江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 36

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)




The tenth of the sixth month, is the official opening of the Grand Wu Lin Assembly.

A sea of people arrives in the Capital one after another, the amount of horses and carriages in the streets were also several times the usual amount.

“Abbot of Shaolin has arrived.”

“Kun Lun Sect Leader has arrived.”

“Wu Dang Sect Leader has arrived.”


Reports from outside sounding one after another, an endless list of outstanding figures, Pang Wan grips onto the collar of her clothing, seeming a little nervous.

“Lady needs not panic, we have all seen the amount of effort lady has put in these past few days, it can certainly exceed everyone else’s talents.” The dancer in charge of dress and makeup gently smiles, “Since lady is the one Supreme Chief has chosen, you must be confident in yourself.”

Pang Wan shyly smiles, not answering.

In fact, she is quite confident in her own dancing skills, only afraid that she is not as good of a dancer as Sang Chan.

In the moment of muddled thinking, the room doors are suddenly pushed open with a sound of “zhi-ya”, the rustling sound of footsteps gently comes up behind her.

Pang Wan sees the one who have arrived through the mirror, and unconsciously presses her lips together.

Without uttering a single sound, the dancer extremely tactfully withdraws herself.

Gu Xi Ju looks at the person in the mirror, and cannot help but to sigh in admiration.

The young girl quietly sits in front of the table, her neck slender and fair, her light pink cheeks shiny and smooth, a pair of almond eyes sparkling clear like water, eyelashes like butterfly wings as it gently fans, complemented with the red plum blossom printed between her brows, her entire being looking just like the first bloom of a delicate flower, an indescribable type of sweet charm.

As though waiting for someone to sympathetically caress it.

As he thinks this, one arm could not hold back from reaching out and pulling her into his embrace.

Pang Wan did not expect today’s Gu Xi Ju would be so impulsive, and was a little startled in that moment, yet she still obediently leans back against his chest.

With this one movement, she thus feels Gu Xi Ju’s heart beating faster than usual.

“What’s wrong?” She raises her head, doubtfully looking at him.

A soft and delicate body in his arms, warm fragrance seeping into his heart, Gu Xi Ju looks into the young girl’s misty water-like orbs, and only feels his throat gradually tighten.

“Finished with the dressing and makeup?” He embraces her, his voice a little hoarse.

Pang Wan blinks, puckering up her pink petal-like lips: “Still haven’t applied rouge on here.” Having said that, she felt a little embarrassed, turning to take the rouge case.

But did not think someone would beat her to it.

“Allow me.” Gu Xi Ju twists open that little rouge case, and turns her body to him.

Without waiting for Pang Wan to voice out her refusal, that slightly rough fingertip had already been coated with delicate rouge, and slowly, gently, strokes an outline across her lip.

Pang Wan is both startled and flustered, lowering her eyes as she dares not to look at him, her little cheeks a drunken red.

Seeing her look so adorable, Gu Xi Ju’s eyes sharply darkens, he lowers his head and latches onto her lips.

How could Pang Wan had thought he would suddenly kiss her? She could not help but to gently cry out in shock, this one sound thus gave Gu Xi Ju the opportunity, his tongue instantly strives forward and captures her wet cavern.

This one kiss lasted very long, the initial gentleness later turns wild, throughout all this, Pang Wan powerlessly endures it, until her lips were swollen, her tongue numb, even her breathing was growing heavy.

Sensing her discomfort, Gu Xi Ju finally brings himself to a halt, but his big hands still kept her tightly locked in place.

“Take a breath.” He brings in his focus, gentle reminding her.

And only then did Pang Wan take a deep breath, her filled up chest rising and falling, the glistening waves in her eyes practically about to drip.

Gu Xi Ju inwardly sighs, lowering his head to peck her face.

“Supreme Chief, young lady’s outfit has been brought here.” Maid A’s voice makes an untimely sound from beyond the doors.

The two entangled people instantly separate, Pang Wan rapidly lowers her head and tidies her hair, Gu Xi Ju also wipes away the rouge on his lips with his hand.

“Come in.” He commands the person outside, voice restoring its usual clear and bright tone.

Maid A emotionlessly carries a tray as she enters the room.

“May young lady Wan Wan change into the dancing costume.” She bows towards Pang Wan.

Pang Wan picks up the dancing costume that is as thin as a cicada’s wings, and instantly freezes.

“Must I really wear this?” She hesitantly looks at Gu Xi Ju.

“In previous Grand Wu Lin Assemblies, junior sister has always worn this costume to dance.” Gu Xi Ju is a little surprised, “Could there by anything wrong with it?”

Pang Wan pouts, appearing very troubled.

“Should you really not like it, I’ll immediately order to have it made all over again.”

Seeing her unhappy, Gu Xi Ju also follows suit in frowning.

“……forget it forget it, this will do.”

Pang Wan cannot bear to trouble her beloved, bringing the costume into her embrace, she sweetly smiles: “It’s too late to make another one anyway.”

Gu Xi Ju slightly nods, admiring her for being able to look at the big picture, then casts an eye signal at Maid A, Maid A quietly withdraws, closing the room doors.

“Don’t be nervous.”

He wraps his arm around Pang Wan’s round shoulders, and kisses her cheek: “No matter what happens, I will take care of everything for you.”

Pang Wan mind was occupied, feeling a little restless, and could only casually sound a reply.

“You must believe in me.” Gu Xi Ju is dissatisfied with her neglect, and turns her face to meet eyes with him.

Pang Wan sees his face carry a look of irritation, and cannot help burst out laughing, holding his face to give him a peck: “I believe in you the most.”

Gu Xi Ju’s eyes increasingly darkens, leaning down as he holds her, wanting to kiss her again, but the young girl charmingly breaks away again and again.

“Actually……today is my birthday.” Pang Wan’s face is completely flushed red.

Gu Xi Ju freezes.

“After the dance, come accompany me to the night markets tonight, alright?” She looks at him expectantly, eyes overflowing with tenderness.

Gu Xi Ju falls silent for a moment, then smiles: “Alright, what gift would you like?” He extends his finger to play with her lashes.

“I want to see fireworks.” Pang Wan shyly smiles, saying the answer she had wanted to say for a long time, “I also want you to go to the clock tower and hit the bell sixteen times for me.”

Bell sound bell sound (zhōng shēng / 钟声) , is a homonym with lifelong (zhōng shēng / 终生).

When the bell sound rings, she shall make a promise of a hundred years with Gu Xi Ju.

“Alright, whatever you say.” Gu Xi Ju softly replies. Soft and light kisses travelling down from her cheek, finally stopping at Pang Wan’s lips.

The two people remained entangled like this for a long while before parting with great reluctance, Gu Xi Ju returns and continues receiving the guests, leaving Pang Wan in the room to change into the costume by herself.

She stares at that flying costume that can only barely cover up her chest, leaving her waist and shoulders fully revealed, and sinks deep into her own thoughts.

Just dazedly sitting there, thinking for a very long time.

And even forgot to eat dinner.


The Grand Wu Lin Assembly venue is located on the plains of a mountain valley, completely surrounded by rows of mountains, gurgling stream flowing by, very much like a land of idyllic beauty.

Within such a harmonious and beautiful environment, a group of not very harmonious team of men and horses shows up, they suspiciously hide in a corner of the mountain valley, keeping a distance from the venue.

“My lord, we have received clear information, today’s procedure is to go as planned.” A man in black kneels before a middle-aged man sat on the master seat, as he respectfully reports back.

“Oh? This indeed raises expectations.” The middle-aged man’s face is hidden in the shadow, revealing half of a rigidly lined chin.

“Don’t know what that Gu Xi Ju is playing at, insisting on inviting……my lord to attend some sort of grand assembly.” Another person in green leans their head in to mutter.

“There is no harm, since he sent the invitation, and also arranged such nice private seating, what harm is there in me coming to enjoy the show?” The middle-aged man raises the tea cup, a small silver orchid flower brought out from his hand, and quietly placed in.

Only after seeing that the silver orchid flower shows no change at all, does he raises the tea cup, and leisurely drinks from it.

“Also don’t know how young master is doing with his tasks?” That person in green starts talking by himself.

“Ai-ya, descendants have their own blessings ah.” The middle-aged man heartily laughs, brows and eyes kind looking, “Don’t worry about him, don’t worry about him.”


A deafening sound of drums suddenly pierces through the air.

“It’s started, it’s started!” A whole gathering of people excitedly calls out, every single person’s line of sight is instantly attracted to the mountaintop.

Only seeing where the rosy clouds are slowly rising, a giant red drum has sprung up, above the drum, one can vaguely see a veiled young girl standing, amongst the mistiness, one cannot clearly see her appearance.


Yet another majestic drum sound, all that can be seen is the young girl’s hand rise, and behind her, a ten zhang long snow white silk ribbon flies out, the ribbon dances along the wind, further lining the young girl’s slender figure to make her look like a fairy walking on clouds. (zhàng / 丈 = approximately 3 meters)

Dong dong dong!

With three quick consecutive hits of the drum, only a clear and long whistle is heard, and the young girl leaps into the sea of clouds.

Everyone was not even given the chance to be surprised, when between the mountains, a long flute melody had already sounded, like the luminous moon shining between the pine tree, tranquil, bright and clean. Amongst this pure melody of returning to nature, the young girl’s feet treads along the white clouds, nimbly, gracefully appearing above the cliff.

She sometimes lightly tosses her sleeves, sometimes making a lively spin, not one gesture is not beautiful, not one gesture is not captivating, looking from afar, she is just like Chang’e playing in the sky, the ten zhang silk ribbon is nothing but a beautiful toy in her hands. (Chang’e is the Chinese goddess of the moon)

The flute melody gradually grows cheerful, the drumming interlaces with the flute melody in response, like the sound of nature. Just as everyone was watching on obsessively and drunkenly, the young girl suddenly tosses her hand, and that flowing ribbon thus flies directly into the clouds, hooking onto the drum above the mountain. Everyone was about to praise her internal energy, but sees the girl’s hand hold onto the flowing ribbon, the tip of toe lightly tapping, and just like that, she quickly ascends to the mountaintop again.

“Great internal energy indeed.” The person in green cannot help but to praise out loud.

Only hearing a sound of “ka-cha”, the middle-aged man honoured as “my lord”, smashes the tea cup in hand.

“How could it be her?” He stands up in utter panic, the Ba Xian chair under him crumbles from the shock.

The person in green was just about to open their mouth, then catches a closer look at the young girl, instantly paling.

“She isn’t wearing the Silk Soft Armour! She actually isn’t wearing the Silk Soft Armour!” The middle-aged man roars aloud, his expression looking painful and ferocious.

“Fairy! Fairy!”

The cheers below the mountain rings through the sky, Pang Wan looks at the densely packed dots of black heads below her feet, and stands still, breathless.

Today is her most glorious also her must craziest day, fortunately, there is only one action left before the dance is completed.

Dong dong dong!

The intense drumming sounds, she begins to take big and deep breaths.


Following that final strong drum that hit into the hearts of people, she pulls out the long prepared hanging calligraphy scroll, amongst complete silence, she makes a flying leap from the cliff, pen straight, without the slightest of hesitation.

All the prelude was for this very moment, as long as she leaps down, the burden in Gu Xi Ju’s heart shall all be lifted.

A sharp blast of cold wind whistles as it pierces past her ear, she is able to sense the hanging scroll in hand spread out, freely unrolling in the sky.

Rest assured, she inwardly says, starting to look down in search for a good landing ahead of time.

A strange sound of “zheng” suddenly rings in her ear.

Her chest feeling as though it is being torn apart by something, she looks down, a black feathered arrow has struck her left chest with peerless accuracy.

Ferocious flames bursts out from snow white skin, eating into the delicate clothing covering her chest, swallowing up all her joy. She was not able to even issue a cry, and rolls down from the clouds like a wounded young swallow.

The whole world spinning, heart torn and lungs cracked.

Don’t know for how long she rolled, when she finally stops at a barrier made of rocks, the burning pain causing her vision to turn crimson red, amongst the haziness, someone seems to have come to her side to check her injury.

It hurts, it hurts so much……

“……hit perfect centre of the heart.” She hears someone reporting.

Save me, save me……

She longs to reach out towards that person, however, her entire body seems to burn in furious flames, preventing her from initiating any movements, preventing her from issuing any sounds.

Right then, she hears a familiar voice.

“This girl is of cunning nature, stab into the wound again, lest the troubles in future.”

Within a moment, she has not even the strength to think.

Why? She really wants to ask this.

A frosty shine passes by, a sharp-edged knife pierces into her chest, issuing a blunt sound of “pu-chi”.

Glistening tears slides down from her long lashes.

Turns out the most terrifying thing to happen in this world, is not when your beloved does not like you, but is when he says he likes you with one face, and arranges for people to kill you with another face.

Turns out the greatest despair in the world, is not when your beloved arranges for people to kill you, but is when he fears you will not die, and commands the killer to stab into your wound again.

Her heart has finally died, never again does she wishes to breath again, never again does she expect to wake up.

Pang Wan died on the tenth day of the sixth month, that day she was dressed like a fairy in white, dancing the most graceful and captivating dance, gloriously sending herself into a bottomless abyss.

An hour before that, she had once shared an affectionate moment with her beloved, fantasising about spending the rest of her life with him.

Pang Wan has died, died in the most Mary Sue moment of her life.

———— Book of the White Lotus Flower ————

———————————— END ————————————

The moment of truth has come. Everyone had their doubts and now you’ve finally gotten the answer – GXJ is indeed one hell of a rotten asshole. Ugh the way this chapter played out is so so aggravating!! GXJ, if you’re gonna try and kill off the girl, then you try and do that, how could play for her poor little heart and share such a sweet moment with her before all this??!! AND ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!

Needless to say, this definitely isn’t the end of Wan Wan. And with the first book having now come to an end, next week, we’ll be jumping straight into the Book of the Fire Phoenix – quite a satisfying title I must say.

Now go ahead and rant away!!


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    GXJ such lowly character to be the supreme chief of the Wu Lin. To take advantage if a young virgin girl’s first love and trust is so despicable, not fit from a man of such standing. He is the complete contrast the main hero from ‘gentleman free flowing cloud’


  31. I think GXJ already knew or found out about her identity as the sheng gu of the evil sect, because her uncle “ALL THE SUDDENLY” receives an invitation to attend his banquet(which he never invites any of the evil leaders before). He purposely invited him to attend this event so that her uncle can witness the scene of him killing PW, as to show his power/might or to warn them that he had taken her down so they’re no longer a threat to him. That’s just what i concluded because it seems like he knew about her real identity for a while to laid out this disgusting and heartless trap to get PW 😦 ugh I’m so heartbroken because i kind of shipped them too. She should murder his beloved junior sister SC and tossed her bloody head to his feet! Some sh*t i would do lol


    1. Now that I’ve had to think about it some more: Ugh! Eugh!! Blechh!! What was he feeling while he was kissing her all the while? I’m so disgusted. Creep. Slime bag. Scum of the earth. Lowlife! I want to throw up in his face!

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