江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 32

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

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Today, Pang Wan does not stay at the mountain estate, and instead directly goes to the He Estate, going to “observe” the He family’s gentleman study the divine needles as they have agreed on.

Moreover, after last night’s events, she still does not know how to face Gu Xi Ju.

“Ai-yo! How did your face become swollen to this state?” Jin Bu Yao kicks up a fuss the moment she sees her, “My pitiful little jade child!”

“Who cruelly hit you?” She moans and groans, taking out a box of ointment and delicately applies it on Pang Wan’s face, “Do you need Nanny to go teach him a lesson? Which rascal lacks the understanding of how to treat women properly?”

Pang Wan knows her current appearance looks like a pig head, and awkwardly smiles, shrinking back a little: “It doesn’t matter.”

——lesson? Should it have been anyone else, she would definitely use the whip to send him to the pits of hell and back, but since the other person is Nan Yi, for now, she can only swallow down her grievances.

The means he takes to, is better left unspoken —— not only can she not afford to offend, but she also might not be able to completely avoid it.

“Why do I feel you are still in very high spirits?” As Jin Bu Yao continues to apply the ointment, her movements suddenly slows, showing a fairly surprised expression, “Did something good happen?” This lady doesn’t look like the type who enjoys getting hit ah.

Pang Wan is unaware her sparkling eyes have already betrayed her, as she presses her lips together to cover up: “What good could happen?”

Jin Bu Yao being a veteran in love, sees her face of blossoming spring, and could not help hooking up the corners of her lip: “Ay, must be mutual attraction with a young gentleman of another household huh? With you taking bashful steps into this little puppy love, looking like a baby chick, you still think you can hide it from Nanny, I?!”

“N-no!” Blood rushing up to her cheeks, Pang Wan’s entire face is burning up in abashment, as she waves her arms and shakes her head, such actions coupled with those prominently swollen cheeks, makes her look just like a fully ripe pomegranate, its skin about to break open.

Jun Bu Yao heartily laughs out loud.

“How could you be so endearing ah?!” She laughs as she taps the tip of Pang Wan’s nose, her tone tender, “Come, tell Nanny, which family’s lucky gentleman has enlightened you? How did he say it to you? When and where? What words did you use?” The flames of a middle-aged woman’s gossiping nature is burning up.

Pang Wan thinks about it, and faintly sighs.

“I saw a portrait of me in his room.” After a long while, she softly says this.

If to say, counting on the effect of the Nan Ke drug alone is not enough to confirm Gu Xi Ju’s feelings, then the following discovery on the desk, has finally convinced her to believe, Gu Xi Ju really does have her in his heart.

——he has collected a good few portraits of her, almond eyes, peachy cheeks, sweet dimples, all forming a beautiful smile.

Painting skills upright and detailed, cannot possibly be a work that was merely done in a rush, the paper has also been carefully mounted very well, showing how cherished it is by the owner.

The most crucial point being, she can tell this painting is not at all a recent piece, the ink had already dried for a period of time.

She planned to use the beauty trap to seduce Gu Xi Ju, a matter that was executed the day it was thought of, all was done without any suspicion, Gu Xi Ju cannot have possibly prepared a few portraits of her in advance, nor can they all be nicely mounted and placed on the desk. No matter how crafty of a schemer he may be, it cannot possibly be up to the level of actually being able to predict one’s thoughts.

There is only one explanation, being that Gu Xi Ju truly admires her.

“Secretly collecting portraits of you?” Jin Bu Yao is stunned, then covers her mouth to laugh, “Turns out to be a fool for love type.”

“The so-called see the object and think of the person, presuming that he is in love with you but is unable to confess, thus doing this.” She squints her eyes, feeling quite delighted, a few traces of envy contained within her expression, “Let Nanny ask, how long have you two known for? Does he treat you well? Does he usually treat those around him with good responsibility?”

“We’ve known one another for almost half a year now, he is very responsible, has also been doting on me all along.”

Pang Wan blinks, she feels that what she said are all truthful words —— hand on heart, other than the kneeling incident, Gu Xi Ju has always been treating her very well.

Jin Bu Yao bursts out laughing: “Look at this, indeed love blossoming, already knowing to speak good words of your beloved!”

Pang Wan shyly presses her lips together, a flash of unrest passing her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid?” Jin Bu Yao sharply detects her change of expression.

“……Nanny, you don’t know.” Pang Wan lowers her head, voice containing a slight tremble, “I had originally thought, he would never ever like me……before, everyone always says he likes another person……”

It’s just like being told that some things you will never be able to get, you experience all kinds of obstacles and all kinds of hardships, only to eventually give up helplessly, yet fate suddenly comes like the screeching halt of a car, turning around to tell you —— look, the thing you longed for the entire time, has it not been by your side all along?

This is how Pang Wan feels like right now, longing, yet afraid; joyful, yet hesitant; excited, yet cannot help being doubtful. Like being in a dream that feels far too good, with not the slightest sense of feet-on-ground reality.

Seeing her act like a little girl worrying about the outcome, Jin Bu Yao’s heart gives rise to a surge of tenderness.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” She pats Pang Wan’s head, “Should he sincerely likes you, then he must extremely dote on you, if you cannot rest assured, then find ways to test him, see if he can bear to be mean to you.”

Pang Wan tilts her head in thought, revealing two little white canines, as she sweetly smiles.

After treating the injury on her face, noon is spent observing the research in the study room, Pang Wan’s whole heart was practically about to fly back to the mountain estate, she recalls the deeply affectionate actions from Gu Xi Ju the night before, and cannot help blushing, then thinking of Gu Xi Ju’s position as the supreme chief, she cannot help sighing.

He Qing Lu’s level of tolerance is already about to reach its ultimate limit, he halts all action, eyes like a torch as they directly observe Pang Wan.

——originally planning to use the silent method of condemning eyes to warn her, but did not think Pang Wan simply did not spare him a glance from start to finish, her eyes containing stars, face a rosy glow, sometimes smiling, sometimes sad, completely immersed in her own little world.

“What are you thinking about?”

After a good while, he deeply speaks up.

Pang Wan is pulled back to reality by his question, sounding two sounds of a “hei-hei” laugh, as she holds both her rosy red cheeks.

“Gentleman He, should there be a day the person you like does something you really despise, what would you do?”

She looks at him, dark eyes glowing.

This question puts He Qing Lu in a difficult spot, there has always been many things that he despises, yet there just happens to be not one person he likes.

“I don’t answer questions that cannot possibly have an answer.” He disdainfully harrumphs.

Pang Wan is greatly aware of his no-nonsense nature, and so changes the question: “What does gentleman despise the most?”

“You!” He Qing Lu answers promptly and accurately this time around, the words leaving his lips without the slightest hesitance.

Pang Wan clutches her chest as she feigns pain and beats at her chest a few times, grinningly raising her chin: “Ai-ya, gentleman mustn’t be so direct, I would be hurt!” Having spent so much time with Jin Bu Yao, she too has been infected by a few points of coquettish yet rogue-like behaviour.

He Qing Lu seeing that she clearly isn’t being sincere, feels an inexplicable knot in his heart.

Once the annoyance grows, his hand trembles a little, a sesame seed size of coating on the needle pouch is scraped off.

“Ai-ya!” All that can be heard is Pang Wan’s shrill yell followed by her body pouncing over, hand reaching out to snatch the needle pouch from He Qing Lu’s hand, “You scraped it again, you scraped it again! Curse you!” She grabs the needle pouch and guards it in her arms, in the situation of wanting to cry but shedding no tear, she gives He Qing Lu a little punch.

He Qing Lu’s face distorts, was just about to explode in anger, but sees the young girl bury her head in panic as she inspects the needle pouch, small and round shoulders slightly twitching, seeming to be extremely upset.

She is in very close proximity to him, so close that he can smell the faint fruity fragrance coming from her body.

Jin Bu Yao had once said, women are a type of fragrant, soft and sweet living creature, like a flower requiring someone to delicately hold in the palm of their hand, he has never bothered to acknowledge these words, but seeing the young girl’s current state, deep down in his heart, he suddenly feels a slight sense of acknowledgement towards the first half of the sentence —— not sure about soft and sweet but the fragrance is indeed there.

Just when he had fallen into a daze, his foot suddenly gives rise to a stinging pain, turns out the young girl had eaten the guts of leopard for whatever reason, fiercely stamping on his foot.

“Are you crazy?” His extends his hand to push Pang Wan away, face revealing a look of great disbelief, “You actually dare to stamp on me?!”

Naturally, he isn’t aware, the Blazing Needles are Pang Wan’s weapon of self-defence, should the scraping have ruined it, from hereon, even if she escapes death she will only be half-alive.

Pang Wan is annoyed and angry, raising her reddened eyes, she bares her teeth in an act of intimidation like a small mammal: “Who told you to lack credibility?”

He Qing Lu is unwilling to admit he committed a mistake, snapping back: “Who do you think you are? Stupid idiot, think you are worth talking credibility with gentleman, I?”

He is used to acting so condescending, and has always spoke ruthlessly with Pang Wan, not at all sensing how his own words are wrong in anyway.

But it just so happens that Pang Wan is different from usual today.

Back then, for the sake of the fake face, for the sake of having people love her, she would always remain humble and insincerely deal with this prideful gentleman for days, right now, she finally cannot tolerate it anymore, the accumulated knots and resentment throughout the many days are ready to burst out from her chest.

“That’s right ah, I’m not worthy, but nor do I wish to be worthy!” Her anger reaches an extreme and instead a laugh is sounded, droplets of tears blurring her eyes, “Because I also hate you! I hate you hate you! I hate you the most in this entire world!”

Four consecutive words of hate, contains all her past grievances as it erupts.

He Qing Lu is of noble status, when would he ever have received such a blatant attack? Flying into rage, he pushes aside the tools on the table, roaring out: “Get out of here!”

Pang Wan emits steam as she too yells out: “And so I shall!”

Having said that, she grabs the needle pouch and leaps away.

This hellish place, in future, even if it means to go around begging everyone, I will never come back here again! Rascal, you just go be a monk with your machinery in embrace!

Inside the study room.

He Qing Lu’s eyes had turned red as he supports himself on the table, chest rising and falling, breathing heavily as he huffs and puffs.

He hates her, really hates her.

Hates her to the extreme.


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  1. You are such a tsundere HQL. But more tsun than dere at this point, so get your act together, realize you like this girl, and become dere goddamnit! You’re driving her into another man’s arms!

    Also, I don’t trust this Supreme Leader guy. No guy in this story can be that sweet, it’s just too suspicious. He’s TOO sweet, if that makes sense, and we haven’t found out his agenda yet either. So suspicious, he doesn’t even know PW that well. I refuse to believe that he fell in love with her at first sight, must be something he’s hiding ( I mean he does have a side chick, so that’s suspicious already).

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter! I always looks forward to the updates~

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    1. that will hurt her a lot if the supreme chief only pretend to love her, better when you despise her, kicking her out from your resident. that’s a lot better than lying to her. a women heart like an ocean, you don’t know how deep they can bear the grudge.

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    ah, no—! no matter what, don’t go to gu xi ju—! ah—! wan wan—!
    my heart hurts at wan wan arguing with he qing lu! my heart, my heart! seeing them say they hate each other is so painful! no—! especially since it’s just some aspects of the other they don’t like, not the entire person, like true hatred would e! no, no—-! wan wan and he qing lu, no way—! why—!ah—! -falls over from the pain-

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  3. Ah…HQL..you bakabaka..
    You are too harsh to her. You will drove her away.. Your thought is wrong. You didn’t hate her..I know you don’t really hate her. Hate is just another side of a coin. You are just frustrated that PW is paying more attention to GXJ. You will regret it later when PW in another’s arm


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  6. why do i have this feeling that gxj already have a hunch about wan wan identity and try to expose her.
    remember their so called righteous sects want to catch the holy lady of bai sects.
    maybe gxj do have a feeling for wan wan, but still i have this suspicious feel about him. not 100% percent believing him.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter! I pity GXJ a bit, doubt he’ll be the male lead. He’s sweet and caring and all but the age gap is still there so I assume the closest one rn is this goddamn tsun-tsun…


  8. Let GXJ be the male lead! Please C-Novel Gods! I mean, just look at PW! She’s so happy. And HQL is just the same boring type: The Unfeeling sort of guy who ends up liking the vibrant but stupid heroine. We’re so used to this trope. Let it be something else this time. Or I’ll be EXTREMELY disappointed!

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  9. yeah, wan wan only being obedient to young master because he got what she want. became the “white lotus”, but know she find out that even without the stunning beauty and the graceful of white lotus she still has a place inside the potential male lead heart. but i hope the supreme chief hearts truly belong to her. if he so powerful until he became a supreme chief at such young age, i don’t think a merely hypnotic potion can affect his system, i mean he so powerful plus he has a great inner force.

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