妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Five (Part 2)

Having been mentioned in the first half of the chapter, Ji Chui Yu makes his first appearance here! I’m not sure what you guys will think, but even though I love Qing Yin for her sharp tongue and wittiness, my favourite character in this novel has got to be Chui Yu. And I’m happy to say that unlike Zhang Shan, he’s not as passive of a character in this novel and will be making more appearances later on.
Also just going to mention, I’ve already left a warning for you guys on the previous update ^_~



How does it feel to be on the same bed as a lady? In the past Liu Feng was not sure, but now he knows.

The sunlight creeps in through the paper window screens, brightly lighting up the room.

Summer skies just has to brighten up too early, in the past he did not think this, today he seriously feels that the early brightening of the skies is just too hateful. They had clearly marked their boundary line on the bed before sleeping last night, so although there is a clear distinction, the feeling is still different.

Qu Qing Yin turns her body as she awakens, seeing him, she could not help but to raise her eyebrows, “You’ve still not left?”


“In a while the manor’s envoy would be bringing breakfast over, quickly leave.”

Liu Feng crawls over to her, placing her hand on his chest. He emits a low laugh and says: “Us being like this, does it not sound like words shared between a scandalous couple after waking up in the morning?”

Qu Qing Yin directly shoves him off the bed, and smashes a pillow onto his body, cursing: “Get lost.”

Liu Feng laughs as he gets up from the floor, returning the pillow back. He then tidies up his attire, opens the door and leaves.

Qu Qing Yin secretly grinds her teeth at the direction he had left in, before getting up to freshen herself.

On the other hand, after leaving Qu Qing Yin’s room, Liu Feng returns to his own room, the look on his face makes a sudden change, the fan in hand opening with a ‘hua~’, as he enters laughing. Walking in as he speaks: “As soon as I smelt it, I know that the drunkard you are yet again the dove occupying the magpie’s nest[1].”

Inside the room comes the sound of a slightly tipsy man, “It is rare of you to have let me catch you not in your room. I heard that in this courtyard there also lives a beautiful lady. What? You slept there last night?”

“What about you? Why have you not gone finding lady Zhang to sleep with, and instead came to my place?”

Whilst speaking, both men in the room directly confronts each other, both men as radiantly handsome as the other, but did not share the same charms.


Ji Chui Yu half leans against the headboard of the bed, his shirt open, revealing the uninhibited debauchery of a womaniser, he carefully eyes Liu Feng up and down, dismissively waving his hand in disinterest, “What did you do last night?”

“I slept with a lady.” Liu Feng speaks the honest truth.

Ji Chui Yu scornfully sweeps his eyes towards him, “You had only slept with her right?”

He calmly sits aside on a chair, “It is not like I am you, be it something you should do or should not do, you’d do it all.”

“If the man is not a bad one, women would not love him. They all just love my wickedness to death.”

“Don’t overfill yourself with words, there are definitely ladies out there that do not like such character like yours.”

“It is fine as long as a huge number of ladies likes it.” Ji Chui Yu lazily stretches his not-so-decent waist on the bed, and places his feet on the ground, he walks over to the table to pour himself a cup of cold tea to drink.

“So about the rapist’s whereabouts…….”

Ji Chui Yu extends his index finger, shaking it side to side, “Mount Zi Ying Manor’s incident definitely would not be his doings.”


“Right now there is a high chance that he is still outside the region.”

“Outside?” Liu Feng looks unsettled.

“Yes, seems like he has been lured there by someone.”

Liu Feng remains silent, he thinks back to some words he had heard before the ‘elimination of evil’ bounty hunt.

Ji Chui Yu is aware of his strange expression, asking him, “Is there anything wrong?”

Liu Feng smiles, waving his fan, “Nothing, just thought of someone, suddenly feel like this person is full of mysteries.”

Ji Chui Yu smiles with clear understanding, “A girl right.” Pausing for a moment, he points out of the room. “The girl staying in this courtyard.”

Liu Feng does not answer. “According to your analysis, how long has the rapist been outside the region for?”

Ji Chui Yu thinks for a little while, “At the very least, a month, he seems to be looking for something or someone.”

“If that is the case, the thing or person he is searching for must be of great importance to him.”

“Definitely, if not he wouldn’t have not even shown up when Mount Zhong Yi Manor released the heroes notice.”

“If the rapist had been outside the region for so long already, then the several cases within the area cannot be his doings.”

“Not really, after all, none of us knows if the rapist have any men under him.”

Liu Feng nods in acknowledgement of this point, “It would be great if we find out who the rapist is avoiding with dread.”

Ji Chui Yu sighs, “That won’t be easy.”

Hearing this Liu Feng quips with a laugh, saying: “There are also tasks that you, Ji Chui Yu finds difficult?”

“I’m human, not a God, of course I would have my own difficulties.” Ji Chui Yu looks at him suspiciously, “You have been spoken of by Jiang Hu people to such level of heavenly being, but in the end, are you also just a human, or are you still a young chick that has yet to rid of their overalls.” (He’s referring to Liu Feng virginity XD)

Liu Feng strengthens the movement of his fan, glaring at him, “Still better than a womaniser like you who reads the best of a thousand sails.”

“That’s not true, the ladies just love men like me to death.”

Ji Chui Yu upon hearing movement in the courtyard, extends his hand to open the window, once he sees the smoothly slim figure in the courtyard, his eyebrows twitches, playfully looking back, “You have good eyes.”

Liu Feng walks up to his side, very bluntly hits his shoulder with force, “Of course they’re good.”

The gentleman casually speaks, rubbing his chin, after thinking for a while, he snaps his fingers, “I say, this lady looks so familiar. So I have seen her before.”

Liu Feng side glances him.

Ji Chui Yu nudges his friend with his shoulder, wickedly speaking: “Want to know where I have seen her?”

Liu Feng scoffs at him, “Save the nonsense.”

“This is no understanding flower, when she kills, her hand raises and the sword immediately cuts, neat and tidy. That is definitely a female fiend. I have only met eyes when passing by her, and the cold sweat came oozing out from the bottom of my heart.”


“You have seen her use her blade?”

Ji Chui Yu nods, “A blade that I could not even catch a clear appearance of, that was the most fastest, most vicious, most evil spirited blade I have ever seen.”

“Who was it that died?”

“How could you not ask when I had seen it?”

Liu Feng just goes with the flow, “When did you see it?”

“About three, four years ago.”

“Three, four years ago?” At that time she must mot have stepped foot in the Jiang Hu for long, her name still not known.

Ji Chui Yu continues looking at the person in the courtyard, “Right now she looks much more approachable than before, her face also looks prettier, had I not seen her before, I would probably have really thought she is a gentle and refined lady.”

The person in the courtyard seems to be aware of being watched, casually glancing to the side.

Ji Chui Yu raises the teapot in his hand in acknowledgement.

Qu Qing Yin sees that there were two men stood side by side at the window, and was little startled.

“Qing Yin, come here. I’ll introduce you, this is Ji Chui Yu.”

“Oh?” Qu Qing Yin walks forward a few steps, hearing the name, she stops, eyes slightly narrowed.

Ji Chui Yu takes two steps back, poking at a certain someone’s waist, “Little Feng, have you been speaking ill of me in front of her? This lady’s expression doesn’t look right.”

Liu Feng looks on with an innocent face, spreading both arms, “I had only told her, that you once said to me ‘the reason why a womaniser can get so many women, is because he is shameless enough to do so’.”

Ji Chui Yu glares at him, “Don’t you tell me now, you then showed her your shamelessness.”

“I was only thinking that your words truly are words of wisdom.”

“It is only when I get to my eighth lifetime lintel[2] do I befriend someone like you who forgets friendship over beauty, a rascal who betrays his own friends.”

“Ji Chui Yu?” Qu Qing Yin was at the window within a flash of a step, watching the people inside slightly smiling.

Ji Chui Yu collects himself, delivering her a fist holding greeting, “That is indeed I, how should lady be addressed?”

Qu Qing Yin scrutinises him, the corner of her lips lifting, spreading her smile wider, “I have seen you before, at Chuan Shan Road.” At that time she had an adulterer in captivity, an unscrupulous criminal to kill, right when her killing spirits was at its strongest.

Liu Feng smiles at his friend and says: “Looks like it is not just you with great memory, her memory is also really great.”

“I just did not think that back then, the person I had met eyes with, was actually Jiang Hu’s well known womaniser Ji Chui Yu.”

Liu Feng laughs and asks: “And had you have known?”

Qu Qing Yin eyes him, “At that time, what’s it got to do with me?”

Liu Feng laughs out loud, well said. When things has got nothing to do with her, she would not give the slightest bit of care.

Ji Chui Yu also glares at him.

Liu Feng smiles, introducing to him, “Surname Qu, Qu Qing Yin.”

“That is not a bad name.”

“Gentleman Ji’s name also isn’t bad.”

“Lady come in and sit.”

“No need, this reunion of old friends between you two, I better not intrude on. In a while, I shall just tell the envoy to leave my share of breakfast in my room.” The latter half of the sentence she directs towards Liu Feng.

Liu Feng nods, “If there is nothing going on, then it is better to not leave the manor.”

She only replies two words, “So fussy.”

Seeing her turn to leave, Ji Chui Yu’s face lights up with a taunting smile, “Little Feng, you have truly met a female fiend that will torment you. Senior Brother I would only like to say to you ‘best of luck’.”

Liu Feng snappily swats his hand away, “Thanks.”



The second time Liu Feng jumps in through Qu Qing Yin’s windows, she was in the middle of reading a book.

It is clear that she had just taken a bath, her long hair still damp, looks like she is waiting for her hair to dry before sleeping.

“What have you come here for?” She casually asks unperturbed.

“To sleep.” He simply answers.

“Your room does not seem to be this one.”

Liu Feng directly heads to her bed and lays down, both hands cushioning his head, saying: “Can I say that there is a dove occupying the magpie’s nest?”

“Ji Chui Yu?”


“He has been working hard day and night these past few days. So tonight he came here to catch up on sleep?”

Her mocking tone made Liu Feng laugh, he turns over to look at her, “Must you really speak without the slightest bit of obscuration?”

Qu Qing Yin disagrees, “What I said is the truth, is it not?”

“Even if it is the truth, a lady like you saying it like that is a bit……”

“What about you? A grown up man like you always coming to spend the night at a lady’s room, what is the meaning of this?”

“How could you say ‘always’, this is no more than the second time.”


“If you have no objections, then I think that having it become ‘always’ is no problem.”

Qu Qing Yin coldly glances over at him, then continues reading her book.

Liu Feng proceeds to speak on: “This gathering is almost over, after this where are you planning to go?”

“What do you want?”

“I was thinking, for ‘no more’ to become ‘always’, I will definitely have to follow you to get the chance.”

Qu Qing Yin places down the book in hand, walks over to the window, reaches out and closes it, then heads towards the bed.

Liu Feng silently waits to see what she is planning.

She places her hand on the lapel of her clothing, looks at him, and speaks with seriousness: “If I give myself to you, would you no longer follow me around?”

Liu Feng lies flat on the bed, looking above the bed, his voice sounding heavy, “I really want to yes, but, if that is the case, I most likely would not be able to let you go even more.”

Hearing this, Qu Qing Yin laughs, her hand pulls open her clothing, revealing the peach coloured undergarment inside.

Snow white clothes slowly falling to the ground, she step by step walks towards the bed.

Liu Feng had already closed his eyes, “Qing Yin, men cannot continuously withhold being repeatedly aroused.”

Qu Qing Yin throws aside her undergarments by the bed, her body leaning onto his, “Liu Feng, you want it, I am also willing, is this not satisfaction for both of us?”

Liu Feng can feel the pressure of her graceful body on his own, his throat could not help but tighten, his hands sweating profusely. “You’re……really sure?”

“Of course.”

Within an instant, he flips her over, pressing her under him. His hand reaching out, letting the curtains down in one move. Then within an instant his clothing were strewn out all over the floor.



Qu Qing Yin’s eyes remains closed, her entire being still in the intoxicating world of wonders, yet to return to reality.

“My Qing Yin.” He lowly whispers to her, he deeply kisses her, continuously sucking on her lips.

Qu Qing Yi avoids the urging of his lips and tongue, placing her hand on his chest, she cannot bear it any longer and delicately pleads, “Don’t.”

Liu Feng insists on pestering her, his hand still on the midsection of her body, travelling up, “I only just got the knack of this, savouring the best, how could I stop now?”

Qu Qing Yin smacks him, “Already done a few rounds, I’m so tired.”

“But just then your scream was most – soulful.”

Qu Qing Yin’s entire face turns red, her hands forcefully pounds at him, “Asshole.”

Liu Feng lowly laughs, “This asshole that you really like?”

She reaches out and pinches his lips together, “Right now I hate to death, had I known earlier, I would not have given you anything.”

Liu Feng spreads her legs open, once again entering her, thrusting as he lowly laughs, saying: “Medicine for regret cannot be bought in this world, you just have to accept your fate.”

Because of the force he was using on her, Qu Qing Yin’s hands shoots up to grab his shoulders, like a fish with oxygen deficiency, her lips parts, gasping for air, the seductive look in her eyes could not be concealed, provoking the person on top to grow increasingly out of control.

Deep into the passionate night, the joyous frequency gradually fades out. The rooster cries, signalling morning.

[1] Another proverb used here haha. The dove occupying the magpie’s nest or jiū zhàn què cháo le / 鸠占鹊巢了 – the meaning is pretty straightforward but it basically means when someone occupies a place that does not belong to them.

[2] The eighth life time lintel or bā bèi zi méi / 八輩子楣 – I may be familiar with the use of this term but I never actually wondered how it came along, so I done a bit searching and to be honest, the majority of this explanation is just me interpreting it all but it seems to make sense hahaha. First of all a lintel is a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door so you can consider that a metaphor for the ‘obstacle’/challenge you have to go through to move on from your lifetime. Hence the term dǎo méi / 倒楣 (literal translation: befall of lintel) which is the Chinese equivalent of saying bad luck, it is basically saying ‘bad luck has befallen’. But the eighth lifetime one is considered the worst bad luck you would ever get. As for the meaning of the eighth lifetime, I found out that zero was not created by the Chinese, so Chinese people counted up to nine at most back then, which means the ninth lifetime is the last. Therefore once you get to the obstacle in your eighth lifetime there is still challenges to come – another lifetime for you to dǎo méi / 倒楣…I hope I explained that well enough for you guys to understand, I mean it was quite a wordy explanation haha

Wow some of the wording used for the scene at the end just sounds extra cringey in english hahaha I seriously couldn’t help but to laugh when I had to translate the ‘fish with oxygen deficiency’ part XD


22 thoughts on “妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Five (Part 2)

    1. Yep she could very well be born in this age, and she’ll still slay people with those wits of hers hahaha but like Liu Feng has said before, she just really doesn’t care about the social norms that the people there expect of others, as long as she feels like it, she’ll do it. And even though it was too fast, it’s quite refreshing to have a female lead act like that in a novel based in the ancient times.

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      1. Yup, quite refreshing indeed. How are they gonna move on from this stage when they already passed through the 3rd base? Maybe learn more of her secrets?

        Why do you like the playboy guy by the way?


        1. Ji Chui Yu haha, although he’s such a playboy, he’s such a reliable and trustworthy friend to Liu Feng. And most of all, I find his banters with Qing Yin much more interesting and funny. Unlike Liu Feng who although dares to mess with Qing Yin, in the end he’s the one that always have to give in. Plus you can tell that he holds back on his words sometimes as though he’s afraid to actually full on anger her. But with Chui Yu, he and Qing Yin banters with each other with so much sass, even though they’re just little moments of banters and as expected he’s always on the losing end XD But it’s just really nice to have a playboy character who has more to him than just being the playboy.

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  1. I like, like, like (10X) this novel and especially when they are making out. Having cut my teeth on the likes of Mills and Boon, the first four C novels I have read earlier is quite devoid of passion except for some hugs and kisses……..thus this novel is so out of my expectation…..as I was under the misconception that there wont be much in the romance and making out scenes opinion, boy Im so glad to be proven wrong…..

    QQY you have my full vote……an emancipated woman in your era is like a jewel in the crown especially if you ended up with LY. I have liked this novel ever since I read the synopsis where it was stated that the heroine is …. “not only highly skilled in martial arts, her sharp tongue is also highly skilled…..she actually pats the bed beckoning him to attend to her…..
    These words and the pivotal point where the heroine is not a hothouse flower are my perennial fave.

    Merci for the translation of this novel, drooling for the next eps…….hehe


      1. Yay, bring it on, quite a change to find a fast mover in ancient novel……hehe
        Tqs fr d fast uploading, she behaving like a man n LF like a woman so clingy….
        Truly a refreshing heroine……wonder how she is so wordly to b able to give herself to a practical stranger like LF……..has something bad happened to her before?


        1. Haha she definitely seems to lead this relationship whilst Liu Feng follows her around XD
          Although she doesn’t show it, but I think that Qing Yin has quite the insecure side to her. Having already lost her parents and Shi Fu, although independant, she must still feel lonely. She’s the type that actually really treasures people close to her, so I believe that she’s somewhat afraid of losing more close ones hence the distancing from others. But Liu Feng just barged his way in, and if she doesn’t want to lose him then she best act out and grasp hold of him her own way…but yeh, I do think that the use of timing in this novel is possibly the biggest flaw in it, I know it’s just 10 chapters but it still seems like the writer is trying to rush through the romance side of it :/


  2. seriouslyy so fastt !! =D cant wait to see how she acts (probably indifferent as always) and how he acts (probably clings to her even more) =D =D


  3. Hi Xia0xiao1mei, thanks for the answer.

    Is the timing that you are refering to, the intimate part between the two………if yes, personally, I dont find the intimate part a rush, I think it is a pivotal point to know QY as a woman and that she is not only known as a cold blooded killer but she is still capable of feelings. I think that LF has somehow make his presence felt and he is slowly wearing down her resistance with him constantly testing and throwing himself at her. So good to see a man doing this when it is always the other way round…….hehe.

    Yes, I do concur with you on her insecurity part due in part to her being alone in the world……and maybe to have some warmth and link to another person she gives herself to LF at this juncture when they are thrown together?

    I think someone asked if she was a maiden before giving herself to LF……guess she’s not eh as it was not infer that she was. LF did ask her if she would use some seductive method to get what she wants (correct me if Im wrong after their first time together) but she didnt answer….hence my deduction.

    Just wanna express my heartfelt thanks that your footnotes are something that I look forward to as I get to learn all the proverbs, vocabulary and poems that I wouldnt be able to grasp in a century and spelt in pinyin too. Do you know that I was delirious with joy when I say the pinyin besides the Chinese word? Do continue with your footnotes and pinyin when you embark on your next translation project, it helps improve our grasp and understanding in the fastest way possible in fact it is like tutoring albeit instead of starting at the lowest rung, we are catapulted to the top rung…….hehe…….

    Kudos to you! Will go and read chp 6 and peppered you with comments!

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  4. Ooh your deduction does make sense, I didn’t actually think that far into it hahaha
    And you are very welcome, I’m glad that that you made a comment about the footnotes, because honestly I wasn’t sure if they were of much use to my readers haha, so I’m rather thankful that you’re enjoying the little lessons from them. And don’t worry, I will be continuing to add the pinyin in the footnotes in future projects 🙂

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