执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 58


Chapter Fifty-Eight

Having known Yuwen Rui for so many years, this really is the first time I’ve seen him speak with such a helpless and powerless tone. He is Yuwen Rui, the Yuwen Rui who is forever calm and composed, the Yuwen Rui who seems as though he would not even panic if Mount Tai collapses before him.

But such a Yuwen Rui, actually just said to me: ‘An Ke Lan, until when will you not go ahead and leave me behind?’

And so, I freeze, thoroughly frozen, even forgetting my reply.

Yuwen Rui’s long and slender fingers rest on my neck, ice cold fingertips delicately caressing and wandering. He suddenly chuckles, half lowering his lashes to conceal his eyes as he lightly says: “Should have just killed you back then.”

Having said that, he does not look at me again, all that remains on that exquisite and clean face is his usual elegance and composure. When he turns around, the light blue clothing draws a beautiful curve in the air, tall and slender body slowly disappearing amongst the night.

I am still standing in my original spot, not calling out to him, nor do I chase after him.

I just dazedly watch him leave my line of sight, the hands under my sleeves tightening, in the end, I loosen them up and place them on my chest. I can feel the heart inside my chest beating irregularly, slowly breeding a strange feeling, tugging at my nerves.

I have still not forgotten the ice-cold look in his eyes, and the menacing words back then, that type of shudder still exists within my memory. But since when have I already grown accustomed to that type of shudder, and not feel a chill that penetrates the bones every time I think of it, just like I did in the past? Many things seem to pop up in my mind, his faintly smiling face, placid eyes, and those corners of his lips that forms a seeming smile. He clearly regrets not killing me back then, but why do I not feel any fear at all?

I bite down on my bottom lip, distractedly thinking about when exactly this had all happened.

The beings that are human, ultimately cannot escape these words of ‘subliminal influence of character’.

I grievingly shake my head, finally deciding to submit myself, just as I wanted to raise my skirt and chase after him, I find that my skirt could not be raised. Looking down, that white little dog had actually returned to my feet, stubbornly biting onto my skirt. The corners of my eyes twitches, Xiao Bai, what are you doing now? Could it be that on this day of Qi Qiao, there’s the unfortunate coincidence that you have developed feelings you shouldn’t have for humans?

What lovers’ day, it is enough to cause harm to people, how could it even think to cause suffering to dogs too?

I coldly say to it: “Dog meat hotpot.”

Xiao Bai’s body clearly shrinks back a little, but in the very next second, the look of courage and heroism appears in its eyes, firmly biting onto my skirt as it tugs it forward.

I almost held back my laughter, what’s this, does it really think it’s a brave solider fighting the Japanese? In this day and age, how could all the animals be so amusing? I squint my eyes, “Why have you wandered out again, where’s your family’s young lady?”

Xiao Bai suddenly goes crazy, releasing his bite as it loudly barks at me, moreover, each bark sounding fiercer than the other. After barking, it once again bites onto my skirt and pulls me forward, not at all bothered that its tiny little body cannot move me at all.

I squat down and look at it, its water-like eyes actually contain pleading. I helplessly poke its head, fine, let’s just follow it and see what has happened.

After Xiao Bai detects my cooperation, it becomes unusually stimulated, spreading its hindlegs as it runs ahead, after a few steps, it once again looks back at me, signalling me to follow after it. I wonder, it couldn’t be that its family’s young lady has run into trouble, right? Hence why this younger brother Xiao Bai had come running over to me for help.

Not long after, the answer is clear, in the dimly lit alleyway, three young men in expensive brocade clothing are currently circling the young woman from before, these several people are blocking the young woman’s exit with their bodies.

The man in white speaks up first, voice sounding a little wretched, “Didn’t think we would encounter Second Young Lady Bai here today, truly a fortunate meeting, a fortunate meeting.”

The man in yellow at the side deliberately feigns chicness as he spreads open a fan, then says: “To run into Second Young Lady Bai on a day like this, could it be that it’s truly fate set by the heavens?”

“Indeed indeed, since it is like this, how about Second Young Lady Bai come play with us?” The final man who is a little fat, wretchedly laughs as he says this, the fat on his cheeks trembling.

The young woman gracefully smiles, “Many thanks for these three gentlemen’s good intentions, just that I have matters to attend to at home, and need to head back now, next time, I’ll definitely treat you all properly next time.”

“Next time?” The man in yellow clothing raises his thick brows, eyes revealing a vicious light, “Second Young Lady Bai says it very lightly, who knows if you are going tell that older brother of yours to take care of us again?”

“Heng.” The fat one coldly harrumphs, the wretched look on his face turning into one of evil, “We have finally waited for you to be on your own with such difficulty, such a great opportunity, how could Second Young Lady Bai not give us face?”

“Apologies for my older brother’s offenses last time, may gentlemen graciously let it go.” The young woman’s tone of voice is still calm, yet her body shrinks back a little, “I’ll have my older brother prepare a feast another day, in show of apology.”

“Feast?” The man in white raises his voice, ridiculing: “Oh, Second Young Lady Bai sure is generous, how could the few of us be worthy of it?!”

“How could we be worthy of it?!” The fat one deliberately goes along with it, “The few of us have but never been able to eat the Bai family’s feast before!”

The young woman’s smile slightly stiffens, “Gentleman……”

“Bai Wei! Let me put it bluntly, your Bai Clan is wealthy and powerful, but we are not masters of some down and out houses either, after your older brother played with us like that last time, you think we’d let you go today?” The man in yellow speaks with sinister intentions: “You best obediently go along with us, if we’re happy, perhaps we will show more tenderness to the fragrant jade!”

“Gentleman.” Bai Wei’s hand had unconsciously twisted the ends of her sleeves, her face remaining composed, “My older brother is waiting for me outside, are gentlemen sure you’re unwilling to let me go?”

The man in white spits, heartily laughing out loud: “Second Young Lady Bai needs not rely on you older brother, he is currently having the time of his life in the arms of a beauty, how could he still have the time to concern himself with you?!”

The fat one rubs his hands, “Why are you saying so much nonsense to her? Directly go up, as if we’d be afraid of her refusal?!”

The few of them makes eye contact with one another and reaches a consensus, in a blur of moment, they will be going straight up to take advantage of that young lady of the Bai Clan. I was originally thinking that molestation happens everywhere, this place makes no exception, but since Xiao Bai had pulled me to this place, to see this scene, how can I exactly be devoid of a conscience in letting such a matter happen in front me, no?

Acting out of righteousness isn’t something I like to do, but if I’m able to see Yuwen Rui’s nasty piece of work, then it’s not so bad.

Before I had pinched Xiao Bai’s dog leg, it had already angrily barked at those three people with particularly great tacit understanding, even when those three people’s line of sight falls onto us, it still doesn’t stop. Reasonably speaking, the fierce and angry barking of a dog in an alleyway at night should be frightening, but helpless that it is only a pup, hence such fierceness is truly too weak to be intimidating.

Look at this, sometimes being young really is a sin, because it does not have anything to make others feel convinced or fearful, and such things just happens to be developed with time.

“Oh ho, Third Brother, our luck sure isn’t bad today ah.” The man in yellow fixes his gaze onto me, “This lass sure looks very bright and innocent.”

“I was wondering why she had let that animal out before, turns out, she was wanting to find reinforcements.” The fat one casts Bai Wei a glance then laughs out loud, “But who would have thought, no reinforcements were found, but instead, another pretty little lady has been sent to us!”  He twists Bai Wei’s arm whilst pulling out a handkerchief from his sleeve, stuffing it into Bai Wei’s mouth, Bai Wei could only look at me with furrowed brows, eyes constantly circulating with the message of telling me to quickly leave.

“*Cough cough*, you two hold back a little, don’t scare this lady.” The man in white pretends to scolds them, politely saying to me: “Lady, do you perhaps know the young lady of the Bai Clan?”

I shake my head, only met once, can’t be said to know her.

The man in white’s smile slightly stiffens, further saying: “Then has Lady perhaps come to save the young lady of the Bai Clan?”

“Since I don’t know her, how could I speak of saving her or not?” I show a baffled face as I say this.

“Eh……” The man in white really is stunned this time.

I wave my hand, causally saying: “You continue, you continue, I’ll be leaving first!”

Having said that, I turn around, wanting to leave, when the fatty behind shouts out: “Oldest Brother, how is this the time to be polite ah? Look at that, the lady is about to leave now!”

“Afraid the little lady had been scared silly, right now isn’t a time you can leave just because you say so!” The voice sounds like it belongs to the man in yellow.

When I turn my head back, I just happen to see that man in yellow take long strides in running towards me, just when he came up and wanted to grab onto me, he was fiercely kicked to the wall, spitting out a big mouthful of blood.

The man in yellow naturally couldn’t speak up again, on the other end, the man in white is thoroughly shaken as he says: “Who- who- who-, who are you?”

Even after hitting someone, Great Master Yuwen, who is still refined and elegant, does not even spare the man in white a glance, nevermind replying to his question. He just has his mind set on walking up to the man in yellow, domineeringly looking down at him as he elegantly asks: “Which hand did you try to touch her with just now?”

The man in yellow trembles his lips that have been tainted in blood, horror washing over his eyes.

“Not going to speak?” Yuwen Rui’s long and fine fox eyes still remains gentle, “Then how about I take a guess?”

“Left hand?” He lightly glances at the man’s unmovable left hand, the boot with white sole and black surface ‘lightly’ ‘covers’ the hand, “You wanted to touch her with your left hand?”

The man in yellow’s eyes abruptly widens, a sharp cry escapes his mouth, “Ah!”

I furrow my brows, lord, this man’s cry sure is ear piercing. I once again look back to the three people on the other end, they had already been scared soulless by this scene, bodies constantly backing away.

“Perhaps it wasn’t the left hand.” Yuwen Rui lowly laughs, menace flashing past his warm eyes, “It’s the right hand.”

The man in yellow had been looking at Yuwen Rui in horror all along, eyes flashing with pleading and fear.

Yuwen Rui lowers his body to grab the man’s right hand that was held at his chest, I just see him lightly pinch it, and what followed was some sort of cracking sound, and then the man in yellow’s breathing stalls before he faints.

Yuwen Rui retrieves his hand, taking out a handkerchief from his sleeves and cleans his hand, lightly saying: “I really don’t like people touching her, even if it’s just the thought of it, it cannot do.”

On the other end, the man in white and the fatty are already standing with a pair of shaking legs, hearing this, they do not wait for Yuwen Rui to say any more, and let’s go of Bai Wei, dashing out of the alleyway, all whilst looking back to check if Yuwen Rui is chasing after them.

But clearly, their worries are unnecessary, as if Yuwen Rui would spare the effort to concern himself with them, he is just carefully cleaning his hands from all traces of blood, then casually tosses the handkerchief onto the ground.

He casts me a glance from the side of his eyes, his emotions difficult to make out with those long and fine fox eyes.

I must say, I truly like how he is such a mensao, no matter how cold, how indifferent he appears on the surface, as long as I am in danger, he will definitely show up.

I find that I am very satisfied with this self-confidence of mine.

“Lady, Gentleman, many thanks for the rescue.” That Bai Wei seems to be slightly afraid of Yuwen Rui, voice a little shaky, “It was all thanks to you two just now, if not……”

“Xiao-Wei! What kind of bad deed did these two b*stards commit this time?!” A dashing man appears at the end of the alley, left and right hand holding up a trembling man each ––– if it isn’t the man in white and the fatty that had ran away just now.

“Brother……” Xiao-Wei embraces Xiao Bai as she weakly smiles, “It’s alright, this Gentleman and Young Lady had saved me.”

The dashing man’s left and right hands are brought together, knocking the two people unconscious, before throwing them to the ground, then running up to Yuwen Rui, giving him a heavy pat on the shoulder……

Yuwen Rui’s ice-cold eyes makes a change, thin lips shallowly hooking up as he looks at the man.

The man spreads his mouth into a big smile, “Yu Wen, this is the second time you saved a sister of mine!”

The Yu Wen here – Yù Wén / 煜文 – is different from Yuwen Rui’s 宇文 / Yǔwén, it’s another name Yuwen Rui goes by when he’s outside, although it’s not so mysterious since it sounds so similar to his surname XD


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  1. thanks!
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  2. Hmm… Second time is definately a flag of some kind.

    Ah Lan’s confidence in Yuwen Rui to still be there for her despite being angry is kind of bittersweet, Ah Lan seems to trust him unconditionally, but it looks like she’s still unable to give him what he wants.

    Wonder where this is leading this time?

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    1. I mean… he broke both of a person’s hands for trying to touch her. .-.; I think that counts as Yandere. 😛

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  3. Yu Wen Rui….is it okay to call him a yandere mensao? Or he’s in that borderline of a yandere🌚 and that second time thing, don’t tell me it’s gonna end up with “this must have been fate, marry my sister” if it does then imma flip shit. I just know it😝

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  4. *Squeal* My dear yandere boss of titanic please quell your anger! Although Ah Lan is an idiot in these 2 chapters she is really not that use in everyone acting all like what you did since her trust shattered long ago. Well, to get back on her you can use this 2 siblings to make her heart tremble and jelly. I bet it will score you high. A protective mensao yandere. Ai… you dont really wanna mess with one or else you’ll end up worse than that dude there *shivers*

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  5. Xiao Bai ahh, just what kind of plan did you have in mind when you were looking for a young lady instead of a strong man to rescue a person from three crazy men ahh? You’re probably on YWR’s blacklist now, LOL.
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