江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 53

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)



Idiot and Big Idiot

Seven days have passed, and it is finally the day Sect Leader and Nan Yi come out from seclusion.

Only need to wait for several hours, then the two most legendary and glorious figures in the history of Bai Yue Sect will appear at the same time, everyone in the sect is extremely excited for this moment.

In this air of joy and harmony, Pang Wan secretly sneaks out.

She squats on a huge rock at the cliff of the mountain, breathing fresh air.

These past few days, the pain of her heart meridian has grown stronger, Ah Zhuo left her many medicine, she has drank so much decoction to the point of having no space in her stomach for food, yet these medicine still did not improve her situation.

Perhaps she needs to wait until all the inner energy is complete depleted, before she can gradually recover.

She stares at the white clouds below the mountain top and falls into a daze.

This is the scene Gu Xi Ju sees when he came to the cliff.

A young lady in red squatting on the dark black rock, her brows like strokes in ink paintings, her shining pearl eyes have lost their focus, her dark-cloud-like beautiful hair flies in the wind, looking at her from afar, there is unexpectedly a feeling that she is not from the world.

“Sheng Gu is indeed in a good mood.” He looks at her, slowly smiling.

He intentionally kept his tone very very light, but he is completely confident, the young lady would immediately turn back, because it is impossible for her to forget his voice in her entire life.

As expected, the young lady quickly turns back her head, in her eyes there is initially shock and fear, before boundless anger that could cover the whole sky soars up.

Just like a puppet whose strings have all been cut, regaining liveliness from revenge.

Such a great expression in her eyes, so great.

Gu Xi Ju gazes at her, almost about to laugh out loud.

“What are you here for?” Pang Wan tightly holds onto the golden whip in hand, lifting her chin at him.

“Came to see you.” Gu Xi Ju calmly walks toward her, an irresistibly gentle smile hangs on his face, as if the person standing on the rock is not his opponent who desires to take his life, but a lover who has been waiting for him for years.

“The thickness of the skin on Supreme Chief’s face, no one can ever possibly exceed.” Pang Wan reveals a charming smile, her steps have already quietly changed direction —— she cannot start conflict with him directly, she will not win, Sect Leader is not yet out of seclusion, which means she even more so, cannot afford to lose.

Gu Xi Ju sees through her plan at one glance.

“I really just came here to see you.” He gently looks at her, stopping in his steps, “Be careful of the cliff behind you, falling down from there will make you lose your life.”

Pang Wan senses extreme sarcasm, almost wanting to laugh out loud.

——do you care? You do not care about my life at all!

“Your hypocrisy disgusts me!” She throws him a loathful glance.

Gu Xi Ju still continues to smile like spring breeze, not even showing any anger, he looks at her, like an owner looking at his own spoilt pet, his eyes filled with doting love and patience.

“Wan Wan, you grew up.”

His voice like a crisply sweet clear wine, his cold and firm outline suddenly becomes very soft and gentle.

“You have learnt to deceive, learnt to seduce, also learnt how to frame someone.” He uses a very pleasant tone, listing each of Pang Wan’s crime, “I am so happy for you.”

Pang Wan widens her eyes, looks at him with great disbelief.

“In the past, I have truly underestimated you.” He smiles and shakes his head, “You are far more intelligent than I had thought, also far more interesting.”

Pang Wan face turns cold and does not answer him.

“I know, the poison was arranged by you, there actually isn’t a plague, right?” Gu Xi Ju quietly gazes at her, “I am just curious, what method did you use to put the poison in effect? Food and water are checked by a designated person every day, exactly where did this poison come from?”

Upon hearing this, Pang Wan finally laughs.

“There are still many things like this that you don’t know of.” She meaningfully casts a glance at him, “To go against the Bai Yue Sect’s demoness, you’d better grow one hundred and twenty more hearts.”

Gu Xi Ju suddenly laughs out loud.

“Wan Wan, did you know? Every time you pretend to be powerful, it makes me find it really interesting.” He laughs to the extent of almost having tears flow down from his eyes.

“You will never know, how much I was unwilling to sacrifice you back then.” He looks at her, sighing melancholically.

This sentence almost poked the most painful spot in Pang Wan’s heart, she narrows her eyes, almost going to swing her whip forwards.

——no, no, I need to remain calm.

She takes a deep breath, exposing a shallow smile at the corners of her lips, “Really? But in the end you still did it, no matter how interesting I am, it can’t be compared to how interesting your ambition is. ”

Pia Pia Pia!

Gu Xi Ju raises his hands, giving her three loud applause.

“You truly grew up, my little girl.” He intimately calls her, as if he’s her most trusted and respected elder.

“That’s right, so I should be grateful to you.” Pang Wan remains calm.

Gu Xi Ju nods to agree, unexpectedly just accepting her “gratitude” like this.

Looking at him, Pang Wan feels ridiculous and sorrowful in her heart, why would she be blinded by this kind of a person back then?

“So you are still unwilling to tell me, what method you used to poison the people?” His eyes continues to brightly shine at her.

However Pang Wan has already grown tired of seeing his acting, she does not even want to spare him a glance anymore.

“In your dreams.”

She leaves three words, jumps away from the cliff, and marches off.

Gu Xi Ju stares at her figure afar, his shoulders are slightly shaking, practially unnoticeable.

He is laughing, uncontrollably laughing.

She hates him so much, her hatred to him has infused her bones, this makes him very happy.

Hate a little deeper, hate a little bit more, it would be best to hate him to the point of wanting to pull out his muscles, rip off his skin, drink his blood, eat his flesh, having his bones completely carved in her heart like unremovable marks.

Behind his back, in his hand that is half curled into a fist,there is a dead butterfly that looks like a dead leaves, its golden wings shivering in the wind, silently.


Zuo Huai An and Nan Yi came out of seclusion earlier than planned, when Pang Wan returns to the sect from the cliff, the first thing she sees is the two people sitting high up in the court.

“Uncle Zuo! Senior Brother!” She calls out overflowed with joy, immediately running to the two.

Yet she slows down when she’s near the court.

Zuo Huai An and Nan Yi have two many people in front of him, some reporting sect news, some expressing concern for their health, crowded from shoulders to shoulders, she cannot even squeeze in.

After thinking about it, she just stands outside and looks at the two people from afar.

Zuo Huai An is still how he used to look, dignified and powerful, full of spirit.

Nan Yi has already returned to the look of a beautiful young man in oil paintings, dressed in black, bright red earring, under the sunshine his face is extraordinarily handsome.

Pang Wan looks at the two people whose appearance and aura are both exceptionally outstanding, her heart feels a little sad, but also somewhat proud.

This is my family, we are together, she is very pleased in her heart.

Collective consciousness is a very interesting thing.

Zuo Huai An finishes listening to Shi Jue Ming’s report, and lifts his head to see Pang Wan dressed in red standing outside the crowd, he calls out loud and clear: “Wan Wan!”

Only then did Pang Wan goes through the crowd and runs to him.

“You have done well.” He caresses her head, his eyes extremely lovingly, “It is so fortunate that we had you for these days.”

Pang Wan blinks, gently sounding an “en”.

“Have Sect leader and Young Master’s skills reached a new breakthrough?” This is her most concerned question right now, “Gu Xi Ju’s willy heart has not died, his people could come back anytime.”

“With your Brother Nan Yi here, there’s no need to worry about all this.” Zuo Huai An laughs loudly, patting the shoulder of the person besides him.

Pang Wan lifts up her head and looks at Nan Yi.

Yet she sees him tightly pressing his lips, lightly frowning, as if he is deeply thinking about something.

Under Zuo Huai An’s order, everyone quickly returns to his or her working position, Sect Leader goes with Shi Jue Ming to handle the countless sect tasks the have piled up into a mountain, only Pang Wan and Nai Yi are left in the court.

Nan Yi is still putting on his straight face, not showing any emotions.

In this moment freezing wind blows and tree leaves fall, Pang Wan thinks, could it be that he knows that I have seen him turning into the Blood Tyrant? So now he plans to kill me?

As she thinks, her feet unconsciously steps back a little.

This little move was undoubtedly noticed by Nan Yi, all that can be seen is his forehead furrowing, as he turns to look at her.

“Come here.” He throws her a glance.

Pang Wan could only force herself to walk to him.

A stripe of freezing light shines past Nan Yi’s eyes, he stares at her, raising his right hand high.

“Senior Brother, don’t beat me!” Pang Wan immediately covers her cheeks.

The big hand stops in the air, Nan Yi clearly freezes.

“Give me your hand.” He forcefully calms down his anger, reaching out a hand to her.

Pang Wan doesn’t know what he wants to do, so could only tremble while reaching her five fingers out to him.

“Why is your pulse so strange?” Nan Yi holds onto her wrist and murmurs, his face is full of confusion, “I have never seen this kind of pulse.”

——so he actually wanted to read her pulse, only then did Pang Wan release her breath.

“Is it because of forcefully injecting thirty years of inner energy, so it is temporarily messed up?” She tilts her head and thinks, diagnosing her own symptoms.

“You still dare to mention this!”

It’s fine if she didn’t mention it, once she mentions it, Nan Yi’s whole face of anger is almost about to explode, he suddenly throws off her hand, his slap about to land.

However, in the end, his hand stops half way in the air.

“You will definitely anger me to death one day.” He stares at her, clenching his teeth, the veins on his forehead throbbing, “Should you dare do this kind of foolish suicidal thing next time, without waiting for you to say anything, I will clutch you to death first, did you hear that?!”

Pang Wan feels terribly wronged by his threats and anger, she lowers her head and does not talk.

Seeing her trembling like a newborn bird, the anger on Nan Yi’s face finally calms a little.

“……you have worked hard.” He says these four words out in a husky voice.

It has been so many years since they were young, other than chasing and beating, satirizing and despising, Nan Yi has never said any comforting words to her.

This is the first time in sixteen years.

Pang Wan blinks her eyes, and then her tears fall down in big drops.

Since returning to Bai Yue sect, she has never exposed any weakness to other people, she is decisive and determined, brave and ostentatious, performing every act like how an unorthodox sect’s Sheng Gu should, facing strong enemies, she was not even afraid——because she truly had no time to be afraid.

Right now, hearing Nan Yi’s words, the intentionally ignored sourness in her heart, comes out rapidly like bubbles popping up in boiling water.

Not knowing what to say, she just stands there and wipes off tears with the back of her hands.

But the tears are like a stream of unending lively spring, cannot be fully wiped away no matter how she tries.

“Okay, don’t cry anymore!”

Seeing the young lady’s white clean cheeks rubbed red, Nan Yi truly cannot stand watching on any more, pulling her fingers away to keep her from messily wiping her face.

Pang Wan’s two eyes are as red as a jade rabbit’s, she tightly bites on her lips.

Nan Yi then tries to move her teeth.

Pang Wan is mad, reaching out her fists to beat him, yet Nan Yi’s a step faster, covering her weapons into his hands.

“The bitterness in your heart, I know it all.” He says in a low voice, “You just want to take revenge in front of his face, isn’t that right?”

Pang Wan pauses.

She didn’t think Nan Yi knows her this well.

Yes, she originally didn’t need to personally take charge in the battlefield, even though the powerful effect of doing so is undoubtedly better, when making this decision back then, she did carry some private wishes —— she wants to walk in front of Gu Xi Ju, give him a loud and clear slap, for this, she is willing to lose ten years of life, unhesitatingly.

“Now you have taken revenge, are you happy?” Nan Yi stares at her being in a daze, sighing, “Is it worth it?”

Pang Wan sniffles, indignantly vaguely murmurs, “Haven’t you also gotten to such a state because of Mei Wu, is it worth it?”

Nan Yi is rendered speechless.

These two senior brother and junior sister who have greatly suffered, looks into each other’s eyes, and actually couldn’t hold back from laughing at the same time.

“Idiot.” Nan Yi taps her forehead.

“Big idiot.” He then he pats his own chest.

Pang Wan smiles and buries her face into his embrace, releasing a long breath: “It’s fine now, you two finally came out, I finally don’t need to be afraid anymore.”

Seeing that both Sect Leader and Nan Yi are completely alright,and Nan Yi’s skills have also clearly grown abundantly, the big stone in her heart finally falls to the ground at this moment.

Nan Yi smiles, then pulls out a long sword from his back.

“Don’t be afraid, Father has already officially passed the Flying Eagle Sword to me.”

Translator’s Note: Hello~everyone~ So sorry for the long wait. School is starting in where I live…crycrycry..life is going to get intense; in the chapters of the next several weeks, Wan Wan’s story is also going to get intense!! So get ready for it~                       —– Love, Annie

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