妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Ten (Part 2)



“A fortunate hour, a lucky day. Happily bow in thanks to the marriage hall……”

With the sound of the matchmaker’s voice, the wedding ceremony begins.

Grand madam Guan sits in the master seat, merrily smiling as she watches the lovers finally get married. Guan Guang En also stands at the side, his face lit with a bright smile.

Outside the mountain manor, firecrackers were set off, within a moment, a lively festive atmosphere flutters within.

Once husband and wife had bowed towards each other, the ceremony has already ended. In this wedding ceremony hall, Liu Feng lifts the bride’s head cover. This is the first time he had seen Qu Qing Yin after a meticulous makeover. The originally pretty face looks even more glorifying under the candlelights of the wedding ceremony hall.

“Lady wife, you really are beautiful.”

Qu Qing Yin smiles.

The female attendants brings forth two cups of wine, handing it to them.

Liu Feng toasts Ji Chui Yu, saying: “Many thanks for coming to attend our wedding ceremony.”

Qu Qing Yin also follows him with a toast.

Ji Chui Yu also toasts them in return them, all three simultaneously downing a cup of wine each.

Liu Feng leads his wife by the hand, kneeling down in front of grand madam Guan, “Many thanks to grand madam for putting your heart into helping us husband and wife prepare this wedding ceremony.”

“It is only right, it is only right.”

Qu Qing Yin places the wine cup down, taking hold of the tray from the female attendant, and raises it towards the grand madam, “May grand madam drink this tea.”

“Good.” Grand madam Guan places down a thick red envelop on the tray.

“Thank you, grand madam.”

“May you husband and wife remain sweet tempered, live on well in harmony.”

“We will.”

Grand madam Guan looks at Liu Feng with comfort, “Really you…wedding is a major life event, yet you planned for it to be so cold and cheerless. Really wronging a great lady.”

Qu Qing Yin speaks up for him, “Grand madam, this you cannot blame him, it is I who do not wish to get involved with Jiang Hu matters anymore. If he were to invite people, those invited would all be Jiang Hu people, it is still better to keep it nice and simple like this.”

“We have let you be wronged.” Grand madam Guan pats her hand.

Qu Qing Yin shyly bows her head, no longer saying anything.

“Okay then, since you have all rushed here, it must have been difficult. Go turn in for the night earlier.”

“Yes.” Liu Feng supports his wife to her feet, “May grand madam walk slowly.”

“No need to send me off, this old lady is still able to move, you all rest early.”


Once grand madam Guan had left, only Guan Guang En and Ji Chui Yu, as well as Liu Feng husband and wife, four people remains in the ceremony hall.

Guan Guang En says: “Today is your auspicious day, we shall not invite you to get drunk with us.

Ji Chui Yu stands aside, saying: “Yes, I and Guan Zhuan Zhu shall merrily drink away. You two go spend your wedding night.”

Liu Feng laughingly nods his head, “Then we husband and wife shall return to our room first.”

Ji Chui Yu waves his hand, “Go go, a moment of spring night is worth a thousand gold.”

Liu Feng husband and wife looks each other in the eye, only smiling at one another. Holding hands, they leave the ceremony hall together, returning to a newly arranged small courtyard that Mount Zhong Yi Manor had prepared for them to rest in.

Returning to the new room, Liu Feng helps his wife take down the headdress, “Is it tiring?”

“It’s fine.”

He watches his wife take down the hair accessories, cleaning off the makeup, changing back to the refreshing and cool Qu Qing Yin, only then does he holds her waist as they both head over to the bed and sit down.

“Right now, is there anything you want to ask me?”

Qu Qing Yin leans her head onto his shoulder, from the open windows, she looks up to the moon in the sky, asking: “Does Ji Chui Yu not know?”

“He doesn’t know.”

“Isn’t he your best friend though?”

Liu Feng embraces her, together they look at the moon scenery outside the window, “Ever since the day I have left Mount Zhong Yi Manor, I can only be Liu Feng.”

“This is the rules of Mount Zhong Yi Manor?”

“En. If you want to, then stay guard at the mountain manor. If you want to, then spread your wings free.”

“Turns out, this is the reason why Mount Zhong Yi Manor is able to stand firm and not shake. Then would our children have to come back here later?”

“Depends on the situation.”

“Mount Zhong Yi Manor has a really huge responsibility, if possible, I feel it’s better to not come back.”

Liu Feng lightly laughs, “I also feel that way.”

“I love admiring the moon from the roof most.” She squints her eyes.

“Want to drink some wine?”


“I also feel tonight’s moon scenery isn’t bad, let’s go, up to the roof to admire the moon.”

“Are you crazy, such a cold day and you want me to go up to the roof to suffer the cold wind and admire the moon with you?” Qu Qing Yin just simply cannot cipher what goes on in his head.

Liu Feng sees her expression, and immediately laughs out loud, “It’s not often I see such a lively expression from you, as your husband, I am very pleased.”

“You’re crazy.”

In the end, of course they did not admire the moon from the roof, a moment of spring night is worth a thousand gold, Liu Feng has never been a wasteful person.


Once again coming to this town called Hong Ye Town, everything seems to look the same as it did one year ago.

They are still staying at that same inn from last time, this house, as long as you open the windows, you can see the pedestrians walking the streets.

Liu Feng sits at the window sill looking at the street view. He turns his head to the person lying in bed, “You feeling any better?”

Qu Qing Yin’s face looks pale, her voice lacking energy, “A little better.”

“How could there be such a big reaction?”

She only shakes her head.

He closes the window and sits by the bed, holding onto her hand, speaking dearly, “Seeing you like this really pains my heart.”

“All women has to go through this.”

He reaches out to cradle her face, sighing as he speaks: “Your body can’t even withstand the bumpy road, must you insist on coming?”

“The sweeping of graves day is almost here, plus the day I agreed upon with cousin has past, I can go home now.”

“Agreement? There were still agreements?”

“En, cousin disallowed me from going home for a year.”

“I thought he only didn’t want you to be found by me.”

“I believe there must be another reason.”

Liu Feng silently nods.

“Ou——” Qu Qing Yin suddenly feels sick again.

Liu Feng hastily grabs the spittoon and holds it up, seeing her trying to throw up the sour liquid but unable to let it out, his heart suddenly tightens, sketching out his self-blame. “Had I have known earlier, then we should not have gotten you pregnant.”

Qu Qing Yin directly spits towards him, “I don’t need belated efforts.”

“My heart is truly pained for my lady wife.”

“Before when I saw pregnant women’s reaction, I was still wondering if they were for real. Only when it came to my turn, did I realise just how difficult it is.”

“Let us rest here for another two days before we leave, we still have a long road ahead.”

Qu Qing Yin grabs a handkerchief to dab at her lips, whilst raising her head to look at him, “How do you know?”

“Lady wife, your husband is not that stupid. At that time when you did not allow me to follow along, I had already guessed it.” With her personality, she could not possibly give him the chance to find out where the graves are at that time, staying here was just a cover-up.

“At least you are considered obedient, not following after me.”

Liu Feng pours her a cup of water and hands it over, “Had I followed along would you not have been angry? Lady wife’s fumes, your husband I, would not dare to challenge in the slightest bit.”

“Really?” Qu Qing Yin drinks a mouthful of water, staring at him, “The amount of times you’ve messed with me is considered little?”

“That is the playful banter between husband and wife, it is different.”

“Fu Wei Trading Guild’s matters, are you not going over, is it really not that important?”

“The drunkard should be able to handle it, with lady wife in this state, I cannot bear to leave you alone.” He takes her emptied cup and puts it away, supporting her to lie back down, “Besides, all these right and wrongs in the Jiang Hu, which one of them can possibly be more important than my lady wife.”

Hearing this, Qu Qing Yin laughs.

“What’s so funny?”

“The gentleman Xiao Yao who loves meddling in matters most, to actually say such words, is that not funny?”

Liu Feng knows that he can’t hide it from her, honestly speaking: “Fu Wei Trading Guild’s matters aren’t hard to resolve, it is just that there is something rather troubling.”

“Tell me.”

Liu Feng sees that she seems to be looking fine, and continues to speak: “You still remember missy Shui?”


“Lately in the Jiang Hu there has been this matter of heroes gradually disappearing, I feel that this has something to do with her.”


“Lady wife does not care for Jiang Hu matters, naturally you would not have realised it. I am also suspicious that she has been practicing some sort of unorthodox martial arts.”

“I don’t think so.”

“En?” Liu Feng’s spirit picks up, he has always felt that his wife is someone of extremely high intellect, regarding some things she has some unique insights. Maybe her words can help him unlock his mind of doubt.

Qu Qing Yin’s eyebrows knits together, her voice slows, “Still remember the one who caused the feud between Master Shui and my senior brother, madam Shui?”

“Her?” Liu Feng frowns.

“Throughout these years she should have been accompanying Senior Brother, unfortunately when Senior Brother died, she has never revealed herself.”

“Maybe she is already dead?”

“If she is dead, then back then, my Senior Brother would probably have mentioned it to Shui Mu Yuan.” Qu Qing Yin pauses for a moment, “Besides, practicing yin and yang energy alike, such evil martial arts, must require two well-matched practitioners to complement one another.”

Liu Feng’s expression immediately turns imposing.

“Back then Senior Brother stole our sect’s forbidden martial arts manual. I heard from Shi Fu, that although this secret manual teaches a powerful form of martial arts, it is too overbearing. Even the slightest mistake could make one lose control and get possessed by their inner demons.”

“You’re saying–“

Qu Qing Yin’s expression was slightly imposing, “On that day, the state my Senior Brother was in, he had already shown signs of being possessed by his inner demon, if he had actually got possessed, then he would completely lose his original nature, a great havoc. This is also the reason why our sect had banned this secret manual. It is just that in the end it is the blood and sweat of the founding master, which makes it inconvenient to destroy.”

“You have never spoke of this before.”

“But even if this secret manual has fallen into the hands on madam Shui, I believe she too will not be met with a good ending.”

Liu Feng looks at her with confusion.

She wipes her mouth, saying: “Shi Fu once told me, when he was young, he had once accidently ripped out a few pages, scared that his senior sister would scold him, he secretly burned those pages into ashes, in order to pretend everything is intact.”

Liu Feng’s mouth parts, helplessly rubbing his forehead.

Qu Qing Yin says: “You also know, Shi Fu has never admitted wrong his entire life, he was like that since young.”

“I understand.”

Having said all that, Qu Qing Yin was not feeling too good, closing her eyes, “I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

“Ok, sleep.” He sits at the bedside, accompanying her.

After sweeping the graves, Qu Qing Yin returns to her home that she had long been absent from, but she had almost not been able to recognise her own house.

Seeing this newly built, extravagant looking residence, she had almost rubbed her forehead and groan out loud.

So this is the reason why her cousin did not allow her to return home!

“Lady, mister.”

A row of female attendants, a row of male attendants, and even a row of guards, greeting them in a perfectly uniformed manner.

Such a parade, even Liu Feng, wanted to rub his head in frustration. That imperial cousin really is overbearingly thoughtful.

“Cousin doing this, is he trying to make me flee his country?”

Liu Feng could not help but to burst out in laughter, “This is all considered his sincerity, besides you do require the care of others right now.”

“This really is too much……” She is already living her days with her diet and daily life being taken care of. Could it be from henceforth, she has to get used to it from the start again?

This is the sincerity of the emperor, both people could only accept it. Liu Feng stayed home to accompany his wife for five days, when it came to the sixth day, he gets shooed out of the house doors.

If gentleman Xiao Yao no longer meddles in others’ matters then he is no longer gentleman Xiao Yao, thus after hearing her say such words, he definitely cannot remain sitting there.

“Once I have attended to matters, I will be right back.” He promises before he leaves.

“Come back clean.” She requests of him.


———————– The End ———————–

And that’s the end people! Wow time sure flies, it’s already been three months and I’ve successfully finished my first translation project hehe  v(^_^)v

I guess we’ll never know what happened to Shui Su Yun in the end, even that tiny snippet of what’s going on in the Jiang Hu from Liu Feng didn’t give us much about missy Shui but suggests what happened to her mother, madam Shui instead.

And poor Qing Yin who has always enjoyed her peaceful and independent lifestyle, now has that Emperor of a cousin of hers to thank for the extravagance of having so many maids, guards and whatnot to enjoy XD …I’d love to see what Liu Feng and Qing Yin’s child will be like, he/she will definitely be a highly intellectual little one with such capable parents, but I just hope that he/she would inherit Qing Yin’s sharp tongue hahahahaha. I guess the best scenario, I can imagine or hope for is that they have a caring son who takes after Liu Feng, always looking after the sharp tongued little sister that goes around offending all the other kids around town with her blunt comments…not to mention they need to make a book – a record of sayings, if you like – of the Bu Cuo Mister (aka Qing Yin’s Shi Fu)’s quotes…but yeh that’s just my imagination XD XD

Thank you all for reading, and I hope everyone enjoyed this story ^_^

Also, I’ll start translating Chaos of Beauty in maybe a week or two haha

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  1. lol. Love how the emperor, her cousin is like her real big brother—who dotes on her a lot. The subtle uses of phrases and saying, the description use by the author is really amazing. This is such a great read and very satisfying. Thanks for all the hard work~✨✨❣️

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