Another well known name that often pops up alongside Ibuki Satsuki, is 何何舞 He He Wu, or Eno. Quite a lot of her illustrations features boy love and so needless to say she is pretty popular amongst fans of BL. But that doesn’t mean that she only makes BL illustrations, and I’m sure that, like Ibuki Satsuki illustrations, you all must have seen her works scattered around too — particularly fans of Gu Man’s novels hehe — it is after all hard to not recognise such beautiful watercolour illustrations 🙂









Like Ibuki Satsuki, I can’t seem to find an official website, there was enoeno.51.net but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore :/ and again, I can only leave you guys with a weibo page: http://tw.weibo.com/hehewu

Eno also sells artbooks, which can be found on taobao: http://www.taobao.com/product/eno%E4%BD%95%E4%BD%95%E8%88%9E.html For those who are interested in buying the artbooks, I have found out that there are sites known as “taobao agents” who acts as the middle person to help those from outside of China buy products from taobao, but I don’t know how trustable they are, so if anyone is wanting to try them out, please look up reviews on the sites beforehand.

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