执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 30


Chapter Thirty

The rumoured Ling Xian Er, rather than listening to rumours, better to meet in person, at a blooming age with delicately pretty looks, as well as, impulsive and brainless behaviour.

I just plainly cast her a glance, and then mind my own business as I play with the teacup, leaving Ling Zhi to shout: “Xian Er, have you forgotten to bring your eyes out with you today? Maid? Take a good look! This is the kingdom’s fifth princess! Aren’t you going to quickly offer Princess your apologies!” After scolding her, Ling Zhi apologetically turns to me, saying: “My younger sister is impulsive and reckless, may Princess not take it to heart.”

I think to myself, why should I take it to heart? Nothing but a young lass I’m not acquainted with, really not worth that much. I turn my head to look at Yuwen Rui, seriously asking, “Cousin.”

“En.” Yuwen Rui’s elongated eyes are half lowered, unable to see his emotions.

I stroke my own face, saying in puzzlement: “Do I really look like a maid?” This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.

Yuwen Rui faintly hooks up the corners of his lips, his eyes stirred with interest, “Very alike.”

I turn my head away, if it isn’t just looking a little plainer, looking unthreatening, I’m happy to look like a maid.

“Get rid of these two things.” Yuwen Rui flicks my double buns, “And perhaps you wouldn’t.”

Alright then, I admit, these two bun indeed makes me look extremely plain, but letting my hair flow down like Imperial Sister? Arms crossed, forget it, I’d rather continue being the maid I am.

“Gentleman, Xian Er was a little reckless just now, may Gentleman not be angered by it.” Ling Xian Er mumbles, eyes circulating around Yuwen Rui’s body, then suddenly looks at me, lips curling into a smile as she says: “Princess, I’m truly sorry, that was very blind of me just now, you’re the bigger person with a generous heart, please don’t take it to heart. I have long heard [Older] Sister speak of Gentleman having a cousin he dotes on, today I finally get to meet you. I originally thought princesses are all pretty and beautiful like deities, but did not think you would look so adorable, a mistake a mistake, definite a mistake.”

Hearing her say such a vast ocean of words so smoothly, with it not containing any special meaning, I can only presume it is all nothing but a vein standing out from her skin (speaking out of annoyance). I courteously smile at her, lowering my head to continue playing with the cup.

“Gentleman, is your injury alright?” Ling Xian Er asks with great concern.

Yuwen Rui plainly says: “It’s nothing.”

“Gentleman, I, I, it’s all my fault, had it not been for me, you wouldn’t have gotten injured.” Ling Xian Er’s voice sound so dejected, evidently regretful.

“Since you know you’re wrong, then avoid it by all means next time, if not, punishment by military laws.” Yuwen Rui always speaks like this, unable to decipher his emotion from his cold voice, but is able to make people involuntarily remember each and every word.

“Yes!” Lian Xian Er brightly responds, “Many thanks for Gentleman’s exempting grace!”

Yuwen Rui asks: “Where’s Ling Miao Er?”

“[Older] Sister Miao ah, hei-hei, Gentleman.” Ling Xian Er’s words are a little mischievous, “Sister Miao will be here soon, it’s been three months since Gentleman and her have seen each other, right? Now it’s finally time to resolve the bitterness of yearning.”

“Xian Er.” Ling Zhi speaks up with extreme unrest, “This isn’t the army, watch what you’re saying, don’t speak so disorderly.”

Ling Xian Er carelessly says: “What does it matter? Not like there’s any outsiders here. Princess is Gentleman’s younger sister, like we need to be afraid she would spill it to others.”

I raise my head, hearing this has aroused my interest, en, could it be that this Ling Miao Er and Yuwen Rui?

“Mu Yi.” Yuwen Rui suddenly speaks up, voice elegant and at peace.

Mu Yi says: “Gentleman.”

“I heard a few days ago, the servant taking care of the flowers in the garden had left?” Yuwen Rui’s Long and fine fox eyes are filled with gentleness.

Eh, gentleness, Yuwen Rui’s eyes contains gentleness?

Ah, what’s going on with him?

“Eh.” Mu Yi slightly pauses, then nods, saying: “Yes.”

Yuwen Rui’s thick brows slightly furrows together, “En?”

Mu Yi’s expression appears a little strange, immediately speaking again: “That person has ran into a problem at home, seeing how pitiful he is, I let him go back. All because this subordinate didn’t think it through well, may Gentleman cease your anger.”

Yuwen Rui raises his brows, “Do you perhaps know, those flowers are to be used on his majesty’s birthday in a few days, letting him go now, who is to take care of it?”

“This……” Mu Yi is troubled, speaking with difficulty: “This subordinate shall immediately go find someone!”

“Must find one who’s sharp and intelligent.” Yuwen Rui says.


“Oh, must also be trustable.” He once again adds.

“Yes, this subordinate shall go now.”

I don’t know why I find this communication a little strange, but seeing Yuwen Rui and Mu Yi’s expression looking so serious, I cannot see anything looking off.

Just as Mu Yi was about to withdraw, Ling Xian Er loudly yells, “Stop!”

Mu Yi turns his head, “Xian Er?”

Ling Xian Er pulls Mu Yi pack, then excitedly says to Yuwen Rui: “Gentleman, no need to find, I can do it ah!”

……bingo. I believe this is where it all felt strange.

Yuwen Rui plainly smiles, saying: “Xian Er’s meaning is?”

“I can help you take care of the flowers, Gentleman can rest assured, I will definitely do a good job of this!” Ling Xian Er was just missing the self-pat on her chest to show assurance, “Gentleman, just give me this chance to atone for my troubles.”

Yuwen Rui thinks about it for a bit, saying: “Xian Er, taking care of the flowers is too much of a waste of talents, Mu Yi, it’s best you-“

“Not a waste of talents, not a waste of talents, Gentleman, this is at my own accord, just let me do it.” Ling Xian Er hurriedly says.

“This……” Yuwen Rui finally compromises, “I shall trouble Xian Er then.”

Ling Xian Er happily smiles, “What trouble? Gentleman, I will definitely tend to them well, until its tall and strong.”

Yuwen Rui’s Long and fine eyes appears indifferent, “Ling Zhi, you take Ling Xian Er to the garden.”

Ling Zhi looks so done, “Yes, Gentleman.” She hurriedly drags Ling Xian Er out the doors, and then sounds of scolding can vaguely be heard.

I, who have witnessed the entire scene, can be said to be feeling extremely troubled, Yuwen Rui – this type of fox with a thousand years of cultivation, truly is, truly is……


I look towards Yuwen Rui, why, why are you giving me chestnuts [roasted in sand and brown sugar].

“Tell Xi Xi to bring some grapes back with you later.” Yuwen Rui acts like nothing had happened as he very casually says this.

I say: “Seventh Brother and Imperial Sister sent too much, there’s nowhere to put them in the palace.”

“Oh? Really?” His eyes makes a subtle movement as he asks this.


“Really no place for them?”

“So much, so much, no place for them.”

“Oh.” He narrows his fox eyes, refined and elegant as he says: “Then throw all of theirs away.”

“Now, you have place, right?”



At this time, Mu Yi softly sounds a few coughs, “Gentleman.”

Yuwen Rui leisurely plays with my hair, “En.”

“We also received news from General’s side, said they’ve already brought the person back into the Capital, will approximately arrive in seven days.”

“Father sure has calculated the days very well, in seven days, it’s just in time to attend his majesty’s birthday.” He seemingly jokes, yet there are no signs of joking in his eyes, “Be more vigilant in monitoring movements in the city over the next few days, understand?”

“This subordinate understands.”

“Leave now.”

After Mu Yi leaves, Yuwen Rui pinches my cheek, saying with a seeming smile: “What are you pulling a bun face for (puffed cheeks), hungry?”

I think, isn’t that exactly it, I’m hungry, unbelievably hungry, “En.”

He says: “I’ll have people cook something up.”

I push his hand away, “Imperial Sister said, to have a meal together tonight.”

An unclear shine sweeps past Yuwen Rui’s eyes, “So?”

“Cousin, I’ll visit you again next time.” I get up and head out, giving him the thumbs up, “In the books, it says, hero saving the beauty, is the way to go.”

Yuwen Rui’s elegantly refined face is abruptly infected with a smile, thin lips slightly spreads as he says: “Not happy?”

I inwardly roll my eyes at him, who isn’t happy? You’re  the one that’s not happy.

“Goodbye Cousin.”

On our way back, Xi Xi was still a little unwilling to go, eyes and brows expressing the joy of seeing her beloved, as I look from the left and right, I just find that this girl in love truly is out of her mind, out of her mind to the point she didn’t even realise there’s a pile of small leaves on her hair. I look at Xi Xi’s joyfulness and suddenly feel dull.

Open your eyes wide and take a look at this beautiful thing called love, how many young ladies’ hearts did it cast restlessness on throughout the days and nights, beautiful like blooming flowers in the early morning. Then would selectively neglect, so that all that comes is pain.

I chuckle, love, what kind of a thing is it considered.

Upon returning to the palace, the skies had suddenly turned dark, the grey sky heavily clouded, in the distant horizon it is still vaguely bright, gloomy thunder occasionally sounding. Xi Xi and I jog up to a pavilion, having just entered it, the rain sounds “ba-da-ba-da” as it thrashes down, not long after, several puddles forms on the ground.

Xi Xi furrows her fine brows, “Looks like it wouldn’t be stopping any time soon, Princess, you wait here, I’ll go find an umbrella.”

I nod, “En.”

Xi Xi covers her head with her sleeve as she runs out, her figure shrinking the further it goes, until out of sight. I sit on the stool and blank out, utterly bored, the thunder sounds “hong-hong” outside the pavilion, the rain sound widespread, yet I remain unmoving as I take it all in, entranced.

Roaring thunder, rain sound, such pleasant sounds.

I am an incurable person, infatuated with something that ordinary girls fears.

Someone walks over with an umbrella, I originally thought it was Xi Xi, only upon getting closer, do I realise that person is actually Yuwen Xiu, the one who I’ve not seen for a long while – Yuwen Xiu.

Yuwen Xiu walks over to my side with the smile of a pampered wealthy gentleman, making a move to pinch my nose as he says: “Little fool, are you touched? Your seventh brother has personally come to pick you up.”

I tilt my head, “Where’s Xi Xi?”

“Nanny Mo was looking for her, I just happened to be free, hence sacrificing myself to come for you.” Yuwen Xiu’s peach blossom eyes flashes, his pretty little face looking incredibly pleased with himself, “What, having not seen me for so long, miss me?”

Yuwen Xiu’s attitude towards me is no different than before, which also mean, Meng Shao Jue didn’t tell him what happened that night? I spread the corners of my lips and smile at him, “Seventh Brother, let me tell you something.”

Yuwen Xiu lazily says: “Tell me what?”

I make a gesture, signalling him to lower his head. Yuwen Xiu helplessly plays along with me, lowering his body to look at me, “Alright now, tell me, what is it?”

“Lean lean your ear.” These are words from childhood, meaning to lean your ear in towards me.

“So annoying.” He says it’s annoying, but his eyes flashes with doting love, “You can say it now, what is it?”

I tug his ear, softly saying: “I didn’t miss you.”

Yuwen Xiu’s captivating peach blossom eyes narrows, grabbing me by the waist and slightly raising me, “Didn’t miss me, really didn’t miss me?”

I seriously shake my head, “Didn’t miss you, really didn’t miss you.”

Yuwen Xiu’s arm that is around me shakes about, “Didn’t think you’d bite back at me.”

I look at the Yuwen Xiu before my eyes and suddenly start to fall into a trance, the thunder and rain sound surrounding us disappearing, the Yuwen Xiu before my eyes slowly shrinks into a little boy with powder-white and smooth-like-jade skin, arrogantly yelling at my younger self: “Didn’t? Didn’t so you bite back at me?”

“Seventh Brother.” I call out to him.

He took the time to raise his head, silver-grey eyes filled with laughter, “What, want to change your words?”

I say: “Seventh Brother very busy?”

Yuwen Xiu’s smile gathers in, followed with an expression of exhaustion, “If that isn’t it, the noted schedules in my book runs all the way to next year, busying me to death.”

I clutch onto his sleeve, seriously asking: “Seventh Brother likes them?”

“No.” Yuwen Xiu unexpectedly shakes his head, unable to tell truth or lie in his peach blossom eyes, “I don’t like any of them.”

I lower my eyes, “Seventh Brother, cold, let’s go back.”

Yuwen Xiu hoists me up, the cold like ice face rubbing against mine, “Little fool also knows it’s cold, let’s go~, Seventh Brother shall take you to light the furnace.”

I quietly rest against his chest, hearing him act casual in asking me, “Oh right, heard you went to see Eldest Brother today, how is the condition of Eldest Brother’s injury? Is he alright?”

“Alright.” I hear myself say, “Cousin is very well.”

I lazily narrow my eyes, the mountain village Yuwen Rui was ambushed in, those mountain bandits that doesn’t lack intelligence, harmoniously negotiating but then goes back on this and attempt to assassinate, the girl that looks extremely like me……

Or perhaps, this is only the start of your conflict?

I quietly think, these coming days, I’m afraid it won’t go peacefully.


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  1. Sigh.. watching everything from Ay eyes sure looked depressing… I mean, many of them thought that AY is harmless and ended up pouring their heart out to her…. and for her to know all of that by herself, knowing how their peaceful childhood is started to go awry and how inevitable for it to be so…. It sure pain me….

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  2. thanks—-!
    basically, i’m just internally screaming right now….is it ok for me to just repeat some of my words from some of my previous comments? lolol! the interaction between yuwen rui and ah lan is still rather ute, but there’s no shipoing them for me, i just like them as cousins…but then, yuwen xiu’s and ah lan’s interactions are interesting as well, but the other interactions in the series have been great too! meng shao jue though, he’s iffy. leaning to the dislike side for that one, lol! i’m rambling, but i’m being honest, hey! i still want to see that prince from the prologue! i will wait! author, please! i await!

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    1. I just feel sad. Seeing them peacefully enjoy their few last happiness before the storm come. I really love Yuwen Xiu and Ah lan cousin relationship. It seem like Ah lan is the only person that make him feel less stress and make him feel innocent and peace.


  3. Wait, did I miss the “the girl who looks extremely like me” part? Or is the author referring to a scene we’ll see soon. Um, sometimes I read very late at night and I might have missed a line or two. Thanks for translating all this, though, don’t be put off by my bad sleep habits!


    1. Nope, it was referred to the bandit accident, as to why our mighty YWR could get injurred. The bandit have a girl that looks loke AL at single glance, hence made YWR hestitated and lead to his injury.

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  4. Thanks for new chappy!!!!! Really love AL!! I’ve a feeling that all male lead that in love with her wants to kidnap her and take her for themselves. They won’t even take AL opinion, nope, they will go out of war for take her hands.

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  5. This novel have too many “hidden” meaning behind their words.. 😑really give me a headache sometimes, trying to catch up.. 😥
    Thanks for the chappies!!! 😍😍😍😍

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  6. Oh…. YWX so your now trying to take out YWR now that he’ll be a hindrance in your plans? Wuwuwuwu why cant they just return in the past where everything was so peaceful and lively. But now……. *cries* Even though they still dote on Ah Lan and pampers her but they still hurt her without them knowing at all. The past is what influence you and the future just holds untold stories yet to be discovered…

    Thanks for the chapter

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