妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Nine (Part 2)



Mo Zi Qi spits out another mouthful of blood, unable to hold back the pain like that of having ten thousands bugs biting his insides, he says: “I know that, you wouldn’t let me die in the hands of others.”

“Even if you had deceived your master and betrayed your ancestors, you still shouldn’t die in the hands of others.”

He bursts into another round of laughter, “The old man never admits wrong in his lifetime, even if I murder my Shi Fu, he still wouldn’t admit that accepting a disciple like me is wrong.”

Off stage, Liu Feng hears this and his heart jumps. One who never admits wrong in his lifetime, the Bù Cuò Mister? (Bù Cuò / – means never wrong)[1]

Thirty years ago the ‘Bu Cuo Mister’ was a renowned figure in the Wu Lin. This person has a peculiar way of doing things, his presence fleeting, his actions not necessarily contained within the Jiang Hu, but because his name value in the Wu Lin is extraordinarily high, famed sects and righteous cults were unable to do anything to him. Fortunately, this person has no devilish ambition to dominate the Jiang Hu. As long as one does not mess with him, then one is able to live on in peace.

It is just that, in the end, he suddenly vanished from the Jiang Hu scene, no one knew of his whereabouts thereafter, but no one ever thought that he had actually been injured by his own disciple.

Onstage, Mo Zi Qi still has some words to say, asking: “Junior Sister, I still have one question.”


“Those women, where have you lured them?”

“They have been lured to a place that Senior Brother you, cannot cause any disaster in.”

“Truly a great answer.”

“Better speak now.”

“Junior Sister really is great at calculating, always a step ahead, I have not even made a move yet and you had already set up traps for me to jump in.”

“I am only stronger in terms of using my brain, with your current martial arts level, to single-handedly kill you by myself is an impossible task. I, by myself cannot achieve that, so I can only lend the strength of others to use.” She pauses for a moment, “Luckily, Senior Brother your ability to wreak havoc in the Jiang Hu is not to be underestimated. This is what gave me the only advantage that I could make use of.”

“Ah, you make your move then.”

Qu Qing Yin kicks up a cut down blade from the floor, her sleeves billows, and the blade is faced with no resistance as it pierces into Mo Zi Qi’s heart.

“Thank……” The final word forever remains on the tip of Mo Zi Qi’s tongue, never again having the chance to come out.

“You cannot take him away just like that.” When Qu Qing Yin slowly walks towards Mo Zi Qi to retrieve his corpse, someone suddenly speaks up with those words. Once said, it receives the agreement of everyone else.

“You and he are of the same Shi Fu, who knows if you have really killed him.” Someone questions her.

Her reply is very simple, “You can cut down his corpse into pieces, as long as you leave his remains for me to take away, it will be fine. This way, there wouldn’t be any objections right?”

In the end there really were some people who leapt onto the stage, cutting at Mo Zi Qi’s corpse. Qu Qing Yin just stands aside as she watches on.

Those people did not actually cut Mo Zi Qi’s corpse into pieces, but having cut into him like that, they were sure there cannot possibly be any chance that he is still alive, and only then did they leave the corpse to Qu Qing Yin who stuck by her words and only observed from the side.

Nevermind her Ling Long Dao name, the very fact that she is under the same Shi Fu as the rapist alone, makes everyone dare not to face her wrath. The rapist’s judgement, has ended, the Jiang Hu people gradually leaves.

The night breeze is chilly, blowing against the onstage Qu Qing Yin, her clothing fluttering in the wind, naturally looking like a flying deity.

Liu Feng walks up to her side, “How are you going to prepare to take him away?”

Qu Qing Yin’s face shows no emotions, saying: “He is already in such a state, simply cremate him, it will also make it easier to take him away.”

Liu Feng had no objections, but Ji Chui Yu still had questions, “The matter Mo Zi Qi asked you about before he died……”

“From the list, some people were hidden away by me, once matters are done, they will all naturally return home.”

“You hid them away?” Ji Chui Yu could not believe it.

Liu Feng adds: “It does not necessarily means she personally did it.”

Ji Chui Yu knocks his own head, “That’s true, then who was it that helped her?”

“Those who know too much, usually dies early. You sure you want to know?”

He sees the look in her eyes, and immediately makes it clear, “I don’t wish to know, not even the slightest bit.”

Qu Qing Yin’s eyes lands on Mo Zi Qi’s torn and beaten corpse, lightly letting out a sigh, “Help me cremate him.”

Liu Feng nods, “Okay.”

Not long after, the huge fire catches onto the stage that once stood tall, and the entire platform was reduced to ashes in the flame. A generation of demon, Mo Zi Qi, completely vanishes from the face of earth just like that.

Matters ended just like that?

No, matters did not end like that.

After September the fifteenth’s battle in front of Fei Ying Bao, Jiang Hu people found out that bounty hunter Ling Long Dao was in fact under the same Shi Fu as the rapist, both were the disciples of, the ‘Bu Cuo Mister’ who was wandered the Wu Lin thirty years ago.

Regarding this idea of dragon born dragon, phoenix born phoenix, even the mice born son can burrow such reasoning. Friends and relatives of evil ones that walks the askew path, are all also evil ones that walks the askew path. That is why, Ling Long Dao Qu Qing Yin is in actual fact the demoness of an evil sect. That being the case, how could this demoness of an evil sect be so intimate with a leading figure of Wu Lin’s righteous sects, gentleman Xiao Yao?

Within this time, Ling Long Dao became Jiang Hu people’s object of criticisms, amongst them were rumours going around the Jiang Hu stating Ling Long Dao must have casted some sort of devilish bewitchment, only then could she have manage to seduce such a righteous, noble one like gentleman Xiao Yao.

Unfortunately, the main character in all this have disappeared from the Jiang Hu, unable to prove the authenticity of such rumours.

Later, some people suddenly thought of something.

Back then during the battle in front of Fei Ying Bao, Ling Long Dao seems to have mentioned something about retiring from the Jiang Hu. That is why she secretly fuelled the situation behind the scenes, letting her senior brother, who had deceived his master and betrayed his ancestors, to become the public’s enemy, and thus used the hands of the public to lead him to destruction.

Even later, another group of people thought back to when she had mentioned something about hiding away some women, but regarding the women she had hid away, no one has shown up to reveal anything, looks like this will forever remain a mystery to them.

‘Liu Shan Men’ has always been in a position between the government and the Jiang Hu, and as Liu Shan Men’s head leader, Yuan Kuo Hai is also one who has one foot in the Jiang Hu whilst keeping the other foot in the government.

On this night, Liu Feng sways his fan as he walks into Liu Shan Men, directly charging into Yuan Kuo Hai’s home.

Yuan Kuo Hai was not in the least surprised, casually pouring a cup of wine, and downs it, “Gentleman Xiao Yao coming to visit at night, is something the matter?”

“Ling Long Dao.” Liu Feng only says those three words.

Yuan Kuo Hai’s cup of wine stops before his lips, “Should you not know best where she is? Why would you come running here to ask me?”

“It is because I cannot find her, that I have come to find you.”

“How could I possibly know?”

Liu Feng lifts his robs and sits at the seat beside him, self-catering to himself as he grabs the wine flask and pours himself a cup. Turning the cup in his hand, he says: “To hide away those women, is no simple matter, besides to seal the lips of Jiang Hu people and make them remain absolutely silent, no matter how I think about it, only the imperial court has such capability. So, I can only come and find you.”

“You found the wrong person.”

“Whether I have found the wrong person or not, you yourself know very well.”

Both people silently drinks their wine for a while.

Yuan Kuo Hai places down his cup, saying: “I have nothing to say. If like the rumours says, she is your soulmate, then you should not be unable to find her.”

Hearing this, Liu Feng nods his head, “You cannot say it, is that right?”

Yuan Kuo Hai pours himself another cup of wine, and says nothing.

Liu Feng tosses the wine down his throat, “I will not make things difficult for a friend, you say you cannot say it, then I shall not ask.” Having said that, he gets up and leaves.

Just when his foot steps out the door, Yuan Kuo Hai’s voice sounds from behind, “The Capital’s largest family.”

Liu Feng smiles, his back facing him, with big steps, he strides out the main door, “Thanks.”

The night breeze is very chilly, but his mood is great, he knows that she is not purposely avoiding him, if not on purpose, then there must be someone else behind this.

Since someone else is behind this, then he must go find her.

Not long after, Liu Feng stands outside the red walls with green tiles. This is where the capital’s largest family lives – the imperial palace.

But, would she really be here?

Liu Feng may not be completely sure, but since he has found his way here, no matter what, he should seek out an answer.

The grand grounds within the imperial palace is very heavily guarded, but someone like Liu Feng who is a highly skilled individual, to casually wander such grounds is nothing.

When Liu Feng finds the master of this imperial palace, he was looking through some paperwork.

The shadow from the light suddenly flashes, inside the hall is an additional person, but the emperor does not show any panic, nor does he immediately call upon the guards.

He only places down the paper in his hand, gets up and interlocks his hand behind his back, walking out from behind the imperial desk, he stops four or five steps in front of Liu Feng, calmly saying: “Gentleman Xiao Yao, Liu Feng.”

“This peasant greets your majesty.”

The emperor suddenly smiles, “She said that you would definitely find your way here, I did not believe her, and even made a bet with her. If you manage to find your way here, then I will not object yours and hers’ wedding, but if you did not manage to, then she needs to abide to the marriage that I shall bestow upon her.”

Liu Feng laughs, “Luckily this peasant has come.”

The emperor sighs, “My royal auntie only has Yin-er as her only daughter. I have originally wanted to find her a man who is honest and reliable to be her husband, but she had carelessly stepped into the Jiang Hu.”

Liu Feng vows, “This peasant will protect her attentively.”

“I believe your words, but I will still feel slightly worried. So I have decided to personally take a good look.”

“That is only reasonable.”

“Seeing you, I can rest assured, but I still won’t be telling you where she is. If you are really sincere, if you two are really fated, then I believe you two shall definitely see each other again.”

Liu Feng cannot help but bitterly laugh, “Your majesty……”

“Okay, what you wanted to know, I have already said it all. I still have matters to attend to, I will not keep you here then.”

Liu Feng was not offended, only retiring with good grace.

Outside, the wind seems to have gotten colder, a few pieces of dead leaves descends from the trees, making this autumn night feel even bleaker. Standing on the deserted streets of the capital, he cannot help but to look up to the moon and sigh.

That young emperor clearly dotes on Qing Yin, unfortunately Qing Yin has no interest in residing deep in the palace. Under such situation, this sure makes things difficult, really cannot help but make one feel helpless.

In such a bleak night, seems like it is better for one to find someplace to drink some wine and warm up their body.

And so, Liu Feng once again goes back to Liu Shan Men’s head leader’s room.

Yuan Kuo Hai was still drinking wine, with additional flasks of wine resting on the table. Once he sees him, he laughs as he raises the cup in his hand, “You came back.”

Liu Feng enters, laughing, “You knew I’ll be coming back?”

“Yes. Whether you got the answer you wanted or not, you would still come back.” Yuan Kuo Hai pours him a cup of wine, pushing it across, “But, I believe you have gotten the answer you wanted.”

Liu Feng takes hold of the cup, tossing it down his throat, and sits down on the chair, “Got it, but also haven’t got it.”


“Right now I want inquire something from you, there’s no problem with that right?”

Yuan Kuo Hai laughs, “Depends what you’re asking?”

“How many aunts does the current emperor have?”

“From the first wife, there is only one.”

“Tell me.”

“This aunt of the emperor married early to a scholar, third place in Han Lin examination. Husband and wife were blissfully in love, unfortunately the prince consort passed away early. The princess was a heavily sentimental person, and took the prince consort’s memorial tablet to the prince consort’s hometown. It is said that the princess’ life thinned out from there, not even a few years have passed and she passed away, leaving behind a daughter.”

Liu Feng raises his brows, “Is that all of it?”

“Yes, all of it.”

He could not hold back his sigh, “Indeed a low profile princess.”

Yuan Kuo Hai laughs out loud, “Right, almost completely unknown.”

Liu Feng grabs hold of a wine flask, saying: “Come, let us drink till we are drunk tonight.”


[1] Bù Cuò / – means never wrong in the case of Qing Yin’s Shi Fu who is someone that never admits wrong, but it can also mean not bad – as in praising someone.

Peasant or Cǎo Mín / 草民 is how you would humbly refer to yourself in respect towards the Emperor as the reigning Monarch of the country.

So this part of chapter nine is more of an explanation of things, seems like Qing Yin had hidden the women away in the imperial palace where the authorities there made sure they’d keep their mouths sealed about the matter haha. But anyways, I hope your questions has been answered and let us look forward to their reunion in the next chapter ^_~


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      1. She’s got a lot on her plate. Srsly, a born royalty with a blood of a great scholar, has an infamous shifu and is rank 3rd as a bounty hunter in the jianghu—plus future hubby is a famous guy. ✨✨✨😏😂😂


  1. Ah she’s a princess! Even the Grand Madam who gifted her the hair ornament noticed her “class”, her outstanding calligraphy and her refined manners. I just thought she might be from a rich family, but didn’t expect at all she’s connected to the imperial family. Nice surprise.

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  3. Such an interesting story. A princess, I did wonder how high up the social ladder she was just by her actions. This has been a good read from beginning to now. Thank you so much for the translation.

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  4. I expected her to be born from a rich family, but never expected to be a princess. What a surprise. So excited for their reunion, i know she’s near her parent’s grave.

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    1. This princess identity of hers sure has taken everyone by surprise haha, of course I was of no exception XD
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  5. Whoa, you weren’t kidding when you said the showdown with the rapist ended before it even began! While I think it is very clever of Qing Yin to borrow another’s sword to help tire out her opponent first and then strike, it would have been more exciting if there were a huge, epic fight, preferably also involving Liu Feng. Ultimately, I guess Jin Yong and Gu Long are still the kings when it comes to delivering epic wuxia confrontations. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the twists in this story very much. Thanks for your hard work!

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    1. Hahahahaha right! That would have been so cool! And yeh Jin Yong and Gu Long are definitely the iconic authors of the wuxia genre, you already know how much love their stories are with the countless film/tv adpations they get and till this day no one seems to get bored of the classics like the condor heroes trilogy and proud twins 🙂


  6. My my….. SHE IS A PRINCESS!!
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    Also I don’t really get the part how her mother is the current emperor’s only aunt from the first wife?


    1. Sadly yes, another chapter left before it all ends.
      And oh gosh, Chinese family relations confuses me so much sometimes, it takes me a while to get my head around it quite often hahaha!
      But basically the Emperor’s father, and Qing Yin’s mother are full-siblings (is that even the right term to use? XD) so they share the same grandmother – you know how Emperors had so many concubines and such, which meant that their children tend to have lots of half-siblings…so by saying first wife, it’s like saying they are directly related, not half-cousins……this makes sense right??? Hahaha


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