江湖路弯弯: Jianghu Road is Curved! Chapter 2


Wishing you all good health, good fortune, and most importantly, I wish for everyone to overcome obstacles and be blessed with happiness throughout the year!!

Also, to kick everything off, I am so excited to welcome this Lunar New Year with a new addition to the team, please give a warm welcome to anniaxx, Annie, who will be joining me in delivering you these translations! Although Annie is helping me translate and edit JHRIC right now, she will definitely go on to translate other novels once she gets a hang of it, and I already know for sure she will do really well as her Chinese itself is much better than mine XD so please do look forward to her future projects! –XXM

Hello everyone~ I am Annie. So excited to meet you. Translating with xia0xiao1mei is honestly a huge dream comes true for me! This is my very very first time editing and translating my beloved C-novels; I can finally contribute to the C-novel community now. I will try my hardest and do my best~ ^_^*

(translated by xia0xiao1mei)

(edited by anniaxx)



Stunning Male Lead

Pang Wan’s past life, was originally of a nobility living in the land of Mary Sue.

It can be said that this land of Mary Sue, is but a hugely wonderful work of the novel world, once it’s able to mix into nobility —— that is but the class of the female protagonist, it is simply just overflowing radiance with endless charms, with the amazing capability to have all males within a hundred li radius to all come kneeling down before her skirt. In that faraway land of Mary Sue, the female leads not only intimately mingle with men (literally male humans), but may also intimately mingle with male ghosts, male demons, male aliens, in the most extreme situations, sometimes, even such peasant that is the supporting female character, also have difficulty escaping the female lead’s invincible spell.

Simply explaining this, it is the “with not a single word, the entire world loves me” spell.

That is why the Pang Wan in her previous life, was extremely blissful. She still remembers how she had only just rejected the courting of five handsome men, such that are rare finds in the world (don’t ask why even though these handsome men are rare finds, the female lead can still meet several of them all at once), choosing the land’s most powerful male lead to be her husband, also accepting the most talented supporting male to be her lover (don’t ask why the male characters are able to withstand one another’s existence), all was perfectly complete. That day, once she opens the blinds by the seaside, breathing in the clean and fresh air whilst reminiscing her own “as beautiful as an evil fairy” first love target, she suddenly hears the sound of “hong-long”, a line of pink lightning strikes down, hitting her spot on.

Pang Wan upon waking up, finds that she had turned into a young lass around the age of nine, hidden inside a mountain cave.

Such matter that is time travelling, was once the biggest trend in the land of Mary Sue, and had even led the economic development of the entire land, so she immediately accepts the reality of turning into a Lolita, acting extremely calm and tactful.

The first thing she did, was to go to the stream to take a careful look at her own face.

Five features looking proper, a docile appearance, belonging to that of a little beauty.

——very good, no matter how one looks at it, it is still the face of a female lead.

Pang Wan felt satisfied and was put to ease with this.

One must know, in the land of Mary Sue, looks are very important, of nobility, even the majority of female leads are “stunning beauties”, even if they start off looking very ugly, in the end, they will still become beautiful, stunningly beautiful even, beauty that is extremely brutal and inhuman.

Determining her own class, Pang Wan starts to calmly live her life in the cave.

She believes that since she is a female lead, there must certainly be a handsome man to the rescue, all only comes down to timing.

Such calmness, remained calm for an entire year.

So calm to the point her mouth had already turned dull and tasteless, her entire person wan and thin, exceptionally withered, the moment she almost breathed her last breath, a middle aged man finally carried the dying her out of the cave.

“Wan Wan, uncle was trapped in Tianshan Tonglao’s circle of imprisonment[1], have come a step too late, uncle is sorry to you ah!”

(Tianshan Tonglao /天山童姥 Childish Old Lady of Sky Mountain – character from Jin Yong’s 天龍八部 Demi-Gods and Demi-Devils)

That uncle wails, the tears dripping into her mouth.

“This person definitely isn’t the male lead!” This is the only thought that flashes in her mind before falling into coma.

When she wakes up, she finally gains clear understanding of her own story and identity —— in this life she is called Pang Wan, is the daughter of Bai Yue Sect’s former Sheng Gu. Not sure for what type of love or hate, feelings or vengeance, the former Sheng Gu brought her along in leaving the Bai Yue Sect, but then abandons her in that mountain cave to grow up alone. Bai Yue Sect as the dignified number one unorthodox sect of Jiang Hu, with excellently deep and strong traditions, the sect’s codes clearly states that there cannot go a day with no Sheng Gu, and so Sect Leader Uncle carrying the spirit of the foolish old man who removed the mountain[2], patiently and meticulously dug three chi (measurement – equal to 1/3 of a meter), finally finding Pang Wan before she starved to death.

Indeed, hard work pays off sincere people.

Pang Wan was then brought back to Bai Yue Sect by the sect leader, holding a succession ceremony, and officially became the thirty-sixth generation Sheng Gu.

At that time, Pang Wan really liked this identity of being the Sheng Gu of an evil sect —— think about it, the mascot of a dignified evil sect, a living signboard that moves, youth, beauty and power all in grasp, all stars twinkling around the bright moon, a sight to behold, is this not an extremely typical Mary Sue story?

She feels very satisfied with where this story is going, showing great anticipation for the future.

However, very quickly she finds something is slightly off with this world.

That was around three months after returning to the sect, Pang Wan had already been pampered with all sorts of precious delicacies from the mountain and seas into a little fair skinned dumpling with rosy cheeks, very much the adored treasure of all within the sect. That day she was wearing a newly made floral outfit, cheerfully heading to her “poison your entire family to death” lessons, lips even humming to a sweet little tune: “……the strong-minded Mary Sue, no need to explain ah, Mary Mary Sue~~~since it will definitely be this way ah, Mary Mary Sue~~~” This is a pop song from the land of Mary Sue, no one sings yet in Bai Yue Sect, she thinks this is because this place is deep in the valley, not yet civilised, mental spirits and culture is thus relatively lagging behind.

Far ahead, she sees a young man in black stood with his back straight in front of the door, that young man seems to have heard the singing, currently raising his head to follow the sound.

Pang Wan having just met eyes with that young male’s face, only feels a sound of “weng” in her chest, exploding into a blossoming firework of all colours.

——how beautiful of a youth he is eh! That contour, like that of sculptures, those brows and eyes, like that of oil paintings, that rebellious look, that build of insanely pure handsomeness, and also the sparkling blood-red earrings by his ear, ai-ya-ya, that is but a beautiful person that can cause an absolute audience-all-kill when placed in the land of Mary Sue ah!

Could it be, this is my first male lead?

Pang Wan upon thinking up to here, eyes contains spring, lips spreading into a crazy grin.

Dear readers, let us not discuss such problem of social values that is why Pang Wan would think “first male lead” and not “male lead”, what everyone need to focus on is, the male lead that Pang Wan is speculating, is currently raising a sword lined with overflowing coldness up to her neck.

The blade comes closer and closer, closer and closer, so close that the chill has already seeped into her skin, slicing open a fine and long cut, fresh red blood slowly oozing out.

Pang Wan was still immersed in the happiness of encountering the male lead, not at all noticing the arriving of danger. She looks over the young man, intoxicated in his extraordinary appearance, her heart containing a voice drumming and dancing in joy —— this person has such stunning bearing at such a young age, and that expression is also so venomously fierce, he will surely achieve great things in future ah!

She too has a reason for such happiness, in the land of Mary Sue, those with generally lukewarm personality are all supporting males, unable to win over the female lead’s heart, also difficult for them to stay together forever. Should such a stunning man be reduced to a mere supporting role, it truly makes one feel a little unwilling to let it be.

The youth seeing Pang Wan’s expression showing not the slightest of change, was somewhat surprised, with a turn of his wrist, wanting to turn the blade to strike towards Pang Wan’s throat —— anyone who knows martial arts would be able to see, this pretty young man truly wants to take Pang Wan’s life.

“Insolence!” A thunderous scold sounds from behind, “Quickly withdraw that sword!”

The youth purses his lips, the action of his hand freezing, but does not abide by those words in withdrawing his sword.

“Nan Yi! You sure are very daring, to actually publicly defy Sect Leader’s orders!”

Yet another middle aged man’s voice travels over, containing warning and caution, also slight worry.

That pretty youth called Nan Yi sounds a cold laugh, turning towards the menacing presences that had arrived —— Bai Yue Sect Leader and Lord You.

“Father, you’re really choosing this wretched girl? Intending to give {{Xi Sui Jing}} (bone marrow cleansing scripture) to her?”

The youth gazes at the man of big and tall built that came charging to him, eyes like a cheetah, bloodthirstily vicious.

As if to protest, he slightly gathers dark energy, the sword once again moving forward three points, looking to just about make contact with Pang Wan’s throat.

Pang Wan finally snaps out of it, immediately frightened stiff, nerves freezing in place.

“Young Master Nan Yi, Sheng Gu has been clearly stated in the sect’s codes, a genius that comes once every hundred years.” The one who spoke up is the Lord You, good at giving methodical and patient guidance, with a warm and gentle tone, “Moreover the approach of that {{Xi Sui Jing}} leans more towards femininity[3], much more suited for women to practice, so why must Young Master persist?”

The youth casts a glance at Pang Wan from the corner of his eyes, contempt reaching the extreme: “This person, other than being a woman, what other areas can she surpass me in? The secret manuals of our Bai Yue Sect, how could it possibly fall into the hands of such an unworthy little chick?”

“Father!” He suddenly thinks of something, sword-like brows making a jump, phoenix eyes sharpening.

“If Xi Sui Jing can only be passed onto women and not men, I shall immediately speak to Elder Dongfang, requesting for him to help turn me into a woman, never to regret and go back on my words!” Once the youth spat all this out in one breath, his face is filled with a radiant shine.

(Dongfang here is in reference to Dongfang Bubai, from 笑傲江湖 Swordsman or The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, a male who castrated himself in order to practice the Sunflower Manual, he later becomes a supremely formidable martial artist and also grew increasingly feminine)

Dun dun dun, the maids outside the doors all collapse into one big pile.


Sect Leader’s face turns green, facial features contorting into one: “Insolent rascal, do you know what it means to turn from a male to female?! That means……”

“I know I know.” The youth nonchalantly cuts him off, shrugging his shoulders without an ounce of care, “Elder Dongfang had said, male turning into female means losing the lower part, gaining the upper part, cannot follow the common customs of wedding a wife and having children, but can snatch a few favourable men back as companions, passing days with a carefree spirit, it is after all much more free and comfortable compared to those pure men.”

“That is why such stupidity, such foolishness that is women……” He turns back to contemptuously glance at Pang Wan, spitting out at her, “I’d rather not care for!”

Bright red blood mixed in with saliva, flows out from Pang Wan’s gaping mouth.

She savours the sweet iron taste in her mouth, currently unable to clearly tell whether she had actually been injured by the prowess of the sword, or whether she had been shaken by the youth’s imposing manner.

This is not going right at all, she thinks, the world of Mary Sue should not be like this ah.

This pretty youth, should he not fall in love with me at first sight and then we become childhood sweethearts? No matter how much more arrogant and domineering he can get, he can only be an awkward little bully at most, should be containing endless rains of unspeakable love for me ah!

Why? Why did he come charging over to kill me? (The crucial point is killing for real)

Why? Why does he want to become a woman? (He actually knows he would lose his lower part!)

The Pang Wan at that time did not know yet, there is no end to the sea of misery, in the world of Mary Sue, repent and the shore shall be in reach.

She only makes a very confused speculation, perhaps this is a very different Mary Sue story —— when the heavens drop major responsibilities and burdens onto such people, it must certainly first have them experience distress before developing strong will, have them worked tirelessly to the bones, have their body and skin endure hunger, have their being subjected to extreme poverty, have them act in line of overthrown confusion……[4]

The many catastrophes and battles thereafter, Pang Wan relied on faith in order to persevere and soldier on.

En, we cannot deny, in fact, she is very optimistic.

[1] I’m not sure what the accurate translation for this is, but circle of imprisonment is zhèn fǎ / 阵法 which is a strategic formation designed to entrap enemies in a sort of maze.

[2] The foolish man who removed the mountain or yú gōng yí shān / 愚公移山 is a well-known idiom story that tells of the good that comes from great efforts. [Full story: http://history.cultural-china.com/Wise/wise75.html]

[3] The original word used for femininity here is yīn róu/ 阴柔 which literally translates to yin and tender, as in the yin in yin and yang – females are considered yin, whilst males are yang.

[4] One of the more well-known quotes taken from an extract from a classic literature and philosophy piece {{Suffering is living, happiness is death}} from {{Mencius · Gao Zi}}

[Side Note] Lord You can be said to hold the title of second in command. Yòu/means the direction right. Being the Lord of the Right to the sect leader signifies his important position in the sect.

In case anyone is confused, Mary Sue is a fictional character but is also a popularised term used to refer to a type of stereotypical female character in films and books, someone who is portrayed as pretty much the perfect girl with perfect looks, and also makes use of her unrealistic skills and capablities to save the day, and of course, attracts all sorts of love interests……hot love interests.

So basically, the entire novel plays out in a way that cleverly mocks this whole overused Mary Sue concept, with our protagonist, Wan Wan, who comes across as quite the delusional character. Wan Wan believes that she too is a “Mary Sue”, and although it’s questionable whether she had really lived this perfect “Mary Sue” life before getting hit by lightning, we can say that she has for sure time travelled, to a place where she believes is the start of her new Mary Sue story.

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!!
    I’m kind of confused… What’s this the reference about being in “Mary Sue’s world, life etc etc”. Who is this Mary Sue? Did she live in a modern time in her past life and somehow went to the ancient period? Did I miss anything in the introduction? Thank you for this translation… And welcome Annie!

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      1. Thanks for the added explanation. It makes sense now. It’s funny that I have never heard this stereotype generalization name calling “Mary Sue” or “Marty Stu” (for perfect male fiction character) before. Yeah, I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I was curious about this stereotype name calling. Very interesting indeed… Who would have thought that I could learn something new from reading a C-Novel? 😃


        1. Mary Sue characters are also to mock an authors inability to give 3 dimensional or original personality to his heroine and falls into trap of making a generic Mary Sue type of profile like female lead is a super beauty super nice super generous super intelligent always helping people in need etc

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  2. The mc kind of confused me. Instead of Mary Sue, I bet she is just an overconfident girl who thinks everything will work out her way. Like a chinese version of a Chunibyo. I have a vision that she will somehow get her way in a comical way, all happening as an incident, somehow gaining a notorious title without her ever knowing what’s happening on the background. Like a misunderstood, dense, ignorant Chunibyo. Just a guess on my part. Cheering her Mary Sue success.

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    1. Not just the mc but the jump from intro chapter to chapter 1 and 2 is pretty confusing as well, but everything else should flow on from now.
      I actually had to go search up what Chunibyo is haha, but it does sound a lot like Wan Wan here XD

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    2. Hey, cathdeary. You are right! I think Mary Sue is indeed a part of the Chunibyo symptoms. Chunibyo [sophomore disease, or ZhongErBing (中二病) in chinese] is a super popular term throughout Asia. I have to confess that I still sometimes have a little bit of it as well, haha. When girls start to have Chunibyo in middle schools, they begin to like Mary Sue novels or animes or whatever that exhibit Mary Sue traits (like watch Shugo Chara or something like that). Then as their Chunibyo gets better, they’ll realize Mary Sue novels are really silly and start to move on to more advanced level of Chunibyo (such as Tokyo Ghoul, Guilty Crown). Well, some people might never get out of Mary Sue and Chunibyo even when they are adults.

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  3. Thank you for the chapter. Thanks Annie for your contribution. I am confused by the Mary Sue references. Will wait for more chapters to clear the confusion.


    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      The Mary Sue references is gonna be mentioned a lot, but I think the easiest way to look at it is to think of Wan Wan as a delusional girl with the main character syndrome. But if there is anything that you’re unsure of just leave a comment whenever you want and we’ll try our best to clear things up 😀

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  4. Thank you for the Chapter. Though this C-novel is a bit confusing at first , it’s beginning to sound fun, can’t wait for more chapters..Keep it up:-)


  5. Umm..hate to be the buzzkill of the comment section, but this isn’t well edited at all. To this day, I still can’t understand why people who don’t speak English natively think they have the ability to edit. You don’t. Was wondering why I never heard of this novel even though it was completely translated, but now that I see the poor editing, it makes sense. I’m sure people found it like I did but then stopped reading, as it’s somewhat painful to try to enjoy when you keep running into errors.

    I highly recommend that you find someone who actually speaks English natively to edit this entire translation. Going to drop the novel for now. Maybe one day I’ll stop by to see if it’s been cleaned up.


    1. Hello, thank you for leaving the comment.

      As you should be aware, both Annie and I are not professionals in the translating and editing field, and translating novels on this blog is only something we voluntarily do in our own free time, something we just enjoy doing for fellow c-novel fans out there, so yes, there are bound to be errors.

      I’m very sorry to hear that our translations are not meeting your standards, and since that is the case, you are more than welcome to move on and not read them, that is your choice and we respect that 🙂

      Because Annie and I are currently on hiatus, no further updates will be made on this blog for a while.

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I’d like to say happy new year in advanced! 🙂

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