江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 29

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)

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Bu Yao of the Jin Family

Just like what He Qing Lu said, Pang Wan has really been distracted in the recent couple of days.

Majority of the reasons that have caused her to be distracted is Mei Wu’s sudden death.

——she has always stubbornly thought before: if a girl is as beautiful as a white lotus, her future will always be smooth and easy. Now she sees Mei Wu’s ending, this original firm belief of hers is severely shaken.

In the land of Mary Sue, there is a country of great power, named “Torturing Love and Deep Affection”, often abbreviated to “Torturing Country”. The female nobilities who live there are all really weird, always enjoying to play some “You Strike Me With A Blade, I Stab You With A Sword”, “Gets Dumped Today, Loses Memory Tomorrow” and “Fake Death, Jump Off Cliffs, Rebirth and Reincarnate”, or other similar kinds of difficult story-lines with the male leads. Pang Wan was not from the Torturing Country in her previous life, but she does know about their special tastes. She thinks in her heart, could it be that Lady Mei is from the Torturing Country? Loving Nan Yi is fake, but exacting revenge on him is real? Mei Wu intentionally chose to die at Nan Yi’s happiest moment, to revenge for some so called “family vendettas”. Of course, her death is fake; of course, she will meet Nan Yi again; of course, they will overcome all and have a HAPPY ENDING.

But no matter how she tries to ask Nan Yi, she only receives one answer —— Mei Wu really died, her body has been burned by sect leader (cremation is an excellent tradition of the Bai Yue Sect), Nan Yi even made sure of her funeral himself.

——That beautiful face, even if it has become ashes, I can still recognize it.

Nan Yi said painfully.

Pang Wan does not dare to touch this deep sorrow of his, so she swallows all her doubts back to her stomach.

——Could it be, this story will be converted to a rebirth storyline? Mei Wu’s spirit will reborn in another woman’s body, and continues her romance with Nan Yi? According to the land of Mary Sue’s “either no torture at all or torture to death” rule, Mei Wu has a high possibility of reborning in the body of the woman who Nan Yi hates the most; without a single question, this woman is definitely Pang Wan herself!!!

——Despicable! She doesn’t want Mei Wu to use her body to teach the male lead a “hate turns love” transformation. Since her female lead journey is not yet successful, comrade Sheng Gu must continue to persevere! She definitely needs to protect her life, must never let anyone rob her body away!

With this absurd idea in mind, Pang Wan’s biggest task has recently transformed from studying the art of seduction to “I’m gonna see who is after me”, being skeptical about everyone and everything.

“You are showing that kind of nervous emotion again.” Jin Bu Yao sighs once again.

Pang Wan touches her slightly stiff face, and embarrassedly responds with a wretched smile.

“The art of seduction is performed naturally, showing it as your habits. If you are busy guarding against everything, who will be willing to open his heart to you?” Jin Bu Yao waves her white jade arms, appearing a little bit out of the mood.

“Sorry, nanny, I was zoning out for a minute.” Pang Wan is afraid that this beautiful woman would wave her sleeve and leaves, so she immediately apologizes.

Fortunately, Jin Bu Yao returns a carefree smile.

“You are still young; everything is always written on your face.” Her eyes like water, focused on Pang Wan, as if she is seeing something through her.

“Does nanny have anyone you like?” Pang Wan suddenly recalls what He Qing Lu said before, and could not resist her curiosity.

“Of course.” Jin Bu Yao smiles calmly. She has at least lived a small half of her life, how can she never liked anyone?

“Then nanny definitely already has him right; are you two doing well together?” Pang Wan asks without any doubts; she really can’t think of any no-eyes-man[1] who can reject Jin Bu Yao.

“No. I sacrificed all I have, yet never have I gained him.” Jin Bu Yao still keeps smiling, calm and relaxed.

Pang Wan’s expression on her face freezes.

“How is it possible?” She asks.

“How is it possible!” She murmurs again, “Nanny, you are so beautiful and you know the art of sed……”

Jin Bu Yao giggles, with one hand supporting her chin, her beautiful eyes look straight at Pang Wan.

“Seduction only works when that person has a heart.” She pinches Pang Wan’s smooth cheek, her voice is a little husky as if she is slightly tipsy, “Silly girl, don’t be like me, falling for a man who will never ever have a heart, causing you to be lonely for all your life.”

Looking at this enraptured beauty in front of her, Pang Wan’s heart shrinks a little, “But nanny, there are still so many people falling for you……” As long as Jin Bu Yao is willing to hook up a finger, countless men are willing to fight to death for an opportunity to kneel in front of her dress, if they queue up, the line will run hundreds of miles. Should one not work out, then find another one, why hang herself on a single tree?[2]

“No use, no use.” Jin Bu Yao’s smile becomes even brighter, just like a gorgeously blooming roseleaf raspberry flower, “Even if the whole world loves you, you would still not be satisfied, you would be lonely, you would be longing.”

“Because you will never walk into his heart.”

She gently speaks, revealing ineffable sorrow in the bottom of her eyes.

Pang Wan dumbfoundedly stares at Jin Bu Yao, her brain is all tangled up.

“Little fool, you don’t understood love yet!” Jin Bu Yao pats her chubby cheeks, “On the day when you sense heartache, you will understand.”

“Actually I have already experienced heartache several times……” Pang Wan lowers her head and defends herself with whispering voice, not forgetting those peerless male leads who have betrayed her: Nan Yi, Gu Xi Ju, Solitary Palace Master, Ninth Prince —— are her previous drawbacks not enough!

“Really?” Jin Bu Yao grins, extraordinarily alluring and captivating, “But according to my perspective, you have not liked anyone for real yet!”

She picks out a strand of Pang Wan’s beautiful hair, twisting and tangling it with her fingers, “Something can only be understood after you have encountered them. Growing up sometimes happens within a second, and it takes a high price.”

After sending Pang Wan away, Jin Bu Yao walks to the study room in graceful steps.

“Young Master.” She greets the noble gentleman in the room, and takes out some pink and white water lilies, arranging them one by one in a white jade porcelain vase.

He Qing Lu is using a pair of tweezers to untie a bundle of silver fishnet on the desk; he doesn’t even bother to lift up his head.

Jin Bu Yao does not mind at all. When she finishes putting all the flowers in the vase and has created the best arrangement possible for them, she gracefully turns to face him.

“Mister has sent in a letter.” She takes out an envelope from her chest, “Here”.

He Qing Lu’s move somewhat pauses.

“If it is for me, then why is it in your hands?”

He quickly engages into the world of the fishnet again.

“Because Mister gave me this letter before I came here; he ordered me to wait for a month, then give it to you.”

Jin Bu Yao smiles sweetly, also very earnestly.

He Qing Lu does not take the envelope, only indifferently asks, “What does the letter say?”

“Ay, this I don’t dare to look at it.” Jin Bu Yao continues to maintain her smile, “Mister wrote this letter just to you, Young Master.”

“Don’t say this kind of lies to me!” He Qing Lu looks a little impatient, “as long as it’s something from his hands, God knows how many times you have touched it and stared at it?” probably you also secretly hid it, smelled and kissed it countless times.

A tint of blush appears on Jing Bu Yao’s cheeks; her lips immediately curves to a glamorous smile, “Ai-yo, my Young Master, how could you say a woman’s secret out loud? You will not get any girl’s affection like this.” Be careful of not getting a wife in the future as well.

“I don’t need that kind of thing.” He Qing Lu responds extremely indifferently, “What does the letter really say?”

Seeing him acting impatiently, Jin Bu Yao angrily rolls her eyes in her heart, then moves with light lotus steps and uses both hands to place that envelope on the desk —— in the end, it is written by that person’s own hands, she could not make herself to throw it.

“Mister said, after you see this letter, please go back within ten days.” She gently says.

He Qing Lu freezes.

“Okay.” After a long time, he emotionlessly answers, continuing to untie the fishnet in his hands.

Jin Bu Yao sees no reaction of him, so she could not stop her own curiosity, “You just agreed to it this easily?”

He Qing Lu lifts up his eyes surprisingly, “Why should I hesitate?”

Jin Bu Yao’s brows furrows, “You don’t have a single sense of unwillingness to leave……”

Gazing at his eyes that are as clear as chilly springs, she swallows the latter half of that sentence back to her stomach.

“Bu Yao apologizes for arrogating the right of being interested in Young Master’s personal life.” She slightly smiles, then gracefully turns to take her leave, with movements as beautiful as a lotus flower.

——The family of He, indeed only produces men with no hearts. She has overestimated them.

After Jin Bu Yao has left for a while, He Qing Lu finally fulfills his wish of fully untying that fishnet. He carefully spreads it out on the desk.

His elbow unintentionally hits a little porcelain bottle —— the one that he has used to keep the coating from the needle bag of the Blazing Needles. At that time, he picked only a very little spot of it with lightning speed, but the owner of the Needles almost wailed, kept making troubles and showing her anger to him for a long time.

——I will say farewell to this annoying, dumb girl, I should really be happy.

As he thinks of this, the corners of his lips slightly lift up again.

——Humph, what is Jin Bu Yao thinking? That dumb girl is just a floating cloud that won’t leave even a single trace in his masterly planned brain. Then why would he, why would he have any sense of unwillingness to leave her?

[1] No-eyes-man/不长眼睛的男人: often used to describe stupid men who do not appreciate the beauty and charm of an excellent woman.

[2]”Why hang herself on a single tree?” /在一棵树上吊死/Zài yī kē shù shàng diào sǐ : is a classical Chinese saying that convinces people to stop being stubborn and start choosing some other way. Its origin is based on a short tale about a stubborn man who wants to hang himself, yet he only tries on a single tree. No matter how he tries, that tree is too short, so he cannot die.

Translator’s Note: Now, we know who has Jin Bu Yao’s heart. But, He Qing Lu! When are you going to wake up and realize where your heart truly belongs?! If you don’t take a move, Wan Wan is going to be with someone else!

20 thoughts on “江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 29

  1. He will feel lonely and think from time to time how that idiot is doing, if she is in problems, if she died and end up searching for her with some bad excuse~
    From all male leads, HQL has my vote! The one who doesn’t have heart and the one doesn’t knows what is love!

    Thanks for the translation!

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    1. I ship her with HQL alsooo. I can’t wait to read his reactions after he knows about love.. How he would help her.. The one who doesn’t have a heart, once it actually finally find its heart, emotions will just surge out… I’m pretty excited for the outburst of his emotion(if there is any)..


    1. Ummmmm….. Kukkirir~ ummmm… I’m trying so hard to explain how I feel while not spoiling anything….Honestly, I am okay with both Gu Xi Ju and He Qing Lu. This is my second time reading this book. When I first read the story, I liked Gu Xi Ju 100 percent, then now when I look at it, I feel like He Qing Lu touches my heart too. I don’t normally fall for characters like him. Those two are totally opposite types. Idk. Hahahaha. Do you ship Gu Xi Ju and wan wan?


  2. Wan Wan is on “everyone out there are coming to get her” alert while HQL’s heart is slowly being occupied by thoughts of Wan Wan

    oOo is that a brief spoiler!!?

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  3. thanks—-!
    lol, that ‘torturing country’! such angst—!
    i see, so like master like disciple! the ice block types! so that’s the person that jin bu yao is in love with!
    he qing lu! you already thinking of her indicates that she has taken a place in your heart! kekeke, yes, do well, wan wan! keep going, you’re already in his head, now to just get into his heart! fufufu!

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