妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Six (Part 1)



After a lingering night, he is still him, she is still her.

Everything seems to be the same.

The only change would probably be when Ji Chui Yu saw his good friend’s refreshed face after spring (meaning his ‘new’ self after losing his virginity), he raises his brows in surprise, jokingly saying a word of, “Congrats.”

Liu Feng turns and credits him with a knowing laugh.

Qu Qing Yin, because of a certain someone’s overly hard work, could only rest in her room for a few days, when she had finally left her room, the heroes gathering was already over, those that were staying at the mountain manor had left one after the other, now there were only a handful of people left, and so she organises her belongings, preparing to leave.

Liu Feng seeing her leave her room, walks up and takes the bag from her hand, wearing it on his own back, “Let’s go, we need to go say our goodbyes to the Manor Master.”

“Manor Master?” Seems like since she came to Mount Zhong Yi Manor she had never seen this Manor Master Guan, before leaving the place, she should at least say goodbye to the owner.”

“Seems like this time around, you never got to see him.”

“Never had the chance.”

“It is you who did not want to see him right?” He laughs as he exposes her.

Qu Qing Yin does not directly answer him, only smiling.

When they reach the guest hall, Ji Chui Yu had already arrived a step ahead of them, and was currently conversing with Manor Master Guan.

“[Older] Brother Guan, Chui Yu.” Liu Feng walks in with a fist holding greeting, “I had you both waiting for long.”

“There is no such thing, this time we never got the chance to sit down and have a nice chat, did not think that once we got spare time you would already be leaving.” Guan Guang En says regretfully.

Liu Feng laughs and says: “This time we do not have the fortune. Then next time, we will definitely have the chance.”

Guan Guang En looks aside to Qu Qing Yin, laughingly saying: “This must be lady Qu, this time around, if this spacious manor has treated you without enough hospitality and respect, I ask for lady’s forgiveness.”

“Manor Master Guan is too polite, this esteemed manor makes one feel at home, if not inappropriate, I’m afraid that I would want to stay here for longer and not leave.”

Guan Guang En laughs out loud, “If lady likes, drop by whenever you want, this spacious manor would always welcome you.”

“Manor Master really is too polite.”

Guan Guang En waves his hand, “I am not being polite, whenever lady wants to, just come, treat this place like your own home, just like [Younger] Brother Liu here.”

Qu Qing Yin glances at Liu Feng, and promises with a smile, “Then I am very thankful to Manor Master, I will definitely come by sometime.”

“You must definitely come.”

“Of course.”

Guan Guang En reaches out to pat Liu Feng on the shoulders, speaking quite emotionally, “Seeing you today, I can rest assured, whilst wandering the four seas, it is still much better to have a destination in mind.”

Liu Feng smiles but does not speak.

“The Grand Madam[1] has arrived.”

The moment the escort by the door reports, everyone inside stands up in greeting

Grand Madam Guan is a generous looking elderly, she receives the support of two female attendants to sit down on the master seat, and smiles down at Qu Qing Yin, “This lady truly has a refreshingly delicate appearance, come, let me take a look.”

Qu Qing Yin curtly walks up to greet, “Grand Madam.”

Grand Madam Guan steadily nods her head, grabbing hold of her hands, and gives them a pat, “Looking now, I can see you are not bad, gentle and virtuous.”

Ji Chui Yu lowers his head and secretly laughs, looks wise she is gentle and kind, but when it comes to killing she can also be a fiend who even the heavenly deities will back away from.

Liu Feng could only stand aside, smiling as he watches on.

“This lady of yours I like, come, I shall give you this hairpin.” Grand Madam Guan takes out from her hair, a hairpin with a body of brilliant gold, topped with an emerald coloured jade piece as big as one’s thumb, happily laughing as she plugs it into Qu Qing Yin’s hair.

It would have been disrespectful for Qu Qing Yin to refuse the gift, and so she could only accept it, she pays her respects with a grand gesture, bowing down, “Many thanks for Grand Madam’s luxurious gift.”

“Our meeting here is a fateful encounter, no need to thank me.”

Qu Qing Yin takes out the jade box from the scent sachet hanging on her waist, presenting it upfront, “Grand Madam’s gift, this junior although lacking, ought to repay, this is junior’s personally grinded jade moisture cream, I gift it to you. May you remain ever youthful, blessed with longevity.”

Grand madam Guan laughs and accepts the gift, opening it to smell, “Mm, the smell is light and elegant, the cream has also been grinded to a great fluorescent and soft quality, just one glance and I can see it is not average, this is ingenuity.”

“As long as Grand Madam likes it.”

“You gifting me this cream, if it is of good use to this elderly, but cannot get hold of anymore after, what to do?” Grand Madam Guan jokingly asks her.

Qu Qing Yin laughs and answers, “If it suits Grand Madam’s taste, Qing Yin shall write out the formula and send it to Grand Madam, you can just have your people follow the instructions.”

“You have no problem with that?”

“From the beginning it was made to use, of course there is no problem.” Qu Qing Yin smiles to the female attendant at the side, “May I trouble this sister to get some paper, brush and ink.”

The attendant sounds her reply, and retreats to fetch the supplies. After a little while, she comes back with the paper, brush and ink. Qu Qing Yin proceeds to write the formula with sufficient details, blows dry the words and passes it over for the Grand Madam to see.

Grand Madam Guan observes the paper of beautifully graceful brush strokes, each clearly written without losing the intensity of the words, she nods approvingly, “Truly a calm mind with ingenious hands, the idle quality of a heart of orchids. I wonder who will be the lucky one to receive your hand in marriage.”

Qu Qing Yin lowers her head in avoidance of the topic.

At this time, Liu Feng walks up, saying: “It is getting late, Grand Madam, Brother Guan, we shall take our leave first. Till we meet again.”

“Till we meet again.”

Guan Guang En shows them out, all the way till they are out of the valley. Liu Feng and the other two gets on the horses and leaves, yet he still stays till he can no longer see their figures, finally turning back to return to the mountain manor.

Back in the guest hall, Grand Madam Guan is still sat in her seat, seeing her son return, she asks, “Already left?”


Grand madam could not help but let out a sigh, “One years’ time, it was such a rare opportunity for them come here.”


“I’m fine, but that lady really isn’t bad, she is different from the usual Jiang Hu people, understands etiquette, thorough knowledge in the rudiments of writing, those handwritten words, ah~, one glance can tell she has been taught by a great master, with graceful manners, clearly received high court’s admonishments, really don’t know how she ended up in the Jiang Hu, just like a bright pearl thrown into darkness.”

Guan Guang En says: “Had she not, how could [Younger] Brother Feng have met her then?”

Grand Madam Guan laughs, “Such words are indeed true, in the end it comes down to fate. Already twenty five years old and only now has a lady caught his eyes, this really is a rare occurrence.”

“That’s true, from what your son sees, Brother Feng is even under that lady’s suppression by quite a fraction.”

Grand Madam laughs even more merrily, rubbing the jade box in her hand, saying: “That little monkey should rightfully have someone who can put him under control.”

Guan Guang En also laughs along, and the person who became their subject of conversation lets out several sneezes on the horseback.



No matter how long the journey, there is always an end to it. No matter how far apart the ends of the world are, hearts of friends remains close.

Ji Chui Yu had parted ways with them three days ago, continuing his journey to explore the world’s boundless beauties.

And during these three days, Qu Qing Yin and Liu Feng had always been at peace, when resting at the inn, both lodge in their own room, just like the usual companions.

Inside her room, Qu Qing Yin sits in front of the mirror, slowly applying scented cream, her just-bathed skin is particularly soft and smooth. At this moment, the window makes a soft sound, someone had silently jumped in, but she does not look back.

A pair of big hands wraps around her waist, embracing her entire body as he secures her on his lap. “Why did you come over today?” Qu Qing Yin coldly asks, beginning to comb through her wet hair, not showing the slightest sign of mood swings because he had come in.

Liu Feng’s hands had already slithered inside her clothing, impatiently rubbing one of her peaks, gently massaging it, saying: “Your body is clean today right?”

She raises her brows, “How do you know?”

“Of course I know, it looks on in despair when I can only look at you, how could I not be concerned?”

Qu Qing Yin immediately spits at him.

Liu Feng patiently waits for her comb her hair, before picking her up and heads to the bed, hastily climbing on.

Qu Qing Yin felt an astringent pain caused by his eagerness, and could noy help but to beat him a few times, “What are you doing?”

“What do you think……after last time – we never did it again……Liu junior is also going crazy……”

Whether Liu junior has gone crazy or not, Qu Qing Yin did not know, but the person on top of her sure is crazy. Like somersaulting over and over again he tosses her around throughout the night, where is the rumoured indomitable spirit, with heavenly righteousness Hero? This is totally a big pervert.

After a vividly joyous time, Liu Feng fondles with person in his arms, whilst lowly asking, “Did it hurt?”

“Much better than the first night.” Her answer is very honest.

He chuckles, “This thing really gives people a great taste, leaving them unable to hold back.”

“That rascal Ji Chui Yu told you this too?” Qu Qing Yin narrows her eyes.

Liu Feng reaches up and squeezes her chin, thinking that although in this moment her mood has quite a bit of killing intent, a cute side to her also brightly shines through.

“Regarding matters between men and women he is indeed an asshole, but you cannot deny that some of his words are very reasonable.”

Qu Qing Yin swats his hand away, rubbing her chin, sounding a ‘heng’, she disapprovingly says: “He had so many women, exactly is it him who slept with them, or them who slept with him? Can such difference be cleared?”

Liu Feng who was surprised for a moment, suddenly bursts out in laughter, grabbing hold of her and rolls around on the bed a few times, his laugh unrestrained as he speaks: “What you said is just too true.”

Her face of a matter of fact expression, “It is originally so.”

“It is already deep into the night, sleep.”

Qu Qing Yin pushes him, unable to push him away, she stops, “Tomorrow let us go our separate ways.”

Liu Feng closed eyes does not open, only asking: “Why?”

“I have matters to attend to.”

“Can’t we stay together?”

Qu Qing Yin takes a moment of silence, “Such matter I would like to attend to alone.”

“Is there danger?”

“What danger, I am only going to clean up my parents, and Shi Fu’s graves.”

“Then I insist on going together.”

“To do what?”

He opens his eyes, reaches out and slightly scrapes her nose, “Silly girl, your body is already mine, of course I have to go with you to pay my respects to father and mother in law, Shi Fu too.”

“Not like you married me, stop talking nonsense.” Qu Qing Yin brushes his hand away, feeling some grievances.

“Whenever you want to wed, then I shall marry, I can even marry you now.”

Qu Qing Yin knocks on his head, feeling agitated, she says: “It is already midnight, don’t be crazy.”

Liu Feng returns such words to her, “You’re one to talk, already midnight and you are not sleeping, suddenly speaking of parting ways. Is it because I did not work hard enough before, for you to have the leisurely time to be thinking all over the place?”

Qu Qing Yin smacks him right on the chest, spitting out: “Really is the more I get to know you, the more I don’t dare to recognise you.”

Liu Feng lightly pecks her lips, laughing as he speaks: “I shall let you see this side of me then.”

“I beg to be excused. What’s there to see, no different from a pervert.” She grandly does not hold back and fires the words at him.

Liu Feng pulls her into his embrace, extending his finger to dab at her lips, he says with complete seriousness: “Qing Yin, I do not care if you are hiding something from me, deceiving me, I only care for your safety.”

Qu Qing Yin was feeling drowsy, thinking to herself, could it be he knows something?

Someone who is recognised as Wu Lin’s number scholar, must be a someone of high intellect, to be in contact with such intellectual, sometimes even when being too careful, you cannot be sure you have not left behind any traces.

“Every person has something they do not want others to know, therefore I will not force you to come out clean to me, but do not make me worry, your safety is of utmost importance, do not take dangerous risks.” Liu Feng looks at her very seriously, very seriously pleading her.

“It is not like I am ill, why should I insist on finding dangerous tasks to do?” She does not answer but asks back.

Liu Feng laughs, but his laughter does not reaches his eyes, “You and I both know, in this world there are tasks that are dangerous but has reasons for it to be done, reasons that makes it impossible not to get it done, but I do not wish for you to have such tasks that must be done.”

“And if I do?”

“I’m coming.” He says it with such decisiveness and resolution, without the slightest hint of hesitation.

[1] The grand madam or Lǎo fū rén / 老夫人 would be the mother of the Manor Master The literal translation is actually old madam, which sounds quite rude in English haha, after all with age comes more power and dignity. As the mother of the Zhuang Zhu, she of course holds a lot of authority, more so than Zhuang Zhu himself as it is basic morals to show respect to your elders and filial piety to your parents.


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  1. Yeah, what is that secret, it should either be her past or her secret task. Or maybe both.

    Our beast is always hungry. Loled when its said she was not able to go out of her room for a few days. Does it really have to take days to recuperate? Lol. Such a beast. ≧﹏≦

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  2. I nearly drown with glee when LF questioned her ……I did not work hard enough before, for you to have the leisurely time to be thinking all over the place?”

    What was QY alluding to when she said it is better than the first nite……..so honest in her answer. Is she infering to her first night as Ive asked before (went back to read Cp 5 again to better understand what LF was asking her on her using her method to seduce criminals, still coluldnt understand)

    On to the next……


    1. Hahahahahaha XD she was actually referring to the pains caused by their ‘night of passion’ lmao. At the beginning of this post, it explains that because of that first night “Qu Qing Yin, because of a certain someone’s overly hard work, could only rest in her room for a few days.”


  3. Thank you so much for this funny story, I’m forever greatfull to people like you who take the time to work so hard for other people’s pleasure!!:) I’ve been a silent lurker on this blog, but this chapter got me rereading and asking questions,haha. Ok so what dose he mean when he asks weather her body is clean?….I was thinking he might be referring to her friends monthly visit but I wasn’t sure.lol also he is an animal!


    1. You’re very welcome Lana, and I’m sorry for replying so late~ yeh too I wasn’t too sure when I was translating it to be honest hahaha but from what I gathered with LF’s words, it does seem to be hinting at her monthly gift XD


  4. How can she, a famous martial artist have to rest for ‘a few days’ after one night of sex? Also, why in these novels is such sex refreshing to the man but causes the woman to need to rest for days. Not just this novel but routinely, even in modern stories she has to rest for a day. Also in some novels the woman faints during sex. this is like a kind of victorian idea of a woman’s fragility. I just wish someone would let me rest for days after a night of pleasure. That would be the life of a cat!


    1. I mean, can you imagine being pounded by someone with high martial arts / Qi?

      Hell, he probably fires off at mach 3 with all that inner strength…

      Also, she was (probably) a virgin, so having a vigorous pounding on top of that would certainly make things sore.


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