执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 67


Chapter Sixty-Seven

Ladyboy Pan says he wants to help me test how deep Yuwen Rui’s feelings run for me, I truly find this laughable. How could such an enchantress like him, not know that the hardest thing to test in this world is none other than ‘feelings’? All this beating around the bush, is he not just wanting to wreak havoc? Of course, I did not agree with it, can’t be said that I don’t trust Yuwen Rui, can’t say I’m afraid of the results either, just feel that it’s such an unnecessary move.

Two people, if they’re together then they’re together, why would there be the need to deliberately demand the other person to meet some sort of harsh standard?

Ladyboy Pan leaves the inn after saying that to me, nor did the conversation between me and him have any more follow up, I don’t know whether he was just joking at the time or whether he had other plans, either way, looking at the current situation, all is calm and peaceful.

Yuwen Rui is still accompanying Bai Jian Fei in bringing Bai Qiang to go find Liao Jun, Bai Wei supports her only-just-awakened older sister at her side, whilst I remain nested in my room every day, reading my wonderful books, and Ladyboy Pan has also very tactfully stopped showing up before me.

Of course, I wouldn’t think this means that everything is going smoothly, one must know that sometimes, ghosts that takes action in the dark are much more horrifying than the great immortals that approaches you head on.

Reality proves that my concerns are not unreasonable.

In the evening of a week later, I was just resting my chin in hand as I thought of sending people out to buy some more books, when the windows were opened by someone in this moment. The person outside the window wears an unparalleled face, villainously saying to me: “Ah-Lan, how have your days been, did you think of me?”

I leisurely glance at him, “I did think.”

Ladyboy Pan grows interested, “You did? Then tell me what was you thinking? Were you perhaps thinking I have no equal in this world, an unsurpassed beauty of a generation……?”

“I was thinking……” I grin at him, oh so cheerfully, “Exactly how old are you?”

“……” Ladyboy Pan’s face instantly stiffens, then painfully rubs the between of his brows, “How sinful, how could there be a lass like you?”

I pick up the cup and side eye him, “What’ve you come for?”

He immediately becomes high spirited, “To take you to see a good show.”

I flatly refuse, “No.” As if the good show he is referring to can be ‘good’? Tsk, up to no good.

He meaningfully wags his finger at me, “Lass, this is a drama I specially set up for you, how could you not go and see it?” Having said that, he does not wait for my reply, jumping into the room and taps my acupoint, then throws me over his shoulder, “Off we go.”

He had even tapped my mute acupoint, rendering me incapable of moving nor talking right now, I angrily think to myself, why didn’t he also tap my blood flow acupoint whilst at it, at least I wouldn’t have to bear the risk of brain congestion. I think this whilst also wondering what good show he is taking me to see, it can’t possibly be a messy bed with two people lying in it, and one of those two people is precisely my cousin – Yuwen Rui — right?

I twitch my lips into a fake smile, truthfully speaking, a joke like this, isn’t funny at all.

Ladyboy Pan carries me into a horse carriage, and approximately half a sichen later, he again, carries me out the carriage. I look around to see that our surrounding is of the rather desolate outskirts, and stood before us is just a single house, I’m slightly puzzled, why does such a place give people the feeling that……

“What are you thinking about?” Ladyboy Pan suddenly leans in to me, “Thinking this place gives off the feeling of a reclusive master?”

I ignore him, although he was right.

He pats my head, “This is where Liao Jun lives.”

Liao Jun……

I glare at him, he didn’t really play something on Yuwen Rui and the Bai family, did he?

Ladyboy Pan hooks up his thin lips, eyes flashing with wickedness, “I see that your cousin seems to care about that young lady of the Bai family a lot, that young lady of the Bai family is also full of lingering affection for your cousin, today is that young lady of the Bai family’s day of recovery, so why don’t I play Yue Lao this time (Yue Lao – the matchmaking deity), letting them celebrate a double blessing at once, how’s that?”

I lower my eyes, Yue Lao? What kind of Yue Lao is this? This person is just simply meddlesome, wanting to wreak havoc as he wishes, not caring about what other people thinks at all!

“Cursing at me?” Ladyboy Pan pinches my cheek, sighing as he says: “Lass, I am just doing you good, should that cousin of yours not be able to defend himself from this little temptation, then he can’t be considered a good man.”

I really want to spit at him, what the hell has it got to do with you whether Yuwen Rui is a good man or not?

“Calculating the time, the drug should be taking effect now.” Ladyboy Pan smiles cheerfully, “Lass, watch carefully now.”

He takes me into the basement of the little house, moving to take down a small piece of stone from the wall, he holds me and accurately positions me to face the hole, grinningly saying to me: “The good show begins now.”

I hatefully roll my eyes at him, looking into the room next door through the hole.

The room next door is also a simple and shabby stone room, opened and unopened bottles and jars placed all over the table, Bai Qiang and Yuwen Rui lies on a clean wooden bed, whilst Bai Jian Fei and Bai Wei are leaning against the corner, there is also another middle-aged person, currently struggling to walk to the bed.

“Divine Physician Liao.” Bai Jian Fei tightly furrows his thick brows, weakly asking: “Who was that just now? Why did they drug us?”

“Don’t know.” Divine Physician Liao walks up to the bed and sits down, snappily saying: “Who knows if it is yours and Yu Wen’s enemy?”

“This……” Bai Jian Fei pauses, then hastily asks: “What drug did they use on us then? What was it that he fed Qiang-er and Yu Wen as well?”

Liao Jun takes a look at the unconscious Bai Qiang and Yuwen Rui, “It was I who was too careless, didn’t think someone would put Tendon Numbing Powder in the tea.” He checks Bai Qiang wrist, appearing to look rather stunned, “He gave your sister and Yu Wen……”

Bai Jian Fei and Bai Wei desperately asks: “What?”

Liao Jun glances at them, slowly saying: “Lust drug.”

Bai Jian Fei instantly freezes upon hearing this, whilst awkwardness surfaces on Bai Wei’s face, she asks in puzzlement: “Why would that person do this?”

“This, I don’t know.” Liao Jun weakly sits on the floor, “Forget it, the poison in your sister’s body has already been cleared, also finally able to speak, Yu Wen is a one in a million man, just go ahead with the auspicious event, and all will be happy.”

Bai Jian Fei thinks for a moment, face also starting to glow with happiness, but not a moment later, he hesitates to speak, “But……”

“But what?” Liao Jun coldly harrumphs, “You’re still unwilling to give your sister to Yu Wen? Let me put this clearly, the lust drug that person gave them is not an ordinary one, should it not be relieved within one sichen, death is imminent.”

Bai Jian Fei widens his eyes, “Is this true?”

“Why would I deceive you?” Liao Jun fully lies down on the floor, “Yu Wen and I had to join forces to save your sister’s life, don’t let her lose it on the first day now.”

“I……” Bai Jian Fei sighs, “It’s not that I’m unwilling, but I’m afraid Yu Wen will be unwilling.”


“Frankly speaking, Yu Wen already has a lady he loves, now, how could we……?”

“Tsk, that was then and this is now, does he have a choice in this current situation? Not to mention, he has also been drugged, should it not be relieved, he too, will lose his life.” Liao Jun doesn’t think much of it, “At most, your sister can suffer a bit of wrong in being the lesser wife later.”

Bai Jian Fei looks at the two people still lying unconscious on the bed, saying: “Then……”

“Then what then? Let’s go out, or do you want to watch on as well?” Liao Jun makes his way out bit by bit after saying this, muttering: “I really have been in such a sorry state before, that person best not be caught by me, if not, I must have him try out my newly produced drug……”

I coldly glance at Ladyboy Pan, this person actually thought of such a testing method, skillful, truly ‘skillful’.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Ladyboy Pan pastes himself against my ear as he says: “Just how many men in the world are able to avoid a fragrant and supple jade delivered right at their doors?”

I say nothing, my heart starting to fire up.

I have once read many books with such a storyline, the male lead deeply loves the female lead, but due to some sort of reason, would get involved with the second female lead, and then the second female would scheme the male lead, and end up XXOO with the help of the lust drug, or perhaps the male lead cannot bear to see the second female die, hence deciding to XXOO her……no matter what, the unchanging factor is, the male lead is one who has both strong feelings and righteousness.

I really want to say……male lead you scoundrel, what is the female lead to you? Why don’t you go and die ah, you?

I take a deep breath, attempting to suppress the strange feelings in my heart.

“They’re awake……” Ladyboy Pan releases my mute acupoint, turning my face to make me continue watching, “Should you not want to watch it, then tell me, I’ll take you away, alright? Go to a place with no one else.”

“I’m watching.” I lightly say: “Why wouldn’t I watch it?”

Ladyboy Pan slightly pauses, then chuckles, “Truly persistent.”

I ignore him, coldly laughing to myself inside, I – An Ke Lan – can say that I have never been considered a nice person, and compared to me, Yuwen Rui has always been much worse, and nothing less.

On the bed, Bai Qiang lets out a groan, cheeks flushing red as she looks at the slowly moving Bai Jian Fei, “Brother……”

“Ke-ke, Qiang-er, you’re awake ah.” Bai Jian Fei unnaturally coughs a few times, “Brother will be going out now, you and Yu Wen have a good rest.”

Bai Qiang looks at the Yuwen Rui beside her in puzzlement, “Gentleman Yu Wen and I?”

“Hoho, that’s right ah, you two have a good rest.” Bai Jian Fei dryly laughs.

“I……” Bai Qiang had just wanted to say something, but Yuwen Rui just happens to wake up at this moment, bashfulness surfaces on her face, saying: “Brother Yu Wen.”

“En.” Yuwen Rui calmly responds, the gloom on his handsome face difficult to deny.

“Yu Wen.” Bai Jian Fei and the others have already reached the doors, he is a little apologetic, but also unable to conceal his happiness as he says: “You and Qiang-er have been given……Yu Wen, I hope you can take good care of Qiang-er.”

“Brother?” Bai Qiang wipes away the sweat oozing from her forehead, “What have Brother Yu Wen and I been given?”

“Eh……” Bai Jian Fei is unable to say it out loud, whereas Liao Jun impatiently says: “Lust drug.”

Bai Qiang’s eyes widens, “Lust, lust, lust drug?”

“En en en, lust drug, and if it’s not relieved within one sichen, then you’ll have to await for your deaths.” Liao Jun coldly says.

Now Bai Qiang really doesn’t know what to do, sneaking a few glances at Yuwen Rui, saying: “Then, then, then what to do……?”

Liao Jun closes one door, “What do mean what to do? You two come out after relieving the poison, we shall not disturb you now.”

Bai Jian Fei, Bai Qiang and Bai Wei’s eyes all sets onto Yuwen Rui, the happiness in Bai Jian Fei and Bai Qiang’s eyes aren’t difficult to make out, whilst Bai Wei is a little concerned.

Yuwen Rui lightly looks at Liao Jun, “Zi Jin Pill.”

“What?”Liao Jun says, alarmed.

Yuwen Rui remains placid, “Give it me.”

“Haha, are you kidding me?” Liao Jun waves his hand, “No way.”

“Not giving it?” Yuwen Rui lightly raises his brows, “Looks like you don’t want that herb field of yours.”

Liao Jun’s brows almost turns vertical in anger, “You dare to set sight on my herb field?”

Yuwen Rui lightly smiles, eyes looking gentle, “See if I dare or not.”

“Bandit! You bandit!” Liao Jun says: “Zi Jin Pill is but a holy antidote for poison! It took me five years just to produce one!”

“Give it me!”

“There’s also just this one in the whole world!”

“Give it me.”

“It can relieve all kinds of poison!”

“Give it me.”

“Should you have suffered a poison of the Hundred Snake Venom sort, then I’ll immediately give it you, but right now you want to relieve a lust drug? No, I’m definitely not giving it.”

“I am also wanting to relieve poison.”

“Relieve what poison? You have a ready-made antidote right next to you, why must I waste my Zi Jin Pill?!” Liao Jun would rather die than to give in, casting Bai Qiang a glance before speaking ambiguously: “Plus there is only one of this Zi Jin Pill, should you consume it, then the one next to you will die without a doubt. I see that this lady isn’t bad looking anyway, also possesses deep-rooted feelings for you, you best not hesitate anymore, isn’t it very good to gain the best of both worlds?”

Bai Jian Fei also says: “Yu Wen, I know this is too much to ask of you, but Divine Physician Liao Jun said this poison will undoubtedly lead to death should it not be relieved within a sichen……Yu Wen, please save my sister!”

Bai Qiang’s eyes twinkles, containing unbearable shame, yet also vaguely containing a trace of expectance.

Yuwen Rui says nothing, just calmly sweeping a glance at all of them, then hook up his thin lips and sound a chuckle, cold and clear voice slowly saying: “What’s it got to do with me, if she dies?”


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    Ah Lan’s acupoints touched again >_>; She really needs to learn how to undo that…

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  2. Lolololol people either don’t realize or they forget that Yuwen Rui isn’t some virtuous hero. He’s a black bellied borderline yandere for his cousin. It sounds cruel but he couldn’t care less about anyone else besides Ah Lan. It’s probably better this way since Ah Lan wouldn’t give her heart to someone who isn’t devoted to her. I guess that chick is dead, but like can’t they use *ahem* masturbation to relieve without sex??

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    1. I always wonder about this in LN too. Whenever someone gets drugged and they have to have sex to survive, why can’t they just “do it themselves?” (If you know what I mean)

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  3. Ladypan boy I suggest you run before he sees you or else you’ll witness the wrath of YWR for touching Ah Lan and kissing her. The so ever loyal YWR, like I said, even if this ship is titanic who cares? As long as my boy and girl have sweet moments then im aight. But if the boy is ever wronged to even hurt Ah Lan then I would hunt you down myself. No one is allowed to break them apart like that but…meh who knows.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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  4. Many thanks
    But my goodness, poison? The lust drug, sure but with the added poison, i cant support this guy. also, isnt YR’s actions just proof of his undying love? what are you going to do now ladyboy? Poison YR again?

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  8. thanks!
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