红颜乱: Chaos Of Beauty (by 朵朵舞 Duo Duo Wu)



She has been drawn into the life of the phoenix, such fate – “The Emperor Swallow”, but few days later she married the Prime Minister; she possesses beauty that overthrows cities and ruins states but also has a talented and virtuous mind, yet her husband is deeply in love with the Emperor’s doted consort. On their wedding night, his face filled with guilt, says to her: Apart from love, I can give you anything……
Though deep in nobility, her life is not monotonous, to pick up the new number one scholar from within the imperial palace, to rescue the Nu Tribe’s prince in the back alleys, and with the young general falling off the cliff, with the Emperor engaging in a battle of wits over the inner palace…….
Many men were unable to conquer her beauty and wisdom, yet when trying to win the beauty, they cannot let go of their plundering desires in lust for power. Within the imperial court, there is an underlying turbulence of disputing fronts. On the battlefield, there is the slaughtering of armoured cavalry……the tender grace of a beauty, hearts fuelled with lust for power, which is it that is the burial of such heroes?
Troubled times since the war, they survive in this strife, fighting to dominate this world, seizing the beauty that overthrows cities and ruin states……
The world, because of this beauty, is in chaos; but who is it that this beauty charmingly smiles at?

(re-translated from English to Thai by Bella)

 // translations completed \\

Introduction: Full

Chapter One: Full

Chapter Two: Full

Chapter Three: Full

Chapter Four: Full

Chapter Five: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Six: Full

Chapter Seven:  Full

Chapter Eight: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Nine: Full

Chapter Ten: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Eleven: Full

Chapter Twelve: Full

Chapter Thirteen: Full

Chapter Fourteen: Full

Chapter Fifteen: Full

Chapter Sixteen: Full

Chapter Seventeen: Full

Chapter Eighteen: Full

Chapter Nineteen: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Twenty: Full

Chapter Twenty-One: Full

Chapter Twenty-Two: Full

Chapter Twenty-Three: Full

Chapter Twenty-Four: Full

Chapter Twenty-Five: Full

Chapter Twenty-Six: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Full

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Full

Chapter Thirty: Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter Thirty-One: Full

Chapter Thirty-Two: Full

Chapter Thirty-Three: Full

Chapter Thirty-Four (Final): Full

Epilogue: Full

Ending Snippet: Full

Lin Rui En Special: Full

27 thoughts on “红颜乱: Chaos Of Beauty (by 朵朵舞 Duo Duo Wu)

  1. This kind of plot is not my cup of tea.
    Though i like Gu Fang Bu Zi Zhang. It is
    good if they are just engaged to be married.
    He loves someone else. Reminds me of
    eastern palace.


    1. Haha I understand this kind of story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea 🙂 Honestly speaking I never actually made the effort to check out Eastern Palace, but have heard quite a lot about it


  2. Ohhhh…. new translation project! Yeah! Is it long?
    This novel seems to be angst – especially with palace intrigues…..
    will this novel have male leads who give up their 美人 for 江山?
    good luck with this and I am definitely going to read this…


    1. Thirty four chapters? Haha yeh I guess it’s considered pretty long, and it’s definitely angsty T_T
      And I guess you can say that the male lead makes stupid choices at times but in the end, he prioritises the beauty 🙂 . I probably should have mentioned this before, but the ending of novel is quite vague and you find out the actual ending through another novel of the author, which I’ll translate the snippets of haha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I read all the chapter in one day, and can I just say how great is this novel. Although the relationship is slow, I like how it’s realistic. I was surprises to not hate the main guy. I thought he would be like other novel that I have read before, but it’s not. He is actually really nice, I just hope that he hold her closer. I just have a bad felling, I already feel like crying.


  4. The angst. It’s the first of its genre I’ve read and I’ve got mixed feelings. The political intrigue gave me a terrible headache not to mention a heartache. I don’t think I’ll survive a day in the court filled with so much scheming. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable read. The male lead was endearing, contrary to popular shipping I wanted the girl to end up with her husband. Ah but the number of dashing young men in this story, phew. Thanks translator. I pulled an all nighter gritting my teeth and and reading this beautiful and angtsy story. I’ll go read something simple now cause that was so heavy.


  5. I finished reading a while back and still confused. The male lead said to the female lead when their first get married that he can’t love her because he loved other woman who was the imperial concubine. Did he lie? Because i don’t see any love from him to that girl at all while the girl did love him. He even got a chance to be reunited when he let her left the palace but he gave her to other guy? The one she didn’t even love. Who does that? He seems to used that girl for his pawn first for the emperor and other guy support. This is the most confusing thing i read in this book. Can someone enlightened me please

    Anyway, thanks a lotfor the translation. It’s pretty hard to find complete translated novel. Great job 🙂


    1. Well it depends on how you yourself wish to interpret this, I personally feel that he believed he loved her, the two of them may have shared feelings but for LC it wasn’t real love, he only ever truly loved GW, and since he actually loves GW, he was able to use YY as a pawn later on.

      Or it could be that he did truly love YY but as he spent more time with GW and seeing how YY is already the emperor’s woman, he grew to let go of her and love GW with all his heart. Remember that the story spans over several years, it’s not that he suddenly let go of his old love and moved on to a new one in a mere matter of weeks or months.

      And you’re very welcome 🙂


  6. Thanks you so much for your work on this translation. I read it in a week straight through… I do wish we got a little more in the end but understand that ending it the way she did, the author made it more artistic. And left us to our imagination so to speak. It was an enjoyable read. Thanks again!


  7. Hi,xia0xiao1mei. Is it ok if i write a review of this novel for my blog. I’m just starting a blog for novel review.n if it is possible i’ll include about chinese novel too. I’m going include ur blog adress too,so anyone who drop by to my blog might visit yours. Oh i’m new at this so i’m kind of scared that i accidentaly do something ilegal. 😦


  8. Thank you so much for translating this story. I appreciate your time and dedication so more can share in this beautiful people, sceneries, emotions and brilliance. I love happy endings


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