执子之手,将子拖走: Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away Chapter 7


Chapter Seven

No one noticed the little movements of my foot.

Tripping people up is also a type of skill.

Fellow comrade San-er’s originally lively and nimble steps comes to a stop just like that, the fabric in hand was thrown to the side, and she too, could only blink her big, sparkling eyes after a moment of daze, looking towards the surprised Young Master, she holds back the pain as she prepares to stand, carrying aggrievement as she calls out: “Young, Young Master.”

A look of distress flashes past Young Master’s pretty face, but his deep eyes remains unfazed, he takes big strides to San-er’s side and helps up her staggering, slender figure, reprimanding her: “Who told you to be so reckless all the time?”

San-er pouts her lips, feeling a little wronged, yet her words carries a cutesy tone, “This servant only rushed over because I saw Young Master.”

Young Master helplessly smiles, “You reckless lass.”

The corners of my lips makes a twitch, God, the Korean drama evolved into a Qiong Yao (Chinese writer) drama.

San-er suddenly turns to look at me, looking hesitant.

And of course Young Master also turns to me, those long phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, releasing a menacing air.

“Young Master.” San-er tugs at his sleeve, politely saying: “It was this servant that had fallen on my own……”

Young Master slowly speaks, tone slightly raised, “En, is that so?”

I think to myself, comrade San-er, would you die if you don’t cause harm to others?

I pay no heed to their inquiring eyes, extending my arm to point at the fabric on the floor, saying: “Ah, the fabric.”

Those three words were said as flatly as an airport runway, sounding indescribably strange to the ears.

With my little reminder, San-er and Young Master finally remembers the innocent object, only seeing that top quality silk discarded on the ground, the snow white fabric already dotted with mud marks.

I once again speak: “The fabric’s dirty.”

San-er draws back her line of sight and meets eye with Young Master, showing an upset expression, “Young Master……”

Young Master comfortingly says: “It’s alright, go get another new one tomorrow.”

Only then does San-er smile again, sweetly saying: “Thank you Young Master.”

Young Master no longer looks at me again, helping San-er up as he asks: “Does it hurt?”

San-er deliberately acts like all is fine as she pushes off him, “It’s fine, Young Master needs not worry, this servant can get back alone.”

Deep inside, I applaud her, comrade San-er’s push tactic was performed with very good timing, according to the script, following this, would be Young Master taking pity on the beauty, escorting her to her room.

But Young Master actually played along with her words, saying: “That’s good then, you head back first.”

I was dumbstruck, what did he say?

Even I am this surprised, nevermind San-er, upon hearing this, her face immediately stiffens, showing an expression of disbelief. In the end, she forces herself to smile, “This servant shall head back first then, see you again Young Master.”

Young Master warmly smiles, “Be careful on your own.”

I really want to go and give Young Master a straight punch to the face: which scriptwriter had written up such a lead role like you who has no sense, to actually change the script yourself without permission?!

But all I did was quietly watch San-er unstably, slowly, gradually walk out of sight.

I raise my head to look at the skies, blankly saying: “Ah, it’s getting dark, I should return.” Having said that, I was ready to leave.

A pair of black boots with white soles appears before me, eyes travelling up, I see a body dressed in silver brocade robes and Young Master’s slightly evil expression.

I blankly look at him, asking, “Ah?”

Young Master’s thin lips makes a shallow curve, suddenly leaning in towards my face as he says: “I suddenly find that you’re not that much of a fool.”

Upon hearing this, I freeze for a minute, then simply and honestly smile, saying: “Young Master, this servant is no fool.”

As I had wished, I see Young Master’s face instantly turn cold, the corners of his eyes doubtfully twitching, he turns around and leaves, I can even seem to hear him constantly mutter to himself, “Illusion, illusion, it was indeed an illusion.”

Behind him, I shrug my shoulders, feelings very helpless inside ah.

This person, is indeed a strange living being, I had told the truth yet he still didn’t believe me.


I smile, tightly holding the fabric in hand as I step forward.

It’s much better this way, no?

I blankly look out the window in a daze, today’s weather is very good, there’s thunder, there’s strong winds and rain. Xiao Hei is nested in my arms in deep sleep, occasionally shaking its legs to prevent cramps.

Counting the days, it has already been half a month since coming out here, I’m guessing the people in the palace are already getting impatient. Sigh, could it be that you all really think my imperial father would make a big fuss to find me, or write on the imperial notice ‘our kingdom’s Fifth Princess has gone missing, delicately pretty in appearance, special features: paralysed face, foolish.’?

I can only say the imperial family has a reputation.

I am the insignificant fifth princess, one extra wouldn’t eat away their money, one less wouldn’t affect anyone’s meals. If I really have to say who would be worried about me, then it would only be Eldest Cousin.

The wind blows in from outside, and I, even more so miss his warm embrace, even though he is always scheming against me, but throughout these hungry and cold days, I have decided to forgive him for a day.

Someone opens the doors and enters, loudly saying: “Ah-Lan, it’s such a heavy rain outside ah.”

I look at her and nod, “Oh. Young Lady, you’re back.”

Ying Lu casually tosses her umbrella aside, patting away the rain droplets from her body as she walks over to me, “I heard you didn’t eat dinner?”

“En ah.” I weakly reply.

Ying Lu reaches over to stroke Xiao Hei’s smooth pig skin, “What’s wrong, not feeling well?”

I felt a little wronged, “Young Lady, let me tell you.”

Ying Lu’s face shows a ‘speak, I’ll avenge you’ expression.

I continue to feel very wronged as I say: “This evening……”

“What about this evening?” Ying Lu furrows her brows.

I glance at her, slowly saying: “This evening there was no pork.”

Ying Lu was instantly dumbstruck, followed by a very Ah-Lan “ah” sound.

I’m very upset, “This evening’s dishes had no pork.” I had no appetite to eat.

Ying Lu twitches the corners of her lips, “Is that it?”

“That’s it.” I lower my head to see the awakened Xiao Hei, en, it had woken up when I mentioned pork.

“Ah-Lan.” Ying Lu places a hand on her forehead, “You should be called No Meat No Happiness.”

I even more so miss Eldest Cousin, he would always pinch my cheeks, seemingly doting, but in reality, hold bad intentions, as he calls me, “Happy Meat……”

……Cousin Ah-Rui, I think of you once there’s no pork.

“You take a trip to the kitchen.” Ying Lu pulls up Xiao Hei’s trotter to tease it.

I tug at its ears, “What for?”

“Just say I didn’t eat enough tonight, cook me some meat.”

I’m a little touched, “Young Lady.”


“God will bless you with meat to eat for life.”

……Ying Lu rolls her eyes at me.

I smile at Xiao Hei after stepping out, mouthing two words at it, Xiao Hei widens its expressionless eyes, pig legs retreating retreating retreating.

“Xiao Hei, what’s wrong?” Ying Lu asks in puzzlement.

I hook up a smile, “Perhaps it also wants to eat……meat.”

Seeing Xiao Hei’s look of horror, my heart felt at ease, en-heng, perhaps it’s a psychic pig that travelled from a different world.

I hold the beautiful round umbrella as I stroll amongst the thunder and rain, the sound of thunder is my accompaniment, the lightning my stage light, the dark night my backdrop.

To speak more artistically, this is an unique solo stage drama.

And then……an unfamiliar supporting role enters the stage.

“Hey hey hey, that maid over there, come over to me.”

I turn and head towards the voice, seeing that young woman in lilac clothing, “Ah?”

The young woman in lilac carries an umbrella in hand, clothes slightly soaked, “How do I get to the Mu Courtyard?”

Out of habit, I think for a minute, just as I was about to speak, she impatiently interrupts me, “Are you a fool? Speak if you know, if not, then don’t pretend to know, young lady – I – don’t have the time to waste on you.”

I cheerfully smile, saying: “Young Lady, you turn left, then walk straight, then turn left, then turn right, walk straight, finally turn right, turn right on the left left, and you’re there.”

The young woman in lilac is somewhat dumbstruck having heard that, “Why are you speaking so fast for, say it again.”

I obediently speak a breath slower, “You turn left, then walk straight, then turn left, then turn right, walk straight, finally turn right, turn right on the left left, and you’re there.”

The young woman in lilac repeats, “Turn left, walk straight, turn right on the left”

“Young Lady,” I kindly remind, “It’s turn left, then walk straight, then turn left, then turn right, walk straight, finally turn right, turn right on the left left.”

“I know I know.” The young woman in lilac turns around and heads off with her umbrella, I can vaguely hear her muttering about something left something right.

I withdraw my line of sight and leisurely head towards the kitchen, who knows where ‘turn left, then walk straight, then turn left, then turn right, walk straight, finally turn right, turn right on the left left’ will lead you to, I only know that the teacher had once taught me, never ever address someone as ‘hey’.

On a morning three days after, I was very focused on eating the minced pork congee with preserved egg in my bowl, one mouthful after another.

“Ah-Lan.” Young Master calls out from in front of me.

I dazedly raise my head, “Ah?”

Young Master purses his pretty thin lips, “Is the congee good?”

……dare I ask whether he had come running over here so early in the morning, staring at me for ten minutes straight, just to know if the congee today is good?

I did not answer, directly presenting a bowl of congee in front of him, “Young Master, eat.”

Young Master’s lips lightly curls up, his handsome features appearing more dazzling.

I lower my head to continue eating, in my eyes, minced pork congee with preserved egg is much more prettier than him.

Young Master speaks up again: “A couple of nights ago, when it was raining, the Li family’s young lady got lost within the estate, on her way back even her umbrella had broken, they say that to this day, she is still ill from it.”

I eat my congee, my action making a slight pause, eh, rainy day, Li family’s young lady.

I continue to eat my congee, nothing to do with me.

“Ah-Lan, how about coming to my courtyard.” Young Master slowly says with his deeply attractive voice.

I swallow down a small piece of preserved egg, “Young Master, this servant is Young Lady’s courtyard’s.”

Young Master raises his brows, “You were originally meant to be sent into my courtyard.”

I really want to kick him, was it not because he despised me for being a fool?

“Young Master, this servant is under Young Lady.” I am very loyal ah, I am.

Young Master’s face reveals a touch of an evil smile, “You don’t want to come?”

I lick the spoon, “This servant likes serving Young Lady.”

Young Master sweetly smiles, “As of recent, we should re-govern the people within the estate.”

I sensitively detect danger.

“For example, some people drag it on until the sun has risen up to three bamboo poles high before getting up (approximately 8am-9am).” Young Master’s phoenix eyes brightly shines.

I sink into silence.

“For example, some people never does any work.” Young Master’s eyes shine even brighter.

I continue to maintain my silence.

“Another example……” Young Master’s eyes lightly sweep over me, “Some people eat more meat than their master.”

“……Young Master.”

“En?” Young Master’s smile looks kind and friendly, like the first melting of winter snow.

I finish the last mouthful of congee, wiping my mouth clean, and seriously ask, “Going to your courtyard, can this servant become the ‘some people’ you speak of?”

Young Master unconsciously strokes his slender finger across the table, long phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, meaningfully smiling, “Of course you can.”

And so, I changed unit just like that.

En, I shake my head.

Everything is indeed out of my expectation.


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  1. I seriously celebrate the MC soo much… her character and acting are just wow!
    Im pretty interested in the male lead, i mean if the female lead has such a strange character how will the male be?

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  2. I just love this novel!! love love it♥♥♥ Ah-lan is just so damn fascinating, her thoughts, way of doing things just makes me feel thrilled! And her relation with the young master feels like it’s gonna be damn interesting! So thank you a lot for your translation♥

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  3. I’m really curious about that cousin of hers!
    When will he find her?! Maybe that young master will take her out to a place with lots of scions and she will be found?
    I want to see everything burn!!! Buahahaha!!!!
    Wonder what is that young master’s intention?
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Tsk. I’m not really fond of this young master. Changing his “interest” as soon as he finds something new/interesting. Not only that but he keeps looking down on her. And I’m just like, “You rude little….”
    Many thanks!

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  5. The MC is so funny and I really enjoyed her everyday life. I just hope it’s not too heavy drama waiting for me like “Jianghu road is curved – novel”… Otherwise I must feel so pain.

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