up, handsome face placid, “I don’t like her, that is all.”

Bai Jian Fei tightly knits his thick brows together, hearing Bai Wei faintly say from the side, “Brother, take a clearer look.” Bai Jian Fei pauses, finally falling silent as he enters deep thoughts.

Everyone goes quiet for a moment, in the end, Bai Qiang cannot help but to speak up, “Brother……leave it, the one Brother Yu Wen likes isn’t me, we can’t blame him.” She bats her lashes that’s lined with tears, tenderly saying to Yuwen Rui: “Brother Yu Wen, to be able to know you in this lifetime is already very good, even, even if I die here today, I have no regrets.”

Yuwen Rui is unmoved by these words, instead it is Ladyboy Pan who carelessly says: “What do you mean ‘die’? You think I’m a piece of rock ah? With me here, no one will be dying.”

He takes out a bottle from his sleeve, pouring out a few pills and passes it to the others, “Relieves the Tendon Numbing Powder.”

Liao Jun curses after taking it: “Damned brat dares to drug me, watch how I take care of you.”

Ladyboy Pan sends him an unruly smile, “That is if your old bones are able to catch up to me.” He then takes out a pill from the embroidered pouch at his waist and passes it to Bai Jian Fei, “Here, this is for relieving your sister, I’ve helped your sister this time round, rather than wasting time on the impossible, better to die sooner and revive sooner.”

I pull a 囧 face, ‘die sooner and revive sooner’? What kind of words of comfort are those?!

Bai Jian Fei silently accepts it, saying no more.

Ladyboy Pan strokes his chin, batting his eyes at Yuwen Rui ambiguously as he says: “Now it’s time for relieving you.”

At this time, Bai Jian Fei had already held Bai Qiang and Bai Wei, walking out together, Liao Jun also glares at Ladyboy Pan resentfully, then leaves. Ladyboy Pan returns to my side and lifts me up, stuffing a pill in my hand, lowly saying to me: “What to use for his antidote, you decide yourself.”

He carries me to Yuwen Rui’s room, releasing my acupoint and then leaves me at Yuwen Rui’s side, ambiguously smiling at us as he closes the door, “It’s already late now, you two have a good rest.”

I watch the door swing close, feeling extremely speechless, rest rest rest, rest your head.

“Ah-Lan……” The deep voice carrying a trace of hoarseness, softly sounds from behind me. A big hand suddenly appears on my waist, delicately rubbing me over and over again. I hold onto that hand, was just wanting to turn my head but was tightly embraced by him from the back, warm breathing intimately blowing at my ear-side, gentle and lingering.

Eh, he’s starting to get heated.

He sticks out his tongue and starts licking, warm and wet trail running all the way up my neck, provocative and seductive, his breathing gradually grows heavy, yet his actions are still neither hurried nor impatient, seemingly waiting for my response.

This……how could a woman sit still with this?

I slightly turn my head, hooking one hand onto the back of his head as I connect our lips, tongue tenderly, slowly, running along his delicate lip line. Yuwen Rui’s actions comes to a slight pause, but in the very next moment, he tightly holds me as though he wants nothing more than to have me embedded into his body, lips mercilessly sucking, warm and wet tongue overbearingly squeezes into my mouth, starting to stir up the wind and waves, not holding back at all.

I open my eyes, meeting his half-narrowed ones, the corners of his long and fine eyes charmingly raises, brown orbs filled with haze and lust.

This person, ai~……

I inwardly laugh to myself, sending the pill hidden under my tongue into his mouth. He does not stop the kiss, just kissing me as though he’s about to swallow me up, becoming more and more aggressive and dominant. A long while later, he finally comes to a stop, handsome face carrying a seeming smile, “Antidote?”

Panting, I try to take in a few breaths, before answering: “En, antidote.”

He reaches out to softly cradle my face, fingers long and white, action gentle and delicate, “I want something else more.”

“Something else?” I pull at his clothing and lie down on the bed, “Cousin must have been exhausted from helping Eldest Young Lady Bai relieve her poison just now, right? Have a rest, have a rest first.”

He meaningfully looks at me, “Rest……you say?”

I hide myself in his arms as I close my eyes and say with a light smile: “En, rest.”

He strokes my hair, chuckling in the end, “Let’s rest then.”

I find a comfortable position in his arms, smelling the clean fragrance from his body, and feel my heart go unbelievably calm. I hook up my lips, this is the embrace that I am so familiar with, so familiar with, to the point that no matter when, as long as I smell his scent, I am able to go to sleep in peace.

Sleepiness comes surging up, I unknowingly sound a groan, tightly clutching onto the clothing in my hand. In this moment, my waist suddenly tightens, and I am fiercely pressed onto someone’s chest, immediately hearing a satisfied chuckle, he calls out my name repeatedly, slowly but firmly, “Ah-Lan……”

His voice so soft, but sounds so heavy in my ears.

I hazily think, this person really doesn’t let people be at peace, if I weren’t so tired right now, I’ll definitely throw him a left hook, saying to him: ‘What are you calling me for? Sleep!’

Don’t know how long had passed when I hazily wake up, I seem to have had a dream, dreamt of the young Yuwen Rui and I amongst the emerald sea and under the blue sky, as to what exactly happened in my dream, I cannot recall it at all. I lazily yawn, having just looked up, wanting to wake up Yuwen Rui, I fall into a trance as I look at his face.

Say……how could a man be so good-looking?

His eyebrows fine and neat, the end of this brows practically about to run into his temples, aside from being handsome, one can see that this person is at ease, eyes brightly shining with vigour when opened, yet makes people suddenly soften and stay well-behaved when closed.

He has a pair of long and fine fox eyes, pretty and exquisite, the slightly raised ends of his eyes revealing a few points of intelligence. Brown orbs currently quietly concealed, but it is not hard to recall the usual clear coldness and steady calmness in his eyes, as well as the occasional wicked ruthlessness and ice-coldness that flitters by.

His nose bridge is high and straight, so perfect, it makes people want nothing more than to take a stone and knock it out of place. As for those elegantly beautiful lips……people say thin lips on a man represents a fickle heart, but with such pretty thin lips, who is able to suppress the temptation?

Fickle hearts can never be blamed for people’s faithlessness, can only blame yourself for being incapable of holding onto your own heart.

I hold out my index finger, running it along his facial features in accordance to my thoughts, then finally, delicately caress his cheek.

His skin is fair white and smooth, comparable to that of freshly made white tofu, so soft, it makes me want to bite into it, filling my mouth with its sweetness and tenderness……

I immediately hold myself back, Amitabha. How could I be so thirsty? How could I lose my rationality over of his beauty? Looks are just empty looks, beauty is considered nothing, considered nothing, considered nothing……beauty, really is considered nothing.

I break out into a smile, I have dazed off whilst looking at him again.

He is always so reserved and polite in front of people, yet his eyes carries distance and coldness.

He has severe wake-up temper, completely incompatible with his elegant noble gentleman image.

He has a bad temper and is in particularly petty, those that have offended him, can never escape his revenge.

He would slightly squint his long eyes when happy, eyes rippling with something gentle like the spring breeze.

He would be swift and fierce like the eastern winds when angered, domineering and merciless.

He always like to conceal his real feelings, underlying those calm eyes are deeply hidden, unrevealed, and bottomless thoughts……

He is Yuwen Rui, the Yuwen Rui I know and am familiar with, the Yuwen Rui that would always love to prank me, tease me, bully me, the Yuwen Rui that would always hold his views firmly, the Yuwen Rui that would always show up when I need him, the Yuwen Rui that would tell me he only cares about me with his actions.

With such a Yuwen Rui, what other excuse do I have to push away his approach?

What I want to find, is just someone that is able to firmly make me feel at ease, no matter when.

Yuwen Rui’s lashes gently flutters, slowly opening his eyes, revealing those hazy and glistening orbs, his voice slightly carries awakening huskiness, lowly calling out: “Ah-Lan.”

I hug his neck as I grin at him, “Cousin, time to get up.”

Although I don’t particularly like Ladyboy Pan, we can’t deny that he is a major contributor in bringing Ah-Lan and Yuwen Rui’s relationship to a turning point.

I think it’s important to note that this ‘test’ of his, in a way, reflects Yan You’s mistake in Ah-Lan’s past life, and Yuwen Rui was ultimately able to do what Yan You could not. Although it’s fair to say, their circumstances are completely different. but remember that we’re seeing it from Ah-Lan’s pov 🙂


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    However, I’m still worried about his and her sister’s situation. Like is he going to marry her sister or steal the throne? Who knows 😂
    Thanks for translating, I’m loving these love birds❤️

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    1. I think, YWR should take the throne, make Ah-Lan empress. Ke-Zi should go to Yun Ze and marry Su Qi, become empress there and wooosh everybody happy and peace between the countries!
      and as for HLC… well, he do have all his consorts and concubines that wants him as well as one awesome little bro. Meng Shao Jue? Screw him.

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      1. Haha! I agree with all of these. HLC is indeed married to several concubines. Lol! And yes Meng Shao Jue can stay miserable. No redeeming quality whatsoever. He made Ah Lan suffer so much with the bug. So hateful. 😒


  2. YWR’s logic is on point. A relationship between the two of them doesn’t mean that he has to just blindly accept someone else’s feelings.

    I think it’s pretty amazing that YWR still managed to hold himself back, although I think that move probably cemented Ah Lan’s trust even further. _>; At least he’s intelligent enough to have antidotes…. (why doesn’t the reclusive expert have antidotes? XD)

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  3. Yes, finally she’s acknowledged her feeling for him!
    I know that YWR loves AL so much and sometimes it overflows in the form of him taking advantage of her here and there. Must’ve been extra difficult for him to control himself from expressing his feelings, especially under the influence of that drug. But I like that he didn’t really force her and kinna asked how she’d feel first if he wants more. Such a sweet chapter, melt. Thank you.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. Finally she acknowledged his love.By the way dear translator are you going to translate any other novel after this .Hope you do so.


    1. Unfortunately not 🙂 like I said before starting this project, I’m going straight back into hiatus after this. Hopefully I’ll be able to translate bits here and there before posting again, but for now, I’ll be too busy to commit myself to another translation project, and I would hate to leave readers hanging with unfinished translations.

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      1. Respect. I will eagerly await any future translations of yours! You have always chosen nice ones. I was pleasantly surprised to recognize your WordPress after stumbling on this on NU. This is the 3rd one of yours I’ve read. I loved Jianghu Road and The Demoness Isn’t Evil.


  5. thanks!
    -claps claps claps- bravo bravo for yuwen rui! and pan, i guess you’re ok too! i still don’t ship it so…-looks into the distance- pan and ah lan’s interactions were real interesting though! a pityabout bai wei and ah lan, they were fun!

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    Thanks for translation ❤

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    I wanna know since this is all in Ah Lan’s pov, will there ever be a POV from YWR or a certain character from the story or not? Cuz I really wanna read a POV from YWR on what they think about Ah Lan.

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        If there’s no fox dude’s POV then will there be one for HLC, Her past fiancée, her sister (any sister will be fine), Ying Lu, MSJ, or Su Qi? ( if that’s what her 7th brother’s name is) any one of these people?


          1. Hm… I’m not sure if I should be excited about MSJ’s POV with everything he has done to my darling fox. But it will be interesting on what he has to say about our dull Ah Lan and how he became attracted to her. For her past fiancée all I could say is that I don’t really care about him and should just get a life (read the spoilers about him a bit) and same goes for her sister. 😑 but thanks for telling me all this! >_<

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  8. Thanks for the chapter. I do wonder how she’ll tell Big Cousin what she really wants in life – “What I want to find, is just someone that is able to firmly make me feel at ease, no matter when.” I’m not sure if her ease is what he’s looking for yet.

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    So, she has accepted him now huh? Tsk… I was still rooting for an unknown guy in my heart. But as long as Ah Lan is happy. *Nods* That’s all that matters.

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    Anyways, love is the strongest drug of all. It is so strong it can make a man marry another woman when his beloved asks him to. (sigh)

    Thank you for the translation! 😊

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  12. Hm? Good! THIS is what I want to see from a male lead. I like that he makes no excuses to betray the MC. This relieves some of the ill feelings I had before…but he still is too domineering for my liking. I was glad he didnt immediately seize the chance to sleep with her again using the drug as an excuse though. THAT is, sadly, something few C-novel leads do: to respect the woman’s right to refuse.

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