江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 31

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)



Senior Brother

“Who-, whose name did you just call out?”

The young girl deeply breathes in, turning to grab onto the collar of the person behind, vicious like a demon.

“Wan Wan-ah, my Wan Wan.” Gu Xi Ju’s eyes has long turned dazed to the point it lost focus, he raises her chin, and affectionately kisses her cheek, “Why are you angry? Do you not like me?”

All the blood rushes to her head, and then quickly retreats back, the young girl’s face suddenly pales and suddenly reddens, her mind clear one moment and muddled the next, troubling to the point her brain is practically about to explode.

“You like me?” She stares at the man in front, utterly stunned, voice showing she cannot believe this even in her wildest of dreams, “The person you like……is Wan Wan?”

“Is you.” Gu Xi Ju’s kiss had already made its way to her earlobe, biting, lick, nibbling, “Only you.”

“Then……what about Fairy Sang Chan?” The young girl’s voice carries a tremble, light and floaty.

“Jealous?” Gu Xi Ju stops his action to look at her, mischief flashing past his dark eyes, “We are only senior brother and junior sister, she is a shield I use to turn down all kinds of marriage alliances, without her, I would be pushed to the edge of cliff by all the major sects trying to marry off their daughters.” He seriously explains, both arms tightening his hold on the young girl, as though afraid she would melt away the very next moment.

“Don’t be angry at me, back then……I had not yet met you.” Rubbing his head against hers, he softly mutters, an expression of pleading.

The young girl freezes.

“……not angry.” She raises her pale little face, eyes gradually reddening, “I am not angry at you……”

Gu Xi Ju is overjoyed, turning her chin over, wanting to deeply kiss her again, but didn’t think that a flash of red would pierce through the air, his movement stiffens in mid-air, body also slowly slides down the wall.

He has fallen unconscious.

Pang Wan sighs, withdrawing the Blazing Needle in hand.

——Gu Xi Ju is a man who is second to none in martial arts, usually it is impossible for anyone to successfully land a sneak attack on him, had his feelings not gotten the best of him just now, she would never have gotten the chance. If not, even if she borrows ten thousand guts, she would still not dare to hit Lord Supreme Chief’s numbing acupuncture point.

Climbing off the bed, she settles Gu Xi Ju down, and covers him with a thick quilt.

Everything that had happened tonight is beyond her expectation, causing her to practically forget the original reason why she planned this operation.

Or should we say, even if she does remember, she wouldn’t have the heart to continue.

Calm down, calm down, must definitely calm down —— touching her burning cheeks that are hot enough to melt, she constantly tells herself this.

Looking into this empty room with a lonesome candle flickering, she shifts her line of sight to the desk filled with books and documents.

The desk is filled with books and stationary Gu Xi Ju often uses, perhaps she could find some clues regarding the Jade Dragon Token there.

She comes up to the desk, carefully searching through the papers.

Then sees that under the papers there are a few rolls of well-cherished paintings.

Body moving on its own, she picks up a painting and spreads it out to take a look.

Her breathing instantly stops in that moment.

The night winds blow, the clear stars sparse, a bright moon exceptionally luminous and round.

Taking out a Jade-Dew Pure-Heart Pellet and feeding it the person on the bed, Pang Wan creeps out of the room.

Back when Tang Fei Feng discussed “Nan Ke”, that Sect Leader had once said, Nan Ke may be a colourless and odourless, but is a mysterious drug that can have the one affected to mistaken the person they see as their beloved, however it is just another love drug, and is not difficult to dispel. This Jade-Dew Pure-Heart Pellet that can slow down the effect of hundreds of poison, is more than enough to dispel the effect of Nan Ke, really is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut —— Supreme Chief ah, I need not be sorry towards you.

Remembering the courtesan she hid away, Pang Wan strides into the courtyard, but there is still another problem to deal with!

Having just taken two steps, her movements suddenly pauses.

Under the luminous moon, a figure that she would never have expected, suddenly appears.

That slender and handsome person stood under the tree, with eyes like a frozen star, is it not precisely Young Master Nan Yi?

Pang Wan blinks, subconsciously turning to run away, but how is she even considered Nan Yi’s opponent? With one gust of wind, her entire being is already standing obediently in front of Nan Yi.

“How promising you have become ey, to know how to use the beauty trap now?”

Only hearing a sound of cold laughter, Nan Yi’s single hand keeps her hands tied behind her back, his other hand grabbing her chin, raising it and pulls her towards him.

Pang Wan instantly wails, even her internal organs were in pain.

“I, it’s not like that, I……” She was in both shock and panic, unable to speak coherently.

Nan Yi’s eyes like ice daggers, coldly swipes across her loose hair, messy clothing, but once he sees that on that fine white neck, there is a faint trace of red teeth mark, his sharp eyes darken.

“Despicable wench!” He raises his hand and lands a slap on Pang Wan, an extremely clear sound of “pa”.

Pang Wan was beaten senseless by this slap to the face, she widens her eyes at him, almond eyes gradually tearing up.

“You still have the face to cry? What you crying about? So ugly!” Seeing her look so wronged, Nan Yi’s monstrous anger rises, overturning his hand to give her another slap, “pa”!

With real use of power, blood streams out from the corner of Pang Wan’s lip.

“Who allowed you to go seducing people? What have the two of you been doing tonight? Speak!”

Nan Yi tightly grabs onto her chin, face ferociously distorted, eyes emitting a wolf-like light, so red that it’s almost dripping blood.

Yet Pang Wan quietens down in this moment.

Deep down she is thinking, this Nan Yi, will always hate me this much, looking down on me. His tenderness is only shown to Mei Wu, his care is also only reserved for Mei Wu. To him, I am but a toy he uses to pass time, a junior sister that he could do with or without. No matter how we were brought up together, no matter how we spent our childhood together, so what? He would never like me, nevermind treating me nicely, it will never ever happen.

Her heart grows even more icily clear and bright than that of the moonlight.

“Nothing at all.”

Pang Wan withdraws herself from her thoughts, raising her head to look directly at Nan Yi.

The tears in that pair of almond eyes also disappears without a trace, once again restoring its brightness.

“You liar!” Nan Yi condescendingly stares at her, yet the strength in his hand had unconsciously reduced a few points, Pang Wan thus takes the opportunity to release herself.

“I fed him a love drug, but only managed to check the top half of his body, before I was scared away.”

She rubs her wrists as she answers, speaking half truthfully.

When Nan Yi hears the two words of “love drug”, his brows instantly knit together, big hand rapidly locking onto Pang Wan’s throat.

“You cheap wench!” He grits his teeth, angrily denouncing her, “Who gave you such huge guts? How dare you? How dare you?!” That final sentence wanting to swallow her up whole as he goes into hysterics.

Pang Wan was almost out of breath under his clutch, and stealthily slips out three Blazing Needles from her sleeve, but did not think Nan Yi acted even quicker, with one toss of his sleeve, those three Blazing Needles were all in the palm of his hand.

“……father gave this to you?” He looks at the red needles in hand, five fingers opening up, the corner of his lip lightly hooking, “You’ve been carrying this the whole time? Never let it leave your side?”

Pang Wan’s heart numbs at his sudden change of expression, snappily sending him a glare: “Had I not had this for backup, you think I would dare use the beauty trap?”

Nan Yi thinks about it, his big hand eventually letting go of her neck, just that his brows were still deeply furrowed: “You are far too careless! With Gu Xi Ju’s skills, you think he’s one for you to land a sneak attack on? Should the drug have acted up, how could you possibly……”

“Hence why I prepared him a courtesan ah!” Pang Wan rubs her nose and leaps over to bottom of the rockery, huffing as she drags out a sleeping beauty from a hollow spot.

Pang Wan feels that her own plan is completely flawless.

First have Gu Xi Ju consume Nan Ke, then allow herself to take charge in stripping Lord Supreme Chief from his clothing, whilst courtesan lady remains on standby as the spare wheel, should the situation makes a turn for the worse, she can immediately step up —— everything is perfectly planned, until an accident occurred midway, thus bringing the operation to an abrupt end.

Nan Yi sees the courtesan, and finally comes to understand that Pang Wan’s beauty trap is actually substituting oneself with another, the ice cold anger in his eyes thus melts, expression also easing down.

“You, our Bai Yue Sect’s Sheng Gu, must most definitely not be involved in a relationship with the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin.” He walks up, taking out a pill and stuffs it into the courtesan’s mouth, “Junior Sister, you must keep in mind, good and evil can never stand side by side since the ancient times, no matter what feelings are shared, it cannot step across the deep sea of blood feud, should you have been struck by any feelings you should not have, I’m afraid that all that will come in the end, is but only a lose-lose outcome.”

Nan Yi very rarely calls Pang Wan junior sister, but when he does, it shows that he is being extremely serious and stern.

Both cheeks incredibly burning in pain, Pang Wan does not wish to waste any more words on him, only asking: “What did you feed her?”

“A drug.” Nan Yi turns to look at her, under the moonlight, such face that has shed its air of hostility appears surprisingly handsome, “Having consumed this drug, she shall not remember anything that has happened today.” He smiles with extreme pride.

“She would never have remembered anyway!” Pang Wan glares at him, this courtesan had already gotten her sleep acupoint hit by her since the very moment she stepped into the horse carriage, she simply does not know a single thing to begin with.

“To be on the safe side.” Nan Yi lightly sounds a harrumph.

Pang Wan inwardly curses at him for arguing over the most trifling matters, her hands reaching out to hold that courtesan: “I have to send her back before sunrise.”

A pair of slender and long hands blocks her view, Nan Yi snatches the opportunity first.

“Just leave me to send her back.” He sends her a smile.

Pang Wan glances at the courtesan’s delicately beautiful face, and impatiently rubs her nose: “Over to you then Senior Brother.”

Having said that she marches away.

The skies showing the first glimmer of dawn, a huntsman passes by the mountain ditch, and from afar, he sees a woman of graceful figure lying down on the pile of hay ahead.

“Lady, why are you sleeping here?” Originally thinking whose family daughter is resting on the ground out here, he subconsciously reaches out to give her a little push.

“Ah!” Once he catches a clear view of the woman’s face, he screams and falls to the ground, entire body trembling.

What he had overturned on the ground, is shockingly, a corpse that had long turned ice cold, her face a bloody mess, as though someone had deliberately shed her face off, extremely horrific.

Hi xiaoxiaomei here, hehe…sorry I had to torture you with the wait after last week’s cliffhanger! I see that a few of you were counting on Nan Yi to help Wan Wan out of the sticky situation, well our Wan Wan is a lady who knows how to count on herself! Whereas Nan Yi is…*sigh*…but despite the violence he shows, which is in no way acceptable, there is still concern contained within the anger shown in this chapter. I mean, who would enjoy the idea of a close one taking to the means of seducing someone to get what they want? Just that Nan Yi’s method of showing this is just very wrong.

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  1. Nan Yi is SCARY. Holy heck, did he do that to the girl? Why would he scar her face? She didn’t even do anything! Oh god he’s so scary, he better start redeeming himself. And looks like PW is starting to turn cold to NY. Guess the ship is starting to sink, unless NY starts bailing out the water fast and doing some lovey dovey stuff in a much less violent manner.

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter!

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    1. I have to agree. Seems a bit cray cray to shed a person’s face off, even if you are part of the evil sect.

      And men who hit women are the lowest! although Nan Yi has tried to kill Wan Wan in the past and they exist in the martial arts universe so equality for all when it comes to beating people up i guess…

      its hard to apply everyday logic when evaluating this story!

      Thank you for the chapter it was a fun read.

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    2. To avoid identification. The modern equivalent would include destroying the fingerprints and probably dental as well. It’s brutal, but he *is* in an evil sect, and his priority is looking after his sister Wan Wan. In my opinion, it’s Wan Wan who has been acting out of character with her sect thus far.

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  2. I have read the spoiler ahead… and I do think that his action is justifiable ATM, considering how he regard himself in term of his relationship with Wan Wan. What I can say is, he is very concern about the well being of naive, impulsive Wan Wan~

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    1. I am wondering if Nan Yi was also fed love drug by Mei Wu, hence his intense reactions when he hears those words. Would explain how tge bride got murdered so brutally before the marriage in the evil sect, he would have come to his senses and retaliated.


  3. He Qing lu is unwilling to leave her.
    Gu Xi Ju admitted he likes her.
    Nan Yi seemingly jealous because of her.

    Finally Wan Wan’s time in the spotlight is here!!

    Thanks for the constant updates♡

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  4. thanks a lot!
    eh?! so, he really? he was really? influenced by the drug? really? -shakes head- bah! so what? regret is a pill he’ll have to swallow regardless! don’t soften your heart towards him, wan wan! but, about thatsang chan, so why did he act different with regards to sang chan? although he acts differently towards wan wan too.

    boo, nan yi, boo! how could you hit wan wan, especially when she’s mot defending herself? and wan wan’s thoughts are sosad! just leave nan yi!

    he qing lu—! come back!

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  5. Thanks for the update. I’m curious at what PW saw ob the scroll? Maybe her own portrait?
    Nan yi.. what an abusive guy! Definitely not shipping this ship.

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  6. I hate nan yi…
    I have jump out of his ship…
    He’s too ruthless…
    I wish to have a diff type of male lead, but nan yi isn’t it…
    The He young master isn’t it as well
    Only the wu lin GJX left…*sigh*

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  7. Ah dont be too surprised with nan yi. He literelly tried to kill wan wan since hes 12 if that is not bloodthirsty i dont know what is. A little slap is nothing compared to poisoning or beheading.

    If anything he is just being a person from an evil sect he is not a hypocrite unlike people from good sect but still act despicably in the name of goodness.


  8. Huh… I think I idolized Nan Yi before I really knew him… He’s very… Yandere… I don’t know if he really hates her, or is secretly jealous of her, or something…. Muh…. I think my Nan Yi ship sinking might’ve been a good thing.

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  9. I had previously thought that was the case with Xi Jun! But it doesnt matter I was right. He simply messed up by ordering her to kneel just to keep appearances. Also, is Nan Yi bipolar or what? He is the obe who suggested she sedivlce Xi Jun, so why get furious when it seems she followed his advice? Dont tell me he also feels something for her!

    Honestly, it doesnt matter, I like her with Qing Lu already, so the other two are too late. :p

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  10. Aren’t hhe simply jjealous? Unable to aaccept he has feeling for mc.
    yeah, another he is a tsunder and yander i think.
    soon, he realize that he love her.


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