妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Five (Part 1)

Hey guys~ hope everyone had a nice Chinese New Year! We still have celebrations coming up over the weekend but I’ve made time to make a quick update 🙂 I was reading through the comments and I guess everyone agrees that Liu Feng needs some good kicking hahaha. But of course our lovely heroine here isn’t one to look down on either XD
Also I probably should have left a little warning earlier, but this novel does have some hot scenes coming up in later chapters, it’s not much but I still hope that there isn’t any innocent souls out there that’s going to be reading it.



Qu Qing Yin comes back with ice, and sees a certain someone looking rather urgent. She grunts, directly throwing the bag of wrapped ice towards him.

Liu Feng extends his hand to catch it, and extends his hand again to grab onto her. With a slight use of force, he easily pulls her into his arms again, sitting her on top of his lap. “After hitting someone, you should at least take care of the aftermath, quickly help me tend to my face, it’s already all swollen up now.”

Qu Qing Yin raises her hand, gritting her teeth as she says to him, “You want me to reward you with another slap, that way your left and right cheeks will be similarly swollen?”

Liu Feng stuffs the bag of ice into her hand, using her hand to apply the ice to his face, “If you are not afraid of causing a huge commotion, then naturally I shall happily walk out too.”

How could Qu Qing Yin possibly sit in his arms willingly, she was struggling to get up.

“Qing Yin.” Liu Feng vigorously hooks her in by the waist, his voice showing his constraint. In her ear he speaks in tone that only the two can hear: “Stop moving around.”

Qu Qing Yin’s entire face flames up, she had already noticed the changes in his body, picking up the ice pack in her hand and smashing it into his chest several times, intolerably shouting: “Lecherous!”

“This is the normal reaction of a man.” Liu Feng also felt a little embarrassed, but he still had to clarify this.

Qu Qing Yin could not hold back and raises her hand once again.

Liu Feng turns his right cheek towards her, “If you are willing then go ahead and hit it.”

Seeing such scoundrel attitude of his, she really did not know what kind of reaction she should be showing him, and instead, directly places the ice pack on the restless part of his lower body.

Liu Feng takes a breath, tightening his hold on her, saying into her ear: “Be careful you don’t destroy your own happiness for the latter half of your life.”

How can this man be so shameless to such extent?

Qu Qing Yin could not hit, but not hitting, her heart would be angered to death. In the end she could only grab hold of the ice pack and bitterly stick it to his face.

To have her apply the ice on him, the desires in Liu Feng’s heart drops a lot. When his face got iced once again, he felt so much more comfortable.

“How could you suddenly become so shameless?” She could not hold back the mumbles.

Liu Feng speaks with feigned righteousness: “I had just suddenly realised using the righteous gentleman approach towards you, I would become too passive. I have a friend that once said, the reason why a womaniser can get so many women, is because he is shameless enough to do so.”

“Pei.” Qu Qing Yin directly spat out at him. “Which asshole told you such thing?” For the sake of all the women in the world, she is going to get rid of this public hazard – free of charge!

“For now, I cannot tell you.”

The look in Qu Qing Yin’s eyes changes like crashing wave. Smiling as she leans into him, she places her left hand on top of his heart, seductively breathing out the words: “If you tell me now, I shall reward you with something advantageous.”

The refined lady suddenly turning alluringly devilish, the impact caused could only be so substantial. Liu Feng had almost lost control again. “What advantage?” Right now, it’s best to negotiate the bargain.

“What advantage do you want?”

Having been hooked in by those alluring eyes like that of a demoness, he lacks the will to break free from her enchantment, painstakingly keeping his mind as clear as possible, he hoarsely sounds: “How about I sleep at your room tonight?”

“Sure.” Qu Qing Yin coolly agrees straight away. Her left hand acting even more unrestrained as it slithers to the back of his neck, hooking on. Just a tiny bit more and her lips would have plastered itself on top of his, “So what’s your answer?”

“Ji Chui Yu.”

“Nicknamed ‘the man who doesn’t love’[1], the womaniser Ji Chui Yu?”


“Great.” Within a moment, Qu Qing Yin removes herself from her alluring demoness demeanour, her face instantly cold like ice, as she separates herself from him with additional distance.

This before and after image really is like the difference between the heavens and earth! “So about tonight?”

“You come sleep in my room, I’ll sleep in yours.” The front half of her sentence had his soul sent flying to heaven, whilst the latter half was a direct hit, knocking him back down to his senses.

Should have known earlier that things would not go as smoothly she says, Liu Feng shakes his head, suddenly looking at her thoughtfully.

Qu Qing Yin’s sleepy eyes adds to her cold expression, looking as though she has not slept.

“Qing Yin, when you used to hunt down criminals, did you ever pretend to be a seductress?”

Just then, for her to act it out so smoothly as if it is how she generally behaves every day, there must be a catch.

“So what if I did?”

Liu Feng’s hands clenches, for the first time he had the desire to kill. “Words going around states that gentleman Xiao Yao would never kill.” She raises her brows at him in a rather mocking way.

Liu Feng does not laugh, only looking at her with profound respect, “What if I leave them suffering a fate better dead than alive?”

Qu Qing Yin chuckles out loud, “So there was still this option, but too bad, those that have made me resort to this tactic, have generally died a brutal death, if you wish to find them, you can only go and negotiate with Lord Yan (Judge of the Underworld).” She was not done speaking, “Right now, have you decided how you would like to die?”

Liu Feng laughs, slipping to her ear side, “How about I die on top of you?”

Qu Qing Yin raises her hand wanting to slap him across the face.

Liu Feng laughs and grabs hold of her hand, squinting his eyes at her, “You really used this move on other people before?”

Qu Qing Yin raises her brows.

“Answer me.” He speaks in a dignified manner.

“What’s it got to do with you?” As if she can be bothered with him.

Turning her face towards him, he very seriously looks her in the eyes, one word by one word, he speaks: “I want the truth.”

Qu Qing Yin reaches up to break his hold on her, he perseveres with a tight grip, clenching at her chin, causing her pain, she could not help but to reach up and hit him, “It hurts, let go.”

“Answer me.”

“So what if I did? So what if I didn’t?”

“Fine let the past be bygones, from now on you must never use this tactic again.”

“As if I need your care.” Angered, her chin clenched by him is hurting to death.

Liu Feng suddenly laughs again, letting go of her chin, he hugs her and says: “With your skills, sharing a bedroom would be too much of a concern, but, these sets of skills you have learnt, all touches upon the crucial essences, even my soul would have been gouged out by you.”

“Let go. Who let you be so outrageous?” Must this person’s hands always be on her?

Liu Feng laughs as he releases her, allowing her to get up, and grabs the fallen ice pack to continue tending to his face.

Qu Qing Yin straightens out her slightly messed up outfit, unable to stop herself from looking at a certain someone with a bitter glare. That dear friend actually had the decency to laugh even more joyously.

“Qing Yin, tonight I will really be going to your room to sleep.”

“Go ahead.”

He continues applying the ice to his face as he walks up to her side. “How about you don’t go either, let us stay together.”

Qu Qing Yin grabs hold of a teacup from the stone table and glares at him.

Liu Feng knew better to take two steps back, laughing along as he says, “Just joking, but, are you really going to go and trouble Ji Chui Yu?”

“You have a problem?”

“No, no,” he dryly coughs twice, “His martial arts is not weak, you should be careful, but, don’t you ever use that tactic on him. Temporarily, I do not have any intentions to slay him.”

With but one move, Qu Qing Yin had the cup in hand slamming into the stone table, the cup may not have entirely gone in, but the mouth of the cup is flatly in line with the surface.

Such a beautiful move!

Liu Feng completely understands now, this no-nonsense lady, if he continues teasing her again, looks like he will be the one to suffer the terrible consequences in the end.

People need to understand and accept the truth.


b dark

Shi Fu was indeed correct, once a person tears off the skin on their face [2], then there is nothing they cannot do. Seeing a certain someone help himself in through the window, uninvited at night, this was what went through Qu Qing Yin’s mind.

“You want to switch rooms to sleep in?” She looks at him, very calmly asking, casually re-tying the belt of her outfit.

Liu Feng did little to avoid the hindsight meaning of those words, just staring straight ahead: “Get dressed, we are going out.”

Qu Qing Yin raises her eyebrows, “Going out?”

Liu Feng leans against the table in front of the window, arms crossed in front of his chest, sparkling eyes looking directly at her, “When I close my eyes, all I see is you seducing me in broad daylight. There is no way I can sleep, so I just came to get you to come admiring the moon with me.”

“You’re the one who can’t sleep, not like I can’t sleep. Go admire it yourself.”

“Looking at the moon would also just make me think of you. If you were to accompany me then that should not happen.”

Qu Qing Yin tilts her head as she looks at him, then looks at the already prepared bed, casually walking up to the bed, she sits down. Directly sending him a smile, “How about, you come sleep with me?”

Liu Feng relentlessly pounds at his chest several times, appeasing his restless heart, asking her with a sigh: “Is this how you blatantly make me feel bad?”

“I mean it, let’s sleep together, if you can withstand it then come.”

Liu Feng was really shocked, “You……”

“I need to sleep. I definitely will not be going out to accompany you admire the moon.”

“You sure you know what you’re saying?”

Qu Qing Yin runs her hand through her loose hair, blandly speaking: “I know. I already said, as long as you can withstand it, then you can come sleep with me, if you have no self-confidence, then go admire the moon by yourself.”

“Just so that you don’t need to come out and admire the moon with me, you are willing to let me sleep in the same bed as you?” He feels as though it must be him who is hearing wrong.

“Can’t I?”

Liu Feng slaps himself in the head, feeling that his own moral bottom line is being challenged once again. “If I really go ahead and sleep with you, do you understand the consequences of this?”

Qu Qing Yin plays with her long hair, and looks at him skeptically, saying: “In the deepest hours of night, instead of sleeping you climb into my room through the window, trying to make me go out to admire the moon with you. The consequences of others finding out about this, is there any difference?”

Hearing this, he rubs his nose, unamused.

“What’s your decision?”

Liu Feng looks out of the window, then looks at the bed. He finds that no matter what decision he makes, both are wonderful ideas. “You wouldn’t regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“Your decision.”

“I won’t regret it. What’s your decision then?”

Liu Feng turns and shuts the window, Qu Qing Yin lifts her feet and lays down on the bed, leaving the outer spot for him.

Once Liu Feng walks up to the bed, he inwardly sighs to himself. He does not know himself whether this decision is correct. If halfway through the night he breaks the rules of propriety, then it looks like he will get to see what the rumoured Ling Long Dao is like.

Speaking of which, this is strange, when he was staying in his own room, his mind was full of her sultry attitude that had him trapped in enchantment, but now that he is really sharing a room with her, his heart has cleared up its conscience.

Her breathing is steady, proving that she is indeed calm at heart.

“Qing Yin.”

“Just sleep.”

“Why do you dare to do this?”

“Want to know?”


“When you were deeply thinking in the room, there were no sense of crisis, but once you have laid next to me, you would be thinking about the possibility of such crisis, in the end nothing happened.”

“Today, had it been someone else, would it have been the same?” He suddenly felt agitated.

“Heng.” Qu Qing Yin lets out a cold scoff, “What do you think?”

Liu Feng immediately understands that he has asked a stupid question, and could only rub his nose, “Do you think the Mount Zi Ying Manor’s incident is the rapist’s doings?”

“You already have an answer for that, do you not?”

“Say, who do you think would use the rapist’s name to do such thing?”

“I do not solve problems for others for free.”

“It isn’t good for girls to get lost in money issues.”

“I only know that going in accordance of labour, search, and payment is perfectly justified.”

“No exceptions?”

“No, definitely not. If it is you asking, then I would even increase the price.”


“Because I am happy with that.” What can he do?

Liu Feng could do nothing but sigh, both hands folded on his belly, staring above the bed to organise his thoughts.

Besides him, the person’s breathing gradually grew evenly stretched out, falling into deep sleep.

Liu Feng silently laughs, she actually feels too at ease around him, or is it that she is too confident in herself?

Having walked the Jiang Hu for so many years, to meet a lady like her is really the first, behaviour ever so changeable, acting in ways far beyond that of others’ expectations, but once you think about it, it is actually really reasonable.

Her temper can be said to contain adequate mood swings, and does not keep to many rules of etiquette. Between good and evil, she is a paradox of both. A person like this, often acts fearlessly, probably for good, on the contrary also probably for evil. Good or bad, depends on how she is feeling, what mood she is in.

Just like tonight, she did not feel like admiring the moon with him, and so directly suggests to sleep with him instead, such act, even demonesses of the evil cults, may not necessarily be able to pull off, but granted she did it so naturally, righteously and justifiably.

To like a lady like this, Liu Feng feels that he needs plenty of spirit. Because she could very possibly treat him with such tenderness one moment, and cross swords with him the next.

Er…… maybe he should go to the temple to pray, perhaps it will be more secure that way?

[1] Once again had to alter the translation here slightly. Whilst I referred to Ji Chui Yu’s nickname as ‘the man who doesn’t love’, Xi Meng actually uses a more lengthy phrase – passing through a million flowers, yet nothing allures him or wàn huā cóng zhong guò, piàn yè bù zhān shēn / 万花丛中过, 片叶不沾身 which means that although he attracts many beauties (welcomes them even), he himself has never fallen into the love trap.

[2] To tear off the skin on your face – as gory as it may sound – it actually means to rid yourself of feeling any shame. I think it’s easier to understand such phrases if you understand the notion of ‘face’ in Chinese culture, which is quite hard for me to explain here. I would like to say it’s about dignity and respect of oneself, but it also goes way beyond that.


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  1. Happy New Years! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

    Liu Feng should exercise caution from now on lol. It was pretty cool how she slammed the cup in the table o(^_^)o


    1. Aw thank you, I don’t know if you celebrate but I hope you had a nice time too haha
      Qing Yin is just so cool, I really wish that we’d actually get to see a fight scene with her flashy moves but unfortunately we don’t get much

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      1. Do you think she’ll have a fight seen later in the story?

        I had a nice New Years though I lost some sleep time because of the firecracker (⌒▽⌒)


  2. How shameless of him, did not really expect that from his charater the moment he was introduced. I actually think it was too lenient and careless of her to let him sleep in the same bed as hers. That logic she used is not reliable, you will be in trouble if you get too careless lady. But well, guess she will disappear from him antime now right?


    1. I was half expecting him to turn out rather shameless thanks to the desciption of the novel, just didn’t think it was to this extent haha. And well, whilst I agree Qing Yin is too lenient on him, I think we come to understand here that she has in fact taken some sort of liking to him. I mean Qing Yin is definitely not one to just allow any man sleep in the same bed as her, that and she is just really daring when it comes to trusting her own instincts.
      As for the disappearing bit, that part of the plot was thrown in rather randomly if I have to be honest, and it doesn’t come till a lot later on

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  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for your update.
    Lui Feng is seriously shameless, but admittedly I still laugh at the scene.
    Can`t wait for the next one!


    1. No problem, and hope you had a happy Chinese new year too! ^_^
      Hahaha whilst guys like that really annoy me in real life, I can’t help but to find them so amusing in novels XD his shameless act really did brought on quite a bit of laugh hahaha

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  4. This guy better stay on his toes. She is a very interesting Character. I think the chase will be fun. Thank you for the translation. Have a great weekend.


  5. Thanks for updating! And dont worry I am no ‘innocent’ soul. Hahahah. It’s fun how Liu Feng is so shameless towards her, but gentlemanly on others. They’re a match! They’re both a ‘paradox’.


    1. Hahahahahaha that’s good to hear XD And right? They definitely do match too well, just that Liu Feng appears a tad too sly with his change of character here but ah well I don’t mind as long as it brings on the laughs haha

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  6. Wing Yin rocks! I almost died laughing she she put ice on his ‘junior.’ Lmao.

    The guys is so shameless but I think he has met his much.


  7. The face part is really to tear off that dignified ‘face’ he has on, and becoming a fool and shameless person. lol. I find that happens to a lot of Chinese light novels. One good example would be Demonic King chases his Wife.


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