执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 53


Chapter Fifty-Three

Where did we come up to last time? Oh, right, it was when that hero had grabbed my little neck from behind, asking me, “They say you’re He Lian Chen’s male pet?”

I was just wanting to seriously answer this question, when this hero disdainfully adds, “No wonder why he doesn’t visit his consorts, didn’t think he’s actually into this, tut tut, truly a shameful interest.”

I calmly ignore these words, taking in a deep breath as I prepare to answer the first question, when this piece of sh*t just speaks to himself again: “Forget it, you’re not going to answer now are you? Knock you unconscious and take you away first.”

Then ah, I was knocked unconscious with a sound of “pa”.

……you great master’s.

To speak the truth, this isn’t the first time I’ve been a hostage, nor is it the first time I was knocked unconscious, but at least every time I ‘wake up naturally’. However, this time is an exception, I had been woken up by the noisiness.

Regarding the person who has been screaming at the top of her lungs right next to my ear, without stop, and putting aside the bitter, harsh intentions behind the words, I must say, her throat sure is great. When tender, it can make even your bones soften, when sharp, it can make you wholeheartedly feel like thorns have grown inside your ears, tut tut, truly is insanely prickly.

I furrow my brows, finally deciding to continue keeping my eyes closed, play dead.

Consort Mi is still not taking a break from shouting, “Back then, who was it that kneeled down, saying to me, they will follow me, stay loyal to me, how great now, turning around to bite back at me, really is a thing that return kindness with ingratitude!”

At this time, the door is kicked open, the incoming person crisply says: “Have you finished speaking yet?”

I open a little slit of my eye to look towards the door, the arrived person is a young woman, approximately sixteen/seventeen years of age, round face isn’t unfamiliar, just that the innocent expression on her face has been replaced with coldness……this person is precisely the round faced palace maid by Consort Mi’s side the other time.

Consort Mi naturally stops speaking in surprise, she blurts out: “Zhao Lu, how could it be you?!”

Zhao Lu contemptuously say to her: “Your highness Consort Mi, why can’t it be me?”

“You, you, Zhao Lu, you actually betrayed me!” Consort Mi’s face still carries shock, yet her hate fully surfaces in her eyes, “You actually betrayed me with him!”

Zhao Lu coldly sounds a harrumph, “Never been loyal to begin with, so where does the betrayal come in?”

Consort Mi had already wiped away the shock on her face, face darkening as she says: “What does that mean?”

“It means what I said.” Zhao Lu mockingly laughs as she says this.

“You’re saying……it was all fake?” Consort Mi’s voice becomes somewhat shaky, “Back then, you being driven into the streets was fake, getting hit and cursed at was fake, telling me you were abandoned by your parents, was also fake?”

“Yes, it was all fake.” Zhao Lu reveals a flash of cold light in her eyes, “Your highness still wishes to call me a ‘a thing that returns kindness with ingratitude’? Chi-, you saving the me – who was posing as an orphan – back then was real, do you think you have a kind heart?”

“Truly a joke, Lin Mi Er, ask yourself with your hand on chest, these past few years, what have you treated me as, a personal maid or a venting bag?” Zhao Lu is filled with disgust as she says: “Act pleasantly towards me when in you’re a good mood, hitting and cursing at me when you’re in a bad mood, have you ever treated me as a human? Also, Lin Mi Er, do you perhaps know who the Crown Prince’s concubine you schemed against back then is?”

Zhao Lu slowly leans in towards Consort Mi, full of hate as she says: “That person is my one and only older sister! And you actually poisoned her……”

“So you’re that little hoof’s younger sister.” Consort Mi suddenly laughs out loud, “So what if I poisoned that little hoof to death, she actually dared to seduce Yu Xiang, does she not even see what kind of a thing she is?!”

Zhao Lu raises her hand and fiercely throws it across Consort Mi’s face, a sharp sound rings through the air, “Damned wench! It was clearly because you were jealous of my sister for receiving Master Crown Prince’s doting love, it is clearly you who has a heart of venom, and took to ruthless means!”

That slap had caused blood to come out from the corner of Consort Mi’s lips, but she still speaks on disdainfully: “So what if I take to ruthless means, that damned wench and Master Crown Prince had long gone to meet Lord Yan (King of Hell), yet it is I who ultimately lived on. What kind of a great thing do you think you are? Even if I treated you like a dog, I still raised you for eight years, ho, got bitten by one’s own dog……”

Zhao Lu lands another slap with a turn of her hand, “Venomous woman, I’ll have you go down to accompany them now!”

Consort Mi’s cheeks have swelled up badly, “Kill me? Don’t you forget why Chen Yao had captured me, should you dare touch a single hair on my body, watch out his majesty doesn’t let you die without a burial!”

“Don’t use his majesty to scare me, you think he still treats you like his precious?” Zhao Lu grabs her neck and ridicules: “The one his majesty favours is that little eunuch, and not you, even if I kill you, nothing will happen!”

“*Cough*……then you……you go ahead and give it a go!” Consort Mi disjointedly says.

Zhao Lu finally starts to fear, hatefully letting go, then takes out a dagger from her waist side, “Damned wench, your mouth sure is unyielding, since I can’t take your life right now, I’ll earn some extra takings first!”

She roughly drags over Consort Mi’s hand that’s tied behind her back, pulling out the little thumb, and was about to cut down at it. Consort Mi’s eyes finally shows panic, starting to struggle.

I sigh, accepting my fate, I open my eyes and loudly cry out, “Ah!”

The two people over there, simultaneously stop what they’re doing and looks over at me, I blink, innocently asking: “May I ask……what time is it right now?”

Zhao Lu narrows her eyes, “Eunuch Lan sure is in a good mood, sleeping so comfortably.”

I laugh, “No no, what is [Older] Sister doing, wanting to cut off her highness’ finger for fun?”

Zhao Lu sweetly smiles, yet her eyes are filled with cruelty, “Eunuch Lan sure is intelligent, you don’t like this highness very much either, right? How about giving you this finger as dinner later?”

“Very good, very good.” I heavily nod, “I indeed don’t like her, although pretty in appearance, that mouth is more poisonous than poison, that pretentious character aside, she is even highly opinionated, being fickle aside, she even has loose morals like water, forget marrying the younger brother, she even married the older brother.”

Consort Mi’s face grows increasingly darker, whilst Zhao Lu reveals a look of satisfaction.

I continue saying: “If she isn’t considered a highness, this oldie, would have long gotten rid of her, but the problem is, she’s a highness ah! Unlucky!” I spit out a sound of “pei”, “Body as fragile as a f*cking garlic, causing this oldie to not even dare to give her a kick, deeply afraid that she’ll be a goner with a little knock! Sister sure is a great person, once that knife of yours goes down, her life is also pretty much over, also considered venting out in my stead. Do continue Sister, do continue Sister, got to cut down neatly, must sever the flesh and bones in one cut,” I look eager, just missing some saliva, “Then ah, the blood will spray out onto Sister’s body like spring water, the dye looking more pretty than plum blossoms……then I’ll watch her slowly lose blood until she dies, that process, sure is a f*cking great feeling!”

After the two of them hear me say all this, their faces had turned completely pale, Consort Mi directs a hateful glare at me with trembling lips, whilst Zhao Lu had lost her reckless behaviour from before, putting away the knife and then pushes Consort Mi onto the ground, giving her a kick as she coldly says: “Damned wench, I’ll settle this with you later.” She then glances at me, “Eunuch Lan is an intelligent person, but intelligent people tend to have short lives.”

After saying that, she leaves, and those doors have once again been tightly shut. Consort Mi sounds a few coughs, taking in a deep breath as she curses: “Zhao Lu, you best not fall into my hands in future, if not, I will definitely make you regret treating me like this!”

I indifferently cast her a glance, “Having seen so many women ignorant of timing and situation, I sure haven’t seen a woman as ignorant as you, must you make her kill you for you to actually resign yourself?”

Consort Mi fiercely glares at me, “Who told you to interfere with someone else’s matters?! Even if I do die, it has nothing to do with you!”

I look at her in surprise, “I say, you don’t think I said all that to deliberately save you, do you? Ai-yo-wei, how wrongful ah!” I stretch out my neck towards the doors as I yell out: “This Sister, how wrongful! Don’t you misunderstand, my words just now were all of utmost sincerity, with not an ounce of pretence, are all words from the bottom of my f*cking heart ah! Don’t you think wrongly! Quickly come back, do what you should, no need to give me face!”

“An Ke Lan!” Consort Mi angrily shouts out: “Shut up right now!”

“Can you not give it a break?” I rest my back against a pillar as I lazily say: “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even be here right now, do you not even have the slightest idea of what’s right and wrong?”

“I……” Consort Mi gulps, then speaks with anger again: “Getting to the bottom of it all, if it isn’t all because of you?! Should you not have come to Yun Zhan, none of this would have happened! Nor would I have resorted to finding Chen Yao to kill you, nor would I have been abducted here by him!”

What? May I ask, is she just reaping what she sowed?

“I really don’t understand what is in that head of yours.” I lightly look at her and say: “You and He Lian Chen have exchanged vows of eternal loyalty, then under one imperial decree, you went and married his younger brother, in the end, you say he doesn’t love you but loves someone else, it’s all his wrong. You wedded the former crown prince, killed his concubine out of jealousy, the concubine’s younger sister has chased up to your doors for revenge, you say she’s ungrateful for ignoring your fostering grace, it’s all her wrong. You say I came to Yun Zhan and became He Lian Chen’s personal eunuch, I don’t deserve the nice treatment and doting from him, I viewed myself too highly, wanting to seduce He Lian Chen, you sent for someone to kill me but ended up getting abducted as well, it’s all my wrong.”

I shallowly hook up my thin lips, remaining calm and composed throughout this pressing matter, as I ask: “Why is it that when matters are spoken from your lips, everything seems to be so different? Could it be that in your eyes, everything you do is right, the ones that are wrong are always others?”

Consort Mi is rendered speechless by this question, in the end, her eyes actually turn red, “It’s you, it’s all because of you! If not for you, Lian would only marry me in the end! He’d have no other choice! But you came along, he actually looks at you so tenderly, he would only look at me like that in the past! He hated grapes since young, unable to see grapes in his sight, only because I like eating them, would he refrain from throwing away those grapes! But that day, he actually asked for people to send in grapes for you!” The Consort Mi right now, actually looks rather fragile, water-like eyes filled with tears as she says: “It’s because of you that Lian doesn’t want me! Why must you have appeared before him?!”

I lowly laugh, “Lin Mi Er, you really are selfish.”

I know selfishness is originally human nature, but I really haven’t seen someone as selfish, as self-centred as this, placing all the blame onto others so ignorantly, exacting revenge out of hate and disgust with such a peace of mind.

“Sel-……-fish?” Consort Mi’s lips trembles, “I too, only wish for him to dote on me well, treat me well, I acted foolishly in the past and had done him wrong, but I understand now, only he, is the one that truly treated me nice, I wish to spend my time with him well. Yet he says he doesn’t want me now, he doesn’t want me……” Speaking up to here, the tears comes pouring down like rain, so not pitiful.

I fall silent for a while, then quietly say: “Lin Mi Er, no one will stand there waiting for you forever.”

Just like how you threw He Lian Chen behind first and left him, he too, will not remain there forever, waiting for you to turn back. Every person has their own path, and that path will definitely split into several smaller paths.

Consort Mi quietly sobs, “I know, that’s why I hate it, I married Yu Xiang, yet Yu Xiang would rather touch a prostitute than touch me. I help Lian overthrow Yu Xiang, Lian did indeed marry me, but he no longer loves me anymore……I hate it, I hate it!”

“Ultimately speaking, the one you hate is yourself.” I laugh, “You hate the you right now, that’s why you’re so unwilling to let go of the past, insisting on hitting your head until it cracks and bleeds, insisting on letting yourself live amongst the pain.”

Consort Mi slowly raises her head, crying even more intensely.

I slightly lower my eyes as I lightly say: “If you’re not able to love and cherish yourself to this extent, then how are you to let others come and love you?”

Consort Mi cries to the point of starting to get hiccups, but no longer speaks up in retaliation.

I close my eyes, thinking I should take back my words of ‘she is selfish’, Consort Mi is not considered truly selfish, a truly selfish person would not torture themselves so foolishly, a truly selfish person should be like me –– rather have the harm inflicted on everyone else, than have harm inflicted on myself.



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  1. … That opening sequence. xD Hahahahahaha.

    Have to agree with An Ke Lan ~_~; This Consort Mi… if you’ve been taken hostage, be obedient like a hostage should be, they already dared to kidnap you, killing or torture isn’t very far above that line.

    Those lines of being selfish though. .. I have to admit I don’t have a good answer for that either. It makes sense but it sounds wrong at the same time. Especially like that An Ke Lan never bothers to justify herself, just dropping off those words of derision both at others and herself and letting it hang. It feels heavier than simply explaining the logic…

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  2. Ah Lan ah Ah Lan, I seriously f*cking love how you always goes deep and compare things to yourself. Understanding the things we have as human and how our emotions will riled up unwanted things. Thinking back you may say they are selfish but in reality no one is more selfish than you. Always watching from the sidelines yet you cannot do it for long. Torn between choices that you wish to not have while the past haunts you in the future making you feel more insecured. Tell me, if everybody was to become like you, knowing things full well but decided to see how things turn out, will that make this world a better place? No, wrong, you would only sneer at that idea. The blame lies on us as being human full of flaws. Regarding ourselves for being being high and mighty. Where feelings can change in a matter of second and trust and betrayal can happen next. Though this story is on the dark side, Ah Lan never fails to live up to my expectations for having some humour in it.

    Thanks for the chapter

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