江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 28

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)

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Should Mock My Own Over-Sentimentality

By the sounds of it, Mei Wu died extremely tragically.

She was killed in the morning when getting ready, her entire body of primary meridians cut off, as well as chopping off both her feet, blood practically all drained out.

Of the personal maids who were appointed to protect her, none were spared, every single one murdered, their bodies suffering numerous knife wounds, body and head separated. Rong Gu-Gu who held the responsibility of guarding the periphery was also seriously injured, and remains unconscious to this day as she quietly lies in bed.

By the time everybody rushed to the scene, fresh blood was splattered everywhere, the crimson wedding gown was like toxic fire as it mercilessly devours the beautiful white lotus flower.

Everything happened far too suddenly, completely catching everyone off guard. Sect Leader was angered to the point of coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood.

Of course, this all happened after Pang Wan had descended the mountain, half a year ago.

Nan Yi uses a type of voice that can practically be said to be peaceful, as he describes the situation that day to Pang Wan. Just that when he got to describing Mei Wu’s death condition, that very slight tremble of his back betrayed him.

“……back then you said, you wish us lovers never ever end up together, didn’t think it actually came true.”

Having said all this, he sourly glances at Pang Wan, that pair of eyes originally like obsidian, now appears like tainted clear pearls, bleak with no light.

Pang Wan’s body also starts to tremble, because this news had shaken her into practically making it impossible for her to think properly.

——could this be my unintentional curse taking effect? Or can it be said, this world and the land of Mary Sue are different? Even if one is to become a white lotus flower beauty, adored by all, it may not necessarily mean it will have an all-round good ending?

Thinking back and forth, she could only place Mei Wu into the “city-toppling beauty but is ill-fated” category for now, and barely manages to calm her heart and mind.

“I’m sorry……” She has always had a glib tongue, but right now, she is unable to say half a sentence of comforting words. In her subconscious mind, she does not like Mei Wu, but now hearing that she has fallen to such an end, her heart also feels very bleak.

“I know it has nothing to do with you.” Nan Yi indifferently casts her a glance, and turns his head away.

The night wind gently blows the hair by his temple back, Pang Wan is stunned, impressively hidden behind those locks of hair, is a glaring strand of silver!

Should mock my own over-sentimentality, white hair prematurely grown.[1]

——Brother Nan Yi is the passionate lover type ah, afraid that Mei Wu dying just like this, from hereon, no one can ever takeover her spot in his heart!

As Pang Wan thinks about all this, her heart feels sour, also pained.

“Brother Nan Yi, I want to go back and see Rong Gu-Gu.” After snapping out of her daze, Pang Wan reaches out to grab Nan Yi’s arm, “Has Rong Gu-Gu not woken up yet?”

Nan Yi pushes her away, face restoring its calm and biting-cold look: “Before you complete your mission, you cannot go back.”

“Rong Gu-Gu is lying in the sick bed! I’m worried about her ah!” Pang Wan grows desperate, both hands reaching out to shake Nan Yi’s shoulders, “After such a huge matter happened, the sect must be lacking people right now, can I not postpone my mission for now?”

Nan Yi glances at her restless hands, and presses his lips together displeased: “Who do you think you are? What can you help with once you return?”

Right after, his face falls serious, voice sounding more cold and stern: “Our Bai Yue Sect does not accept those who give up halfway! Should you come back with no achievement, then you are simply a worthless wretch! Father shall remove you from your duty upon return!”

Pang Wan was just about to speak up and say that it means nothing to her if she loses that Sheng Gu title, but hears Nan Yi once again speak: “The consequences a worthless wretch must face is disembowelment as well as chopping off the hands and feet, before being thrown amongst the parasites and fed to the poisonous snakes and poisonous insects!”

And so she instead shudders, swallowing back all the grand and righteous “indifferent to fame and fortune” words with one clean sweep.

“You need not bother about matters within the sect, I naturally have my own plans.” Seeing her shrink back with a look of difficulty, Nan Yi frowns.

“Then you descending the mountain this time, is it perhaps to seek revenge?” Pang Wan appears to have matters weighing down her heart, “From those who killed Lady Mei Wu, do you perhaps have a slightest clue?”

“Clue? Naturally, I have some.” A trace of darkness rapidly flashes past Nan Yi’s eyes.

“Just that there still isn’t enough right now, once I have everything made clear, I’ll definitely have them pay back this blood debt with blood.”

His complexion a bluish black, entire body dripping with an air of hostility, just like a wild beast restlessly wanting tear the enemy into shreds.

“Could……I be of any help?” Pang Wan gazes at him.

Turning to meet with that pair of almond eyes filled with concern, Nan Yi gradually eases his intense look.

“My problems, I can handle myself.” His voice a little dull, “You should worry about yourself first!”

“Then……what do I need to do right now?” Pang Wan was somewhat uncertain on her course of action, and helplessly looks at Nan Yi, hoping this young master who is the most outstanding figure within a hundred year of the unorthodox sect’s history, to point her down a broad road.

“Asking me what to do?” Nan Yi raises his brows high and coldly smiles, “Aren’t you very capable? Winning Gu Xi Ju’s grand recognition, and even blended in, becoming his confidant, even with such matter like helping Bai Xiao Sheng to recover, he needs to request for your help!”

Pang Wan thinks about how Gu Xi Ju had been giving her special treatment all this time, and scratches her head with a hei-hei laugh —— it seems like it really has been this way.

“If I had to say, you shouldn’t spend too long here.” Nan Yi glares at her, “Quickly take the Jade Dragon Token and report back, that way you can take care of your Rong Gu-Gu.”

Remembering Rong Gu-Gu’s injury, Pang Wan energetically nods.

All of a sudden, she thinks of another question, curiously looking up: “Brother Nan Yi, what is a Blood Tyrant? I heard it’s a monster cultivated by Bai Yue Sect, how come I have never even heard of it before ah?”

Nan Yi’s expression freezes for a moment.

“En, there is such a thing.” Both his eyelashes falling down, answering in a very plain manner, “Father only just released it down the mountain a month ago.”

“What kind of a monster is so formidable?” Pang Wan couldn’t even her close her mouth, “I heard that Blood Tyrant not only uses poison, but also suck people’s inner energy, gouge out human flesh and blood! Exceedingly bold and powerful!”

Nan Yi tightly knits his brows together.

“It is nothing more than a zombie{2].” After a while, he understatedly says.

Nan Yi stays in Gu Xi Ju’s mountain estate as the Divine Physician.

Although Bai Xiao Sheng’s condition had been steadied, he still remains in a comatose state. Gu Xi Ju was busy with investigating into the Blood Tyrant, and taking into account he has less and less time, he basically handed everything over to Nan Yi. And so Pang Wan’s role became the Divine Physician’s assistant, helping him during treatment times every day.

Of course, due to the unspeakable relationship between her and Nan Yi, Nan Yi allows her to take leaves for personal affairs, and so for three out of seven days, Pang Wan is still able to enter and leave the He Estate.

As to why Nan Yi would disguise himself as someone from the Medicine King Valley, and why he would spend his efforts on treating Bai Xiao Sheng, Pang Wan has gotten no answers.

Zuo Nan Yi is an extremely stubborn person, regarding matters in which he is unwilling to speak of, no matter how much effort one puts in, they still wouldn’t get it out of him.


Pang Wan overlooks the distant lotus pond, and faintly sighs.

——tut tut, here it comes again.

He Qing Lu looks at the young girl by the window with her cheek resting in hand as she dazes out, brows knitted together.

This little bratty girl has consecutively sighed twenty-three times within a short time span of half an hour, and has already severely affected his usual research. The him who has always loved being quiet, truly cannot possibly bear with such disruptive behaviour called “observing in name, but distracting in reality” ——he is about to explode soon.

“Jin Bu Yao said, you have constantly been distracted during lessons these past few days, did something happen back home?”

As a well-educated gentleman of noble descent, he clears his throat, and tries his best to speak in calm manner.

Truth be told, from the very bottom of his heart, it was Jin Bu Yao who made him ask such thing, although he completely does not want to know the answer at all, right now, he truly does not know what he could say to her.

“Ah?” Pang Wan returns from her own little world, eyes looking sluggish.

“I was asking just now, you have been distracted during lessons these past few days, did something happen back home?” He Qing Lu simply wanted to give his own good temper a great applaud —— he actually set down his noble status to repeat the question again!

“No, no.” Pang Wan uses a type of look that cannot even deceive herself to answer him, thoroughly flustered.

The between of He Qing Lu’s brows squeezes into a nice looking “川” character.

“Should it be a problem regarding your payment, I allow you to put this on hold for another three months.”

He uses a type of prideful, compassionate tone to speak in an charitable manner —— to be capable of troubling this stupid and foolish lady, it’s probably only money that can do that! Five thousand taels of silver truly does not mean much to him, just that with another three months, the recipe for making the Blazing Needles should be ready to test out.

The young girl by the window chokes on her own saliva, sounding a few coughs.

“Payment? Oh right, still haven’t gave the payment yet.”

She bitterly looks at him, rubbing the tip of her nose: “May you wait a little, I’ll definitely pay you in three months’ time.” The payment from Gu Xi Ju should be in her hands by then.

“Could it be that you are not being troubled by this?” He Qing Lu raises his brows —— could it be that inside this foolish girl’s inadequate brain, there are still things other than that of money and becoming beautiful?


Pang Wan looks back at him, deeply sighing for the twenty-fourth time, this one in particularly expressing volumes.

“Don’t know……if Gentleman still remembers or not, I have once asked you in the past, should you have something extremely valuable, a treasure that the entire world has set their sights on, where would you place it?” Her face reveals a look of distress.

He Qing Lu very quickly envisions the scene from back then —— during the time he was disguising as Wang Gang, the location being an inn.

“There was indeed such matter.” He nods, “I remember the answer I gave back then was, if the treasure cannot be taken with me, then create a maze, find the most ferocious beasts and the most elite men to guard it; if the treasure can be taken with me, then I must keep it by my side at all times.”

The look of distress on Pang Wan’s face further deepens: “Should you have already observed many times, and even made a move to search around, yet still not found a single trace on the person’s clothing and items of everyday use, say, where else can this treasure be placed?”

He Qing Lu’s eyes flashes, and calmly answers: “You sure the object is not on he body?”

Pang Wan nods without the slightest of hesitance: “The entire world knows this thing is in his hands.” The Jade Dragon Token is the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin’s emblem, Gu Xi Ju cannot possibly not carry it on him at all times.

“Then, there are two other possibilities.”

He Qing Lu lowers his long long eyelashes, the corners of his lips starting to slowly spread into a barely detectable curve.

“The first being, act in a manner opposite to what is expected. Since the entire world knows the object is in his hands, for the sake of assurance, he could have entrusted the treasure in the hands of another person —— a person who he is able to completely trust and rely on.” He speaks in a neither hurried nor slow manner.

Would Gu Xi Ju have such a person whom he entrust both his life and possessions with? Pang Wan doubtfully blinks.

“The second possibility is, the object is indeed hidden on his body, but nobody can possibly find it.”

The smile on He Qing Lu’s face becomes strange.

“Should the treasure be small enough, he could dig out a piece of his own flesh, and insert the treasure inside, then apply a special drug. Once the wound has healed with time, his own body thus becomes the ultimate vessel to hide the treasure in —— as long as the person exists, the treasure shall never be lost.”

He leisurely speaks of such chilling words, face revealing a look of pleasant appreciation.

“Is this not too horrifying?!” Pang Wan uncontrollably screams out, “Who is it that came up with such caustic trick?!” Is this not self-torturing?

The smile slips down from He Qing Lu’s face, he seriously casts her a glance: “It is precisely gentleman, I.”

“Didn’t think you are so gruesome!” Pang Wan eyes him up and down as though she’s looking at a demonic monster —— this person could very well be inclined to suffer abuse!

However, He Qing Lu was not actually angered, only coldly saying: “The idea may be mine, but I will definitely not use it.” He is but the world’s most self-loving person, “Those who would use such a method, must meet two conditions: number one, he holds extremely high capability, if not, even if the treasure is kept within his body, it is still possible to have it easily stolen away; number two, this person must be extremely distrustful of people, if not, he too would not be forced into using such method —— it can be said that, he does not trust anyone in the world except for himself.”

Speaking up to here, he casts a deeply meaningful smile at Pang Wan: “How’s that? Don’t know if the one who has caused you to endlessly sigh over and over again these past few days, meets these conditions?”

Pang Wan was just deeply immersed in her own thinking, when she was abruptly pricked by his question, and immediately the hairs on her body stands: “Me sighing is not because of finding some sort of treasure!”

“Why try so hard to conceal?” He Qing Lu clearly does not believe her answer.

Blood rushing up to her cheeks, Pang Wan’s chest rises as she glares at him, baring her teeth as she fiercely speaks: “I was sighing because my first love didn’t get married successfully, his bride-to-be suddenly died! I was faintly sharing his sorrow with him!!!”

“What do you understand?!” Her shame turns into anger as she shoots He Qing Lu a sharp glare, before turning around and jumps out the window in escape.

The smile at the corners of He Qing Lu’s lips and his entire person stiffens on the spot.

“First love?”

He subconsciously mutters as he repeats after her, a trace of rarely seen confusion glimmers in his eyes.

[1] Line from the poem – Nian Nu Jiao · Reminiscence of Red Cliffs by Su Shi

[2] Chinese zombies or jiāng shī / 僵尸 are also like vampires in that they have sharp canines used to suck blood, and may also be known in English as hopping vampires as they are known to move around by jumping forward with both arms stretched out.

Don’t worry guys! Just because both Nan Yi and Gu Xi Ju is back, that doesn’t mean He Qing Lu disappears haha


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