红颜乱: Chaos Of Beauty Chapter 16



Ran Yi

Hearing her answer, the girl in yellow smiles in appreciation, quickly grabbing Gui Wan’s hand, searching for directions amongst the chaotic crowd, whilst saying to Gui Wan: “Going to Yu Xia Guan (Yu Xia Checkpoint) from here, only requires a day’s journey on horse. Let us steal a horse whilst it’s still chaotic.” Once she had said this, she had already extended her hand, with a clean cut of a knife in form of her hand, she hacks down a nearby bandit who was fleeing in panic.

Seeing her extremely smooth movement, Gui Wan is stunned, immediately following her as they constantly run forward, her ears filled with loud noises, the figures before her eyes in disorder, in a chaotic situation impossible to resolve, Gui Wan can only choose to trust this girl in yellow in front of her.

The Nu army has already arrived at the rear end of the carriages, battling it out with the bandits, and the Nu army’s main force spreads out towards them, going all around the chaotic crowd, seeming to be searching for something.

The girl in yellow also senses something is not right, turning her head, she carries a trace of slyness in her smile, asking: “What are the Nu army searching for? Are they looking for you?”

Returning a smile, excessively sweet, Gui Wan cannot help but to smile, smoothly asking: “What about you? Why are you escaping?” If her escape is considered justifiable, then the actions of this girl in yellow, has also already revealed the extreme suspiciousness of her identity.

Didn’t think that Gui Wan under silent admittance, would actually question her back, the girl in yellow turns around with a kick, knocking down a bandit in front, one hand grabbing onto the horse reins, turning to look at the absolutely breathless Gui Wan, calmly saying: “In times of emergency, let us throw aside identity related questions. If we don’t leave now, it may be too late.”

Gui Wan hurries forward, the girl in yellow launches herself onto the horse, and then pulls Gui Wan up onto the horseback, both her legs clipped onto the horse’s stomach, the horse raises its hooves and runs forward, charging out. The horse speed is not actually very fast, galloping amongst the chaotic crowd, but also taking into account the safety of the people below.

Right when Gui Wan’s heart relaxes, a particularly loud and very inflamed voice enters her ears: “Suo Ge Ta……” This voice pierces through half of the wilderness, overpowering the many figures, and shoots right into Gui Wan’s ears.

Turning her head amidst the bumpy ride, Gui Wan looks back in direction of the Nu army behind, leading the Nu army at the rear of the carriage fleet, is Ye Li. His face holds anxiety and anger, and also a type of complicated expression that makes people sense his pain upon looking at him. Ye Li raises the horse whip high and strikes down, breaking up the crowd before the horse, doing all he can to rush forward.

Gui Wan starts to slightly panic, didn’t think that with this smeared black face, she still cannot escape his eyes, under her watch, he is already shortening the distance between them, Gui Wan pulls on the yellow clothing, loudly saying: “Almost catching up behind.”

The girl in yellow does not look back, answering against the wind, her voice still remains as steady as ever: “I will not let him catch up.”

Hearing her seemingly very confident words, Gui Wan’s heart is put at ease, tightly clutching onto the girl in yellow’s waist, she turns her head to look back at the chaotic scene halfway across the wilderness, she can still sense Ye Li’s strongly fired up emotions that seems to be able to burn down all in his presence, that kind of struggling, sinking and unwilling complications, even in this situation of clashing weapons, thundering cries, it still sinks in too deep to be overshadowed.

Seeing with his own eyes the narrowing of distance, meter by meter, Ye Li loudly cries out: “Suo Ge Ta, come back……”

The girl in yellow slightly turns her head, still grinning amongst the chaos as she says: “You’re called Suo Ge Ta? Goddess of the moon? ……interesting.” Within a glance, Ye Li had actually reached within ten meters of distance already, straightening her face, the girl in yellow frees one hand, digging into her clothes and pulls something out, spreading it along the ground behind them.

Everything blurs before Gui Wan, only thinking that the girl in yellow dispersed something like flowers from her hand, little green balls rolls onto the ground under the hooves of Ye Li’s horse, behind, the horse loudly neighs, Gui Wan cannot help but to look back, and sees Ye Li’s horse looking like it has gone mad, hopping and jumping on that one spot, the distance immediately pulls further apart again.

“Suo Ge Ta……you cannot leave.” Ye Li desperately pulls at the reigns, whilst roaring out his hisses, looking like he’s gone crazy, still wanting to rush forward, his voice, filled with panic striking a deep chord.

Not wanting to listen, but the sound still insists on drilling into her ear, Gui Wan feels slightly shaky, watching this foreign prince show a face of panic, gradually blurring into the wind. Right now, the horse has already passed through the entire crowd, looks like they are able to head straight east, when something sharp pierces through the air like a shooting star, aiming to stab into the two people on the horse.

Gui Wan had yet to react to this, when a cool feeling fleetingly passes by her arm, a long arrow skims past her clothing, greatly startled, she immediately looks back.

Not far away, a few Nu soldiers had already noticed the target that the prince is chasing after, raising the bow and arrows in their hands, aiming right at Gui Wan.

Ye Li also sees the current situation, cold sweat dripping, heart greatly disturbed, he furiously shouts out: “Stop, all of you stop, no one is allowed to harm her……stop it.”

The entire Nu army all found it strange, this is originally the Nu Tribe’s great way of arresting fugitives, yet they are being ordered not to shoot arrows right now, it is just rather puzzling. The majority of the Nu army upon hearing this order, lowers their bow and arrows, not daring to make a move, but one particular soldier upon hearing the order, could not react in time, the arrow in hand had already shot out from the bow, piercing through the wind, shooting towards the person on the horse.

He lowers his hand, turning his head to sneak a look, Ye Li had already dismounted the horse, furiously storming over, never has anyone seen this dignified prince this angry before, heart in panic, he had yet to voice out his explanation, when Ye Li’s blade was already swinging directly at him.

Everyone was trembling in shock by that moment in which the soldier’s blood was sprayed, spraying a nicely curved arc into the air, the crimson red blood splatters, that soldier practically didn’t even have the time to express his shock, and Ye Li had already chopped at his throat in one swing, his corpse immediately collapsing with a “peng” sound, shocking awake the consciousness of everyone around them.

“Didn’t I just say, you’re not allowed to harm her?” An absolutely chilling voice is emitted from Ye Li’s mouth, on the sharp sword in his hand, traces of blood trails down the edge of the blade, dripping onto the ground of the wilderness. Ye Li’s face carries evil and rage, and also a deep trace of unwilling acceptance, raising his eyes, attentively watching that horse disappear into the wilderness.


The howling sound of wind blowing past, lasted a long time before it faded, a long neigh enters the ear, and the horse comes to a stop. Gui Wan takes a deep deep breath, regaining composure of herself. After going through a crisis between life and death at Feng Qi Slope, she has since developed a sense of fear of riding horses, unless at a moment of crisis, she would never dare to easily ride a horse. Once she slightly settles her heart, the girl in yellow had already dismounted the horse, turning her head to look at Gui Wan, laughingly saying: “Crisis temporarily lifted, you can get off and take a little rest now.”

Following along in dismounting the horse, Gui Wan looks around, this place is no longer the wilderness, green grassland, a look into the distance of no boundary, when the wind blows by, there is a sort of captivating wave of grass, wave after wave, like a huge gentle hand is brushing over the earth, even bringing along with it, the refreshing taste of the wind brushing against one’s face. Suddenly feeling that in her eyes, there holds such beautiful scenery, even though the crisis is not yet completely over in this moment, Gui Wan still feels as though she is in a state of deep intoxication.

“This is the most hidden passage from Yu Xia Guan, known as ‘Green Sea’, very beautiful right?” Seeing Gui Wan’s expression, the girl in yellow couldn’t hold back her smile, and slowly explains.

Gently nodding her head, Gui Wan slightly smiles as she answers: “Indeed very beautiful.”

Another burst of wind blows over again, the green sea billows, and the girl in yellow closes her eyes, also following Gui Wan in breathing the fresh air of nature, opening her eyes, her eyes suddenly sharpens up, turning to look at Gui Wan, asking: “Who are you? Why is the Nu Tribe’s Prince Ye Li chasing after you? You should be a Celestial Empire person right?”

“Asking so many questions in one breath, even I do not know how I should answer them.” Gui Wan leisurely says in reply.

“Then I shall directly ask you,” The girl in yellow approaches Gui Wan, staring dead into her eyes, seeming to want to see through her, “Are you the Nu Tribe’s spy?”

Without immediately answering, they attentively look over each other again, Gui Wan after careful consideration, resolutely says: “I am not.” Suddenly pausing, she asks back, “What about you? Not only skilled in martial arts, but also bold and daring. Who exactly are you?”

The girl in yellow and Gui Wan stare into each other’s eyes for a long while, finally unable to hold back, laughing out loud, a rarely seen hearty cheerfulness shines brightly from the girl’s body, “I also don’t think you are.” Sighing in relief, she sits down on the ground, appearing comfortable and relaxed.

“I’m called Lin Ran Yi, descendant of the Celestial Empire’s military family.” A simple introduction, she turns her head, looking at Gui Wan.

Gui Wan leisurely laughs, thinking back to how the two of them went through life and death together, she too gained a little sense of trust towards her, slightly parting her lips, just about to introduce herself, when she suddenly sees Lin Ran Yi’s face change, suddenly jumping up from the grass, pulling Gui Wan along as she runs.

Lin Ran Yi drags along Gui Wan as they reach an area where the weedy grass is most luxuriant, squatting down, signalling Gui Wan to also squat down, until the grass has completely concealed both their figures, she quietly says to Gui Wan: “Someone’s here.”

Without the slightest trace of fear, Gui Wan focuses on keeping her body hidden, suggesting: “Do you still have the green balls from before? Throw them out onto the grass where they’d definitely go through.”

Lin Ran Yi slightly hesitates for a moment, recalling how the horse had already reached to side to eat grass, hiding right here, indeed isn’t the best plan, reaching into her clothing, she once again grabs a handful of green balls, sprinkling it over the area of grass their horse had passed by before.

Just as they expected, only a while later did they hear the sound of horse hooves, but there is only one horse, following the traces of galloping horse prints that Gui Wan, Lin Ran Yi had left behind. Walking up to the area where the green balls were scattered, the horse suddenly neighs loudly, the person on the horse receives a shock, not understanding what is happening, desperately pulling at the reigns, before he could put the horse under control, Lin Ran Yi had already jumped up, hand moving like a knife, aiming to cut at the neck of the one on the horse.

The person on the horse immediately responds in a moment of panic, he avoids the attack, abandoning the horse as he dismounts, raising his foot at the same time, followed with a kick towards Lin Ran Yi.

Lin Ran Yi immediately moves around it, with a turn of her body, aiming to amputate the person’s foot, that person steps back just in time, the two people did not succeed in their attacks, both backing away, looking at one another, Lin Ran Yi was absolutely surprised.

Even Gui Wan is a little frightened, originally thinking it was the Nu army catching up, didn’t think that it would actually be the leader of the bandits.

The bandit leader backs away, his eyes rolling back and forth between Gui Wan and Lin Ran Yi, seeing Gui Wan and Lin Ran Yi’s defensive stance, he suddenly reveals a look of helplessness, after careful consideration, from his sleeves he takes out a silver ribbon, inquiring: “Who is this ribbon?”

To mention such a question in this moment, it would inevitably appear rather strange, neither Lin Ran Yi nor Gui Wan knew how to respond. Gui Wan even more so found it absolutely absurd, the bandit leader catching up to them, just to ask this one question, indeed inconceivable, after a moment of pondering, she takes the exact same ribbon from her sleeves, answering: “It’s mine.”

Originally still feeling quite doubtful, but upon seeing the ribbon, his eyes sparkles, the bandit walks upfront, maintaining three step distance, not caring for Lin Ran Yi taking on a defensive posture, he kneels on the ground, very respectfully saying: “This lowly one, Lou Sheng has come late, may Madam pardon my sin.”

Lou Sheng kneels on the grass ground, after a while later, the green waves of grass constantly billows, yet no movement can be detected by his ears, unable to hold back, he raises his head, and sees the blurred look of Gui Wan seeming to hesitate, lowering his head in thinking, he understands her concerns, taking out a little waist pendant from his waist side, holding it high up.

Seeing this scout of the Lou Residence’s waist pendant, with a familiar “Lou” [楼] character circled on the face of it, a ray of warm feeling slowly rises, Gui Wan finally smiles comfortably, saying: “No need to be so courteous, please stand up.”

With a simple sound of reply, he suddenly gets up, having long heard of Prime Minister Madam’s heavenly elegance, to personally meet her today, but sees Gui Wan’s face actually be smeared with unknown black powder, in thick layers, appearing in an absolutely sorry state, only that pair of quietly deep eyes, carries a slight quality of crystal clearness, illuminating like the stars in the skies. Not daring to cause any offense, Lou Sheng removes his eyes from her, organising his train of thoughts, reporting: “Lord Prime Minister is already rushing through day and night, heading to Yu Xia Guan, and shall be arriving within two days. May Madam follow me to Yu Xia Guan.”

Listening up to this point, Lin Ran Yi who was standing aside, could not hold back her words, muttering: “Lord Prime Minister? Are you Prime Minister Lou’s wife?”

Gui Wan gently nods her head, affirming this, at the side, Lou Sheng respectfully interrupts: “Madam, we cannot stay here any longer, the Nu army seems to have not given up yet, and will be catching up in no time.”

At the mention of Nu army, the feeling of the arrow skimming past her sleeve before, seems to have resurfaced in her mind, Gui Wan senses a chill running up her spine, nodding in acceptance of Lou Sheng’s suggestion, in a situation where Lin Ran Yi also could not disagree with the course of action, after waiting for the crazed horse to calm down, three people two horses, heads into the eastern direction.

Lou Sheng seems to be extremely familiar with this area of terrain, leading Lin Ran Yi and Gui Wan across Green Sea, after an entire day and entire night, they finally made it to Yu Xia Guan’s city gates.

Her body already extremely tired out, upon seeing the three large characters [玉硖关] Yu Xia Guan, Gui Wan actually feels a warm sense of relief, having gone through almost a month and half’s journey, she has finally returned. Whilst still caught in a moment of overwhelming feelings, the city gates has already opened, a small squad of city guarding troops runs out from the gates, seeing the three people, they all spread out, aligning themselves into lines. In an armour of feather white, boots of vine green, a figure of extremely superior slender build, with a handsome face like frost, slowly walking out from within the city is actually General Lin Rui En.

His slightly cold expression upon seeing Lin Ran Yi, reveals a trace of tenderness, instantaneously creating such sense as though watching the clouds clear away, revealing the sunlight, “[Older] Sister, you finally returned.”

“Rui En, I’ve made you worried,” Lin Ran Yi walks up front, waving the whip in hand as she loudly calls out laughingly, “I’m back.”

Not only is it just Lin Rui En smiling, even all the soldiers stood by the sides were overflowing with heartfelt smiles. Whilst everyone is filled with joy, Lin Ran Yi pulls Gui Wan forward, introducing: “This is Prime Minister Lou’s Madam, we went through thick and thin together, escaping from the Nu Capital.”

Lin Rui En turns towards Gui Wan, the very moment their eyes met, his smile slightly falters, brows lightly crinkles, concealing the constantly throbbing pain in his heart, speaking with slight difficulty: “Madam Lou……” The following words remains stuck in his throat, unable to speak out.

Gently nodding her head in acknowledgement, Gui Wan smiles, “Always somehow manage to come across General Lin and your family in moments of crisis, Gui Wan really is extremely fortunate.” Always running into him in important timings, before she knew it, she had already gained additional feelings of rare trust and security towards him.

His lips faintly spreading into a smile, the cold as frost youth displays an extremely rare expression of tenderness, right within the surprised eyes of all those around, his face suddenly shows a drastic change, shooting forward in an arrow-like step, his hands gently hooks, holding up her body as it falls backward.


Gui Wan’s heart gradually feels at ease, the fatigue caused by an entire day and night of hurried travelling because of her mental relaxation, suddenly overtakes her body, vision fades, starting with a tiny spot of fuzziness, spreading out, her body feels light, falling backwards, the final image her eyes catches onto, is the small view of the light blue sky. Within her drowsy state, she feels a very warm pair of strong big hands, supporting her, allowing her to safely sink into dreamland.

At that moment, when Gui Wan suddenly fainted, Lou Sheng and Lin Ran Yi both wanted to extend a helping hand at the same time, having yet to respond in time, Lin Rui En had already rushed forward, holding Gui Wan in his arms, his face ashen, actually revealing a look of panic and heartache, completely oblivious to the reaction of those around him, he picks up the person in his arms, running towards the inside of the city gates, throwing the stunned people to the back his mind.

The soldiers were absolutely surprised, Lou Sheng and Lin Ran Yi stands at the same spot, looking in the direction of the gates, one with an expressionless face, one with a look of gloominess, one surprised, one worried.


Very gentle warmth and shining brightness entering her sight, Gui Wan slowly opens her eyes, meeting a pair of very beautiful pupils, the usual cold, has disappeared without a trace in this moment, and is even displaying a look of warmth, softening the contours of the cold general’s face, his faint smile like the wind, Gui Wan softly calls out: “General Lin?”

Wanting to raise her hand, she gets caught in an entanglement, and only then did she realise she is actually grabbing onto his hand, Gui Wan was embarrassingly surprised, immediately letting go.

A sense of loss overcomes his hand, like grabbing empty air, Lin Rui En withdraws his hand, once again regaining that sort of ice cold appearance: “How are you? Are you feeling well?”

“En.” Gui Wan very softly sounds a reply, lightly moving her body, looking as though she has already recovered a lot, she looks at Lin Rui En, heart filled with unlimited gratefulness, “I have troubled you, General.”

“Not at all, Madam is too polite.” He cannot tell whether it is disappointment or something else, to hear the two words of thank you come from her mouth, seems not to be what he wishes for. Whilst unconscious, she did not seem to sleep peacefully, at the very beginning, she was clutching onto the maid’s sleeve who was there to help cleanse her body, once he made her release her hold from the sleeve, she maneuverers her wrist into grabbing his hand instead, he clearly could have avoided it, but after repeated thoughts, he just left her to it in the end. The strength in her hand was not at all strong, yet it was like a cuff, catching him in layers of traps, with no way to break free, he cannot tell what this feeling is, perhaps all of this, is only the best excuse he can use to stay here.

The room is filled with silence, Gui Wan takes a little look around her surroundings, and only then did she realise she is inside the military camp, turning her head, she notices this particularly strange atmosphere, silent to the point of seeming mysterious, Lin Rui En also loses that stern coldness, a rather peculiar expression overflowing from within his eyes, seeming to be struggling over something.

In face of the silence within the room, Gui Wan struggles to find a conversation starter, whilst racking her brain, her belly suddenly produces a grumbling sound.

Lin Rui En was startled for a moment, but then couldn’t help but to quietly sound a laugh, the mysterious air from before is thoroughly swept away, he turns around to grab hold of the already prepared savoury snacks, passing it to Gui Wan.

Having not bothered with dietary on their way here, Gui Wan faces these exquisite snacks she has longed for, melting into a satisfied smile, she begins to focus on gobbling them all up.

Seeing her slowly start eating, the snacks one small bite by one small bite entering her mouth, his mood also follows her actions, bit by bit brightening up, as long as he sees her smile, he would feel everything is perfect, seeing her in a sorry state, he would feel his heart aching. In a situation where he is clearly aware of her identity, he still cannot possibly control such feelings that will definitely grow overly complicated one day.

Sunlight streams into the room, as if covering it in a layer of gold coloured veil. Black hair like silk, a stunningly elegant girl sits at the bed eating, whilst the young general in an armour of feather white holds the plate, maintaining this posture as though he is not aware of how tiring it is, only in that pair of eyes, there shows an occasional flash of expression.


“Lord Prime Minister.” Upon seeing a faraway figure rapidly galloping forward on the horse, Lou Sheng who is standing by outside the military camp immediately kneels down, in respectful greeting.

“Where’s Gui Wan? Is she here?” The elegantly handsome face is no longer able to conceal his anxiousness as Lou Che asks in slight nervousness.

Knowing that Lou Che has rapidly rushed eight hundred li to get here in an urgent manner, his original words of persuasion, asking of him to get some rest, could not bear to leave his mouth, Lou Sheng points towards the biggest tent in the middle, saying: “Madam is in there.”

How long has it been? How long has he not seen her?

Unable to contain some worked up emotions, Lou Che did not even turn his head as he quickly paces himself towards the main tent.

Having never seen Prime Minster Lou like this before, Lou Sheng could only watch on in surprise, when he suddenly remembers, General Lin is still in the tent, the scene from this morning at the city gates unintentionally flashes by his mind, intuition tells him, subtle feelings is entangled within that situation. He hurriedly follows after Lou Che, softly calling out: “Lord Prime Minister, please wait.”

Not hearing Lou Sheng’s calling, his eyes seeming to only have that tent in sight, his steps does not stop, arriving before the tent, with quite a bit of force, in a moment where Lou Sheng was unable to stop him in time, he lifts the thick curtain of the tent.

Very rarely does he see Gui Wan with a smile like this, void of any sort of external factors, made up solely of heartfelt joy, under the sunlight like gold dust, she appears even more spectacularly radiant……Lou Che peripheral vision sweeps across the inside of the room, his cheerful smile instantly freezes, in the moment where he walks into the tent, the expression on his face fades away, patting the dust off his body, he reveals an air of elegant nobility, leisurely saying: “Looks like, this time I have General Lin to thank once again.”

Hearing this voice, Lin Rui En looks back, not at all surprised, he sternly replies: “Prime Minister Lou is too polite.”

“I owe you yet another favour.” His face against the light, suddenly lightens, suddenly darkens, be it joy or anger, it is difficult to make out.

Slowly making his way over to the bed, he picks up one of the exquisite snacks, placing it in his mouth as he takes a small bite, as though savouring the taste, he lightly mocks: “Are all the snacks within the military this nice?”

Hearing this, Lin Rui En’s face shows a look of slight discomfort, it is difficult to explain that these snacks have been specially prepared for Gui Wan.

“General has made thoughtful preparations, it is I who have troubled General.” Realising that Lin Rui En seems to be cautious, even the tender expression on his face dropped the moment Lou Che walked through the door, before she knew it, Gui Wan had already spoke up to break through the slight tension.

Making no comment, the corners of Lou Che’s lips curls up into a somewhat forced smile, his deep eyes turning to gaze at Gui Wan, tenderness gradually leaking out from within those eyes filled with complexity, his hand reaches towards Gui Wan’s cheek, touching her ever so delicate skin that is seemingly able to suck in his hand, his expression becomes full of sympathy and affection as he very gently mutters: “You lost weight.”

Little traces of heartache spreads out into the air, even the sunlight got infected, dimming down quite a bit.

Feeling greatly at discomfort, Lin Rui En ignores the sour feeling that is gradually growing within his heart, suddenly standing up, the agility in his movement carries a sense of strong feelings, “Prime Minister Lou has come from afar, I shall not disturb you.”

“General.” That clearly resonant voice calls him to a stop, Lin Rui En looks back, and sees Gui Wan’s sparkling smile, followed by a word of heartfelt “thank you”.

His stern nature was unable to suppress that moment of falter, Lin Rui En reveals a look of difficulty in his eyes, disappearing within a flash, he nods his head before lifting the tent curtain and leaves.

The sunlight outside the tent is still shining on splendidly, yet Lin Rui En could not at all sense the brightness in this moment. Whilst turning around, he sees Lin Ran Yi standing at a spot quite close by, walking up to her, his cold expression gives way to gentle warmth, “Sister.”

“Rui En,” Lin Ran Yi shows a face of utmost seriousness, within it there also carries a rarely seen severity, softly saying: “I need to talk to you.”



Inside the tent, because of Lin Rui En’s leave, the place is suddenly filled with a heavily silent atmosphere. Having not seen each other for so long, Gui Wan’s heart holds thousands and thousands of things to say, yet in this moment where only the two of them are here, no words could leave her mouth, those slightly parted lips curls into a stunning curve, faintly smiling without a word.

Lou Che’s hand that was on Gui Wan’s cheek, endlessly wanders, roaming down to her fair neck, feeling the blood smoothly flowing through her veins under his touch, he softly sighs, and with little force, he hooks onto Gui Wan’s neck as he pulls her forward, lowering his head at the same time, he kisses those red lips that he has been longing for, for so long.

Gui Wan had yet to react in time, when she was led forward by the force on her neck, upon raising her head, she was already met with that pair of deeply mysterious, complex and obscure eyes, in them, they also seem to be enshrouded with layers and layers of dense fog, traces and traces of endless tenderness……within that startling moment, a warm and humid feeling has already melted down in her mouth, both lips dependently playing with one another, enlacing into sweet struggles, in contrast to Lou Che’s gentle and refined appearance, his kiss carries a trace of domineering force that allows for no rejection.

Only when she almost couldn’t breath did they part, Gui Wan gently breathes in, wanting to breathe in some fresh air, with a gentle sound of exhale, Lou Che once again closes in, once again affectionately placing his lips onto hers, domineering yet tender, as though the two traits have disorderly entangled together, causing Gui Wan to swallow both her breathing and gentle sigh in one.

“You’re so beautiful……” After a long time did he finally release Gui Wan, voraciously gazing at her flushed face, he lightly praises, as though it is the first time he has seen her, unwilling to easily let go of any details, he wants to imprint her into his heart, but because his voice has yet to recover from the deep kissing, it carries slight huskiness, revealing a deep thick tone.

With no wine, the air is still able to carry such sweetness that makes people fall deep into intoxication, Gui Wan heavily breathes, the heat seeming to have all gathered in her cheeks, returning her gaze to Lou Che’s focused eyes, she cannot help but to reveal a look of confusion, she can deeply feel a great change in his behaviour.

“Gui Wan,” His throat clearly hoarse, Lou Che evidently shows a gradual growth of complexity in his eyes, “You see, I seem to have fallen in love with you.”

Her body lightly receives a shock, Gui Wan dares not to believe his words as she stares at him, her lips curls up into a thin smile, appearing slightly hazy, “Really a confession far beyond my expectations……”

His finger raises her chin, forcing her to not look away, he quietly, deeply, says: “I know you are still hesitating, I can wait, we have a very long time. But you must not fall in love with someone else, you got that?” Because of the containing factor of uncertainty, his tone instead sounds more firm and unwavering.

“I will not ask about the entanglement between you and the Nu prince, nor would I pursue the matter of cause, as long as you forget about this matter, I will take care of everything.”

He seems to be getting increasingly annoyed of other people setting their sights on Gui Wan, such attention that does not come from him, makes him feel ill at ease, makes him disgusted, he strongly wants to write off such existence, his wife, is most definitely not one who can be subjected to any intended meddling.



“Your highness, any further, and we will be reaching Yu Xia Guan, we’re already inside the Celestial Empire’s borders, it is best that we retreat now.” A spy dressed as a soldier rapidly hurries over to report.

A gloomy face, coldly, wordlessly gazes ahead, although he can only see the vast wilderness, he is actually very aware that ahead is the place nicknamed “Iron Wall”, Yu Xia Guan, his heart heavy, hand tightly clasped onto the handle of his sword, feeling somewhat hesitant.

“Your highness, you cannot advance further, it is said that two months ago, Lin Rui En has already been transferred to the borders from the Capital, guarding up ahead, we have not brought many soldiers this time, it is better to retreat now and slowly make our plans.” Speaking up to persuade this stubborn prince, the soldier appears very earnest[1], the prince’s fury from a couple days back still remains in his mind, leaving a deeply imprinted impression, occasionally thinking back to it will immediately give him the chills.

Waves and waves of struggles overtakes his heart, Ye Li’s hand tightens even more, the back of it red with rage. After two days of chasing, he still didn’t catch up to her, unwillingness difficult to express, floods out from his chest, a clogging sensation causing him extreme discomfort. All of their original plans have been messed up, the exchange is also no longer possible to proceed, and she……has already left, viciously gritting his teeth, Ye Li roars: “Immediately send a message to Royal Father, tell him, we are resting in camp thirty li away from Yu Xia Guan, on standby.”

The soldier receives a sudden shock, this is clearly a prelude to war, even he knows that they should not be engaging in battle right now, why would the prince issue such command? Having yet to speak up in persuasion, he can already see Ye Li’s ashen face filled with malicious and insidious, murderous intent flowing out, if anyone were to get any closer to him they will be harmed, thinking over and over again, he eventually shuts his mouth, heading off to convey orders.

Not long after, at a place thirty li from Yu Xia Guan, the Nu Tribe’s military camp has already been built, under their watchful eyes, one can see half of the surrounding wilderness.

News of the hostility very quickly spreads to Yu Xia Guan.

Inside the military camp within Yu Xia Guan, the heat of summer has already arrived, because this location is close to the north, the summer heat does not seem to leave any traces here. Outside a tent, stands two handsome men, the young general in an armour of feather white passes the military report in hand to Lou Che whose faint smile like the wind.

Lightly skimming through the content of the military report, Lou Che appears completely unconcerned, in a body of green silk clothing, coupled with his handsomely elegant appearance, he looks just like a noble gentleman taking a stroll on the military grounds.

“Is this the emergency military situation?” A sarcastic laugh rings out from his mouth.

Lin Rui En takes back the military report, his calm tone not at all fluctuating: “Looks like the Nu Tribe seems to be planning to engage in battle.”

The young prime minister laughs, within this fairly insolent laughter, there harbours a sense of ghastliness, “I believe that Nu Prince must have lost his calm.”

“This time, the strength of their troops are not at all strong, the result of this battle is already set in stone.” Thinking back to the sorry state Gui Wan was in after escaping from the Nu Tribe, he can vaguely guess the mystery behind it.

Remaining silent, Lou Che seems to be deep in thoughts, his refined and elegantly handsome face still carrying a faint smile, such smile actually contains an air of incomparably dangerousness as well as emotionless coldness, “There is absolutely no need to engage in battle with them, it is better to simply have them shrink back in face of difficulties.”

Not understanding why he would suddenly change his mind, Lin Rui En creases his brows, stating: “This is a great opportunity to annihilate them.”

“I have my own way to make him retreat, there will always be another day, where we shall put an end to all this.”

“Why should we wait for another opportunity? Is this not the most suitable opportunity right now?” Under absolute puzzlement, Lin Rui En was unable to hold back his questions.

“Although the Nu Tribe’s current troops are incompetent, our country is also currently cultivating the country’s power in this very moment, there is no need to deal with them anymore than we have to.” Lou Che’s smile deepens, looking to the skies, it is already time for Gui Wan to eat, he proudly strides towards the main tent. In the very moment he brushes passes Lin Rui En’s shoulders, he says: “Moreover battling with them today, the one who will be defeating him will be General Lin you, that man, I want to personally defeat him myself.”

[1] The original proverb used to refer to earnest is kǔ kǒu pó xīn / 苦口婆心 which literally translates to toughly spoken words from the old lady’s heart, the toughly spoken words refers to patience and repeated persuasion, whilst the old lady’s heart represent great kindness and goodwill. So the phrase itself is used to refer to someone who sincerely and patiently persuades through repeated attempts.

Aw poor general, his feelings are starting to get the best of him now, even the newly introduced characters Ran Yi and Lou Sheng have noticed it in that short moment, the general whose always been cold with an expressionless appearance is actually showing another side of him in front of Gui Wan…

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