妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Seven (Part 2)



Ji Chui Yu once again catches up to her, “Right now for you to be willing to tell me so much, what is the reason?”

“When wanting to see someone die earlier, of course I’d help him dig his grave.”

Ji Chui Yu was stunned to the point of unconsciously stopping in his tracks. Exactly what kind of entanglement does she have with the rapist? They both clearly have not met before, but completely understands one another, and are also evidently very keen on digging up traps for each other. “Why have you never told Liu Feng this before?”

“The timing was never right, if he is here right now, I would tell him the same thing.”

“I don’t think so.”


“Even if lady would tell him, you would most likely tell him using a different approach, rather than directly telling him out loud.”


“Sometimes, the more you care for a person, the more cautious you would be. The more cautious you are, the more you dare not to make the slightest misstep. Lady cares for Liu Feng, therefore towards him, you will not speak without reserve, but for me, that is not the case.”

Qu Qing Yin lifts her head to the black sky, silently letting out a laugh, she whispers the words: “Maybe so.”

Sometimes, once something is about to end very soon, people would instead feel afraid.

People’s calculations may as well be left to the heavens[1], but who knows what the heavens’ calculations would turn out to be?



Changes in the Jiang Hu are very swift, and the world becomes even more of a wonder, this is what Qu Qing Yin thinks when she sees Shui Su Yun.

Perhaps it is due to the influence of the saving grace last night, missy Shui is stubbornly clinging to Ji Chui Yu’s side. With such exaggerated action, even the dissolute by nature, Ji Chui Yu, cannot withhold this beauty’s grace.

“You are a friend of Hero Liu, so you must be as powerful as him. Besides, last night it was you who saved me. Right now, who knows whether that lewd demon would return to finish what he had started? It is much safer for me to follow you.”

Qu Qing Yin stands by the side, having already been watching this drama for half a day. Unable to hold back any longer, she throws in a comment, “In essence, I feel that Ji Chui Yu and that lewd demon are of the same kind, having women stay as far away from them as possible would be the best approach.”

Ji Chui Yu smiles in silent recognition of her taunt.

Shui Su Yun answers back in ridicule, “Then why don’t you stay away from Hero Ji as far away as possible? You’re just afraid of the rapist.”

“That, missy Shui, is where you are wrong. It is not that I am not staying away from him as far as possible, instead, it is him who is not willing to stay away from me. This is essentially the difference here.”

“You think you’re a goddess walking the earth? Womaniser Ji Chui Yu has seen all sorts of women, yet he would see you in a different light?”

“To have Ji Chui Yu see me in a different light, does not mean I have to be one with beauty comparable to that of heavenly deities.”

Ji Chui Yu makes a timely comment, “I have only been entrusted by someone, this is nothing more than a loyal commitment.”

Shui Su Yun’s face makes a sudden change, “It was Hero Liu who entrusted you?”

He nods, “Other than him, who else would have the face to.”

Shui Su Yun lightly bites down on her bottom lip, her eyes blankly staring at Qu Qing Yin.

Qu Qing Yin nonchalantly grabs an almond nut from her hand, crushing it to eat.

Ji Chui Yu thoughtfully sweeps a glance at Shui Su Yun.

“Hero Ji, I will go cook up some food for you.” Once Shui Su Yun finish speaking, she gets up and leave without waiting for an answer. The Fei Ying Bao guards rushes to follow along.

Ji Chui Yu looks towards the person crushing the almonds, he raises his brows and laughs, saying: “Say, you think the dishes served would be edible?”

She coldly makes a comment, “Material comforts leads to sexual desire[2], what do you think?”

Ji Chui Yu laughs out loud, “Well said!” Changing the subject, he also says: “In respect towards Guild Master Shui, I hope you show some leniency.”

Qu Qing Yin noncommittally answers, “I shall act accordingly.”

Following on, both people attend to their own business as they sit there, waiting for Shui Su Yun’s dishes to be served.

Not long after, Shui Su Yun brings out a few dishes, although she has such reckless temper, her cooking skills are quite remarkable.

“Didn’t think that missy Shui’s culinary skill is so extraordinary.” Ji Chui Yu is forever generous when it comes to praising women.

She proudly looks down at Qu Qing Yin who grabs hold of her chopsticks to eat, “Of course, my mother says that women must always have a number of dishes they can proudly bring out of the kitchen.”

“If that is the case, men need only marry a chef then.” Qu Qing Yin ridicules.

Hearing this, Ji Chui Yu lowers his head to secretly laugh.


“Even if words of truth may not be pleasant to the ears, sometimes you are still better off listening to them.” Qu Qing Yin speaks with rare sincerity.

“Just because you are not like a woman yourself, no need to be jealous of others.” Shui Su Yun finally squeezes out the words.

“To be like a woman like you, I’d rather not.” Qu Qing Yin’s words forever so dull yet sharp.

“What about me? The rapist abducted me not you, this just goes to show you are basically useless.”

Qu Qing Yin rubs her eyebrows with her index finger, looking at her in disbelief. Quite a while after, she manages to squeeze out the words, “I believe the vast majority of women are willing to be useless like me.”

Ji Chui Yu was holding back his laughter to the point his shoulders were violently shaking. Nevermind Qu Qing Yin feeling speechless, he too was speechless to the extreme.

Shui Su Yun also understood the impropriety of the words she had just said. Her heart was feeling rather distressed, but still wasn’t willing to lose momentum in front of Qu Qing Yin, and could only harden her tongue, saying: “So you know? Heng~.”

“All normal people would think that.”

Shui Su Yun was greatly angered. The meaning behind her words, is she not basically saying she is not normal?

Although she clearly understands the meaning behind her words, she is unable to use it against her, and could only glare at Qu Qing Yin with a pair of spitfire eyes.

“You are not allowed to eat the dishes I cooked.” Angered, she takes the dishes away from Qu Qing Yin’s sight.

Qu Qing Yin places down her chopsticks without a care, continuing to crush her almonds to eat.

Ji Chui Yu takes an already crushed almond from in front of her and throws it into his mouth, chewing as he speaks: “Are almonds really that nice to eat?”

“It is suitable to eat a lot, without causing any harm.” (Suggestively referring to her previous comment – “Material comforts leads to sexual desire”)

A glimpse of sparkle flashes in Ji Chui Yu’s eyes, laughing as he speaks: “Is that so?”

Qu Qing Yin looks at him with a smile, “You can always try it.”

“They say ‘take on advices, and eat your fill’, since lady says it like that, I shall definitely give it a little try.”

“Well-behaved children usually doesn’t get in trouble.”

Ji Chui Yu deeply thinks about it, “Makes sense, but this thing cannot be eaten like a proper meal.”

“I do not intend to marry a chef, but I still have some money. The chef should most definitely be willing to cook me a lot to eat.”

“And here I thought lady was not planning to eat a meal today.”

Qu Qing Yin nonchalantly says: “I already said there is a beauty to feast one’s eyes on[3], but sometimes looking at it makes it difficult for one to swallow their food.”

After such words were said, Ji Chui Yu stares at her, Shui Su Yun glares at her.

Qu Qing Yin remains poised as she finishes drinking her half-filled cup of tea, standing up, “I am now going to find the chef to cook me something to eat, excuse me.”


bedroom night

As it had just been raining, the night air feels rather cool. In this cool night, a shadow quietly climbs over the ridges of the building, leaping into a square yard, and flashes towards the left side.

Unlatching the door, and gently pushing it open, the shadow enters within a flash, closing the door again.

Inside, the room is filled with darkness, only ever so faintly can you see through the bed curtains, inside, lies a person.

In the dark, a pair of desire-filled eyes stares at the bed. A wisp of breeze emits from his finger, hitting the sleep acupoint of the sleeping figure, within a flash, he had already slipped inside the bed curtains.

In this dark night, filled with material desire, the woman’s creamy skinned body makes one filled with ecstasy. The layer of obstruction is severely punctured through, destroying the image of innocence. He delightfully rides her, whilst recklessly absorbing the fundamental yin spirit. Thoroughly trampling all over her fragrant body.

Roughly two hours later, the shadow leaves the room within a flash, leaping onto the ridges of the building and into the thick night.

After he had left, a slender figure suddenly appears in the corner of the courtyard. A pair of cold eyes looking in the direction the man had disappeared in, followed by a cold glance towards the room that he had left, once again withdrawing into the shadows.

In the morning, Ji Chui Yu who had spent the night drunk, returns to the inn in a tipsy state. On the patio he sees Qu Qing Yin who was resting her cheek in her hand, enjoying the morning sun on the porch. He laughingly steps forward to greet her, “Lady is in great spirits.”

“Not as great as Hero Ji. Last night, once again exchanging words of affection in the connubial bed.”

Ji Chui Yu lets out an unruly laugh, “These past few days has been pretty peaceful.”

Qu Qing Yin only responds with a faint smile.

Both people enters the courtyard to sit down, waiting for the inn owner to serve them breakfast.

Unexpectedly, before breakfast had arrived, the room in the left wing sounds a piercing scream, like thunder striking in spring, an intense wake-up call.

Ji Chui Yu looks at the person opposite him, alarmed.

Qu Qing Yin face shows no change, only indifferently speaking: “You should not have thoughts of harming another. Nor should you go without the thoughts of defending against another. I have never had the thought to harm another, but……” She had intended to take a careful approach.

Ji Chui Yu had already comprehended what she wanted to say, his expression went through several changes, and his throat constricted, “He came?”

Qu Qing Yin nods.

“You just watched……” His hand grips onto the edge of the stone table.

“I have already said I will not put my life at risk.”

Ji Chui Yu was dumbfounded.

“You noticed that the people in this inn all had a great night’s sleep?” Qu Qing Yin unhurriedly fills him in.

He quietly speaks with utmost seriousness, eyes casting to the left wing, “It was her?”

“I have already said this before, Guild Master Shui to have spoilt her to such a state, must have really wanted her to die an uncommon death.”

Ji Chui Yu does not speak, only after quite a while does he say: “No wonder why the inn owner is so delayed in serving up breakfast.” Everywhere is also ever so quiet and peaceful.

Qu Qing Yin’s expression just always has to be so indifferent, “She had drugged the food and wine of the Fei Ying Bao guards. I’m afraid it would not be easy for them to wake up before noon.”

Ji Chui Yu stares, so cruel! No wonder why she just watched on, the person he is pitying must have done something worth hating on to begin with.

“Ji Chui Yu.”


“Could it be, you are not aware of the change in your own body?”

Once Ji Chui Yu hears this, his brain suddenly flashes like a spiritual light. Unable to believe it, he smacks the table and stands up, pointing to the left wing, he grits his teeth as he speaks: “That was also her?” No wonder why he was so tempted to go out in search for beauties, and here he thought it was because of his own loneliness, so it was because……

Qu Qing Yin claws out another batch of almonds to crush, whilst crushing them, she shakes her head and sighs: “You clearly know the principle of ‘listen to people’s advices, eat your fill’, but unfortunately you were unable to act on it.”

Ji Chui Yu stares at the almonds in her hands, his face looking as though he has seen a ghost.

At this moment, the room in the left wing erupts with heart breaking cries.

His finger shakily points to those almonds, unbelievingly saying: “They can cure it?”

Qu Qing Yin lifts an almond nut, saying: “These are sweet almonds from the south, they taste sweet, unlike the almonds from the north, they are slightly bitter. I like the southern almonds, it is flavourful when eaten.” It seems like she did not answer the question, but in reality she had already told him the answer.

Ji Chui Yu lets out a deep sigh, “It really is retribution.” Whether it is him or the Fei Ying Bao guards, as long as someone was there, things would never have gotten to this stage.

Qu Qing Yin also sighs, “It is just that when you eat a lot of almonds, it is easier to digest. So I just eat some every day.”

Once those words were spoken, if not for the wrong timing, Ji Chui Yu would have probably laughed out loud.

“Should we go in and check?” He did not know what would be considered the right thing to do, and could only ask the person in front.

Qu Qing Yin coldly sounds a ‘heng’, “I have never had such benevolence of the Bodhisattva. Those who walks the Jiang Hu, has today but no tomorrow. It is already more than enough to care for yourself, to meet those like gentleman Xiao Yao who loves to meddle in others’ matters is rare.”

Is this her venting her anger? Ji Chui Yu could not help but to think.

“If you wish to take on the role of ‘the one who cares for women’, then go ahead and check on her, but do not expect me to go see her.”

Inside the left wing room, the naked Shui Su Yun lies in the messy bed, crying to the point of losing her voice.

Not only did she lose her innocence, eighty percent of her lifetime’s worth of martial arts skills has also gone.

Why did the outcome turn out this way?

It is clearly Qu Qing Yin who should have suffered such fate, it was clearly supposed to be Qu Qing Yin……exactly where did it all go wrong?

Shui Su Yun whose sanity has already been thrown into chaos, blankly raises her head, falling into a daze. Even those protective layers of clothing had not been worn when she opens the door and walks out.

Ji Chui Yu sweeps a glance, immediately turning his back.

Qu Qing Yin sees him like this, raises her head to look. She too, cannot help but frown, with a light tap of her foot, her body had already been swept up.

Soon after, a piece of clothing falls onto Shui Su Yun’s head, a somewhat chilly voice travels into her ears.

“Wear some clothes, do you want everyone to see your body?”

Shui Su Yun was startled upon hearing those words, her sanity partially returns to her, slightly panicking, she clumsily puts on the clothing, and then turns to look at the ice cold face of Qu Qing Yin.

That was an expression she had never seen before, with eyes as cold as frost, directly stabbing into her. It seemed as though she could see into all her internal organs.

[1] People’s calculations may as well be left to the heavens or rén suàn bù rú tiān suàn / 人算不如天算 means that rather than predicting this to happen and predicting that to happen, just allow fate to take its course. In other words, expect the unexpected.

[2] Material comforts leads to sexual desire or bǎo nuǎn sī yín yù / 饱暖思淫欲 – I guess the meanings is already made obvious through translation, but to put it bluntly – luxury leads to sex.

[3] A beauty to feast one’s eyes on or xiù sè kě cān / 秀色可餐It seemed like Qing Yin was playfully insisting that Chui Yu can eat Shui Su Yun up if he finds her really pretty XD God I love how they kept secretly bantering about it until Qing Yin just blurts it out like it’s nothing hahaha.

At first I thought Qing Yin must have really meant it when she said she’d help him dig his grave to see him die earlier. But later I just thought, if only Chui Yu understood the underlying meaning behind her words…maybe then, things would not have turned out this way. Then again, if Shui Su Yun didn’t learn her lesson the first time around, then she was practically begging for something so terrible to strike her so hard. Perhaps this was the only way for her to truly learn a lesson…in the most brutalist of way. Honestly you come to sympathise with Shui Su Yun more in a later chapter, but there is still this point that makes me continue to…not so much hate…but ‘dislike’ her. I do feel bad for her, after all no woman…well no one…deserves to go through with something so terrible but thinking about how she had meant to plot this against Qing Yin, I really can’t blame Qing Yin for leaving the girl to get a taste of her own medicine…then again, a huge part of me feels so horrible for thinking like this, I know this is only fiction, but rape is such a sensitive topic.

25 thoughts on “妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Seven (Part 2)

  1. I agree with Qu Qing Yin, sometimes the only way to have a person enlightened of the truth/reality, after many advices left ignored, is to have fate slap the truth to that person’s face. Bitter medicine.

    Terrible events are more effective than kind words of advice to many stubborn people.

    Thanks for updating!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s sadly true, if these stubborn people just refuse to listen, it’s not like there’s any other way of helping them :/ In the end they can or Shui Su Yun can only blame her own ignorance and stupidity, but then again karma can be such a bitch lol


  2. I was slightly confused but it seems Shui Su Yun drugged everyone but herself so that when the rapist came back, he would target Qu Qing Yin but no one would be able to save her? But in reality, Qing Yin has a stronger body BC of…almonds? So Su Yun ended up being raped for two hours (?!?!) Instead?


  3. Hopefully, SSY will learn from this and become more empathetic. I can see her going more the other way:( When is the lead guy coming back? I miss their interactions. Thanks again for your footnotes and speedy translations!


    1. Hahaha she was probably just hoping that Qing Yin will be the only female there that’ll be in a vulnerable spot since she was supposed to be drugged too, but Qing Yin cleverly got herself out of that mess, partially thanks to Shui Su Yun’s own temper and stupidity. Not to mention that the rapist one hit of her sleep acupoint rendered her completely vulnerable and open to the attack, which she should have considered in her already flawed plan.


    1. Drugging her own guards was just complete stupidity on her half but she wanted to send Chui Yu away from Qing Yin and then somehow have the rapist attack Qing Yin which just completely backfired.


  4. Drugging her own guards is the just so stupid. I dont understand her trains of thought, the rapist is aiming for her not QY in the first place.

    Yeah, rape is such a sensitive topic, though she has faults, still cant help feeling bad for her. 2 hours shocked me to death. Maybe it requires such time to absorb 80% of her yin?


    1. My thoughts exactly!
      Hahahahahha tbh I didn’t realise just how long it sounded until I translated it because the original text says it lasted 1 shi chen – which if you remember is how hours were told in ancient China terms.


  5. I agree with kaitoujeanne. I think SSY gave JCY some sort of aphrodisiac and drugged everyone else including QQY so that JCY and QQY will sleep together. She forgot about the rapist and therefore she was raped because no one was around to guard her.
    I think QQY was drugged too but she was able to recover quicker due to the almonds. Just my 2 cents.

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    1. Chui Yu was meant to be sent away to satisfy his urges like he did, whilst Qing Yin (in Shui Su Yun plans) was supposed to be the one who gets raped by the rapist, and in a later chapter we find out that even the rapist actually noticed this flawed scheming of hers. Qing Yin had also caught on early enought to swerve away from the drugged food with the little banter between the two ladies and of course her almonds could have helped too haha

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  6. Think QY is aware that the food is drugged cos she sort of find an excuse to make SY angry knowing very well her temper that she would then not allow QY to eat her cooking. I thnk she, SY wanted CY when under the influence of the spell to be intimate with her knowing CY is a womaniser. However, it backfired on SY when she was raped instead. Further, the rapist hit her sleep acupoint …….thus making her unable to awaken cos she only screamed in the morning…….

    Ahh…..frankly, I cant get the answer on the almonds even tho the author said that QY has already given the answer to CY. Is that the antidote the almonds of the North are sweet to counter the effects of the admininistered drug?

    Having read thru this eps twice Im still pondering on the meaning of this conversation- and to what QY is alluding to…….

    Ji Chui Yu once again catches up to her, “Right now for you to be willing to tell me so much, what’s the reason?”

    “When wanting to see someone die earlier, of course I’d help him dig his grave.”
    (XX1Mei, need your clarification again…..hehe….see said I would pepper you with my comments…..hehe)

    I thot QT is only aware of the deed when the rapist has left…..dont think she knew when the rapist struck or is she aware yet as written, (I think she did wisely consider )not to put her life at risk thus I would not think too badly of her……….


    1. It’s fine ^_^ Qing Yin was aware when the rapist struck, if you read back to the bit when the rapist leaves, she is the ‘shadow’ that appeared, it’s kind of suggested that she was literally there when he had struck but as you said she does not want to put her life at risk.
      As for “When wanting to see someone die earlier, of course I’d help him dig his grave.” I think she slightly caught onto something about Shui Su Yun at that time, but I understand you’re confusion with this bit, I misunderstood that she was talking about Chui Yu there at first haha


  7. Oh ya, XX1Mei, I just love the retorts that QY has up her sleeves as she just fired them in rapid succession towards any comeback from SY ( I can imagine her stamping her feet in frustration)……….thank you for not condensing or skipping the translation on the dialogue nor the intimate scenes (tho you can rest assured it is not that detailed compared to some English romance books hehe….) It is so good to know that we are reading the novel whole and not parts.

    Personally, I feel that QY (tho has been described as cold and unfeeling, to me she is someone where still waters run deep) is so smart and intelligent (due to her Sifu sharing and enlightening not only martial arts skills but also imparted nuggets of wisdom in BG relationship and the ways of the world to her, what an insightful Master she has! Her wits as displayed in her thinking and repartee, including her emancipated thinking really makes her a standout heroine in the world of C novels.

    Thus, kudos to you in translating this and bringing QY to the attention of readers who have yet to know her……..hope your next translation do include another standout heroine……cant stand feather brained heroines or those who are clumsy or naive or worst still dumb! Hehe


    1. Aww no problem!
      Haha and definitely even though I did leave a little warning beforehand about some of these ‘rated’ scenes they really aren’t that much. Lol I just love the little tidbits of her Shi Fu, especially the really absurd ones.


  8. In essence, she did follow her Shi fu word as mention in chapter 4:

    “But Shi Fu has also said, as a woman, rather than let others ruin you, it is better to ruin others.”

    Though the rape did left a bitter taste, but I can’t help feel that it is a payback for someone shrewdness… you should be accountable for your own action, I guess~

    Anyway thanks for translating this interesting novel.. Really love the heroine!!


  9. Wow this novel is such a gem I feel stupid for putting this off. And how come this isn’t popular in NU!! Like, wow. What happened on this chapter is like a 180 degrees change.


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