江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 50

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)

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Even Though We Meet Again, I Don’t Know You

“Zhang Xiu Zhu, my old defeated opponent, have you forgotten this great-aunt of yours already?”

Pang Wan looks at Zhang Xiu Zhu’s sallow face, eyes coated with cunningness.

Zhang Xiu Zhu dares not to rashly speak, subconsciously looking over to the canopy located on high ground.

“You realized you are not capable anymore, so now want to find someone for help.”

Pang Wan casts a glance at him, her hand rises and the golden whip lashing out, quickly cutting the red string by his waist like a blade, and the Moonfall Sword crashes against the ground.

“You’re actually still using this piece of useless iron,” She sounds a mocking laugh, utterly merciless, “Last time you were beaten by me to the point of wanting to sneakily use the dagger in your sleeve, what, have you not learnt your lesson yet?!”

Zhang Xiu Zhu is both shocked and embarrassed, but dares not to rashly make a move, and can only face her with angry eyes —— this lady’s capability, he has experienced before, going against her, he will definitely have no chance of winning.

Moreover, the one who should be speaking up the most, just isn’t stepping out in this moment.

Everyone who had been observing the battle issues chirping sounds of discussions.

This young lady who suddenly descended here, holds a very unfathomable attitude, seeming to want to turn the situation around.

“Such ridiculous courage! You actually dare to show yourself for the unorthodox sect’s sake?!”

The very first to react is He Shan Nai, he flies forward and leaps in front of the horse, directly gazing at Pang Wan with monstrous rage: “What are you to the evil sect?!”

The Red Hare snorts, disdainfully swishing its tail.

Pang Wan looks down at him, coldly raising the corners of her lips.

“Me?” Sweeping a glance around the entire audience, her eyes filled with a chilling yet arrogant light, “I am the one you will all be kneeling down before and kowtowing for mercy.”

“She is Bai Yue Sheng Gu!”

Someone amongst the crowd exclaims aloud.

——mercilessly venomous and brutal in style, with martial arts that have reached a spiritual level, rumoured to extremely love fresh blood, trained in martial arts since the age of six, killing people at the age of eight, skinned her first tiger skin at the age of nine, already taken several hundreds of people’s heads before the age of sixteen, she is definitely the one who causes those in the Jiang Hu to tremble in fear at the sound of her name, Bai Yue Sheng Gu!

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Pang Wan gradually loosens up her brows.

“That’s right, I’m addicted to blood, in particularly fond of the steaming hot blood of passionate individuals from famed righteous sects.”

Lifting her eyelids to look towards everyone, the corners of her eyes looking slightly playful, the enchanting charms on her face circulating.

“What, is there anyone willing to send themselves forward for me to take a bite?” She sticks out her tongue and does a licking motion, teeth like white shells, lips like cherry, a little tongue like lilac, such sight stirring the minds of the people, “Come ah, I will be sure to let you enjoy the bliss.”

The last line is spoken with a thick sense of spring air, sweet and gentle, the implications in the young lady’s eyes were tempting, cheeks like the first sighting of rosy clouds at dawn, just like a tender juicy peach waiting for someone to come pick it.

Gu-du”, several young lads who lack conviction gulps down right there and then.

“So it is the great Sheng Gu.”

The cyan canopy which had remained silent all along is suddenly opened, and a purple figure slowly walks out.

“I’ve heard Bai Yue Sheng Gu had gone missing for over half a year, didn’t think I am still able to meet you here today.”

Gu Xi Ju gazes at the young lady on horseback, raising his brows.

An almost undetectable empty smile hangs at the corners of his lips.

Pang Wan turns her head.

“You are the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin?” Eyes like willow leaves curves, “It is you who plotted to attack our divine Bai Yue Sect?”

A haughty attitude, a contemptuous tone, like strangers who have just met.

And so the smile gradually settles in, as though freezing into a thin layer of frost, solidifying itself on that man’s lips.

“It is I.”

Gu Xi Ju gazes at her, eyes quiet and peaceful, he plays with the black fox embroidered border of his cuffs, voice warm like spring.

He does not show any signs of anger, but Bai Xiao Sheng inside the canopy suddenly feels a frosty air pass through the curtains, pricking his hands and feet in an ice cold layer —— how come, he would suddenly feel cold?

“Supreme Chief of Wu Lin, who do you think you are?” Pang Wan raises her slightly upturned chin, “Do we fight just because you say so? How has our Bai Yue Sect provoked you? What reason do you have? Go ahead and say it for us all to hear?”

Seeing her act so insolently, everyone could not help but to take a breath.

However, Gu Xi Ju is not angered and instead laughs.

He has a very nice looking face, five features looking just like they were carved on, when not smiling, he appears stern and dominant, but laughing like this now, he appears exceptionally lively and handsome.

“Bai Yue Sect has always committed many acts of evil, provoking the heroes of the Jiang Hu time and time again, you lot killed the sect leaders of the Kong Dong, Qing Cheng, E Mei, these three sects, and even hung their heads on the main gates, say, is this reason wrong in any way?”

He unhurriedly says.


The young lady sounds a scoff from her nose.

“We have indeed killed them, but does the amount of disciples from our Bai Yue who’ve died under the hands of these three sects, amount to any less than hundreds of thousands?” Her eyes narrows, face looking just like the frosted spring under the ice-capped mountain, “Should you wish to take revenge, then go ahead and take us on one on one, on what grounds, gives you the right to call upon other sects to join in on the fun?”

“Big bullying small, more bullying little! Have no chance of winning one on one, thus calling upon other groups to join the fight?” She looks around the area, sarcastically remarking, “And you still call yourself a hero! Not even afraid of others mocking you!”

A trace of laughter sweeps past Gu Xi Ju’s eyes, fleeting.

“A one on one battle is nothing, it is only unfortunate your sect leader lost his mind, actually assassinating Fairy Sang Chan in public at the Grand Wu Lin Assembly, say, is this not deliberately provoking the Jiang Hu, is this not asking to go against the entire Wu Lin?”

He uses a dignified yet pained tone, grandly telling a lie.

“The sons and daughters of our Jiang Hu may be kind-hearted, but will definitely not allow Bai Yue Sect to provoke and insult us time and time again! Every injustice has its perpetrator, how could you Bai Yue Sect possibly treat such an innocent and weak woman so heartlessly? To indiscriminatingly kill the innocent like this, should revenge not be taken now, until when shall we wait for?!”

His eyes does not leave Pang Wan, as though wanting to stab those two eyes of blades directly into her heart.

“Until when shall we wait for?!”

“Until when shall we wait for?!”

That imposing voice echoes across the valley, causing the crowd to instantly grow enthusiastic, sounding a buzz as they chime in.

Pang Wan looks at him, concealing her feelings as they fall into deadlock.

“How do you all know, the one dancing that day is Sang Chan herself?”

“How do you all also know, that scene of assassination isn’t a meticulously plotted trap?”

She looks into the crowd, a shadow rises and falls as it rolls around within her glittering pupils.

Gu Xi Ju deeply gazes at her.

“Because I have a witness.”

An almost undetectable sigh is sounded, he leisurely speaks up, eyes coated with a look of pity that only she will understand.


He claps.

Ding-ling ding-ling, amongst the heart moving sound of a golden bell, a delicate woman slowly walks out from the canopy. Clad in light white clothing, as though her body is coated in mist, just like a fairy descended to the mortal world.

“The matter of Bai Yue Sect’s sect leader Zuo Huai An assassinating me, is absolutely true.”

The woman’s elegant voice is just like a singing oriole, all that can be seen is her jade hand like a freshly peeled water chestnut reach up, gently taking off the veil from her cheek, revealing a clear and perfect face.

“There is the arrow wound on my shoulder as evidence.”

She gracefully open the left side of her garment, revealing a small section of that snow white, rounded shoulder, on it was shockingly, a pink scar.

“To think that I, Sang Chan having walked the Jiang Hu for ten years, and have always gone without any animosity against the Bai Yue Sect, yet had unfortunately suffered this unexpected disaster.” The woman sighs, eyes gradually turning misty, like rain hitting lotus leaves, like a thin layer of mist covering the solitary mountain, revealing an indescribable desolation, “Fortunately, Supreme Chief had rescued me in time, ai~, the first to bear the brunt is I, who knows who it will be next?”

A peerless beauty of a generation putting on the act of a victim, a simple act stirring the weight of thousands, capturing the hearts of all heroes present like a breeze.


“Venomous Bai Yue Sect!”

“Kill these rogues!”

Sounds of scolding and cursing instantly shoot up the sky.

Gu Xi Ju quietly watches Pang Wan, as though watching a lame joke.

You are still, too inexperienced.

Seeing the scene before her, the corners of Pang Wan’s lips stiffens, expression seeming to look somewhat forced.

“Lady, considering that you are still young, unable to tell right from wrong, I advise you to surrender the whereabouts of your sect leader, flee from darkness for the light, perhaps then, you are still able to spare yourself from death.”

Gu Xi Ju looks at her with gentle elegance, using a faultless attitude to lure her in, to trick her, as though victory is in grasp.

——so what if they have a Sheng Gu that can fight? With just one wave of his hand, ten Sheng Gus can turn into ashes within an instant.

Pang Wan quietly looks at him.

Then, the corners of her lips suddenly bloom into a stunning smile, that smile spreads bigger and bigger, like a huge camellia flower in full bloom.

You think, you won?

No, you are far from it.

All that can be seen is her taking out an antler flute from her chest, deeply inhaling, before positioning it by her lips.

A deep and loud flute sound pierces through the air.

The sound of “xi-xi-suo-suo” is suddenly heard across the grassland, it was but only for a moment, and the entire mountain area was surrounded by the sudden appearance of troops. This group of well-trained soldiers amount to at least several thousands, a sea of people completely surrounding this small hill, densely packed like smoke, all came surging in unexpectedly.

“Who dares to act impudently in Prince of Guang Ling’s territory?”

The leading general straddles the stallion, a majestic shout swallowing up the mountains and rivers.

“Prince of Guang Ling has given orders, if anyone acts rashly on Cloud-Rising Mountain, they are to be immediately executed on the spot, all killed, none pardoned!”

The soldiers all dressed in armour, all with bows and arrows in hand, the arrowhead densely coated with poison are aimed towards the Jiang Hu people on the scene, arrows on the bows, ready to shoot.

“All killed, none pardoned!”

“All killed, none pardoned!”

The general’s voice echoes without stop, the Jiang Hu people are shocked into a state of loss due to this sudden great turnaround, all exchanging looks with one another.


Pang Wan lowers down the antler flute and laughs towards the sky.

She sweeps a glance at the crowed thrown into panic, eyes gradually turning bloodshot, as though falling into a demonic spirit, fierce and savage.

“Gu Xi Ju! You still wish to fight me?” She loudly shouts out, “Don’t forget, blades and swords have no eyes! Even if you manage to escape over thousands of poisonous arrows alone, what about those heroes of the Jiang Hu? Can they escape it?”

“Whoever wishes to die here today, quickly make your move!” She once again laughs out loud, extremely arrogant, “Drag all these people down to hell to cushion the fall, King Yan (King of Hell) will also be ecstatic!”

Everyone sinks into silence.

Jiang Hu does not make requests to the imperial court, the imperial court pays no attention to the Jiang Hu, this is the silent rule that have been set in place for thousands of years, don’t know what kind of means this Bai Yue Sheng Gu had taken to, to actually be able to move the lord of the south, Prince of Guang Ling to provide reinforcement?

Master Zhi Kong looks at Gu Xi Ju, then silently withdraws towards the mountains in slow steps.

“Amitabha, this monk advises benefactor to lay down your obsession as soon as possible, the sea of bitterness has no boundaries, only by turning back will you reach the shore ah.”

He chose the safest corner, speaking the usual words to conclude this, to show a noble demeanour.

With victory in sight, He Shan Nai, is just unwilling to resign at heart, sneering as he looks towards Pang Wan: “And here I was wondering what capability you had, turns out you cannot handle this alone, and went finding a man to rely on! Bai Yue Sheng Gu, is merely mediocre!”

A frosty lightly quickly flashes by the young lady’s eyes.

With a sound of “pa”, everyone had not even manage to catch a clear look of her actions, and a bright red hole had already split open from the corner of He Shan Nai’s lips.

“Wu!” Blood gushes out, he was pained to death as he covers his mouth.

“Yes, I am relying on a man, so what?”

Pang Wan retrieves her whip as she stands tall on the horse, face filled with a charming smile, her back very straight: “Are you envious? Are you jealous? I’m capable of having Prince of Guang Ling to send troops, if it were you, this old vegetable that should be crawling into your grave already, even if you exhaust all your skills, don’t know if he’ll be willing to even cast you a glance! You, a foulmouthed, old bag of bones, what right do you have to speak up here?!”

Red clothing fluttering in the wind, she exhausts all her efforts into laughing with ridicule, already become arrogant and domineering, not caring for the worldly people.

The disciples of Kun Lun Sect were just about to make a move, but hears a sound of calm shouting: “Enough!”

Gu Xi Ju stands before the cyan canopy, looking at the person on the horse from a distant, eyes full of wind-like knives and frost-like swords.

“Since the opponent has broken the rules of Jiang Hu today, bringing in the imperial court, this matter of wiping out Bai Yue Sect, shall be carried out on another good day.”

He waves his hand at the people below his seat, signalling them to prepare to retreat.

On one hand, giving everyone who is already panicking at heart a retreat route, on the other hand, accusing the opponent of winning with dishonour.

However, no matter what, Pang Wan’s objective has been achieved.

She smiles as she sits on horseback, smilingly watching the heroes of the Jiang Hu disperse, smiling until Gu Xi Ju looks back.

He looks at her, eyes containing other deep meaning.

She proudly mouths at him —— “You lost.”

Her smile peerlessly bright.

So the eagle head symbol belongs to another prince? Hehe. And yes, as zskyfish had already kindly explained in ch48, the jade token she held was indeed from the ‘pig head gentleman’ she saved whilst on an outing with Gu Xi Ju when she still thought he’s Bai Xiao Sheng, BUT more shall be answered in the next chapter! 😀

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  1. thank you, i’m glad those jerk loose. i wonder how that bitch sang chan reaction when knowing that wan wan will be her adoptive cousin wife soon. considering HQL is the real descendant of He clan of the solitary palace, and she’s just adoptive daughter she should know her boundaries. and our anny jin always side with wan wan

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  3. GXJ turned back and his eyes had deep meaning? What kind of deep meaning? Does he still has lingering feeling for wan wan? I’m starting to question if he was really influenced by the drug that one time wan wan gave him to hallucinate about the one in his heart. What if that time was an act? What if he is also acting right now.


  4. I was getting nervous…I thought there will really be some real fighting and I just know PW does not have the capability at this time to fight one-on-one with those sect leaders, especially GXJ…I daresay, the statement, “He looks at her, eyes containing other deep meaning.” …I interpret it as, “So, you’re still alive? I thought I have already destroyed you”—yikes! Or it can also be, ” It’s not over, I”ll be back!” Oh no!!

    Thanks again -translator xia0xiao1mei and editor anniaxx!!!

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  5. Poor and still very lucky Wan Wan 😅 my heart bleeds so much … That opportunist Male whore betrayal is totally despicable. Wait till that adopted fake fairy finds out who’s behind our dear Mary Sue.

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  7. I don’t care if her sect loses the battle as long as she gets to beat the crap out of GXJ. He didn’t deserve her innocence and tender love then, he doesn’t deserve her fighting spirit and loyalty even now
    I wonder if he truly ever realize what he lost by having her killed
    Obviously he knew she was Sheng Gue when she was with him, it’s just so cowardly to kill her the way he did it. An open fight would have been the least he could do. Did he never know her at all?
    What about the other guy, the one that she and her senior brother did their best to save? Did he also not feel any sense of obligation towards his saviors?
    It also fun to see how evil th so called righteous sects are, in reality.

    Thanks so much for translating
    The story is finally where we all wanted it to be, so will wait patiently for the next chapter

    PW, keep fighting

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    -trembles- i really, really want answers?! ah—! oh, i so want gu xi ju dead! dead! and sang chan too? though, well, her being dead will just make things complicated, so whatever. but gu xi ju! i want him to die—! to think he wanted to kill wan wan?! hmph, good thing he lost today! wan wan, ah—!


  10. Thanks for the mention xia0xiao1mei, I was very touched when she rescued the prince and it was such a funny Mary Sue moment that I never forgot that token. Still i was as surprised as anyone when the reinforcements reared their heads. i had gotten so taken by Pang Wan on the horse that I was hoping for a one on one with GXJ. Also i don’t know how she got through a master’s force field without her inner power so I am still wondering if she has recovered at least a bit of it. She is so fierce and she deserves justice against GXJ. His fake goodness needs to be revealed! Go Pang Wan! I also wonder where HQL is watching this from. I can’t believe he can bear to be too far away.


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