江湖路弯弯:Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 9

(translated by anniaxx)

(edited by xia0xiao1mei)imageArt by: 伊吹五月


Advisor Bai Xiao Sheng

After rushing at full speed for more than ten days, Pang Wan and her stallion finally arrived in the capital.

She has been observing carefully along the whole way, making sure that Wang Gang imposter has not caught up with her—— that person gives off a vibe of overflowing hostility, virtually scarier than King Yan (also known as Yama – the king of hell in East Asian mythology), that face of peeled-off skin, has given her nightmares for several consecutive days.

As for what his real face looks like? Aiya, it was too scary; she can’t remember it clearly……

The capital is where Gu Xi Ju and Fairy Sang Chan live, so Pang Wan holds high expectations for this place.

She is no longer the girl who daydreams about quickly starting some romantic entanglements with the Supreme Chief anymore, but someone who carries a dream of worshiping her idol, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beauty of Sang Chan.

However, she did not accomplish anything after wandering around the city for three days. This day, when she hears that Fairy Sang Chan will be hosting a banquet at Vast Ocean Tower to invite the top ten masters on the Hero List, she gets an idea.

Entering the Hero List is of course an impossible feat for her, but the maids of Vast Ocean Tower, she is at least capable of acting as one right?

So she finds an excuse, bribed someone with silver, disguises herself and slips into the Vast Ocean Tower. Besides, having money can make even the ghosts push the millstone for you[1].

Then on the fifteen night of the month, with a bright moon hanging high up in the sky, a gathering of masters follows the graceful leading of a maid and steps into the biggest and most luxurious chamber in Vast Ocean Tower.

Two beauties in the chamber smiles while cupping their hands respectfully toward the heroes, “Fairy is suddenly caught up in some business; she shall be coming soon. Please feel free to drink and rest; make sure you enjoy to the fullest.”

The masters do not say anything, but the maid who was leading them shows signs of disappointment on her face.

After a while of drinking, the atmosphere inside of the chamber becomes lively as masters talk and laugh among themselves and gradually open up the topics.

A man with tanned face says, “Don’t know if that Palace Master of the Solitary Palace will be coming to this year’s Wu Lin general assembly or not? I want to have a satisfying match with him. ”

Another man in cyan shakes his head, “How is that possible? If Solitary Palace places one foot inside the gates of the general assembly, then doesn’t that show his support to the orthodox side? He will never do this kind of profitless thing.”

Some other people nods and agrees, “Certainly, Solitary Palace is well versed in the skill of protecting itself and its own benefits. It will definitely not rush into the battle between the orthodox and the unorthodox. ”

“It’s a pity for his astonishing martial arts skill!” The tanned-face man sighs, “Unable to be used by us, the righteous orthodox sects, is truly a pity! Too much of a pity!” Upon finishing his sentence, he unhappily drinks a mouthful of wine.

The man in cyan shakes his fan and laughs loudly, “Xu Second[2], could it be that you have a secret crush on the Solitary Palace Master?”

After hearing this, everyone bursts into laughter.

Xu Second fiercely glances at the cyan man, and angrily proclaims: “I value his talents! And feeling regret for Supreme Chief! If we can have Solitary Palace on our side, how will that trivial unorthodox Bai Yue Sect even be a worthy mention for us?”

After hearing him mention Bai Yue Sect, everyone’s faces sank, their laughter slowly fades away.

Pang Wan quietly stands behind the curtain, internally muttering to herself: What kind of horrible things did the sect leader uncle do, causing everyone to change their expressions after mentioning it?

All masters become silent for a moment, then suddenly hear a person saying, “Now the potential of the unorthodox sect is becoming stronger and stronger. I heard that Bai Yue Young Master has outstanding martial art skills and vicious schemes, especially challenging the head figures of famous sects. In just two short years, there have already been five head figures dying from his hands. Half a year ago, he severely hurt the greatest old master of Wu Lin, sect leader of Kun Lun——truly arrogant to the extreme!”

Another person says, “That’s not all! It is said that unorthodox sect also has a once-in-a-century genius, who is made the current Sheng Gu. That demoness is extremely blood-thirsty. She started training at six, started killing at eight, first stripped off the skin of a tiger at nine, and she has already cut off hundreds of heads before reaching sixteen years of age. Zuo Huai An having this pair of devil successors is like a tiger gaining wings!”

After Pang Wan heard this first half, she thought Brother Nan Yi is so capable; now she has heard the second half, she is left speechless at such an unfamiliar version of herself.

Other people also bring their anger and hatred towards Bai Yue and join in the talk. Hearing all sorts of bloody events of the unorthodox sect almost made Pang Wan faint.

While she is having her headache, she suddenly hears someone announce from outside the doors: “The Supreme Chief is here!”

As if a bucket of cold water has just been dumped on her head, Pang Wan suddenly wakes up from her confusion——good, Fairy Sang Chan is not here, but the other one is here! Just when she is about to look up to see what is happening, she is pushed out by the two beauties, “Okay, okay, you’re no longer needed here now.”

Pang Wan did not even have a chance to struggle before she is shut out. She drops her head, and sees a snow-white corner of clothing sways into the door.

The moon is at the highest point of the sky. The heroes have been staying in the chamber for nearly four hours.

Pang Wan has also been waiting outside for four whole hours, tired and hungry.

Ever since Gu Xi Ju came, the chamber has never been noisy for a single second, everything has been going on quietly, so she could not even hear any sound, unable to know if Fairy Sang Chan has come or not.

The more she thinks, the more she feels unsatisfied. In the end, she finally sneaks through the hallway. With one move of “Dragonfly Skimming Water”, she lands on the rooftop without a single sound.

Through the slits of tiles, she finally sees the appearance of Gu Xi Ju——just like what she had imagined before, white robes swaying without a single trace of dirt contaminating it, definitely a recluse master. Right now, he is tightly surrounded by heroes and experts, listening with a smile to their speech, standing out like the moon that receives homage of thousands of stars, or like one dot of red within endless green.

Pang Wan stares with an infatuated gaze at the scene of him handsomely smiling and talking, suddenly sensing sourness surge up from her heart——dear Gu, do you know? You should have been matched to me by the author! Unfortunately I was born several years late, and have not mastered the invincible magic of female leads. After I master it and return five years later, don’t know where am I to find a handsome husband like you?

“Did he abandon you?” A voice suddenly sounds by her ears.

Pang Wan is shocked and quickly turns back; she is unaware of since when a young man has been behind her, dressed in purple under the shining moonlight.

“Why would you say that?” Pang Wan’s thoughts have been guessed correctly by that person, so she couldn’t help but blush.

“The look that you had when you stared at him was plaintive to the point of almost crying.” The man in purple leans towards her, points at Gu Xi Ju using his chin, “A woman only shows that kind of look when she is abandoned by a man.”

“You’re the one that got abandoned!” Pang Wan realizes that she is full of tears, she could not resist growing furious and throws her arms in the air, “None of your business!”

The man in purple seizes her hands that were raised high, and smiles, “I am someone who works by his side, you decide if this is my business or not?”

Pang Wan is stunned for a moment; she did not expect this man in purple to be someone by Gu Xi Ju’s side.

Just as she is going to say something, people under them have already been following the sounds and looking up at their direction. The man in purple acts quickly and shouts once in a low tone, grabbing Pang Wan’s hands and drifting toward the lower floor.

His light-body skill (qinggong)[3]is extremely good. With only three jumps, he finishes the distance that Pang Wan would normally require six jumps to complete. Pang Wan stares at his handsome profile in the night wind, and finally realize—— “You are Bai Xiao Sheng?”

Jiang Hu’s Bai Xiao Sheng, the advisor of Gu Xi Ju, is not good at fighting skills, but specializes in his outstanding light-body skill.

The man in purple pauses his breath and looks towards her, thousands of luminous light flies past his eyes, but in the end he only lifts the corner of his lips, and smiles gently.

Silent confirmation.

After many many years (you do not need to worry, as long as this sentence shows up, you know the female lead will not suddenly die for sure), every time Pang Wan thinks of this moment, she would sigh sentimentally——those two hands that were tightly holding together, those ropes that were flying and fluttering in the night wind, and the smile of that man that was as gentle as the moonlight, everything out of everything is like the most standard dream of Mary Sue style, perfect score, plus bonus!

Pang Wan and Bai Xiao Sheng became friends.

There is a proverb: lean on your parents when at home, lean on your friends when outside. Making friends with Bai Xiao Sheng, an expert at information, certainly brings Pang Wan more advantages than disadvantages. She does not have the guts to deceive Bai Xiao Sheng by saying that she was in a relationship with Gu Xi Ju[4]. She just tells him that her name is Wan Wan and she comes from a little southern town. Having been admiring the Supreme Chief of Wu Lin for many years, she really could not control her emotions so she went on the rooftop that night.

To prove that she really has feelings for Gu Xi Ju, she even showed her masterpiece of “Big hand holding little hand, walking under peach blossom trees” for Bai Xiao Sheng to see.

“You see it? See it?” She points at the inscription, reading out loud, and “Dear! Gu! And! I!”

Bai Xiao Sheng stares at that painting for a while, then uses his finger to touch the ink and smells it.

“This is probably written a month ago.” He turns to look at Pang Wan, looking surprised, “It’s not that long ago?”

Pang Wan shows him a look of ‘actually you do not understand my heart’ and shakes her hand, “I write one every month. The previous ones are all stored at home.”

Bai Xiao Sheng just sounds “oh”, then says no more.

As a wise advisor, he really understands people’s feelings, knowing what should be asked and what shouldn’t be asked.

On the other hand, Pang Wan often asks him about Fairy Sang Chan, such as ”how is Sang Chan’s real appearance?”

Even a person who has seen and experienced a lot like Bai Xiao Sheng also highly praises, “The beauty of Fairy is matchless in the world.”

Pang Wan is really disheartened, so she starts to practice the “Sang Chan Poise” in front of the mirror again, trying to catch that refined trace of “Came out of mud yet not contaminated, washed by ripples yet not voluptuous”.

She believes that hard effort will eventually have paybacks.

Yet she did not expect the payback to come this fast.

This day, Pang Wan is waiting for her lunch at a restaurant. She suddenly notices that a large part of the beautiful spring scenery in the window is blocked by someone. She looks up and sees a youth in grey cloth standing in front of her.

“Brother[5], what do you want?” She feels strange seeing this person blush and appear nervous.

That youth shakily glances at her for once, then quickly looks down as if he had been electric shocked.

Pang Wan is perplexed; she straightens her neck and opens her eyes wide, making a “hum” sound at him.

The youth immediately turns red from his face to the tip of his ears.

“La-la-lady-dy’s fa-fairy-ry-ry-li-like-bea-beau-beauty, I-I-I-fell-fell-ell-in-in-lo-love at-at fir-fir-first sigh-sight-sight…” He shakes violently while stammering this sentence out of his mouth.

Seven days, he has been observing this girl for seven whole days. Every noon, she would come to this same seat. He sells paintings downstairs; with just one lift of his head, he can see her lovely smile and hear her beautiful voice——”Waiter, a bowl of sour spicy vercelli please!”

Having lived for twenty-two years, this is his first time meeting such a pretty girl. So he gathers up his courage to confess today, even if this girl will see him as a pervert and beats him up, it is okay……

But he hears a sound of “Pia-Da” from across. He lifts his head up and sees a pair of chopsticks that has fallen from his love’s hand.

“You like me?” Pang Wan stares at the youth in grey, astonished.

“I-I-I re-really-ly-ly ad-ad-ad-admire…” The youth in grey did not expect his love to be this straight-forward, under the pressure of his shyness, he picks a relatively polished word.

“You like me? You like me?” Pang Wan stays dumbfounded for a long time, then covers her face with her hands, “You like me?”

How long? How long has it been since she last heard someone say he likes her? Coming to this mystical place, enduring various challenges, she had almost forgotten her powerful and heroic history in the land of Mary Sue back in those years.

“Lady thinks that I am not worthy of you?” The youth in grey did not think that she would be furious to the extent of having tears shining in her eyes; his heart cries out “not good”, he blames himself for offending this beautiful lady.

Pang Wan puts down her hands, revealing a little face that has turned red due to her great joy.

“No.” She speaks gently to him, “I am very grateful to you.”

Grateful to this bold youth, who gave her the confidence and motivation to continue living in this world.

“If lady is willing…”The youth is immediately overflowing with joy.

But Pang Wan slowly shakes her head, appearing firm, “Sorry, I am already engaged to my fated one. I am afraid that I have to let your kindness down.”

Deep down in her heart, she had long arranged for herself to marry all sorts of unknown top class handsome men.

With his legs turning soft, the youth in grey could not endure this heavy blow and falls on the floor.

This scene has greatly satisfied Pang Wan’s vanity. So she takes out a small silver orchid from her sleeve. With a light and gentle move, she places it in the hand of the youth.

“Loving someone is originally not wrong, but it can’t be helped that people like me, just always easily cause you to be in the wrong after wrong, ay.”

With one breath, she says this Mary Sue line which has not been used for a long time; then in a graceful and beautiful manner, she proudly walks away.

Translater’s Note: Hey, it’s Annie~~ How is everyone’s life going? We have made a character list for this novel, be sure to check it out. And~don’t forget to leave a comment, tell me what you think^_^*

[1] “having money can make even the ghosts to push the millstone for you”/有钱能使鬼推磨 is a classic Chinese saying expressing the power of money.

[2] Xu Second/许老二/Xǔ lǎo èr: It is common in Chinese to call someone by their birth order or their ranking in any specific fields or schools. Xu Second means that this man is second in some ranking while having a surname of Xu.

[3]Light Body Skill/Qing Gong/轻功(Qīnggōng): a kind of Chinese Kung Fu that focuses on the control of one’s movement, making a person to be able to run and jump extremely fast and far, staying in the air for longer intervals. A person with Qing Gong can also easily walk without making a single sound. It truly exists, but it is often exaggerated in movies to the extent of flying.

[4] “she was in a relationship with Gu Xi Ju” is originally 和顾溪居有一腿, which literally translates to “having a leg with Gu Xi Ju”. I just thought I should show you this, because it is one of the funny and interesting sayings in Chinese. Most of the time people would use 有一腿/Yǒu yī tuǐ/Having a leg to talk about an affair or an underground relationship. There are several theories about the origin of this saying, but all of them are a little bit inappropriate.

[5] The use of the word brother here – 兄台 / xiōng tái – is similar to how one would use the words “bro” or “pal”, generally used to address males of similar age as you.

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  1. Interesting how she becomes friend in her mind, I think with GXY advisor. Plus, she plans to use him to gather info. The story begin to get interesting as more characters shows up. Thanks.

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    1. Haha, sure. I ll give you a hint, actually two. 1. The fake Wang Gamg is someone important but he is not Gu Xi Ju. 2. Gu Xi Ju is actually disguising himself as well. Lots of disguising going on here~ but they will be revealed soon, I promise.

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  2. Thanks for the translation and for the footnote – the “taking a leg” part is particularly funny. In sports (particularly in hockey), when a coach wants to talk to his team all together, he or she will say “take a knee” to get everyone down on one knee and together in a group. Now, I think I will get the giggles when I hear it.

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    1. Her Mary Sue power is too strong and her narcissism is unintentionally usurping the positions of the male lead(s) and making them into mere supporting actors.
      She is the lead. She is the god. She controls all men on mere whim. She is Mary Sue.

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  4. She is no longer the girl who daydreams about quickly starting some romantic entanglements with the Supreme Chief anymore, but someone who carries a dream of worshiping her idol, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beauty of Sang Chan.


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  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m going to bet that she somehow ends up with this speck of dust kid who she randomly blew off.

    He will evolve first into a (dust) bunny, and then into a (dust) dragon eventually growing a real spine and instilling into her some proper character development!

    Jk. This story is beautiful regardless.

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