江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 33

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)



A Young Lady’s Crumbly Numb Heart

Pang Wan ran out of the He estate and wanders around on the street by herself.

She doesn’t want to go back to see Nan Yi, also doesn’t know where else she should go, so at this moment, she could only walk around like this without any destination in mind.

Nan Yi bullies her, He Qing Lu also resents her, one treats her with punches and kicks, the other throws at her verbal abuse, the further she walks, the colder she feels, the further she walks, the more desolate she senses.

But she is not going to cry, even if she bites off her tongue, swallows her teeth, she does not allow herself to drop a single tear for these two people.

Because they are not worth it.

When she is zoning out, a carriage rushes in fast speed behind her. Only hearing one scream from the coachman, Pang Wan already had no chance to escape and was brutally hit.

Because of her light body skill, she managed to barely avoid the danger. Just that when she landed, there was a sound of “ka-cha”, unexpectedly, she twisted her ankle.

Uncontrollable pain diffuses along her leg bone, she falls to the ground and could not get up.

The coachman is a good man, immediately reaching out his hands to help her up, saying that he will take her to the clinic together. Pang Wan focuses her eyes and sees a pale pregnant lady lying in the carriage, wailing in pain. An old lady besides her anxiously urges, “Hurry! Hurry and get in! My daughter in law is about to give birth!”

Pang Wan suddenly realized where the coachman’s impetuousness came from, so she shakes her hand at him, “It’s okay! You go first!” The doctor you are about to see probably can’t help me anyway.

The coachman thanked her a thousand times and requested to inform her family before he leaves, Pang Wan could not change his mind, so she untied the waist tag on her and said, “Please send it to Misty Wave Manor.”

Hearing the name of Misty Wave Manor, how could the coachman dare to be careless, he quickly got on the carriage and left.

Pang Wan sat by the roadside in coldness and hunger; she waited for a long time, so long that she almost felt that no one will appear.

The sun slowly falls in the west, suddenly a figure steps before the afterglow as he approaches from the horizon, the golden light shines bright on his clearly outlined face, making that person seem as unreal as a god from heaven.

“Wan Wan!” That person reaches out his hands toward her and tightly embraces her in his arms, as if he has found his lost treasure.

“Are you okay?” He embraces her shoulders, his voice is hoarse and trembling due to previous fears that have not yet faded away, “Someone said you were hit by a carriage, I came directly after I got the message……”

Pang Wan senses his familiar and comforting masculine scent, her nose starts to feel tingly.

——as expected, as expected in the end, it is this person who treats her well.

“Are you still in shock?” Gu Xi Ju sees the person in his arms has not spoken for a long time, he anxiously pulls back and carefully checks her from the top to the bottom, “Tell me where is your wound?”

Seeing him being nervous for her like this, her heart feels really sweet, and she naturally purses her lips and smiles, “Only twisted my ankle.”

Gu Xi Ju obviously released a breath, then frowns again.

“Is it bad?” He squats down and checks her ankle, lips pressing hard together, “Looks like you can’t walk anymore, good thing I told a carriage to come along.”

Then he stands up and looks behind, should be waiting for the carriage to come.

From the beginning to the end, his warm big hands have not left Pang Wan for half a second, Pang Wan suddenly got an idea, she tries to say without fear, “Supreme Chief, can you give me a piggyback ride home?”

——Nanny Jin said, if a man truly loves a woman, he would spoil her like a little treasure. Don’t know if Gu Xi Ju, this kind of man with an extremely high position, will be willing to agree to her pampered request?

Gu Xi Ju turns his head and meets her cunning and charming eyes, then slightly freezes.

“I’m hungry, I want to go home earlier to eat.” Pang Wan tugs at his sleeves, murmuring in a pitiful manner.

In perfect collaboration, her tummy also sounds two “gu-gu” sounds at the moment.

Gu Xi Ju slightly lifts the corners of his lips.

“Okay.” He responds neatly with one word, then really bending down his waist toward her.

The setting sun has not completely merged below the horizon, Gu Xi Ju’s hands hold the back of her knees, walking a step after a step.

His back is broad, his muscles are very firm too, Pang Wan’s whole body is tightly sticking to him, there is only layers of thin cloth between the two.

She can sense his warm breath, she can even hear his calm heartbeat.

A kind of crumbly and numb, unexplainable and ineffable feeling, quietly diffuses in her chest.

“Walk faster, I’m so hungry.” She sticks her face to Gu Xi Ju’s back, there are crimson sun-glow burning on her cheeks.

Gu Xi Ju’s body pauses for a second; the next second, he unexpectedly uses one hundred percent of the strength on his feet, leaping with light body skill in the forest.

“Ya! I’m flying! Flying!” Pang Wan has never experienced this kind of speed, she screams with excitement and amazement. It seems like Gu Xi Ju is encouraged by her reaction, his steps become faster and faster, the scenery on two sides start to retreat backwards as an ebbing tide, the fresh wind besides her ears also strongly rises.

Her waterfall-like hair could not hold be held back by Pang Wan’s ribbon, the high winds have taking it away.

“Slower! Slower!” Pang Wan anxiously shouts, using her fists to hit Gu Xi Ju’s chest.

Gu Xi Ju immediately slows down his feet and stably lands on the ground with her.

“Tired?” He asks concernedly; his breathing has a sense of chaos that is difficult to notice.

Pang Wan’s cheeks blush again; she thinks, this fool, running everywhere with her on his back, but asks if she is tired, how can he be this dumb!

“You can walk slower! I want to tie my hair.” She speaks awkwardly, having some commanding tone in her voice.

Gu XI Ju sounds an “en”, not saying anything else, he continues piggyback her calmly.

Pang Wan combs her hair with finger, then suddenly laughs.

“Look at yourself, aren’t you like a bull, being ridden by me?” She points at the shadow on the ground of them sticking together, one big, one small, looking from afar, it really somewhat looks like a bull with a shepherd on its back.

Based on these two’s positions and age, no matter who hears this statement, he or she will definitely condemns Pang Wan for being outrageous and disrespectful, yet when Gu Xi Ju follows her finger and looks at the shadow, he only gently smiles.

“Not really like a bull, more like a horse.” answers Gu Xi Ju seriously.

Even if she does not look at his face, Pang Wan can still guess he is currently carrying a doting expression right now, so with a twitch of her lips and a tread of her legs, she tries to be even more mischievous and shouts just as a rider does, “Ya!”

Gu Xi Ju does not say a word more and dashes forward, running as fast as flying, his cloth loudly flapping along the wind.

“Run faster! Run faster!” Pang Wan joyfully giggles, as she screams, she hugs Gu Xi Ju even tighter, “Ya! Ya!”

Gu Xi Ju moves faster and faster; Pang Wan’s hair has already all untied, freely flying in the warm breeze, her laughters that sound like silver bells ringing through the valley, bringing a summery fresh coolness around.

——I have found him! I have found him! Her whole heart is too happy that it is almost flying.

——Nanny Jin, this person is willing to be a bull and a horse for me! She secretly screams in her heart, filled with overflowing joy.

After returning to the manor, Gu Xi Ju applies medicine to Pang Wan himself, then also carries her to the room to rest. Suddenly many handkerchiefs are ripped into noodle strips under angry eyes again.

“Be good and rest well, don’t be running around.”

Gu Xi Ju wrings a hot towel, gently wiping away the sweat and dust on her forehead.

“Big, dumb, horse!” Pang Wan weakly lies on the bed, mouthing these words to Gu Xi Ju, appearing enraptured and elated, as if she is laughing at his previous ridiculousness.

Gu Xi Ju glances at her and pinches the tip of her nose, pretending to scare her, “If you dare to tell others what happened today, be careful of me pulling off your little fox tail.”

Pang Wan does not dare to answer, just bites her lips and lovingly gazes at him, cheeks blushing and eyes shining, occasionally giggles once or twice too.

Gu Xi Ju finishes cleaning her face, then goes to clean his hands; only after he repeatedly told her to not get out of bed to move around, did he finally stands up and prepares to leave.

Did not think right after he turns away, with a sound of “pia”, a reckless slap lands on his buttock.

“Wan Wan!” He turns back angrily, only to see that person lying in bed with two eyes tightly closed and four limbs comfortably spread, showing him a “don’t know anything, I am deeply asleep” appearance.

However, her eyelashes that are gently shaking as the wings of a butterfly have betrayed her.

“Such a misbehaving girl!” Gu Xi Ju tries his best to control his desire to laugh, pulling out his hand to pretend like he is going to punish her.

Right before the big hand is going to touch the pink cheek, the person in bed suddenly leaps up, clings onto his shoulders and yells near his ears, “Horse ya! Ya!”

Before Gu Xi Ju realized what was going on, Pang Wan has already fallen back to the bed, covering her head with the quilt and giggling underneath; the cotton quilt shakes as a silkworm pupa; no need to open it up, he knows the little bad girl in there is definitely laughing crazily.

Being angry is pointless, scolding her is also useless, Gu Xi Ju stares at her and helplessly presses his lips.

Pang Wan laughed for a long time yet did not hear any sound from him, couldn’t resist pulling down the quilt and carefully glances outside.

This one glance directly meets a pair of ambiguously smiling dark eyes.

“Willing to come out now? Did not suffocate in there?” Gu Xi Ju deliberately reprimands her with a straight face.

And only then did Pang Wan feel how great the air is, quickly taking in a few deep breathes: “It really is suffocating!”

“It’s already midnight yet you’re still messing around?” Gu Xi Ju is about to laugh out loud, so he had no other choice than using great strength to tense his face, “Hurry up and sleep for me!”

He scolds her seriously.

Pang Wan twists back and wiggles forward, struggling for a long while, finally unwillingly closes her eyes.

Gu Xi Ju sits by her bed and gazes at her, occasionally tucking the quilt in for her.

The breathing of the person in bed gradually calms, seeming like she really is in dreamland now.

He waits for a little longer, bents down to give a little kiss on her cheek, then leaves.

Moonlight shines as water glows, this young lady’s pristine jade-like cheeks quietly reveal two small dimples.

No one knows, exactly did she have a good dream, or was she simply not asleep this whole time?

Translator’s Note: I have to say that when I read this book for the first time, this chapter was where I officially got onto Pang Wan x Gu Xi Ju’s ship.                  —Annie ^_^*

49 thoughts on “江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 33

  1. Yep. Those two are too bad to her, so there’s no wonder for her go swinging to GXJ….. though I wonder if it’s just because he is nice to her and he likes her….. she matured a lot since the beginning of the book but there’s much more to mature.
    Still on PW x HQL ship~! Want to both grow~!
    Thanks for the translation!

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  2. thank you—!

    ah—! he— qing—-lu—-! you actually did not chase after her?!…well, i mean, he has not noticed that he likes/loves her, but…! but still…! my hopes for wan wan…! my dreams for wan wan…! she and he qing lu have such potential! argh!

    next up, some long-winded opinions on gu xi ju! gu xi ju…-sighs- you know, i definitely have to acknowledge that gu xi ju treats her well, except for that, you know, kneeling incident, which is a big incident, definitely, and i haven’t forgiven him for it…! but he does treat her the sweetest out of the three guys…still, though, once is enough.

    i’ve seen that he won’t make any leeway, even if it’s for someone he dotes on. his position as leader…it seems he views that as more important than anything, and we know wan wan’s position…what wan wan ‘discovered’ of him in the kneeling incident was really right, but it seems she has forgotten it…wan wan, no! no matter how sweetly he treats you, i feel he will always view his role and responsibilities as leader most important! you can’t fall for him, no—-!

    -runs away sobbing, still on the he qing lu x wan wan ship-

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    1. Oh, Midoriha, I enjoy reading your comments every single time! Thank you so much! Idk what should I say at this point, but I want to tell you that you are really right about Gu Xi Ju. And for the girls on Pang Wan x He Qing Lu ship, next chapter will hurt your heart a little~ at least that’s how I felt. Crycrycry….

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      1. haha, glad you enjoy reading the comments! i write them for the people who worked on the chapter, after all—!

        urgh–! gu xi ju treats her well, but she’s just not the priority! and wan wan doesn’t deserve that!

        ah! the he qing lu x wan wan ship is going to suffer, huh…well, i knew that much, they are very antagonistic towards each other…but…he has unknowingly let her into his heart, of that, i’m sure! so i shall stay on the ship! anyway, he already dislikes her a lot, so—! there’s nowhere else to go but up! up—! like her, go, he qing lu!

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    2. I feel that all of that conflict and drama will definitely ensue, given their opposing stands, but eventually they will work something out because I sort of remember that either Xiaoxiao or annie mentioned in the beginning PW will leave the Jianhu with her beloved…i can’t see NY doing that (moreover i don’t see any kind of connectione between him and PW, their beliefs and characters are just vastly different even though they have grown up together, it was puppy love at best that fizzled out), and HQL is already a recluse so it doesn’t matter….it’s only GXJ who might have to make the sacrifice for his love.


  3. Such a happy and sweet moment for the two cross star lovers 😆

    Thanks for hosting and continously working on this project!😄
    Thanks for translating anniaxx and for editing xia0xiao1mei.

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  4. okay so…… I still do not ship this but, its really sweet, we haven’t seen the third candidate you know, so I’m not shipping anyone yet, but bets are off if Nan Yi becomes one of them, cause really I do not get that guy…..:3

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  5. I’ve been on the GXJ ship ever since he confessed and told her the Fairy was his sister. I didn’t trust him because of the Fairy. It seemed he really did love her although there were plenty of clues he was attracted to Wan Wan. But I worry it is a Romeo and Juliet love when he finds out who she is in the unorthodox sect — could be so tragic. Yes they are star crossed. He seems the one to best fulfill her Mary Sue ideals–but she is not living a Mary Sue life anymore. Boohoohoo. In some ways they are a perfect balance for each other but is the world ready for this one?
    If He Qing Lu ever finds his heart i might jump ship. Nan Yi definitely not! Is there any more?

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  6. Ha! I knew it LONG ago. GXJ-PW shippers to the win!
    But I feel a bit uneasy. I mean if one looks at the stats, there’s a lot more left to go in the book and already one ship has started sailing. So there’s always the chance that another ship might sail. Then again there’s also the possibility that this is the official ship and the rest of the plot is about how GXJ discovers PW’s identity and leaves her, cue the Romeo-Juliet angle. And then they’ll reunite but not before PW gives a chance to both NY and HQL and realizes that she belongs with GXJ.

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  7. A lovely chapter. Too lovely. GXJ dotes on her, but he has too much responsibility. Plus, the morals of their sects are too different. I don’t like any of the guys that have show up. At first I thought HQL is the best candidate. After all, he knows her sect straight away. But even he has some walls that look very tall to climb. Poor wan wan just wanna be love.


  8. My guess: too good to be true! I think GXJ is fake. The scene where he tells her to kneel is the real him. This development just doesn’t make sense. A random mechanic can find out her true identity but we are supposed to believe that the top guy in the martial arts world is completely fooled. I don’t buy it for a minute. Also, the scene with Sang Chan was way too romantic for it to be fake. The beauty trap where he was drugged, it was already previously mentioned that the strong martial artists can use their Qi to negate the effects. Likewise, the portrait could just be more like a wanted poster than a token of love!


    – he it totally just fooling her
    – he actually does like her but he knows who she is and will ruthlessly deal with her

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  9. I wish I could trust this and think that things are as they seem, I can’t believe that something isn’t going on. I wonder who is going to betray who…


  10. Hm? I dobt like that there were many moments she didnt see his expression…dont tell me he’s acting! …though its ok if he is, actually, because I got into another ship.


  11. This chapter was just blissful 😍 I feel giddy.
    So glad i have always supported this ship over others….

    P.S – i have alway hoped one day we’ll get to see GXJ enacting the scenes from PW’s playbook about how to charm a lady. Hehe will he the dying scene one day. 😉


  12. At this moment I realized, this is not what I signed up for. The plot here is very serious. Even shipping characters brings a lot of dramas. I don’t really like having to decide potential MLs.
    Author please pick one already, so I can support them already and I don’t have to guess which is which.


  13. At this moment I realized, this is not what I signed up for. The plot here is very serious. Even shipping characters brings a lot of dramas. I don’t really like having to decide potential MLs.
    Author please pick one already, so I can support them already and I don’t have to guess which is which.


  14. I like GXJ but I can’t help but imagine a scenario of him and WanWan fighting to death. At least HQL has no scruples with her sect.


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