执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 57


Chapter Fifty-Seven

Every year, on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Lunar Calendar, it is the Qi Qiao Festival, also called the Seventh-Seventh Festival.

Amongst the commoners, the legend behind the Qi Qiao Festival tells of the unfaltering and sorrowful love between Cowherd and Weaver Girl. On this night, the magpies will elatedly form a bridge for them to meet, the affection between Cowherd and Weaver Girl going on for eternity. And in the mortal realm, the people will all gather together for a grandly bustling scene, men hoping to find a woman of their liking, whilst women pray for Weaver Girl to give them wisdom and craftsmanship, in order to attract the fated person they can entrust the rest of their life to. (Read here for full story of the legend: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/835790-the-cowherd-and-the-weaver-girl/)

All in all, this is an extremely romantic day.

But this thing called romantic, since when did it ever match up with Yuwen Rui?

I have been pondering over this question whilst dressing up, of course, to no results. And so, I can only leave him to make me become a not bad looking young woman, pulling my hand along as we leisurely walk towards the bustling streets.

The night skies have already darkened, but everything seems to have only just begun.

The streams of people on the street endlessly flows on, young and old, male and female, coming back and forth. Yuwen Rui just holds my hand like this, following the flow of a huge army of people which leads into the busiest area, and allow the festive atmosphere to overwhelm us.

I turn my head to look at him, long and blue brocade robes, plus a white jade hairpin, paired with his fair and clear face, sure makes it hard for one to look away. I lower my head to take a look at myself, an oriole-yellow dress and a simple hairstyle for young women, compared to him, I truly am missing that refined quality. I look at him again, a tall and slender body, upright like bamboo, entire body giving off a type of elegant air. I once again glance at myself, stunning beauty and demeanour holds not the slightest relation with me.

I secretly pout, we’re all human, how could the difference be so big?

“Candied gourd, candied gourd, big and sweet candied gourd! This little sister, come, I’ll give you the biggest skewer of it!”

“May all the ladies come and take a look, check it out, top quality rouge and perfume! All are the newest arrivals from the Capital’s fragrant house! Favourites of the noble ladies!”

“Scented pouches with top quality embroidery! Ten coins for one! Cheap and pretty!”

“Solve riddles, solve riddles, prizes for those that solve a riddle! May all talented men and pretty ladies come and take a look! A top quality white-jade bangle for whoever solves the riddle!”

I’m a little surprised, didn’t think that it would be so lively out here, the pedestrians all have faces filled with sincere smiles, unlike the pretentious and flattering ones of the people in the palace. Within such an atmosphere, I too, cannot help but smile, I sweep a glance at Yuwen Rui from the corner of my eye, seeing that although his face appears cold and indifferent, there is a rare hint of smile in his eyes.

The people on the streets increases, everyone starting to crowd together. Yuwen Rui wraps an arm around my waist in protection, lowering down to my ear side as he says: “What do you want to go and see?”

The warm breath on my ear makes me feel a little ticklish, I move my head back a bit, pointing to a rouge stall at the side of the road, saying: “Let’s take a look at the rouge.”

Yuwen Rui lightly looks at me, then leads me over to that side, just that before we even reached the rouge stall, a young woman in pink crashes into his chest, and a burst of faint fragrance instantly spreads into the air. That young woman frantically raises her head and takes a step back, upon seeing Yuwen Rui’s face, she immediately reddens, soft voice sheepishly saying: “Gentleman, truly sorry, I, I didn’t mean to bump into you……”

Yuwen Rui shows no expression, “It’s fine.” Having said that, he pulls me along, preparing to leave.

Just that, the young woman clearly does not want to let him leave, grabbing his sleeve to bring his steps to a stop, and she too, immediately realises her own rudeness, face flushed red as she says: “Ap-, apologies, Gentleman isn’t from here?”

Yuwen Rui slightly nods, “En.”

“Then, then how about I show you around?” After the young woman says this, annoyance and regrets once again flashes past her face, seeming to be in disbelief of her lack of composure.

Upon hearing this, I feel that this world sure is bleak, I may not be some top-class little fellow, but I can’t be regarded as someone who can be easily ignored either ah?

A cold light flitter past Yuwen Rui’s eyes, as he courteously says: “Many thanks for Lady’s good intention, my cousin and I are fine with casually looking around ourselves.”

That young woman appears a little disappointed and embarrassed, “Then, then……”

“We’ll be leaving first.” Yuwen Rui does not spare another look at the young woman’s face, pulling me along as he directly leaves. I deeply think to myself, Qi Qiao is indeed a day for sinning, on this day, even a lady would become in particularly daring, could it be that they truly think that the gentleman they encounter on this day is their fated one?

Che~, rather than fated ones, I instead see a lot of wolves. (play on words – fated one = liáng rén / 良人, wolves = láng rén / 狼人)

There were also a lot of ladies gathered in front of the rouge stall, upon seeing Yuwen Rui, each and every one of them falls into a trance, what followed was a scene of bashfulness. Yet the one who caused such abashment is looking handsomely indifferent, not giving them the slightest of response. He lowers down and picks up a blue box of powder for me, “How’s this one?”

I scrunch up my nose, “Doesn’t smell nice.”

“I’m asking you how the box is?”


He places the blue box of rouge down and picks up a pink one, raising his brows as he says to me: “This smell sure is like the smell from that black pig’s body.” Having said that, he casually tosses it back onto the stall, that little hawker was originally a little angry, but upon seeing the one that tossed the rouge is such a noble gentleman, they put on a smiling face, warmly starting to introduce the products.

I also pick up the pink box and give it a sniff, en, the smell of Xiao Hei? The author is so heartless, to have not mentioned it for so long, I’ve almost forgotten what it smells like. (A/N: =.= what smell can it be? The smell of pork!)

I bend down and take a good look at the powder, didn’t think they’d actually be quite exquisite, just that the scent isn’t particularly special. I suddenly think of that sort of clean fragrant from Yuwen Rui’s body, exactly what kind of fragrance is that? I look at him in dissatisfaction, seriously this person, why must he be so tight-lipped in refusing to tell me?

Yuwen Rui seems to have detected my eyes, turning to look at me and say: “Wait here for a moment.”

I nod, watching his tall and slender figure disappear amongst the crowd.

The amount of people in front of the stall increases, and I, this person that is only looking and not buying, receives deep discrimination, with one careless moment, I was squeezed out by all of them. I then stand beside the stall to wait, but vaguely notice my skirt being shaken by something. When I lower my head to take a look, I only see a snow-white little dog currently biting onto my skirt as it tugs at me, I pull my skirt away from it and send it a glare, yet that dog seems to be retaliating as it directly bites my skirt, causing a rip.

Oh ho, how daring.

I bend down, wanting to catch it, just that this little fellow is extremely smart, with one sway of its butt, it starts running off, after running a few steps ahead, it even looks back to deliberately provoke me, seeming to say, ‘Come if you dare, why aren’t you coming ah?’ I deeply find it funny, narrowing my eyes as I set my mind on catching this fellow, then teach it a good lesson ––– the eyes of a dog must never look down on humans.

I follow the little fellow in running through the crowd with difficulty, not long after, there’s actually less and less people, in the end, I finally realised that I have followed it up to the side of a pond. Checking the surroundings to see that no one will take notice of me, I lift up my sleeves and charge towards the little fellow, then grab onto the back of its soft neck without failure, I bare my teeth at it, “See if I don’t eat you.”

The little fellow widens its big and innocent eyes, quietly sounding a few whimpers, and even uses its tongue to lick at my hand, sure showing the means of pleasing.

I don’t know why I think of Xiao Hei, back then, that brat was such a typical type of bullying the weak and fear the strong, sharing a slight similarity with this Xiao Bai in my hand (Xiao Hei = little black, Xiao Bai = little white). In this moment, a young woman comes running up to me, panting as she says: “La-, Lady, did our family’s Bao Er perhaps bite your skirt again? I’m truly sorry! May Lady graciously let it go!”

Dare I say this little dog is also a habitual offender?

I don’t say much more either, passing the little dog to her: “It’s fine.”

The young woman holds the dog and reprimands it, then says to me: “Our family’s Bao Er is just so naughty, Lady’s skirt is all ruined now, how about I pay you back with a new one?”

I smile, “It’s alright.”

Only then, does the young woman leave with Bao Er in her arms, and I immediately become aware of a problem.

I have gotten lost.


Having no sense of direction, truly isn’t my fault.

Rather than throwing myself into greater confusion, I simply stand beside the pond, looking around at the trees by the pond ah, admiring the fishes in the water ah, counting the stars in the sky ah, all whilst waiting for Yuwen Rui to come find me.

Approximately a quarter of an hour later, Yuwen Rui’s figure appears within my line of sight, I was just wanting to send him a smile but sees his handsome face with no expression, nor are there any hint of a smile in his eyes. I could not refrain from taking a little step back, eh, this expression of his……signifies that he is already furious, but what have I done to make him so furious now?

Yuwen Rui walks up to me, a faint smile suddenly surfacing on his handsome face, yet his lips spits out word by word: “Why didn’t you wait for me?”

I was just about to open my mouth to say my excuse, but was blocked by his lips fiercely crashing onto mine, he rashly kisses me, then his tongue also drives straight in and entangles with mine. His hold on my waist is so tight, tight to the point I could completely feel his anger.

He slowly pulls away, pressing his forehead against mine as he lowly asks: “An Ke Lan, until when will you not go ahead and leave me behind?”


30 thoughts on “执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 57

  1. I see YWR as a scarred person desperate for Ah Lan. Out of everyone around it must have been only Ah Lan who he can trust (at this point I still feel doubtful if he really loves her or not 🌚 I mean doesnt the author loves to pull some sort of stuff~?)

    And Ah Lan being like that, with her heart protected by hundreds of lock, she can’t really bring herself to admit her feelings because of the betrayal that’s happened to her before~ Oh well these are just my speculations. 😌

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!😆😊

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  2. somehow I think the kidnapping incident sure make some trauma in YWR heart.

    Ah Lan, please don’t do something that make Eldest Gentleman mood upside down… I don’t think it will be good especially for you (or maybe his subordinates??)

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Poor YWR is traumatized… every time Ah Lan disappears he probably panics thinking she’s kidnapped or going to disappear for weeks again. He acts cool, but every time he desperately tries to find her.

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  4. Ah man… i almost accidentally boarded the wrong ship. Golden eyed emperor, I still support you, I hope you land a big and beautiful fish. Unfortunately, this story isn’t about you T.T second lead syndrome I HATE you.

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  5. YWR is trying to spend time with her before they go back to Yun Mi losing her briefly has shaken his heart. Let face it, in Yun Mi he is his sister’s husband even though they have an agreement to stabilize the country but what’s happen in long run. I am not surprise A’Lan locked her heart really tight. What exactly YWR is really expect A’Lan to do. thanks for the chapter

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  6. Well I guess this explains why he’s so obsessed with not letting her go. Cause she seems to do what ever she likes and disappears when he let’s her out of his sight. Poor YWR has his work cut out for him. Also, I know YWR is the one but I feel bad for how panicked HCL must be right now. He got really attached to Ah Lan.

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  7. I feel for YWR here. Ah Lan will never learn. She has no care for her safety and acts impulsively all the time. I find it quite difficult to understand her. is she really still just looking not to be bored? Has she learnt nothing from all her abductions? If i didn’t like her so much I would think she was a complete idiot.

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  8. Many thanks.
    Ok, first, eldest cousin, you were the one who left her to stand by herself. Couldn’t have just taken her along? second, she waited for you by the pond, k? And lastly! You! DON’T FORCE YOURSELF ON HER!

    Even though he’s done it constantly before, it still peeves me. urgg… i was hoping she would encounter another guy who could be her true shippp. Maybe the ship is the white dog.

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  9. For this capter, i felt angry with Ah Lan. People may think that she is a fool, be we knew she is not. After everything had happened to her and the way she see people and situations around her,she is the wise one.

    However her action to followed that dog without thinking where she is right now, it makes me angry. At first kidnapped, we understood she want to free and find a little experiences outside the palace. The acident poison bug with Young Master Meng, coz she is in mission. Kidnapped by He Lian Chen and all the things had happened inside the palace, thats out of her will.
    Yuwen Rui rescued her, they still on the way,unsave place, ans on top of that she knew how hard for Yuwen rui to found her. And yet she still running around to follow the dog and get lost when he said to wait .

    I understood her past life. I don blame her if she does not love Yuwen Rui the way he loves her. But she can not make or should not make Yuwen Rui to safe her because of her stupid action.
    I started to feel pity for Yuwen Rui.

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  10. I hope this time they get to talk things out a little to reduce some of their emotional gaps and make up before facing their next challenge. Oh girly, am so invested in this couple!

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  11. Aiya so many disappointed comments about Ah Lan’s actions. It seems Ah Lan this time it really is your fault. You have just been kidnapped for who knows how long with a different identity leaving a desperate Yuwen Rui. Even though he’s a fox but he is still a human who longed for the person he trust and love. Someone like him as much as powerful and great he is, emotions will bring him down because of you. Knowing that you have known so much secret yet why can’t you try caring for the people who truly care for you? Is this another reason why you cannot open your heart because of your past? Well im just glad he found you or else I would’ve thought young master Meng might have come and whisked you away since they mentioned Xiao Hei.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  12. Really an ke lan?? You didn’t know WHY he was angry??

    Well, perhaps an ke lan just didn’t regard herself highly, she thought she was nothing but ‘an innocent bystander’, ‘a storyteller’, someone who could do anything she likes, because there were no one in her own story, she just by herself, looking at another’s.

    If she did have such mindset, I hope she would change soon, and realised she no longer by her own, her existence greatly affected of those around her….

    Thanks for new chappy!

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  13. Ah Lan does just see her as a bystander in other people’s stories because everytime she starts to feel something – they let her down. She is so young and foolish to the outside world that perhaps she just wants the unconditional love of a pet dog or a pig. Isn’t there some nice Imperial Doctor or Tutor that has nothing to do with succession to the throne that can treat her well for the rest of her life – no tricks or cold looks? I do think Yuwnen Rui is probably the final ship but I think she deserves better.

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