妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Eight (Part 2)



Moonlight paving the ground, as if the entire land is covered in snow.

The new moon hangs in the sky like a hook, the beauty in front of the window like a painting.

A cloak falls onto her shoulders, and a pair of big hands rest on top, pulling her into his arms, sighing, he says: “Your mood today doesn’t seem right.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Liu Feng shakes his head, “If you do not wish to say it, I will no longer ask. If you want to talk about it, then I shall be all ears.”

Qu Qing Yin looks up at the new moon, extending her hands out, “Today’s moon is truly beautiful.” If people’s heart were this bright and clear like the moonlight, how wonderful that would be.

“No matter how beautiful the moon is, you cannot miss your sleep. It is already late, get some sleep. Tomorrow we still have some travelling to do.”

“You go ahead and sleep first, I want to stay a little longer.”

He sighs, “If you don’t sleep, you really think I can?”

She remains silent for a while, “Are Ji Chui Yu’s news well informed?”

“When it comes to information gathering, he indeed has the knack for it. You have something to ask of him?”

Qu Qing Yin was slightly hesitant.

Liu Feng notices her hesitation, adding: “He is also very tight-lipped.”

She turns to him.

“It’s just, do you really want me to ask something of him at this time?”

Qu Qing Yin’s eyebrows twitches.

Liu Feng tightens his arms around her, sighing as he speaks: “Don’t go, or I will really be jealous.”

“You clearly know I don’t like men like Ji Chui Yu.”

“Sometimes, people clearly know things but still cannot control their own feelings. This is something I have no control of.”

“You don’t seem like a man who would get jealous.”

“All men gets jealous.”

Qu Qing Yin’s hand rests on top of the window sill, faintly sighing, “But, I cannot bear the questions inside of me. I just cannot calm down.”

Liu Feng seriously speaks: “Why are you not willing to ask me? Maybe I have the answers to the things you want to know.”

Qu Qing Yin was still hesitant.

Liu Feng shifts from back hugging her, and turns her body into his embrace, speaking into her ear: “We are already one another’s closest person in this world, you do not need to guard against me.”

“I am just worried.”

“Worried?” He was dumbfounded.

Qu Qing Yin nods, “If you are capable of getting jealous, then could it be that I am not even capable of being worried you would no longer like me?”

“Does this have something to do with what you want to know?”

“Yes.” She answers with utmost seriousness.

“Really cannot let me know?”

“Although you will know sooner or later, but, I still wish that youwill be the last person to know.”


“Because—“ Qu Qing Yin lowers her head, “Despite that, be it dying early or dying late, the results may be the same, but there is a difference in timing. If it is later then may be the situation will make a turn for the better.”

“That is reasonable.”

“But.” Qu Qing Yin’s words makes another turn, “It depends on the situation, sometimes it is better early than late.”

“Qing Yin-ah, you are thinking too much, this isn’t like you at all.”

Qu Qing Yin reaches up and pinches between her eyebrows, sounding slightly restless, “I don’t mind people speaking as if I am the bad person, a demoness, but……”

Liu Feng cuts through her words, “Even if you are a demoness, I will still like you.”

Qu Qing Yin releases her brows, using her hand to cover his mouth, frowning, “Shi Fu once said, the bad also has a bad enough character, beasts have already been disgraced by men, if you cannot even be considered as a beast, then you can truly wait to get struck by lightning.” (Beasts can also refer to those who act inhumanely)

Liu Feng’s hand enters her clothes, his voice low, “Right now, I want to be a beast towards you……”

Qu Qing Yin reaches out to smack away his perverted hand, scolding him: “I’m being serious.”

“I’m also serious.”

“You already have no integrity. Serious? You’re as serious as a ghost.”

The corner of Liu Feng’s eyes shows laughter, in the end, she stills throws him that preoccupied look, only such unrestrained and refreshing words suits her most.

“Stop messing about, quickly let me go, or I’ll really be angry.”

Liu Feng presses her back against the window, his hands resting at her waist. Smiling into her forehead, he speaks with a low voice which carried temptation, “Regarding other people’s matters, why should we care? Right?”

“What if it is not completely considered other people’s matters?”

Liu Feng amorally expresses, “As long as you are safe and sound, then it is not worth thinking about.”

“Liu Feng.” She lightly calls out to him.

“En?” He was all ears for her.

“When making a timely comment, men of no principles are the most adorable.”

“Then marrying such an adorable man, would that not be a very great idea?”

Qu Qing Yin does not answer him straight away, just reaching up to hook her arms around his neck.

“Is this you agreeing?” He raises his brows.

“I still haven’t thought it through yet.”

“Must it take so long? I’m telling you now, I am very unyielding.”

“If you wed me now, and regret it later, then wouldn’t I become an abandoned wife? Rather than have that happen, then it is better to not marry yet.”

Liu Feng lets out a sigh, “If you are like this, have I not basically been turned into an accused man?”

Qu Qing Yin is as serious as usual, saying: “Then how about becoming a single old man?”

Liu Feng scoops her up with one hand, saying: “A single old man, I will not be. The harmony of yin and yang is of correct principle.”

“As expected, Shi Fu was right, to have a man keep himself as pure as jade is much harder than having them be so unfaithful[1].”

“You are wrong to say that, I have always been yours only.”

“A moment of loyalty is easy, a lifetime of loyalty is not so easy.”

“You wish for that?”

“Every woman wishes for that.”

Liu Feng places her down on the bed, lowering his head to peck her lips, saying: “I only hope that my loyalty can keep you by my side forever.”

“Then why don’t we give this a try?”

Liu Feng laughs, reaching over, he tosses her clothes off the bed, and then presses his body on top of her soft one, “Fine, let’s try it.”

The sheer curtains slowly falls, covering the spring filled bed.

She pants from underneath him, and says: “Some people say, on a day of snowfall, without an umbrella, two people advancing straight ahead, may grow old with white hair together.”

“Hand in hand, we grow old together, old with white hair, never turning our backs on one another.” He stares into her eyes, earnestly pledging a promise.

Qu Qing Yin naturally smiles at him, delicately parting those red lips, and answers him with a word of ‘Okay.” [2]

At this moment, there was a sudden movement in the yard.

Liu Feng glances beyond the curtains. “Should we go out and check?”

“The moon hangs above us, people meeting after dusk. You want me to go out to see his rendezvous with someone?”

“Womaniser Ji Chui Yu really dislikes no women.”

“He can go to meet his beauty, we too shall not let this wonderful night idle away……”

The next day, they waited for the one who went pleasure seeking at night, Ji Chui Yu, but had only waited for the news that he is temporarily not returning, and could only travel ahead of him.

A few days later, the horse carriage they were travelling by, once again welcomes the return of the womaniser.

Surrounding Ji Chui Yu right now is an alcohol-filled air, constantly yawning, even the area around his eyes were turning slightly blue. Sitting opposite him was Liu Feng, who contrarily, was looking invigorated, face filled with radiance.

Qu Qing Yin sits at the side, holding a walnut hammer. Ji Chui Yu curiously asks: “You are obviously able to easily crush it with one move, so why do you insist on using a hammer?”

“If I have a hammer, why should I not use it?”

That was a good answer, besides, the small gold hammer in her hand is very special, exquisitely compact.

Ji Chui Yu found that she seems to often have some sort of exquisite accessories or plaything, such things cannot even be found in some markets. This makes him very interested in investigating her identity, and what kind of background she has come from. “I heard from Little Feng, you have something to ask of me?”

Qu Qing Yin stops the motion of using the hammer, looking up to sweep a glance at Liu Feng, “Originally, I did.”

“Meaning that right now, you don’t?”

“We are already not far off from Fei Ying Bao, whether I ask or not, is no longer of importance.”

At this moment, Liu Feng intercepts with a laugh, “Where have you, this womaniser, been playing off to these past few days, to have gotten yourself into such humiliating position?”

Ji Chui Yu could not help but to let out a big sigh, raising his head to look at the curtains, “In this world, these living beings called women, are most difficult to understand.”

Qu Qing Yin discreetly throws him a disapproving look.

Liu Feng says: “When speaking, it is best that you think your words through first.”

Ji Chui Yu warily looks across to Qu Qing Yin, only to see her head lowered as she concentrates on crushing the walnuts. Deep inside his heart, he lets out a heavy sigh of relief.

Just when he had put his heart at ease, Qu Qing Yin without raising her head, says: “Those two eyes are looking very symmetrical, the perpetrator’s power control is truly formidable.”

Liu Feng bursts out in laughter, turning his head ever so slightly to take a look at his good friend’s face. The face of someone who had an embarrassing secret exposed.

Ji Chui Yu bitterly laughs, “Lady Qu really does like to speak the truth.”

“Because words of truth are the easiest to say.”

Ji Chui Yu takes the teapot from the table and downs a few mouthfuls, looking rather solemn. Liu Feng sees the look on his face and knows that there’s something more to this matter, he could not help but to twitch his eyebrows, quietly waiting for him to speak.

Ji Chui Yu first glances at Qu Qing Yin, and then opens his mouth to speak: “Master Shui of Fei Ying Bao’s grudge against the rapist had started nineteen years ago.” He pauses, “It is said that Madam Shui was the one who threw away her husband and abandoned her daughter in order to marry a new lover.”

Liu Feng finishes, “And that new lover was the rapist.”

Qu Qing Yin hammers down, crushing yet another walnut. She calmly and collectedly speaks: “The rapist was also once an elegantly pretty boy, to seduce a married woman is nothing difficult.”

Ji Chui Yu nods in agreement, “Even now, his looks does not show his age.” It is just that it has a little feminine sense of immorality.

“He is practicing yin and yang energy alike, to maintain such youthfulness, is not difficult.” She speaks with a very bland tone.

Liu Feng helps her pick out some walnuts and places them on the dish, on top of the table. He chuckles and says: “You saying that, makes it sound like you have seen the young rapist before.”

Qu Qing Yin speaks in a complete matter of fact tone, “I just know.” Shi Fu had once painted out his appearance for her to identify, it really was a gentleman with unparalleled elegance.

“How do you know?”

Qu Qing Yin looks at him, bowing her head and smiles, “Shi Fu had specially painted out a portrait for me, allowing me to open my eyes wide and know not to wrongly give my heart out. In this world, some men may have a sincere appearance, but you can absolutely never fall for it.”

Ji Chui Yu was too curious, “Who exactly is this Shi Fu of yours?” Exactly what kind of strange Shi Fu is he to have been able to teach a disciple as strange as Qu Qing Yin?

“Nothing more than a bad old man.” Qu Qing Yin glances at him, “Isn’t womaniser Ji Chui Yu only interested in women? Since when were you also interested in bad old men?”

Ji Chui Yu was speechless, only after calming himself down does he say: “Little Feng’s appearance is also more on the sincere side, so why do you still like him then?”

Qu Qing Yin asks back: “Is he a perverted villain?”

Ji Chui Yu strokes his own chin, thoughtfully saying, “Looking at it from a certain way, he can also be considered a perverted villain.”

Qu Qing Yin remains very calm and composed, “Regarding this aspect, you are far greater than he is. Therefore I will never like you.”

Ji Chui Yu was convinced he had just received something called a stab in the back.

Liu Feng laughs as he pours her tea.

[1] I have simply translated this part as men being unfaithful, but Xi Meng actually refers to the phrase tōu xīng de māo / 偷腥的猫 – literally translates to cats that steals fish which means – cats likes fish so much that they’d charge up to take it once they smell the fish. Here the cats, refers to men, and the fish is women in their eyes. It’s basically saying that men are unfaithful creatures who cannot hold themselves back from setting their eyes on other women.

[2] This part just doesn’t seem right no matter how I tried to translate it, but the actual character that was used here is hǎo / – in Chinese, it can mean different things depending on the context it is used in. For example it can mean good, okay, very, etc. the characters it is paired with can also affect its meaning. Here Qing Yin says the word hǎo / 好 as in, she is voicing her agreement or satisfaction of Liu Feng’s words.

The showdown is finally happening! And the rapist finally makes an official appearance. So much is going to happen in the next chapter, and all will be happening so so fast! I sure hope you guys are ready to take everything in haha

19 thoughts on “妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Eight (Part 2)

  1. I really admire the female protagonist….she is the true hero of this novel…at least so far….wonder that rapist has already appeared in the novel yet

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    1. Hahaha she’s amazing, the rapist was just the character or problem that spurred the story along really, he isn’t even that significant. I’d say the author just wrote the story to give us all a bit of girl sass with Qing Yin’s character XD

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  2. Yay!! Let the showdown begin! Thanks for all your hard work, xaioxiao1mei! JCY is so funny. He is so brazen about his life but still takes to heart what QQY says to him. It’s amusing how he’s scared of her reactions. haha

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  3. The showdown is coming, oh the excitement. But i should hold it down as i read somewhere that the climax has already finished before it started. Im not drawing up any conclutions as its still exciting, revealing the secrets and her pasts are i am really waiting to learn.

    Thanks so much or the release. I really love QQY and JCY’s presence brings so much excitement and fun to the story.


  4. Can’t wait to read the showdown. Like JCY I also really wonder just who exactly was QQY’s Shi Fu? I hope this rapist is not his son or a relative or even a relative of QQY.


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