红颜乱: Chaos Of Beauty Chapter 30 (Part Two)



Sieging Of Du Cheng (Part Two)

Three days later, outskirts of Du Cheng, military camp.

“Gentleman, our Military Advisor is occupied with matters right now, if you please wait here for a while.” Inside an ordinary military camp, the soldier reports as though reciting a book, those eyes stealing a few glimpses at Gui Wan, finding that “his” face shows no expression, he awkwardly withdraws.

Taking a sip of the tea, finding that the water had already cooled down, two or three yellow tea leaves floating above, Gui Wan’s heart was filled with hidden annoyance, how could she possibly not see, this Military Advisor holds the proper intention to embarrass her.

Under such anger, she was just about to throw back her sleeves in leave, when a white lustrous jade suddenly falls out from her sleeve, she picks it up, after a long moment, patiently sits back down again. In this world, such superfluous attitude of adding flowers to embroidery can be seen everywhere, yet the timely gifting of charcoal during the snowy season is but a rare sight, Lin Rui En has come to her aid several times, so why should she because of such small matters, delay the serious business.

Seeing her sit down again, Lou Sheng secretly lets out a sigh of relief.

Another long while passes, when the tent curtains are once again lifted, the gentle and refined Military Advisor slowly walks in, seeing Gui Wan and Lou Sheng, he first reveals a look of surprise, and then walks forward with a harmonious smile: “And here I was wondering who it is, a rare visitor, a rare visitor, so it is Madam Lou……gracing us with your presence!”

Clearly aware that within such smile, hypocritical and insincere feelings makes up the majority of it, Gui Wan also spreads a smile like orchids: “You’re too courteous, Military Advisor is the true noble grace here, really not easy to catch a little glimpse.”

Heartily sound a laugh, Military Advisor speaks very politely, only acting as though he is unable to understand the satire in Gui Wan’s words: “Don’t know what Madam has come to enlighten me with today?” This woman indeed isn’t a simple one, the average official madam, how would they possibly be able to withstand such trifle provocation, her identity is of extreme nobility, yet is still able to withstand a moment of anger, this too is a rare find in women.

No longer beating around the bush, Gui Wan tells him everything that she has seen and thought of with this month, her thoughts are very clear, with quick wits and eloquent tongue, Military Advisor is also a wise man, and is immediately able to understand the deeper meaning.

After listening to her, Military Advisor is deeply frowning, somewhat not daring to believe it, after a long while does he finally throw out a word: “Really?”

Of course Gui Wan would not answer such stupid question of his, who would want to make a joke out of such serious military affairs. Military Advisor stands up, his face carrying a chill, pacing two rounds of circles, occasionally sizing up Gui Wan and Lou Sheng, only seeing their calm and composed attitudes, and is only able to lament: “Madam Lou, looks like, I must ask of you to temporarily stay in camp overnight.”

Seeing that the matter this time is of utmost severity, Military Advisor is afraid to take on responsibility, having her stay in camp, should this matter prove to be false, he may very well push Gui Wan forward, saying it is Madam Lou’s false report. What a great cunning old fox, appearing to have seen through it, Gui Wan with great pleasure, nods in promise.

A person finds a pair of waterproof shoes by the river, they present their good intentions, only to get fishy water thrown all over them, looks like, being a good person really does no good. Grace laced around her laughter, Gui Wan spends the night in the military camp. Military Advisor referred to her as a noble from the Capital, thus the soldiers dares not to offend, an entire night can be said to be peaceful.

The next day, a little soldier hurriedly rushes over, telling her, Military Advisor summons her.

An ominous feeling shooting up her heart, Gui Wan brings Lou Sheng along as they head into the commander tent, Military Advisor is currently sat in centre, upon seeing the arriving people, he raises his head, Gui Wan is struck with slight shock, lines of red filling his eyes, his hair a little messy, appearing to have not slept all night, even the blue veins on his forehead can be vaguely traced out, unable to hide an expression of grieving, upon opening his mouth, even his voice has gone hoarse: “Madam……Du Cheng is in danger……”

Hands clenched into fists, Gui Wan widens her eyes upon hearing this, holding back that stunned expression, stabilising her bearings, she asks: “What does Military Advisor mean?”

Three months……only one more month is left, heart filled with absolute fear, Gui Wan locks onto Military Advisor’s expression without letting go, suppressing the fear that is slowly floating up over time, could it be, the one unable to uphold the three months promise, is not Lou Che, but her?

“Yesterday, with ten people to a team, I sent out five teams to inform General Lin, alternatively sending out two teams to head south in order to report to the imperial court, but up to now, there is still not the slightest of news……looks like the situation is extremely unfavourable.” Military Advisor quietly thinks for a moment, after his mood calms down a lot, he truthfully speaks.

Restraining the unease in her heart, Gui Wan sits down on the first seat in the tent, turning her head to look at Military Advisor: “How far from here is General Lin, how many soldiers is he leading?”

“General Lin is approximately thirty li away from Du Cheng, less than half a day horse ride away, has left to train soldiers this time, leading eight thousand young soldiers.” Barely able to open his mouth, Military Advisor concisely replies. There is nothing worse than the current situation, the head commander is not in camp, messages aren’t getting through, unclear whether there is or isn’t an enemy. Based on his many years of experience, this very moment is already the forewarning of the approaching danger.

“All eight thousand are new soldiers?” Gui Wan raises her voice in surprise, painted brows slightly knitted.

Military Advisor bitterly smiles, didn’t think that this pampered woman is this sharp-witted, with one grasp of his one phrase, she is able to analyse the formidability, he nods his head in helplessness: “That’s right, all eight thousand are new soldiers. Just over twenty thousand military force is left behind within Du Cheng right now, the local army accounting for the majority, only the lesser five thousand, are of the Lin family troops.”

The air cold, ground frozen, a charcoal brazier stands in centre of the tent, cosy heating filling the air, occasionally stars would seemingly be tucked between the charcoal, yet those within the tent does not sense this in the slightest, everyone’s faces weighing heavy, hands and feet ice cold.

“Madam, with the current situation like this, in your opinion, what should be done?” For the first time, Military Advisor assumes lower status, speaking with the tone of inquiring.

Raising her brows as she glances at Military Advisor, Gui Wan reveals a barely visible smile: “What is Military Advisor saying, such huge matters of military affairs, a mere woman like me, what plan can I possibly have……” What a great old fox, speaking of so many military defence reports just now, so he wants to drag her down as well. From the looks of it, he has clearly figured out a plan, wanting for her help, yet insists on putting on a look of consultation.

Staring at Gui Wan as he carefully eyes her, seeming to have found some sort of peculiar matter, Military Advisor lets out a long sigh: “Madam truly is a clever one, one who stands in the light does not speak shady words, Madam, with the current situation, I really cannot remain vague anymore. We must immediately get in contact with General Lin, I am unable to leave this spot, we are still lacking news of the five teams sent out to form lines of communications, therefore……”

“Therefore Military Advisor should have found a competent and capable commander to come in contact with General Lin now.” A direct flow of words cutting off Military Advisor’s speech, Gui Wan’s eyes like stars slightly squints.

The words of request stuck in his throat due to Gui Wan’s disruption, Military Advisor knits his brows, not knowing how to speak up. Unable to speak of his difficulties, with not even three months of coming to this place, the local army morale is irregular, and are not as good to command as the brothers of the Lin family troops, the current situation is unclear, he does not dare to rashly leak out any news, should panic arises, the consequences will be disastrous. Thinking over and over again, he actually thought of Gui Wan, clearly aware of how ridiculous this idea is, she is but only a weak woman, and her identity is particularly special……but in such critical moment, in such situation where no one is available, no one is trustable, he actually feels that this woman, compared to the local commander who lacks endurance, is much more reliable.

Speaking of it from another point of view, she knows the Nu King, even if the delivering message is snatched away by the Nu Tribe, with her identity, the Nu Tribe will not do such stupid thing of killing her……after repeated consideration, in this situation, she alone is the best candidate.

The inside of the tent heavily quiet like water, Military Advisor mind spinning with this idea, yet finds it difficult to speak up.

Thinking to herself, that this place she cannot stay any longer, Gui Wan appears to be ready to leave, with the tightening of her sleeve, she turns around, meeting Lou Sheng’s strongly astringent and complex look in surprise.

Under nervousness he had actually rashly grabbed onto Gui Wan’s sleeve, Lou Sheng immediately takes two steps back, silent without word, with a sound of “putong” as he drops to his knees, lowering his head, his mouth softly calling out: “Madam……”

Military Advisor who is in centre of the tent, upon seeing Lou Sheng’s actions, found it absolutely bizarre, he sees that Gui Wan because of this appeared expressionless, he decides to simply see what will happen, his intuitions tells him, Lou Sheng kneeling like this has something to with General Lin.

“Madam……” Seeing that Gui Wan is unaffected by this, Lou Sheng grows desperate, heavily knocking his head onto the ground, “May Madam look at it in favour of Ran Yi……”

Gui Wan upon hearing Lou Sheng’s begging, the lustrous jade in her sleeve seems to have been called out, taking out the jade pendant, she absently looks at it, Lin Ran Yi, Lin Rui En……these two names have accompanied several dangers in rescuing her, from the Nu Tribe to Yu Xia Guan it was Ran Yi’s laughter that accompanied her, at Feng Xi Slope it was Lin Rui En who protected her with his life at stake, when the Prime Minister Estate was besieged, it was him who bent down to pick up her handkerchief……

Each and every bit adding to her debt of gratitude, Gui Wan ah Gui Wan, how could you be so selfish?

Hundreds of feelings gathering, within a moment, she crazily looks at the jade pendant and enters a frozen state, watching Lou Sheng bend down to beg of her, her heart fires up, turning back to the Military Advisor, melodically saying: “Military Advisor, please lend me a hundred soldiers.”

Military Advisory is completely overjoyed, not exploring into the reasons for her change of mind, he immediately agrees, hurried steps leaving the tent to arrange the troops.

Lou Sheng raises his head, not knowing whether it is gratitude or something else expressed on his face, he murmurs: “Thank you Madam……”

With only half a stick of incense time, a hundred soldiers had already lined up outside the tent, the soldier’s discipline is prim and proper, carrying arrow quivers on their backs, watching Military Advisor lead an extremely delicately handsome young gentleman head towards them in such ethereal fluttering manner, they all look at each other, finding it incomprehensible. Once they hear that they are to follow this gentleman’s lead upon leaving this camp, they were even more astonished. They are all brothers of the Lin family’s troops, and so only accepts their instructions obediently, with not an uttering of a word, completely ready to go.

Gui Wan rides alone within the team, Lou Sheng closely following by her side, once he sees Gui Wan launch her body onto the horse by herself, he too was stunned by the sight, even he did not know, Madam’s horse-riding skills is quite decent.

Leaving Du Cheng, the blue skies like a clean wash, with the occasional cloud, amongst the boundless wilderness, the leisurely horse stands within this white coloured plains, everyone is in high spirits.

The sky and land so pure as though it has not been stained with a single speck of dust, such scene draws in Gui Wan, the unease felt when leaving the city is also gradually put down, seeing that all the soldiers are also sharing contented expressions, she guesses that Military Advisor did not tell them of the real intention in leaving the city, Gui Wan could only smile bitterly. In the moment they were leaving the city, she had only just come to realise, Military Advisor’s deeper meaning in wanting a woman like her to pass on the message, even if she is caught by the Nu Tribe, with her special status, there will still be negotiations available…….

What a great old fox, inwardly cursing at him, Gui Wan puts on an appearance of nothing going on. Since matters have already come to this, she can only continue on.

The team of hundred people are all leisurely riding their horses, with no dangers met along the road, very quickly do they pass through the plains, nearby is a mountain scenery, the mountain steepness low and flat, stretching out like the pulse in veins. Listening to the recommendations of a soldier, they weave their way down a small mountain path, why they chose this faraway path and avoid the main little road, Gui Wan knows very well, the current mission is to contact Lin Rui En, first and foremost, of course they have to keep their own lives safe.

Over two hours of horse riding later, everyone remains silent without a sound, no one knows what the leading pretty gentleman is thinking about. Fortunately today’s wind and snow is not too big, still appropriate to make up for a nice scenery along the journey.

As they were heading down the path, originally very quiet, and then from the north, gradually getting louder and louder……seems like roars, also seems like an avalanche, surging into the ears like a powerful tidal wave. The soldiers starts muttering amongst themselves. The arrangement of the entire team becomes slightly messy.

Gui Wan upon hearing this sound, also finds it absolutely strange, she has no experience in such things, and can only inquire the soldiers beside her.

One soldiers after a moment of hesitation, speaks up: “Gentleman, perhaps a battle has arose in front.”

Slightly stunned, Gui Wan pulls at the reins, the entire team immediately stops on the spot. Seeing everyone hold expressions of puzzlement, her heart is met with a moment of struggles, cleanly bringing out the real purpose and the situation before their eyes, telling all of this to the soldiers. Having heard her speech, all the soldiers reveals a look of thunderstruck, sinking into silence for long while, one soldier situated at the front steps forward, resonantly saying: “Gentleman, we are all soldiers of the Lin family troops, for General Lin, we are not afraid to sacrifice, please continue forward.”

With not the slightest hesitation to sing her praises, as expected of the Lin family troops, Gui Wan thus continues to lead the team forward. Sat high on the horse, the hands holding onto the reins making a subtle move, although her face show steadiness, only she herself is aware, she is unable to suppress the fear in her heart, her back already oozing with a layer of cold sweat.

Passing this hill, exactly what will be awaiting her ahead……

Piercing their way through the little path, murderous cries shaking the skies, one look of boundless people like a huge tidal wave, completely covering the mountain in front. Gui Wan’s eyes widen, jaws dropped, as she stares ahead, her face washed white. Having marched forth through half a day of journey, facing such a scene, her heart is practically overwhelmed with great burden. Wave after wave of battle cries shaking her rational senses, immediately ordering for the team to stop, and hide their presence within the lush forest between the hills, afraid that the enemy troops ahead will learn of their existence.

Fortunately she is only leading a hundred people, very quickly do they hide their horses, Gui Wan, Lou Sheng and a few leading soldiers, stand at the mountain slope overlooking ahead.

A terrifying scene meeting their eyes……

The trees of the low mountain ahead exhausting its ability to cut off the light, the bare mountain and plains densely populated with people, a mass of black heads, erasing the snow scene, endless numbers of troops of soldiers and horses, arranged together in such congested manner, so tightly packed with not the thinnest of opening in sight, the gathered troops, surrounds one mountain in endless streams, the mountain slope is clearly different to that of other mountains, only this mountain has only the shadows of trees left.

Watching the countless soldiers and horses, blocking the paths ahead in such towering manner, murderous air heavily pressing down, vaguely exerting pressure across the entire mountain, Gui Wan’s heart runs cold, separated by one hill, she still feels immensely threatened.

“It’s the Nu Army……” A soldier stood closes speaks in a trembling tone, his voice may not be resonant, but practically everyone hears it, “General……General Lin is surrounded on that mountain.”

Having already guessed that the only mountain with not a single tree in sight is where General Lin lies, Gui Wan still could not hold back a shudder, the cold wind brushing over her face, seeps into her heart, freezing her into completely numbing her senses. General Lin is surrounded amongst the Nu Army, what is she to do? The more terrifying thought is, after surrounding General Lin here, what would the Nu Army do? Siege Du Cheng? No……no, Du Cheng has already been sieged, just that the encirclement is still very big in size, so the people of Du Cheng has still not detected it.

Seeing the Nu Army’s unprecedented mighty force of military discipline, Gui Wan’s heart races with loud sounds of peng peng, only finding the army before her eyes has faces of savages, people like tides, inducing the horror in her.

“Approximately how many people are there in front?” The foundations of singing opera since young is great help to her, despite her heart struck with absolute fear, her attitude is still like that of a clean and comfortable breeze.

Seeing this leading gentleman calm and composed, the soldiers also gradually casts away their sense of panic, the more experienced soldiers amongst them, stares ahead at the Nu army like looming black clouds, making one little estimation, each one with their faces turning ashen: “Approximately sixty thousand surrounding soldiers, stationed ahead there is approximately……no possible way to estimate……only afraid there are about a hundred thousand……”

Chills shooting up her heart, Gui Wan watches over the scene before her eyes with bated breath. There are hundreds of thousands soldiers blocking the path in front, General Lin only has eight thousand new recruits, not a real chance of winning, should she retreat back to Du Cheng, what is the use, a Du Cheng without Lin Rui En, cannot possibly bear this blow……what’s the best thing to do?

Extending her hand to summon upon a few soldiers, Gui Wan orders for them to follow the same route back, reporting the facts to Military Advisor, and to send for troops in rescue of General Lin, as long as General Lin is saved, she believes there is still a thin chance of survival……

Ten horses rapidly shoots down the path, watching the messengers head back, Lou Sheng worriedly looks towards Gui Wan, hesitant to speak. Gui Wan upon seeing this, dismissively respond with a sentence of, without the skin, what is the hair to be attached to? The soldiers hearing this, were all awe-inspired, raising their spirits, they station themselves by the mountain slope, observing the situation.

The huge Nu Army occasionally sounds a wave of loud roars, such noise like an earthquake, directly surging up to the clouds, densely surrounding the mountain, yet makes not a single move.

“They want to destroy General Lin’s confidence.” Lou Sheng stood on one side, speaks with heavy seriousness.

Gui Wan looks back at the entire group, faced with such army morale of complete oppressiveness, many soldiers were very anxious, with such pressure just from looking on at the side-lines, General Lin in direct face of this, who knows how he is feeling? Waiting up to two entire hours of time, the Nu Tribe once again emits a thunderous roar, just when Gui Wan thought they were emptily building momentum again, the Nu Army begins to take action.

First it was a few rows of archers stepping forth, pulling at the strings, releasing the arrows, a mass wave of thousands of arrows, shooting into the air like a downpour of rain, the black shadows practically covering the entire blue sky, pouring down upon the mountain slope, the arrows piercing the air emits a sound that overshadows the northern winds, like thousands and thousands of people roaring, swarming to its destination.

Gui Wan’s heart tightens as she watches this scene unfold, although she does not believe in ghosts nor gods, but right now, she too cannot help but to pray to the heavens, to protect General Lin at all costs.

After the passing of the rain of arrows, there is not a single movement from the mountain slope, the Nu army once again changes their batch of archers unit, one wave after one wave, the arrows like endlessly running ribbons, shooting towards the mountain slope, an entire mountain filled with arrow figures, the land bruised all over, it is just as Ye Li’s command stated, even it is but one little fly, it is still not to leave the mountain alive.

Under waves after waves of attacks, the mountain slope still shows not the slightest of movements, General Lin’s troops, under these bursts of battle cries and murderous attacks, appears abnormally quiet, deaths and injuries unknown. Gui Wan was secretly growing desperate, along with the passing of time, her heart has continuously been sinking downwards. Four hours of attacking, the Nu Tribe seems to also lost their patience in their one-sided dull attacks. Many soldiers were loudly shouting to advance forward, waving the broadswords and spears in hand.

Soldiers of the Nu Tribe are renowned for their bravery, strong men, strong horses, are particularly good at battling on horses, within this little area of hills and mountains, they are unable to use this to their potential, horses are naturally not suited for going uphill, thus using archery attacks. But right now, not a single shadow has made an appearance from Lin Rui En’s army, taking action with silence, the Nu people’s pride is unable to withstand this, the soldiers eager to charge up the mountain.

Ye Li immediately commands to not make a move for now, maintaining an average distance as they continue to launch arrow attacks.

Seeing that within the Nu Army, there is an on-foot team with a dress code different from the general Nu Army, and messenger soldiers running back and forth, seeming to all gather in that area, Gui Wan makes some calculations, that tent is precisely Ye Li’s king tent. The Nu army’s attacks on and off, under the circumstances of absolutely no counterattack from Lin Rui En, the unease in the Nu Army slowly spreads. But the great difference between the strengths of both armies is extremely obvious, so the Nu Army is still able to refrain from panic, only obeying orders as they continue to attack in waves.

Night gradually falls, daylight heavily sinking, the northern wind strengthens, white snow drifting across the sky, the Nu Army stops their attacks, setting up camp, lighting up torches, the fires forming spots of sparks, looking from high up, like the starry sky descended to earth, the milkyway like chains, forming a circle, heavily surrounding the mountain.

Seeing the fire torches of the Nu army below her feet, forming a map of stars, Gui Wan remains speechlessly silent, afraid of the Nu Army discovering their presence, they did not even dare to light up any torches, to face the grand occasion of starry fires lighting the wilderness, no one could utter a sound, the soldiers gnaw at the dry food, Gui Wan worriedly hangs her heart up high, not even able to place the food near her mouth, as she silently stares over the mountains, thoughts spinning.

The sound of horse hooves gradually drawing in, all the soldiers raise to their feet, Gui Wan also looks back, the dozen of the horses stops behind her, so the messengers have returned. Everyone surrounds them, disorderly asking. The leading soldier of the messenger group, knits his brows as he lowers his head, not a sound of answer.

“How did it go?” Opening up a path between everyone, Gui Wan walks up to him, voice revealing nervousness.

Upon hearing her voice, the dozen of soldiers drops to their knees, the leader looks to Gui Wan, tiger-like eyes vaguely containing tears, with a low hoarse voice, he answers: “Military Advisor is unwilling to send troops over.”

“What?” Unable to hold back in exclaiming, Gui Wan’s heart fires up, taking two steps forward, her eyes like the frosty moon, locked on the soldier, “Why?”

Those wave after wave of attacks leaving an immensely strong impression in her heart, if not for the support of holding faith in reinforcements, she would not have possibly held on to this moment, personally hearing such news, thunderstruck, the anger inside surges up. This Military Advisor, exactly what does he want to do……

Stunned by the imposing manner of her frost cold attitude, the soldier grievingly says: “Military Advisor said, they are unable to contact the imperial court, Du Cheng has already been sieged, there are only over twenty thousand military power, too late to save, also incapable of saving……”

“But without General Lin, how is twenty thousand soldiers able to defend Du Cheng?” Gui Wan raises her voice, unable to suppress her rage.

The leading soldier kneeling at the front has to bear the brunt of tasting Gui Wan’s anger, recalling the scene of being rejected by the Military Advisor back in the city, and also thinking of Lin Rui En leading eight thousand soldiers, trapped within the surrounding Nu Army alone, tears comes splashing against the ground: “Gentleman, Military Advisor has said, deploying troops now, Du Cheng will then immediately fall into the hands of the Nu Army……the Nu Army still isn’t aware of Du Cheng’s actual situation right now, not sending out troops in aid, still holds a trace of hope, sending troops, leads to certain death……”

Lips forming a thin line, Gui Wan mournfully looks back, looking at the sea of starry firelight in the wilderness, her eyes faintly lightens, be it anger, be it sorrows, all are swallowed up in the dark night, leaving not a single trace behind.

“Military Advisor also said……” The soldier seeing Gui Wan turn around, hurriedly chokes back his tears as he speaks.

“Also said what?” Whatever said is already too late to be spoken……

“Military Advisor said, he is the person who wants to save General the most, but……but Du Cheng still has hundreds of thousands of citizens, who is to care for their life and death? Sending troops out to save General Lin today, will be at the expense of abandoning the overall situation, should General Lin die in battle right now, that is still a glorious defeat, if troops are sent, even if General Lin is rescued, he too will be living life like death……such is more painful than death itself……”

The messenger soldier sorrowfully wails, the remaining soldiers were also hiding their faces, these soldiers who have been through battlefields are all able to understand the meaning behind those words. Soldiers, fights for their home, fights for their country, fights for their people, but are unable to fight for themselves……

Lou Sheng walks forward, slowly coming up to Gui Wan’s side, suddenly discovering she is grievingly looking in front, tears like crystals dripping down in blank unawareness.

It was at this very moment, a huge racket sounds from the mountain plains, on that distant mountain slope, the originally neat arrangement of flickering firelights, is abruptly messed up, gradually spreading out from that mountain slope spot, the entire map of fired up milky way shattering to pieces, issuing a deafening angry roar.

“Moving, their moving––” Lou Sheng softly cries out, everyone was absolutely shocked, hastily going forward. Gui Wan wipes away the light tears on her cheeks, attentive eyes looking over the mountain plains.

The moon hides behind the layer of clouds, the northern wind still growling, the night sky like black ink, the flickering firelight becoming the only guide of direction, the rows of firelight on the mountain slope spreads out, as though chopped out by a knife, initially a little messy, but behind it actually gradually expands. Suddenly smoke sluggishly rises, firelight growing unnecessarily bigger, the mountain slope where General Lin is stationed suddenly reflecting red in the sky, breath-snatching roars and wild chanting, gradually rises, gradually nears, the Nu Army’s encirclement also beginning to shrink.

“It’s General Lin……it’s General Lin trying to breakout……” It is unclear who this sound of cry came from, but due to this cry, everyone rises with force and spirit, hearts hung high, eyes intently overlooking the battle.

With numerous attacks from the Nu army, he did not take any action, enduring after enduring, right now, he lends the disarray during night to breakout: fire burning the forest, pushing himself to the rear path, all in order to resurrect after presumed dead, encouraging the soldiers’ courage to survive……even if she does not understand the arts of war, Gui Wan is still able to bit by bit analyse the reason and purpose behind such course of action, heart holding deep admiration, indeed a illustrious military success, General Lin……

But the difference in strength is far too large, the result of this battle of life and death is practically set in stone, could it be that she is just going to watch on like this, awaiting for fate to fall upon them?

The firelight before them, shines brightly in her eyes, the glimmer in her eyes makes a light turn, she has never felt more clearly than she does in this very moment, how wonderful of a thing, the existence of life and death is……

Although a small force cannot triumph the heavens, she still wants to strive forth and pitch out her best efforts……

“Someone come––”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I’m actually surprised General Lin and the military adviser were caught unaware. I thought when they bumped into Nu King in disguise, they would realize something is up.

    I’m also find it out of character that Lou Sheng begged Gui Wan to go warn the General placing her in danger when her safety is the priority.


    1. You’re welcome 🙂

      I thought that General Lin would have thought more into it when he bumped into the Nu King too, but to be fair, all the Nu people in general are described to be wellbuilt and strong as compared to the people of the Celestial Empire, so bumping into a strong Nu man isn’t really something out of the norm.

      And although Lou Sheng is very loyal to Lou Che and his duty is to protect Gui Wan, we already witnessed just how much of an effect Lin Ran Yi had and still has on him, considering how Lin Rui En is Ran Yi’s only living family member, you can say that his heart acted out more than his rational thinking


  2. surprised that it was GW and LS that caught onto the Nu Tribe intention. too bad General Lin and Military Advisor were not aware that the Shu Clan are lurking behind


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