江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 12

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



The Broad Thinking Of A Maid

The scorching sun fiercely shines, Gu Xi Ju is once again in the yard, engaged in training his swordsmanship.

Flying like a startled swan, moving like a swimming dragon, piling up fancy descriptions of this sort is not needed, all in all, from what Pang Wan sees, he is just deliberately exhibiting those glistening slabs of meat after his body is soaked in sweat. (To fly like a startled swan, to move like a swimming dragon, is a phrase used to describe graceful movements, swift and beautiful)

The scent of masculinity fills the air, the other two maids have long been blushing in silence. Pang Wan looks across at those broad shoulders and narrow waist that form an overturned triangle physique, deep down she is truly jealous and envious; even such fabulous natural born quality has been given to Fairy Sang Chan to enjoy, dear senior ah, you live such a dog life! (Meaning she was born with an extremely fortunate fate)

Just as her thoughts were running wild, the person across from her had already stood straight, inserting the sword back into its sheath.

“Bring it over.” He turns his head, the lapel of his shirt widely open, as he extends a hand out to her.

That chest like bronzeware, grandly leaps into her eyes, slightly rising and falling, Pang Wan shudders, grabbing the robe beside her and runs over: “Here, quickly put it on!” Cover your spring splendour from flowing out!

Gu Xi Ju looks at her puzzled, he shakes his head: “Not this.”

Not this? Then what? Pang Wan turns to look at him —— she is indeed confused.

Gu Xi Ju sighs, taking the robe from her hands, he pulls out a handkerchief himself, wiping his face.

Only then was Pang Wan hit with the realisation.

The other maids started to reveal looks of disdain.

Once Gu Xi Ju had finished wiping his face, he instructs: “Tea.”

This time, Pang Wan had already learnt, running up to the closest table, she pours a cup of tea, and gracefully brings it to him.

Gu Xi Ju only takes a little sip, and lightly furrows his brows: “Too cool.”

The eyes of the maids had already wanted to have Pang Wan cut into pieces.

“Don’t drink it if you don’t want to! Can you not make your instructions clearer?” Pang Wan instantly throws a tantrum, she has been the Sheng Gu of an unorthodox sect for six years, has lived a well off life[1] with others taking care of her in every possible way, since when would she have to serve another? Nevermind trying to figure out someone’s preferences.

Maid A straightens out her curved brows, wanting to pull out the sword in hand, but is stopped by Gu Xi Ju’s one look.

“It is not suited to drink cool tea after martial arts training, it disperses qi.” He hands the cup back to her, his tone calm, “You make another cup, I’ll drink it.”

Pang Wan juts out her lips, showing great reluctance as she carries the cup to the side, pouring out half the water, then pours in some hot water, before she walks back to Gu Xi Ju’s side, brusquely saying: “Here!”

Maid B practically wanted to explode, but is forced to keep such resentment to herself, and could only quietly beat at her own chest.

Pang Wan inwardly thinks: I’m kind heartedly pouring him a cup of warm tea here, why are you all so worked up for?

Gu Xi Ju glances at that cup of tea, accepting it and gulps it down, saying no more.

Pang Wan was very pleased, arrogantly batting her eyes at the other two people, indicating that lady, I, am still a very considerate person.

Outside, someone suddenly reports: “Zhang Xiu Zhu of Wudang is here!”

Gu Xi Ju rises upon hearing this, the other two maids immediately gathers around, one dressing him, one holding the sword, their movements smooth and graceful like passing clouds and flowing water, a flawless cooperation.

Pang Wan seeing that there is nothing for her help out with, thinks that since there is a guest visiting, then she should follow suit with serving another cup of warm tea.

How nimble minded I am ah! She thinks with self-satisfaction.

Very soon, Zhang Xiu Zhu comes stepping in, just like the typical old pretentious routine all righteous sects play out, bowing with clasped hands, an exchange of pleasantries, before sitting down and taking a sip of tea, preparing to move onto a discussion.

A sound of “pu~”, the tea comes spraying out from Zhang Xiu Zhu’s mouth.

“Supreme Chief has changed tea leaves?” He covers his face with his sleeve as he coughs, looking in quite the sorry state, “This tea……”

In his memory, Supreme Chief does not have many special interests, with the exception of two in which he thoroughly excels in, the first being martial arts, the second being tea ceremony. The tea that Supreme Chief serves his guests stands above the world, the people of Wu Lin had once competitively fought for the opportunity to drink just one cup, as for the standards shown today……it truly has left him feeling under the weather.

“Xiu Zhu has taken the wrong cup.” Gu Xi Ju smiles, sending maid B a look.

Maid B respectfully withdraws, serving up a new cup not long after.

Pang Wan watches the cup be taken away, it is precisely the warm tea filled with love that she personally made, and could not hold back that sad expression hanging by a thread.

With a new cup in hand, Zhang Xiu Zhu very quickly enters the state of discussing official business, conversing with Gu Xi Ju about such and such a matter, such and such a matter, for a good while.

Pang Wan did not feel very interested, waiting at the side bored to death, and almost did not start yawning.

“This maid is new?” She suddenly hears someone ask.

Pang Wan whose mind was still clogged up, dazedly turned towards the sound, but is met with Zhang Xiu Zhu’s bright and piercing eyes.

“So what if I’m new?” She juts out her lips and rolls her eyes at him.

Yet Zhang Xiu Zhu actually laughs at this: “Supreme Chief has always liked girls to be intelligent and refined, how did such an absentminded little thorn get selected to serve by his side?”

Pang Wan having devoted herself to practicing the “Sang Chan poise”, hates her efforts being put down the most, her almond eyes instantly rounded, lips sulkily puckers up: “You dare say I’m not refined?”

The smile on Zhang Xiu Zhu’s face spreads even more: “Supreme Chief has always selected maids with both great temperament and great martial arts, with such a big temper like yours, could it be your martial arts is really that incredible?” As he says this, he pulls out a long sword from his waist side, “Allow me to put this to test!”

Gu Xi Ju was just about to speak out to stop this, but actually hears Pang Wan sound a cold chuckle, also pulling out a golden whip from her waist side.

“Fine, I’ll have you thoroughly convinced!” Her voice charmingly soft like the sound of pearls dropping into a jade plate, not really sounding ferocious despite how harsh her words may be.

Zhang Xiu Zhu did not think much of her at all, directly holding his sword up, a swift and fierce move going straight towards her face.

Pang Wan presses her lips together, head swishing to the side, her long hair drawing a beautiful arc in the air, forcing through the attack with ease.

“So fast!” Zhang Xiu Zhu did not think this little wretch would actually have such lightning quick reaction speed, and cannot help being greatly startled at heart.

Pang Wan upon seeing that moment of standstill on his face, playfully bats her eyes, clothes carrying fragrant wind as she lunges forward, hand highly raising the golden whip.

No one knew how she managed it, but all that could be seen was the golden whip lashing out towards Zhang Xiu Zhu’s neck like a dragon spitting out its tongue, seeing how it’s about strangle his throat, Zhang Xiu Zhu had no choice but to turn around in self-defence, landing one tap with his long sword, wanting to divert the whip away.

It was better to not touch it at all, with this one contact, that golden whip made use of the momentum to slither around his sword just like a serpent, tightly gripping on, not loosening no matter what.

Impossible! Zhang Xiu Zhu grew somewhat desperate —— his Moonfall Sword is famed for cutting through metal as though it is mud, the number of souls claimed by his sword is at least several hundreds if not a thousand, how can it possibly not even prick into one whip?

Just like this, there was a moment of deadlock, both his eyes had reddened, already giving rise to killing intent, a short sword silently slides down from his other sleeve.

“That’s enough now.” Gu Xi Ju’s voice sounds in a timely manner.

Zhang Xiu Zhu lets out a huge sigh of relief, then looks towards that little maid, who contrarily seems to have turned a deaf ear to Gu Xi Ju’s orders, she looks at him with her chin raised, those large and alert eyes casting occasional glances at the opening of his sleeve, provoking him with seeming ridicule: “Come on, if you have the capability then try kill me with that other sword you got there!”

Zhang Xiu Zhu flew into a rage, the hand holding up the sword begins to channel ninety percent of his internal energy —— he had originally planned to only use thirty percent of his martial arts skills to deal with this young lady.

Pang Wan sees the golden whip tremble, and knows her opponent has started show his real skills, yet still did not think much of it.

Golden snake, silver dragon tightly tangled together, a competition of internal energy between masters, just when the two people were unyieldingly holding their grounds, the air suddenly rings a sound of “zheng~”.

One little tea leaf pellets against the golden whip.

“Wan Wan, obey my words.” Gu Xi Ju calmly instructs her.

The golden whip releases the Moonfall Sword as though it got an electric shock, si-si it sounds as it returns to her waist side, Pang Wan studies Gu Xi Ju with a look of disbelief, her chest rising and falling, unable to speak for a long time.

——a breakthrough?

——my “moon-capturing, dragon-binding lock”, had actually been broken through by him?

Violent waves surge up in her heart.

Zhang Xiu Zhu was blasted back a few steps by a powerful airflow, before he was able to stand still. He respectfully clasps his hands towards Gu Xi Ju, saying a few phrases of “Supreme Chief is wise and remarkable, not only peerless in martial arts, but also has such an extraordinary maid by your side” such bootlicking words, his pale face showing no intention to stay any longer, thus resentfully takes his leave.

Gu Xi Ju only smiles, sitting in his original spot without escorting him out.

Pang Wan stares at him for a good while, not knowing what to say.

Upon thinking how this man had actually used a mere piece of tea leaf and was able to flick apart Zhang Xiu Zhu and herself, his martial arts have clearly reached the very peak, she could not help but grow frightened deep down —— just how unfathomable is this man?

Seeing her want to say something but remains hesitant, Gu Xi Ju raises the corners of his lips.

“Come over.” He beckons, hand still holding that cup of tea Pang Wan had made before, looking amiable.

Pang Wan tightly bites down on her bottom lip, walking in tiny yet quick steps, looking very unwilling.

Gu Xi Ju was not annoyed, and only watches her, his eyes filled with the glory reflected from his purple clothes: “My martial arts, is it formidable?”

Didn’t think he would be this direct, Pang Wan instantly throws her fear to the back of her mind, two almond eyes brightly glowing: “Formidable, formidable, very formidable!” She nods her head as though kowtowing.

Seeing her act like a devoted little fan, Gu Xi Ju couldn’t help bursting out into laughter.

“Want to learn it?” He pats her head.

Contrarily, the burning passion gradually dims: “……no.”

Saying no is a lie, but she is the Sheng Gu of an unorthodox sect, how could she learn the martial arts of a righteous sect? If word got out, would this not be bringing shame to Uncle Zuo and Brother Nan Yi’s name?

Gu Xi Ju’s face turns cold, his big hand still on the top of her head, not saying anymore.

“Supreme Chief, is it possible for Supreme Chief to agree to another request of mine?” Pang Wan suddenly thinks of something, chirpily bringing down Gu Xi Ju’s hand, tightly holding it in her own.

Seeing that delicately fair, small and soft hand, Gu Xi Ju’s expression slightly calms.

“What request?” He turns to face her.

“Let us both fight it out this once! Fight it out to our hearts’ content just this once!”

The young girl’s pretty face radiates a type of shine that mixes both dream and desire together.

[1] To live a well off life is chī xiāng hē là / 吃香喝辣 in Chinese, it literally means to eat fragrant food and to drink spicy wine. In the ancient times, as long as people are able to drink wine and eat all sorts of fragrant dishes (in particularly those containing meat and fish), then they are considered to live a well off life, this statement has been passed on to this day.

Just as we all expected, PW is indeed a terrible maid, but hey, she’s a maid that kicks ass, that, I really cannot complain about. So what do you all think of PW’s martial arts skills with the whip eh? If she’s capable of standing her own against a wu lin master(?) then surely her martial arts skills are pretty high up there right? Hehe

Also remember PW’s ridiculous ‘big hand holding little hand, walking under peach blossom trees’ poem?? Well~~ guess what I come acrossss~~…… (click here) …ok, sorry, not gonna lie, I’m just finding excuses to fangirl, but the song itself is actually called Hand in Hand! And it actually does feature a chorus that includes the line “big hand holding little hand”! But look at them!! Can they get any cuter than this??! Not to mention they’re finally having their wedding! Today!! In Bali!!! And Annie Liu (aka Ruo Lan) is bridesmaid!!!! Ok I’m done. Lemme cry happy tears now.

But before that…just gonna leave you all with this for the little cherry on top…

Congrats to our dearest BBJX couple!!!



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  1. Looking forward to the fight between WW and GXJ fight… Wow! It seems like, he likes her. But, im still dead curious of WW meeting wt the fake WG… It must be Hilarious 😂

    Thanks much 😘

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    1. Don’t tell me he is Nan Yi in disguise or smthng…. argh..this suspense…first we don’t know who male lead is…and even the guys who are there in front of us have so many hidden identities…

      this dilemma! i wanna know everything, but also wanna stay away fromm spoilers and see how the plot progresses and makes the big reveal. ヽ(´Д`ヽミノ´Д`)ノ


  2. PW thoughts are so funny. Brave GXJ for drinking her tea without making a face or comment. Hmmm…GXJ was not happy that she did not want to learn martial art from him a clue to her sect. Can’t wait to read about their fight. I’m sure GXJ will not be using his true strength on her since he could easily break through her martial art.

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    1. i can think of two reasons…firstly he himself is a grand master, and he specially gave her a chance to learn despite being so busy in order to indulge her, but she abruptly shot him down in one second…nobody likes being rejected like that..
      Secondly, he might also have some inkling she is from the opposite sect. but still offered a hand which she shot down highlighting their conflict of interests.


  3. not going to jump into any ship just yet…but this gu ji xi really is formidable. Actually i hope for a twist in the story. I hope she will fall in love with someone unexpected. Someone that do not possess all the male lead criteria that she listed, but a someone she came to love truthfully without any judgement.


  4. What an interesting chapter!
    “Flying like a startled swan, moving like a swimming dragon, piling up fancy descriptions of this sort is not needed, all in all, from what Pang Wan sees, he is just deliberately exhibiting those glistening slabs of meat after his body is soaked in sweat.”
    hahahaha these lines just had me rolling on the floor with laughter…PW’s thoughts are too funny..i just can’t…..hahahah

    and she is definitely a kick-ass maid… she was fab in that fight…
    I can’t thank you enough Jianghu team for translating this novel and bringing it to us non-chinese readers….thank you so much…love and hugs… xoxo

    P.S. – GXJ is definitely male lead material…i can’t help shipping them together… (btw i also shipped her hard with NY…but sadly that boat sank way too fast…but i’m still hoping a recovery can be made somehow… i guess i am kinda shipping with both…hehe MALE LEADS after all..my mind has been corrupted by PW’s way of thinking 😛 )


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