妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Four (Part 2)

I guess it’s about time that Liu Feng makes a move on the female lead, although his way of doing so isn’t the best idea haha! Anyways, I’m a little late, but happy valentines! 🙂 And as always, hope you enjoy reading~



Qu Qing Yin started to snack on the seeds he had bought her, cracking them with her front teeth as she casually says, “Are you suspicious of me?” This awareness makes her feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Would you be angry?”

“No.” Denying it far too quickly, made her suddenly feel as though she had made a lame attempt to hide something, causing her to slightly feel nervous.

Liu Feng had apparently thought this also, his eyes immediately lighting up.

Qu Qing Yin returns to a calm state of mind, slowly spitting out the shell, and asks back, “Why should I be angry at an irrelevant person?” That’s right, he is an irrelevant person, there is no need for her to be angry.

Liu Feng can only shake his head as he looks at her, this lady can sometimes be so foulmouthed to the point it makes others angry. On one hand she says she is not angry, on the other hand she throws a sharp jab at you, all whilst looking as though she has done nothing wrong. “I wouldn’t say I’ve gone as far as suspicious, I just don’t understand something.”

Qu Qing Yin held far less interest in those words than she does with the seeds in hand, so she does not speak. “How about you tell me honestly, that way it will save me from guessing around.”

“To have nothing to begin, yet managed to provoke the alighting of dust.” She lifts her head to eye him cynically, “Have you stuck your nose in that many matters that you are starting to have problems, nothing going on yet you spend the whole day guessing around, thinking too much?”

“Qing Yin-ah……”

Qu Qing Yin did not bother with him, continuing to crack her seeds.

Liu Feng turns his body over, and rolls up to her side, lifting his head to look at her, “Borrow your leg as a pillow for a bit, how’s that?”

Qu Qing Yin blandly looks at him, “Nothing much.”

“You don’t look very happy.”

“There is a man treating me with intents of misconduct, how could I be happy?” Is this how he behaved with such indecency to attract all those flowers[1]?

“A fair lady, a gentleman’s good match, is that wrong?”

“Not wrong,” she slowly speaks on without haste, “But the question is, must the fine lady comply?”

Liu Feng laughs out loud, both hands cushioning his head as he looks up at the white clouds in the blue sky, leisurely saying, “And here I thought you would continue acting as though you didn’t get it.”

“Originally I indeed didn’t get it,” she scrunches up her brows, “But since you already said it so clearly, I cannot possibly not get it.” Seems like things are not like how she had thought.

“Didn’t get it?” Liu Feng laughs again, “I guess that’s true.”

Seeing his smile, Qu Qing Yin was troubled. If he is keeping her by his side because he likes her, then would it not be even more of a hassle to get rid of him?

Shi Fu once said, sometimes being liked by someone is not necessarily that great of a matter. She believes this pretty much sums up how she feels right now.

Upon returning, Liu Feng and Qu Qing Yin could feel a subtle vibe in the manor.

“Hero Liu, you’re finally back, something went wrong!” The envoy hurriedly runs up to report.

Hearing such words, Liu Feng dares not to delay, rushing inside with flying steps. Qu Qing Yin hesitates for a moment, then follows after him.

Only when the two people were given the details, did they find out that the rapist had actually kidnapped a female member of the Mount Zi Ying Manor, at a place not far from Dan Xia Valley. His attitude is far too arrogant.

“This is provoking fellow members of the Wu Lin, he is blatantly looking down on everyone here!” Someone furiously slams the table.

Deep inside Qu Qing Yin lets out a sigh, Mo Zi Qi has long been lawless. If not, he would not have outraged people to the point where the long absent Mount Zhong Yi Manor had to once again hold an ‘elimination of evil’ bounty hunt.

“The problem is, this female disciple was not on the list he had given.” Someone says, confused.

Hearing this, she could not help but frown, did anyone say you must follow the guidelines? Some people from the righteous sects really has brains that are far too fossilised, no wonder why Shi Fu would always scoff at them.

“The evil demon’s twisted ways were never supposed to be inferred using common sense.”

“But before this he did in fact target those that are on the list.”

“In fact I think……”

Everyone was acting as their own judge to every word said, there were no consensus at all.

So when Jiang Hu people hold meetings, this is what the real situation looks like, Qu Qing Yin could truly feel the disappointment from deep within her heart.

Really is better known than seen, as people we should not get too curious, luckily she did not go in and was only employed to stand outside to listen. If not, had she wanted to leave, then that wouldn’t have looked good.

Thinking up to that point, Qu Qing Yin turns around, returning to the courtyard of her temporary living quarters alone. Sitting at the courtyard’s stone table by herself, with her head resting in her hands, she looks at the rosa chinensis (China rose) amongst the flower garden, thinking to herself.


He says he likes her?

What does he like about her?

Thinking about it now, what part of her is worth him liking?

When it comes to appearance she cannot compare to Shui Su Yun, even more so with Li Fei Yan. When it comes to family background and sect she is under then it is not even worth mentioning. If there’s anything to mention then, it can pretty much be said with just seven words — good and evil aren’t of equal standing.

Her real identity is actually what Jiang Hu people most often speak of as that particular – demoness!

It is just that, so far she has always been able to hide it very well.

However, once this incident comes to an end, looks like this demoness identity of hers would be nailed to the board, with no more possibility of changing. That is why taking care of that bounty hunt and then washing her hands clean off this line of work to become a wealth holder is not a bad idea at all.

But just like Liu Feng had said, she cannot have guaranteed success. Right now, Mo Zi Qi martial arts skills is exceedingly high. Looks like he has been practicing the evil arts of an unorthodox sect. Such evil skills could very possibly have eighty-ninety percent chance that it is related to the spiritual development of yin and yang alike, martial arts like this could enhance the inner energy by one thousand li a day. It sure does causes a lot of headaches, so difficult to make a decision.

Liu Feng was already standing at the entrance of the courtyard for some time now, he did not hurry his way in. On the contrary, he has the leisurely carefree mood to lean against the doorway, admiring the beauty bathed in the sunset.

Is this the look of one’s lover in the eye of the beholder? The more he looks at her now, the more pleasant she seems, always causing his heart to feel so ticklish. A man of honour also has a man of honour’s difficulties, to face one whose beauty is as attractive as the flowers and still have to endure a life of hollow affection. Had he have been a Casanova then his current situation would have been much easier to handle.

“Qing Yin.” In the end he speaks out, shattering the wonderful image of the beauty bathed in the sunset.

“What are you thinking about all alone there, causing you to get lost in your thoughts?”

“What goes on in a girl’s mind, is it something that can casually be told to others?” Her voice carried a rather quiet approach as she asks back.

“What goes on in a girl’s mind?” Liu Feng softly says and laughs, “Did I disrupt the tranquil spring lake?” (Note: He’s asking if he had disrupted her dirty thoughts XD)

Qu Qing Yin glares at him, her face involuntarily heating up.

Liu Feng laughs even more joyfully, pulling her hand to make her sit back down by the stone table, he takes the teapot on the table and pours himself a cup of tea.

“I was only joking, no need to be mad.”

“Does anyone simply joke around like that?” This is already considered sexual harassment. Shi Fu was right, no matter how much of a gentleman one is, a man’s genes are imbedded with such wretched nature.

“Calm down, calm down. I’ll use tea in place of wine, and shall self-punish myself with this cup in apology, how’s that?” He laughs as he toasts her.

Qu Qing Yin points at the teapot, saying: “Drink down the whole pot.”

“Okay okay, as you say.” After saying that, he really takes the whole teapot, drinking from its spout.

Although Qu Qing Yin was still a little angry at him, seeing him like this, all anger dissipates, her face involuntarily revealing a smile.

Liu Feng downs all the tea in one go, wiping his mouth, he smiles at her, “That’s right, look how much more attractive you are when laughing, although your reproachful look is also very beautiful.”

“You……” How could this person be increasingly less decent?

Liu Feng looks at her, his eyes darkening, “Actually there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

She didn’t even manage say the word “what” yet, and his hand had already touched her face, stroking her facial features, lastly stopping at her lips.


Qu Qing Yin freezes, and only after a moment did she react, reaching up to swat away his perverted hand[2].

Liu Feng blocks with his left hand, preventing the brutal force from her hand. Turning it over, he places her hand into his gentle hold, the right hand on her lip slightly rubs it a bit, dumbly saying, “Did you apply some blush?”

“Let go.” Qu Qing Yin was seriously angry.

Yet Liu Feng still laughs, “Always looking so impassive, only now are you a lot more lively with your actions.”

Qu Qing Yin with her left hand in hold, this time could only use her right hand to attack.

Liu Feng didn’t even flinch, with one move of his hand, her entire body fell into his embrace, and with only a flash of light between, he had accurately taken her in, placing a kiss onto her lips.

Qu Qing Yin did not expect him to take such action, her whole body freezing in shock, and Liu Feng takes the opportunity to suck on her lips a few more times.

A “pa” sound rings through the air, a noteworthy slap, rewarding gentleman Xiao Yao’s handsome face.

Qu Qing Yin stares at him angry and shamed, the hand that hit him slowly clenches into a fist, then covers her own lips.

Liu Feng had but not the slightest look of anger, a smile showing in his eyes at the look of her cheeks slowly reddening, rendering her into none other than a tender state.


Suddenly hearing a cry, tenderly denouncing the two people in one’s eyes, they both immediately look towards the source of sound.

Qu Qing Yin was thinking, I haven’t even scolded yet and someone says it before me? This is just too overwhelming.

Contrarily, Liu Feng was thinking, a pleasant moment had been interrupted.

Standing at the entrance of the courtyard were two young ladies who had clearly took to their efforts to dress up. If Li Fei Yan is like a peony in full bloom, then Shui Su Yun would even more be like a valley of orchids. Of spring flowers and the autumn moon, both have their own winning charms.

Qu Qing Yin wipes her lips with the back of her hand. Putting her hand down, she breaks free from Liu Feng’s embrace. Eyes looking back and forth from the three people, but says not a word.

Liu Feng opens his fan, looking at the two invited guests as calm as ever, he smiles and says: “Two ladies need something?”

Li Fei Yan points at Qu Qing Yin, speaking with a look of contempt: “Liu Feng, a woman like her who has no shame, you’re actually willing to keep her by your side?”

Qu Qing Yin’s eyes sank.

But Liu Feng laughs and says: “Lady Li is remarking the wrong person. Between man and woman in front of the flowers and under the moon, this is just affection between lovers nothing more. Can you actually say that every woman in the world is shameless then?”

Once Qu Qing Yin hears this, she thinks to herself that this world renowned hero is also a shameless scoundrel, black and white spouting out his mouth in reverse, who says she is affectionate with him? It is clearly him suddenly taking advantage of her.

Li Fei Yan was startled, looking at him in disbelief, and then looks at Qu Qing Yin, finally stomping her feet, “You like her?! You clearly know that I like you!”

“I thank lady for your love, but I really do not have the fortune to reciprocate it, may lady forgive me.”

Shui Su Yun at the side was already weeping, the image of a pear blossom bathed in rain[3] really looks so delicate and pitiful, striking a deep chord within one’s heart.

Qu Qing Yin involuntarily lifts her head to look at the sky. Ah~ it really is most difficult to endure the grace of a beauty.

“Both ladies have yet to say, have you come here for something?”

Li Fei Yan’s face carries a look on unacceptance, her words spoken with a punch in her tone, “My dad sent me to ask for you.”

Shui Su Yun followed with a nod of a head, “Me too.”

Qu Qing Yin did not want to hear anymore, turning around to return to her room. First he acts unruly towards her, now he has other women that are infatuated with him coming to the door. A man like that is such an asshole. To think that she had just bore the slightest bit of beautiful thoughts.

“Qing Yin, don’t return to your room yet. First go to find the envoy and help me get some ice to apply to my face. No matter what, you wouldn’t want me to go see people with half my face swollen right?” He sincerely albeit dramatically, points to his left cheek that had been slapped.

She could not help but to fiercely glare at him. This asshole actually thinks that this scene isn’t bad enough?

“Don’t get angry, quickly go get me some ice. If not this matter really would be known to the world.”

Qu Qing Yin thought about it and agreed. With his current outrageous virtue, looks like things really could get to the point where everyone knows. So although unwilling, she could only withstand the fuming flames in her heart and go find the envoy.

Once Liu Feng said that, Shui, Li, both girls also noticed his left cheek, both glaring towards Qu Qing Yin’s back view.

“She’s that unruly, how do you put up with it?” Li Fei Yan issues her words of injustice first.

Shui Su Yun follows after, saying: “Exactly, Hero Liu. How could she be like that, to hit so ruthlessly.”

Liu Feng laughs, dismissing his guests, “Both ladies may leave first. Wait till I have tended to my face and I shall go see both Master Shui and Master Li.”

Both girls’ hearts felt rather unwilling, but could only dismiss themselves first.

Once the two were gone, Liu Feng reaches up to touch his swollen left cheek, the corner of his lips pulled up high.

Not a bad taste, soft and gentle, kissing deeper, it also felt rather sweet. Wonder if she’s been eating candy. His only regret is when Shui, Li, both walked in at the wrong time, if not he should have been able to take more advantage[5] of a certain someone.

So unfortunate, ah, so unfortunate……

[1] Flowers obviously refers to the women he attracts, but Xi Meng actually uses the words peach blossom here, or táo huā / 桃花 which can mean to attract love. Don’t know if you ever heard of the term peach blossom luck or táo huā yùn / 桃花运? If not, those that are single might want to search it up ^_~ …just in time for Chinese New Years too haha

[2] The actual term that was used for perverted hand or a groper is what Chinese people call salty pig’s trotter or xián zhū shǒu / 咸猪手. Salty can also mean lecherous in Chinese whilst pigs have generally had this connotation of being a pervert as seen with characters like the famous Zhu Baijie in Journey to the West, or if you’re not familiar with that novel/drama franchise, then Oolong from Dragonball who was based on him.

[3] Pear blossom bathed in rain or lí huā dài yǔ / 梨花带雨 refers to a weeping beauty.

[5] The actual term used for taking advantage of someone in such way is chī nèn dòu fu / 吃嫩豆腐, literal translation – to eat soft tofu.

Ooh I’m so excited to see what you guys think of this chapter, though I’d understand if it’s not all positive hahaha. Oh and I just wanted to say that, I know I’ve been scheduling to post up a full chapter a week but on top of Chinese new years, I also have assessment deadlines coming up next week so I most likely wouldn’t be updating. Wish everyone a happy Chinese new years! Hope those who celebrate it receive lots and lots of money haha

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  1. He is shameless and he attracts too much attention. I do like their interactions and we got a kiss and it’s only chapter 4. Even though it wasn’t under the best circumstances, but at least there is some progress. Thanks for you update!


  2. Oohhhh, although this makes me grinning like crazy, I still think that Qing Yin should give him some lessons to attack a maiden like that. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Really is better known than seen, as people we should not get too curious, luckily she did not go in and was only employed to stand outside to listen.
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  5. Let’s face it..he was only called as shameless because he’s handsome. If he’s not, she’d already beaten him half dead for sexual harrasment. 🙄 ~le sigh~ this world we live in..prioritising face and not conduct 😒


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