江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 21

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)



I Wish To Become Her

He Qing Lu has lived for almost twenty years, and very rarely has he ever went through moments of emotional ups and downs.

He comes from a renowned family, holds remarkable talents, never is there something he cannot get hold of, nor does he feel that there is anything in particular that is worth putting the effort into. That is why he has taken the fancy of collecting ingenious creations, occasionally putting himself at risk in pursuit of the thrill, this is one of the few pleasures in his life.

Someone had once said, the two extremes of emotions that is love and hate, may never ever occur in the gentleman of the He Clan’s body.

What love is, He Qing Lu is not particularly sure of.

But what kind of a feeling hate is, he finally understands now.

He is extremely ascertained and definitely sure, hate lies within that swaying white figure in the courtyard.

“Lady Ah Xiang, you teach me, how do you sway that waist? How do you raise your finger with the elegance of an orchid?”

Pang Wan is closely following behind his maid, showing a silly smile as she speaks flattering words like a spoilt child.

“Young lady Wan Wan, stop messing around now, how could you possibly learn gestures and postures from this servant?” The maid is clearly put on a very difficult spot.

“Why can’t I learn from you? You’re very ladylike ah!” And Pang Wan clearly does not take her difficulties into account, “That day I saw your back figure as you were walking, how nice the swaying of your butt was ah! I just couldn’t do it no matter how I tried……” She even gives her own butt a little shake as she says this, “Also when you served tea for gentleman, your finger, raised just like a delicate flower……”

The maid was practically about to sweat out blood upon hearing her words.

“Jin Di Luo.”

He Qing Lu finally could not bear with it any longer and quietly calls out.

“Here.” A man in grey walks out from the shaded area, “What are young master’s orders?”

“Drag that girl out the courtyard, find a way to shut her mouth!”

Throwing back his sleeves, he was planning to march away.

He truly does despise that girl called Wan Wan a lot, ever since the very day he disguised as Wang Gang to approach her, this feeling of abomination has never ceased.

Not only did she order him, whip him (she is the only person in the world who dared to), she has not an ounce of beautiful bearings that other women have (hugging him as she loudly wails in the restaurant), and had even attacked him with insulting words that he had never heard of (said he looks like a ghost).

The most crucial point is, she disappointed him.

He had originally thought, since this young girl was able to see through his disguise, and also owns such a remarkable secret weapon, she must definitely be an extraordinarily intelligent master, worlds away from the typical, but never did he think, she is just like any ordinary girl, only chasing after the superficiality of vanity.

She agreed to stay here, the condition being that she wants the world’s most beautiful face in exchange, and her lifetime’s aspiration, is nothing more than being a peerlessly elegant beauty of a generation, one who is stunning enough to overthrow all beings.

——how shallow!

The tiniest bit of interest he initially had in her, completely reduced into nothingness like ashes.

He is growing to increasingly hate this person.

“Do you have to raise it like this? Does it still need to be a little gentler? Ah right, right……” The delicately pretty voice in the courtyard continues to sound.

He Qing Lu’s steps suddenly falters.

——want to become a stunning beauty that overthrow cities and ruin states? This matter, he is very well able to fulfil.

“Wait, you go bring that girl into my room first.”

He instructs Jin Di Luo, his face cleared from its previous gloom, the corners of his lips also lifting a little.

“You’ll make me a face?”

Pang Wan looks at He Qing Lu, sparkling almond eyes filled with excited radiance: “You’re willing to make me the prettiest face?”

In a corner not far away, the tall figure is busily fiddling with a number of bottles and jars, his expression cannot be seen clearly under the backlighting.

“Must be in particularly pure, in particularly charming, the type that looks holy like a white lotus flower!” Pang Wan does not care if the other person is listening or not, and just continues to constantly add to her requirements.

“You really like white lotus flowers?” He Qing Lu concocts the coloured pigments in his hand in a neither hurried nor slow manner, a dim light flickering within his deep orbs —— recalling back when he was disguising as Wang Gang, she would also be crying as she asks him, are white lotus flowers very pretty, they are liked by many people.

Pang Wan purses her lips, of course she does not like white lotus flower, white lotus flower stole her first love, and also stole her second, third and fourth male leads, logically speaking, it is only right that she should hold a grudge against white lotus flower instead. But in this world, it seems that only white lotus flowers will receive the welcoming of good looking men, and she has always desired to be doted on, be loved, be treated like people’s treasure and cherished like that, just like the female leads —— just like, just like how Gu Xi Ju treats Sang Chan.

“I want to become a lady that’s like a white lotus flower.” Pang Wan lowers her eyes, looking at the tips of her feet, softly saying, “I really want to.”

He Qing Lu’s solemn face gives rise to a laugh, his chest slightly rising and falling.

“You think that just because your face looks like a white lotus flower, then you will be a lady like a white lotus flower?” He sneers, his eyes flickering.

“Then what else must I do?” Pang Wan raises her head to look at him, a little doubtful.

He Qing Lu pulls out a snow white silk handkerchief, laying it over her face, bringing to her a burst of ice cold fragrance.

“To attend to a men with looks alone, for how long will it last?” Long slender fingers slowly wanders around her face, his touch separated by the handkerchief, seeming to outline the contours, “Besides, even if you do have a beautiful fake face, can you keep this mask on forever?”

Pang Wan had just wanted to open her mouth, but that finger had come to her lips, a little stronger.

“Can be kept on forever, as long as that mask is made by me.” The biting cold voice faintly sounds, “But the precondition is that, you do not mind the mask ultimately becoming one with your own flesh.”

Pang Wan gradually falls asleep within the entire room filled with the aroma of incense.

In her dreams, she had returned to the Mary Sue land from her previous life, her peerlessly intelligent and dashing, handsome husband was in the kitchen washing his hands in order to make her soup.

“Darling, do you love me?” She watches his busy figure, feeling a little upset out of nowhere.

“Of course I love you ah!” Her handsome husband was busying with chopping the ingredients, not even raising his head.

“How much do you love me?” Pang Wan suddenly feels that his face looks slightly like an illusion.

“Just like fishes never being able to leave the waters, you’re a fish, I am water.” The handsome husband turns his face over and tenderly looks at her, “Honey, you are my mermaid, I am your vast ocean, forever holding you in my heart, no matter how far out you go.”

It’s been too long since she heard such honey coated words, Pang Wan’s nose reddens, about to feel the sadness well up.

“Ah, wait a moment honey, the water is boiling.” The handsome husband suddenly turns around, picking up from the chopping board, a bloody fish that had just been gutted and throws it into the pot, “We’re having tomato fish tonight!”

And so Pang Wan instantly stops wailing, eyes helplessly watching that pot of boiling hot water cook the fish into tumbling up and down as it breaks into little pieces……

You’re a fish, I am water……

The feeling of a slightly dull aching pain spreads from her face.

Pang Wan opens her eyes, and finds that the silk handkerchief on her face is long gone, He Qing Lu is currently using an exquisite little silver hammer to knock on her face.

“What you doing?” She was startled, very quickly moving her head backwards.

“Inspecting the positions of your bones.” He Qing Lu casts her a glance, prising open her jaw and continues knocking, “A face without any flaw at all, is to be slowly moulded out.”

Pang Wan dares not to  act rashly, and could only stiffen her neck and keep her eyes open wide: “How long does it take to make this mask?”

He Qing Lu furrows his brows, acting thoughtful: “Approximately three-five years.”

Pang Wan chokes, then angrily reaches for his collar: “To hell with the lies! How long did it take to make Wang Gang’s face? Definitely no more than a month!” Because Wang Gang served her for no more than a month.

With one turn of his body, He Qing Lu easily evades the attack of her demonic claws.

Wang Gang’s face is of course simple.” He smiles, very leisurely, “Just that with your facial standards, having to create the flawless effect of a peerless beauty, indeed requires three to five years.”

He uses a type of sympathetic look to inspect her.

Pang Wan’s mouth falls open and freezes in position for a long time.

“Is there any way to make it quicker?” She curls up on the chair like a deflated ball.

“Haste does not bring success.” He Qing Lu withdraws the hammer, continuing to admire her dejected look.

Just when Pang Wan felt the future was looking bleak, He Qing Lu once again adds another line that further makes her feel greatly pained at heart.

“Do you have money? I need to accept payment in order to make faces.” He looks down at her.

Pang Wan instantly widens her eyes: “Did you not agree, as long as I let you investigate into the Blazing Needles, you will give me a face in return?”

“Originally, that was indeed so.” He Qing Lu shakes his head, letting out a sigh, “It cannot be helped that gentleman, I, having seen the conditions of your facial structure today, has found that it falls far short from the objective of a peerless beauty. I’m afraid it will require over ten times the effort from usual, this business deal really isn’t worth it.”

Pang Wan’s face turns blue for a while then white for a while, after a moment of hesitation, she stammers out: “I, I don’t have money right now……” Her belongings are still in Gu Xi Ju’s estate, at the time, she was too hasty in her cool exit, and did not even go get it……

“No money?” He Qing Lu’s entire body exudes a chilling air, “Not making it if there’s no money, I don’t accept outstanding payments here.” He acts as though he is going to put away all his tools.

“No no no!” Pang Wan panics, reaching out to grab his clothes, “You wait for me! I’ll go back to get it!”

He Qing Lu turns to look at her, with a seeming smile: “Friendship discount, five thousand.”

“You stealing money?!” The blue veins on her forehead popping up, Pang Wan clutches onto his collar as she bears her teeth, “Let me kill you, you evil businessman, failing to live up to the agreement!” As she says this, three red needles slides out from her other hand, was just about to prick him.

He Qing Lu’s face remains unfazed, the corners of his lips lifting into a trace of a confident smile: “Not only will I give you a face, I will also gift you a nanny as a teacher for the art of seduction, how’s that?”

The highly raised hand slowly lowers.

“Is there really such thing as the art of seduction?” Pang Wan looks at him, face filled with surprise.

“How could there not be? As long as you master this art of seduction, however many people you wish to like you, there shall be that many people that will come to like you.”

He Qing Lu unfathomably looks at her.

“Deal!” The originally bloodthirsty hand resoundingly smacks the palm of his hand, Pang Wan’s face is already brimming with overflowing happiness.

“You really wish to become a peerless beauty of a generation this much, capable of toppling all living matters?”

He Qing Lu was not infected by her excitement at all, and instead furrows his brows: “Could it be that the Bai Yue Sect determines ranking by beauty standards? With your looks, you have it bad over there?” This little wretch’s looks can’t be considered ugly either ah!

Pang Wan lets her long yet soft lashes hang down, and does not answer.

Why must she become a white lotus flower?

Why mustn’t she become a white lotus flower?

A white lotus flower would receive many many love, many many care ah.

She silently clenches her fists.

——I wish to become her.

——I have to become her.

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  1. thanks for the double chapters!
    the goldfish picture—! symbolism?
    lol, him hating her! well—hate and love are the two sides of a coin! however, it’s good that she is ordinary,
    makes her disguise even better lol.
    -hits fist on table- no—wan wan— it’s just that the guys you’ve met have bad taste! the way you are is fine!
    totally fine! you’re caring and strong and confident and—- gah, all these other guys are blind, it’s not you, wan wan!
    oh! the goldfish was a reference to the ‘fishes and water’ mentioned, huh?
    heh, he qing lu certainly is different! uninterested in her looks, though willing to acknowledge that her looks
    aren’t bad at all! now, if only wan wan realises it…
    wan wan’s charm is different from the charm of other women, why can’t wan wan herself realise that?
    i’m so sad—’cause it’s such a real problem! feels,gah! no, wan wan—-ah—-

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  2. -feels sad for Pang Wan at the last few sentences- What a pity, but hopefully her thoughts will clear soon…
    Thanks for the translation!


  3. He Qing Lu – a Mad Scientist.
    And… Oh, there is a fine line between love and hate, He Qing Lu. Maybe you think you hate her, but actually you really love her,…cough…especially with Pang Wan’s innocent charm.


  4. Beauty does tops all momentarily but Wan Wan will slowly lose her real self from being a copycat.
    Well the return of Gu Xi Ju back into the scene


  5. Is this turning into a My Fair Lady/Pygmalion story. Is He Qing Lu a twisted Henry Higgins? Oh, I feel anxious for Wan Wan. I don’t trust He Qing Lu one bit and I am afraid for her to reach a point of no return with this new face. Where is the guy I could ship for her? I don’t even really like Gu Xi Ju. Wan Wan is starving for Love.


  6. I cannot stop myself from commenting (nagging). She need to stop. I know I know. She from the land of mary sue and she used of being pretty and have peerless beauty or something but she really really need to face the reality arghh! What “exit to be cool pose”! At least take you items before leaving! And she so obsessed of being Sang Chan so much that result her for being punish with Aliance head! She should set her mind straight! The reason she became the maid is to steal the jade token! Aghhh my frustration is already at the limit T_T

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    1. Sorry for nagging. I love our MC’s attitude. She just refreshing compared to the usual novel I read. So I guess I’m not used to it but I’ll try reading it till the last chapter! Jiayou me!


  7. Somehow I’m becoming sad because of her obsession. Is it really worth it to destroy your face just to be admired by all? In real life, I have no prejudice against people who undergo plastic surgery but reading this chapter makes me ask myself, is it really worth it?


  8. Somehow I’m becoming sad because of her obsession. Is it really worth it to destroy your face just to be admired by all? In real life, I have no prejudice against people who undergo plastic surgery but reading this chapter makes me ask myself, is it really worth it?


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