江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 46

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



Setting Off To Lin Yi

In a blink of an eye, over ten days have passed, Pang Wan is finally able to set foot on the ground, walking, running and jumping, she cannot wait to mention to He Qing Lu about setting off from the mountain.

The unrest within Solitary Palace had already been quelled by He Shao Xin half a month ago, Sixth Hall and Seventh Hall have gotten new hall masters, the hall master of Eighth Hall has been sent to a holy ground to recuperate, Nan Yi is put under control with He Shao Xin’s use of special drugs, continuing to lie in coma, it remains unknown that he is the bloodsucking monster in the Prison of Chaos.

Regarding matters about descending the mountain, Pang Wan has already planned it all out. On one hand, she will take the opportunity to find the unorthodox sect’s people to come send Nan Yi back for recuperation, on the other hand, she intends to head to Lin Yi alone in search for Sang Chan, and get to the bottom of the truth behind Mei Wu’s death.

All these people and matters appeared to be completely unrelated to one another, yet they are all inextricably linked together behind closed doors, she feels that if she does not thoroughly investigate it all as soon as possible, she will be trapped within a huge cocoon, unable to make another step.

However, He Qing Lu does not seem to be particularly keen on letting her down the mountain. Every time she goes to mention it to him, he would always evade it, in the end, he simply interrupts her request directly with impatience.

She does not know, in fact, He Qing Lu’s heart is also troubled.

Having lived twenty years, Gentleman He has allowed for such kind of living creature that defies the way of heaven, a “lover”, to appear by his side for the first time ever, to him, this is undoubtedly the start of a new life.

Pang Wan is bright and well-behaved, never expressing dissatisfaction with his research, not only that, she would even be very supportive of his various inventions, helping him experiment with the mechanics every day, seriously making records. The things he speaks of, Pang Wan is able to understand for most parts, sometimes, she would even give him suggestions for improvements (although most of them are lousy)

Just like Jin Di Luo had said, she is like a tender and talking flower.

And this talking flower is not only tender and intelligent, but is also fragrantly sweet and soft, exceptionally suiting his taste, he can hold her little hand, touch her forehead, smell the faint fruity fragrance from her body, under special circumstances (in front of Second Uncle), he can even wrap his arm around her slender yet perfectly round waist, feeling her slightly tremble against his chest.

He Qing Lu is satisfied with this lifestyle, and does not wish for a hasty change —— he has already started getting used to these days of having Pang Wan’s company.

It is only unfortunate that this yet-to-bloom green flower does not think this way, she appears to be obedient in all regards, but in reality, is secretly rubbing her cat claws as she awaits to take action.

For example, she spends all day thinking about leaving the mountain, unable to sit still, practically about to go crazy at the thoughts.

This awareness makes He Qing Lu very unhappy, he believes this net of his “wife sees husband as her sky” family life is facing a challenge, hence why he had repeatedly pushed aside Pang Wan’s requests.

——if I don’t feel comfortable at heart, you shall not feel good either.

He is basically doing this on purpose.

Seeing that the cold winter season is approaching, and should they not leave the mountain now, they will have to face the heavy snow, Pang Wan finally cannot hold back anymore.

“Gentleman, what to do for you to be willing to let Senior Brother and I down the mountain?”

She stores all her anger inside her stomach, trying her best to speak with a gentle tone.

He Qing Lu is in the midst of sketching a diagram, upon hearing this question, he blinks, amber eyes silently glancing at her.

“Thank you Gentleman for extending a helping hand in the critical moment. But you must also be aware, Senior Brother and I cannot possibly remain in Solitary Palace forever, sooner or later, we will have to return to the sect.” Pang Wan takes a deep breath, eyes misty as she pitifully looks at him.

According to her many observations throughout the recent days, she is certain He Qing Lu is someone who yields to the soft approach but rejects force, when necessary, one must act gentle.

However, these words have left He Qing Lu upset —— what is “I cannot possibly remain in Solitary Palace forever” supposed to mean? Could it be, having become his wife, this girl still wishes to recklessly go running around?

And so he stiffens his face and does not answer.

“What request do you have, go ahead and say it.” Pang Wan grows desperate, looking at him with utmost sincerity, “Do you not like the rare gadgets I have? I promise you, when I go back I will find a treasure that’s the one and only of its kind, and gift it you!”

He Qing Lu freezes.

That’s right ah, he had practically forgotten, his initial interest in this bratty girl stemmed from a secret weapon. Exactly since when, did the influence of her as herself gradually surpass the weapons she owns?

He cannot help but to sink into his own thoughts.

“Gentleman? Are you agreeing to it?” Pang Wan cautiously speaks up, inwardly thinking, should her request be rejected once again, she will take the risk of carrying Nan Yi on her back in escape —— although it is very difficult, she must give this final option a try no matter what.

He Qing Lu is occupied by his thoughts for a long while, placing down the ruler in hand.

“Go notify Second Uncle, and leave in three days.” He furrows his brows as he orders this.

Pang Wan is overjoyed, jumping up on the spot: “Really? That’s great!” She pounces over and wraps her arms around his shoulder, that little face glowing red with excitement, “Gentleman, how could you be this great? I just like you too much!”

He Qing Lu raises his chin, sounding a scornful humph from his nose.

Inwardly thinking, do you even need to say such thing out loud? You clearly cannot admire me enough to begin with!

Pang Wan sees He Qing Lu’s haughty look with his nose in the air, and cannot help burst out laughing.

She knows that he is happy right now, because his clean white neck has a touch of blush, the corners of his lips is also slightly curled up.

——looks like Gentleman also has his adorable moments, she inwardly thinks to herself.

But very quickly, Pang Wan does not find He Qing Lu adorable anymore, because he starts to order the maid to pack his bags.

“You’re also leaving the mountain?” She tells herself to try her best in thinking positively, “Is it an expedition?”

“No.” He Qing Lu leisurely rolls up his blueprint.

“Going to buy materials?”


“Could it be you’re going to the Capital?”


“Oh, I know, you’re going to find Nanny Jin!” Pang Wan says in sudden realisation.

He Qing Lu frowns, and coldly looks at her.

“Who said they wanted to go Lin Yi?” His face reveals a slight look of impatience, “Have you already forgotten your own words?”

Pang Wan is greatly alarmed —— this prideful gentleman is really following her down the mountain ah!

“In fact……” Words of rejection were about to leave her mouth, but she hears He Qing Lu leisurely say: “Even if you arrive at Lin Yi, so what? Ninth Prince wouldn’t see you, Sang Chan even more so wouldn’t see you, should I not be accompanying you, what can you manage to find out?” Pleased with himself, he places the blueprints onto the shelf in order.

Pang Wan is speechless, the polite refusal in mind vanishing.

In a blink of an eye, it is time to bid farewell.

He Shao Xin makes the rare occurrence of getting up early, yawning as he stands at the door of the palace hall, sending off this “golden couple”.

“Big nephew, bring some native products to that dear daughter of mine.” He takes out a blue flower cloth wrap, sleepily passing it to He Qing Lu.

He Qing Lu turns his body, not actually accepting the baggage.

Seeing this from the side, Pang Wan inevitably feels awkward, thus taking the initiative to take the baggage into her arms: “He will, may Palace Master rest assured.”

He Shao Xin lifts his eyelids to glance at her, the corners of his lips curling up.

“As expected, my niece-in-law is the great one.” He reaches out to embrace Pang Wan by the waist, eyes containing tender feelings, “Say, niece-in-law, this nephew of mine is rather unfeeling, you should keep you heart open along the way, give him little little advices.”

Facing He Qing Lu’s burning eyes that could kill, He Shao Xin leans closer to Pang Wan’s ear, to finish everything he has to say.

“Cute little niece-in-law, should I find you lying to my nephew again, oh do be careful I don’t have your skin shed and sent off to make drums, Great~ Lady~ Sheng~ Gu?”

He teases in a voice only he and Pang Wan can hear, as though he’s saying an irrelevant joke.

Pang Wan’s face instantly loses all its colour.

She follows He Qing Lu down the mountain with a heavy heart, until the slightly salty wind pours into her nose, and only then does she finds herself coming up to a seaside cliff that she has never seen before.

“What is that?” She looks at the huge monster with a body of complete black below her feet, her almond eyes widening.

“That is my ship.” He Qing Lu turns her head, smiling at her, “Called Mountain Elf.”

“We’re taking the sea route?” Pang Wan looks up at him in surprise, “Would it not be faster to go by horse?”

“If this was a month ago, I would naturally take you down the land route, but starting from this month, the sea waters have changed to the direction of the east, so it will be faster to go by sea route rather than land route.” He Qing Lu overlooks the roaring waves crashing against the rocks, looking calm and lofty, “Moreover, the sea route is also very safe, won’t be encountering bandits in middle of travelling.”

Pang Wan does not speak, but cannot help feeling impressed deep down.

“Gentleman, all preparations are ready.” Someone from behind reports, it is Jin Di Luo who is recovering from his arm injury.

He Qing Lu nods, saying not another word, sweeping Pang Wan into his arms, he leaps down from the cliff.

The frosty wind harshly scraping past, fluttering clothing sounding, only when he had steadily set foot on the deck, does he sees the pitiful appearance of the person in his arms looking soulless.

“Such little courage? That doesn’t seem right ah.” He mutters as he was about to put Pang Wan down, who knew she would panic and instead hold onto him tighter, her little face as white as snow.

He is very surprised, but at the same time, also feels very happy —— this silly girl really cannot separate from me in the slightest, he thinks to himself.

And so, he slowly lowers his head, nonchalantly placing a light peck on the young girl’s forehead.

“What you doing?” Pang Wan is startled awake from cliff falling nightmare, pushing away the person next to her.

“Kissing you ah!” A pair of amber eyes steadily gazes at her, He Qing Lu’s handsome face remains calm and unaffected.

Pang Wan touches her forehead —— how could this person say such shameless words without going red in that face, without skipping a heartbeat?!

“Gentleman! You, you shouldn’t be like this……” She takes a deep breath, inwardly thinking that she should tell this prince disease patient, there is a big difference between a pair of fake lovers and a pair of real lovers.

But sees He Qing Lu’s forehead crease: “Shouldn’t be like this?” He thinks for a bit, then reaches out to pull Pang Wan into his arms, printing a dragonfly-skimming-the-water-surface kiss onto her red lips.

“I understand, so you wish for me to do this.” The young girl’s lips were tender and sweet like cherries, such taste making his body feel refreshed, entire being filled with pleasure, his eyes also narrows down —— Second Uncle often uses this trick to coax those female confidants of his, even if he has not eaten pork before, he too has at least seen the pig run.

Pang Wan’s entire face turns red, practically at boiling point, not due to bashfulness, but anger.

She simply does not believe, He Qing Lu would really like her.

——at most, he would find her interesting, him treating her well, is just like him liking to study all sorts of mechanisms, he is only showing greed for a moment of that fresh and new feeling.

Forget it la, being kissed by him twice, can be treated as a lick from a puppy, it’s paying off debts.

She bitterly thinks to herself, and finally, she does not speak up to resist.

Either way, after they arrive at Lin Yi and see Sang Chan, the two of them will definitely part ways anyway.

She will never believe in the expression of interest from any handsome men of this land again.

Second uncle knows! This man sure can be scary when he wants to, being threatened with a smile is so much more terrifying than being threatened by an angry person if you ask me O_O Also, Wan Wan, I know you didn’t take his ‘proposal’ seriously, but now that this cold distant boy is actually kissing you, how could you simply think of such as his reason?!! ……I would say “poor little Lu” but the guy is reaping far too many benefits from this as it is hahaha


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