妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Four (Part 1)

Right after meeting Li Fei Yan and cooly putting her in her place, Qing Yin runs into the other mosquito…yep, Shui Su Yun’s back guys! Haha. But don’t worry, with our witty female lead here, this first half of the chapter is full of laughs. Two K.O’s in a row, Qing Yin is on the roll here XD Enjoy reading~~



Qu Qing Yin was not walking very fast, so Liu Feng was able to easily catch up to her.

“If I continue walking around with you, I could very well become known as an evil person.” She turns her head, looking at him with a smile that’s not really a smile.

Liu Feng did not approve of the way she spoke, saying, “If you want to be a nice person who could possibly stop you?”

Her right hand plays with the silver chains on her waist, speaking in a relaxed tone, “Shi Fu once said, be it a good person, be it a bad person, as long as I’m happy, then its fine.”

“Your Shi Fu is a wise person.” Liu Feng looks around, “You must have not eaten much before, I’ll go buy some food, and then we’ll go and find somewhere to eat.”

“That’ll be good.”

“You go wait in front for me, I’ll be back soon.”


Qu Qing Yin watches him walk away, puffing out her lips, she draws her hands to her back, leisurely walking forwards, but not long after she stops in her tracks.

As the saying goes, enemies narrows your path. She had run into Shui Su Yun, and the way Shui Su Yun was looking at her was full of resentment. With her, were not only Fei Ying Bao’s guards, but also the addition of a few young men. By looks of it they’re her fellow brothers from the same guild.

“Senior Brother, it’s her.”

Hearing those words, Qu Qing Yin was a little surprised. She does not believe that she had done anything of such great offence to that Shui missy, how is it that she has to engage in a feud with her?

“Lady, so it was you who treated my Junior Sister with disrespect?”

“If that’s how you’re going to put it, then there seems to be such case.” Qu Qing Yin thought about it deeply, even then she could not recognise what offense she has done.

“That’s right.” The young man in blue unsheathes his sword.

Qu Qing Yin takes a look at Shui Su Yun, and then looks at the man who took the courage to stand up for his junior sister. Looks like ever since she had met Liu Feng, things just keep moving in strange directions, each and every one appearing to be so unreasonable. Now, she finally understands, Liu Feng that rascal is basically a walking disaster.

It is just like Shi Fu says, popular men, no matter if they did or didn’t initiate the provocation, would always be the cause of many problems, if possible it’s best to stay away from them. Now, she sees that these words cannot be anymore correct, be it Shui Su Yun or Li Fei Yan, they all treat her with hostility because of Liu Feng.

“What are you trying to do?” She purposely asks in a clueless manner.

As expected, these words made the by-standing Jiang Hu people to laugh out loud, the opposing person had already drew his sword, yet she still asks what he’s trying to do? This lady really is a tad too stupid.

“Draw your sword.” The young man in blue says.

Qu Qing Yin looks at her own hands, honestly shaking her head, “I have no sword.”

“Then take out your weapon, I Ge Fei Xiong will not attack an unarmed person.”

“Sister of the Qu family, what’s going on?” At that moment, Zhang Shan’s voice suddenly intervenes.

“Brother Zhang.” Qu Qing Yin, in regards to this situation at hand, did not even know where to start explaining, whatever she say will just come out weird, might as well not say anything.

“Senior Zhang.” As soon as Ge Fei Xiong sees Zhang Shan he is shocked beyond words, and can only respectfully greet him. He looks towards Qu Qing Yin alarmed, he doesn’t understand, what kind of connection does this lady share with Qi Shi Er Lian Huan Wu?

Zhang Shan sweeps his gaze across Shui Su Yun, not even bothering with them, and only speaks to Qu Qing Yin, “Where’s Brother Liu? Why is he not with you, causing these unknowledgeable amateurs to carelessly clamour around you?”

Those words made Ge Fei Xiong’s face turn red, Shui Su Yun’s face was not looking too good either.

Qu Qing Yin did not know how to respond, and could only let out a little laugh.

“Qing Yin, Brother Liu.” The central character in this situation, Liu Feng, finally appears.

“Brother Liu, as the envoy of this beauty you really are too incompetent. Others are already challenging her upfront, yet you are nowhere to be seen.”

Liu Feng walks up to Qu Qing Yin’s side, handing over the things in hand to her. “Here. A roasted pigeon, five spice smoked chicken, and some fried melon seeds for you to snack on.”

Qu Qing Yin suddenly went speechless, this Liu Feng is kidding right?

Zhang Shan heartily laughs out loud, “Brother Liu, are you trying to feed Sister Qu like a pig right now?”

Liu Feng laughs and says, “Fattening her up wouldn’t be so bad,” nobody will steal her that way. The latter half of the sentence he kept to himself.

Shui Su Yun watches as the three people completely ignores her, her face turning worse by the second.

And only then did Liu Feng take notice of them, speaking with slight surprise, “What’s happened? When did Qing Yin ever cross the Fei Ying Bao?”

“She has treated my junior sister with disrespect, she even admitted so herself.” Ge Fei Xiong works up his courage to say. Although he does not know what kind of background this girl comes from, to have the backing of two of Wu Lin’s most skilled pugilists, but his junior sister’s hurt feelings, he definitely cannot ignore.

Liu Feng laughs, casting a look of disapproval at the person beside him, he says, “Honestly speaking, the words that comes out of her mouth are not exactly pleasant. That’s because in this world, words of truth are just better off said than that of lies. And she only likes to speak the truth, so for others to find her words unpleasant is no surprise.” Qu Qing Yin was sure that he was not singing her praises.

Zhang Shan loudly laughs, “This personality of Sister Qu I like, to be able say whatever you want. These days, are people not allowed to speak the truth?”

Shui Su Yun angrily speaks out, “She’s looking down on our Fei Ying Bao, do you really think this is a simple matter of speaking the truth?”

Qu Qing Yin widens her eyes in surprise, “When did I ever look down on Fei Ying Bao?” How is it that she herself is not aware of this?

“You said so yourself at the mountain temple, saying our Fei Ying Bao is merely mediocre. You are looking down on us.”

Qu Qing Yin looked even more confused, turning to ask Liu Feng, “I said that?”

“At that time what you said was ‘If people of Fei Ying Bao all do things your way, I believe the decline in business is but a matter of time, if it’s like that, then what’s there for me to be afraid of?’, if one was to understand that as looking down on Fei Ying Bao, then it makes sense.” His memory isn’t bad.

Shui Su Yun, as though grabbing onto the most powerful evidence, confidently exclaims, “You see! Hero Liu also says so. You are clearly looking down on our Fei Ying Bao!”

Qu Qing Yin nods, “Fine then, so what is there for me to look up to in this esteemed guild? This scene in front of me?” She understatedly counters back. “Shi Fu once said, if a girl has been spoilt far beyond reach, then it’s the same as sending her to her death, I guess your father surely doesn’t understand this principle.”

Shui Su Yun stifles, feeling wronged, tears forming in her eyes, “You you……”

Qu Qing Yin was not done with her words, “But if you think about it this way, if by chance your father has someone he resents so much, then he can marry you off to them with no regrets. That way he can easily ruin the opposition’s whole family. Revenge without firing a shot, very cost-effective.”

“Pu-!” Someone could hold it in no longer, laughing out loud.

At that moment, Liu Feng could not hold back the fan in his hand, hitting it on her forehead, laughing as he speaks, “From what I see, your Shi Fu can marry you off to his enemy, you too can also cause wreckage amongst the opposition’s family without firing a shot.”

Qu Qing Yin suddenly felt a little embarrassed, lowering her voice a few notches, mumbling the words, “Shi Fu really has considered that before. I’ve been taught by him to the point where my lethality got a little out of hand.”

Liu Feng hits his fan onto his own head, should he be feeling a little sorry for himself here?

Zhang Shan guffawed to the extent of continuously slapping his own thigh. He even praises so well.

“But Shi Fu has also said, as a woman, rather than let others ruin you, it is better to ruin others.” Her face looking ever so innocent.

Zhang Shan complimented her with a round of applause, “Such words speaks of excellence, if I ever have a daughter I would most definitely teach her this. Rather wrong others, than have others wrong my daughter.”

Shui Su Yun could no longer hold back, roaring at her, “You actually dare to insult my daddy, we Fei Ying Bao definitely won’t let you get away with this!”

Qu Qing Yin remains unaffected, saying, “If you insist on this, I have nothing to say, though I do not wish to cause trouble, but that does not mean I am afraid of trouble.”

Shui Su Yun wanted to say more, but sees that the crowd around them was increasing in numbers. She becomes scared of the news spreading wide, and in the end can only bitterly leave with the others.

Qu Qing Yin asks Liu Feng, “For me to continue staying at the manor like this, would it really be alright?” She did indeed cause offence against two members of the manor’s esteemed guests.

“I don’t mind finding someplace else with you to stay at.” Did she really think that by provoking the Fei Ying Bao, she would not have to stay with him any longer?

Qu Qing Yin’s heart weighs heavy, looks like this isn’t going to work.

“I still have matters to attend to, so I shall leave first, if I have time I’ll go find Brother Liu to drink again.” Zhang Shan leaves with his underlings as he speaks.

“Brother Zhang take care.”

“Let’s go, we’ll go find somewhere to eat. Seriously, only left for a bit and you managed to cause such a huge commotion.” Liu Feng’s tone carried a sense of helplessness.

Qu Qing Yin felt that she was innocent also. “I was not the one who caused the situation.” She had even wanted to act as though she did not see Shui Su Yun and brush past her, unfortunately the other party was not happy to do so.

“But you had purposely allowed the situation to develop further.”

“I only went along with the flow.”

“You want to go against Fei Ying Bao that much?” He takes the greaseproof packages from her hand, leaving her with the bag of seeds, “Let’s go.”

“No,” Qu Qing Yin subconsciously keeps up with his pace, not forgetting to explain herself, “They had already challenged me upfront, I couldn’t possibly back down.”

“Fei Ying Bao’s master, are you familiar this person?”

“I know a little about him.”

“A little?” He turns to look at her.

Qu Qing Yin seriously nods, “This person is highly opinionated, overbearingly arrogant, hence Shui Su Yun being spoilt to this extent by him, this is no different from raising one to be crippled, I am still suspicious whether he is actually her birth father.”

The way she speaks, must she really answer every question asked, every word filled with such honesty too?

“You don’t look at me like that, I have said this before, words of truth are best said. Besides I believe that I should not have to hold back my words for someone who I don’t like, speaking with grace and respect.”

So towards those she does not care about, she takes on this kind of attitude? Liu Feng allows a laugh to escape his mouth.

Whilst speaking, the two people had already walked to the peaceful hills outside Dan Xia Valley. This place is the open wilderness, not a place that is easy to hide in, with great scenery.


Have to say that Liu Feng sure knows how to choose locations, to eat in a place like this, naturally puts you in a good mood.

He opens up all the greaseproof packages, laying them out on the ground, before sitting down and quickly calls her over.

Qu Qing Yin good heartedly sits to a side, grabbing two pieces of the roasted pigeon to eat at the same time, once done she reaches out again for the smoked chicken.

Liu Feng raises his brows at the sight, “You sure you don’t need to hold back a bit?”

“Who treats someone to eat and tells them to hold back?”

“Has your appetite always been this good?”

“I guess so, only by filling yourself up, will you have the energy. When given the chance to not let your stomach starve, it’s better to just not starve at all.”

“Looks like it is I who has mistreated your stomach.”

“You said it yourself, I didn’t say anything.”

“This principle of having self-awareness and self-knowledge, I at least have.”

Qu Qing Yin laughs and bites into the chicken drumstick, eating with an expression of worldly great taste.

Seeing her like this, his laughs pours out from deep inside his overwhelmed heart, unable to withhold the pressure within any longer.

From the very beginning, this lady has been able to strip his heart off all its defences, unknowingly allowing itself to grow to love her influence on him, as she falls deeper inside with every little step.

She has no intention, but he has the heart, because of this he makes up for it little by little, and by having her accompany him, he appears to have the upper hand right now, but can things really be this simple?

As a bounty hunter, she has specifically come to Dan Xia Valley yet has no intention to sign up for the bounty, this in itself is not a normal thing, and he believes this is not because she fears the rapist.

Although he also does not wish for her to sign up for the bounty, this is definitely something out of the ordinary.

But then again, the ‘ordinary’ is not something you often see come from her, this fact alone really causes people headaches.

“If I had not shown up at that time, would you have signed up for the bounty?” He finally asks her about the worry in his heart, regarding the moment when he had found her stood in front of the ‘elimination of evil’ bounty sign up.

Qu Qing Yin looks at him, “At the time I did indeed hesitate a little, it is after all a tempting sum of twenty thousand liang. By completing such a job, I can then just wash my hands clean off this line of work and become a wealth holder instead.” When speaking to someone of high intellect, sometimes it is better to speak only ninety percent truth and ten percent lies, only then is it adequate.

Liu Feng’s expression looks down, “Then have you considered the consequences of making a misstep?”

Qu Qing Yin laughs, “In this world wealth touches people’s heart, but there are few who can remain resistant.”

Liu Feng releases a relaxed breath, “If you are saying that, that means at that time you only hesitated a little, but had no intention to take on the bounty?”

“Not really.” The tone in her voice suddenly changes.

Liu Feng brows twitches, Qu Qing Yin’s reason for not continuing to speak with him, is because the chicken drumstick in hand was already finished, she takes out a handkerchief to wipe the grease from her hands, looking as though her mind is at peace.

“I have always been curious, what exactly have you come here to do?” Instead of speculating, it is better to just ask for a clear understanding, maybe she will tell the truth.

“Just to check it out.” She says it so naturally, in such a relaxed manner.

“You don’t like the lively crowd.” He directly debunks.

“But some lively crowds you just cannot help but to get drawn into, this is human nature.” She spots a strike and deflects them, all whilst remaining calm and composed.

Her answer is of a reasonable one, leaving Liu Feng dumbfounded.

…and that’s the last we see of Zhang Shan :/ I was hoping to see more of him, but guess not *sighs*. His little role in this confrontation scene between Qing Yin and Fei Ying Bao was just too good. Makes an entrance to help Qing Yin out, ends up getting the front row seat to see Qing Yin rip into them with that sharp tongue of hers. He clearly benefited from all of this the most with the best laughs XD

I’m also finding myself to love the quoting of her Shi Fu’s words too much now…such valuable life lessons hahaha they’re practically on par with the lessons of Confucius.

Remember ladies! Shi Fu says: “As a woman, rather than let others ruin you, it is better to ruin others.”


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  1. Lol, Liu Feng is definitely a walking disaster. Qing Yin’s master is really wise…Should take the advice into consideration. 😛

    Omg, I just love Qing Yin’s comebacks cuz the other party can’t say anything back to her!! >x<


    1. He definitely is haha guess this is just how it is to be so famous. Haha! I’ve already taken that advice to heart, so if I ever accidentally offend someone…*evil laughs* XD
      I think Qing Yin’s comebacks here is definitely the best one made throughout the novel hahaha

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    1. I think that although Qing Yin listens to her Shi Fu’s words, she most likely realised the importance of it even more after his death. I guess it’s her way of remembering him.
      But ooh what’s this anime about, I’ve barely been watching much anime nowadays, mostly keeping up with kuroko no basuke and diamond no ace, the sporty ones haha

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        1. Ahh will do ^_^ and I’ve heard really good things about pinocchio! But I just recently finished watching Nobunaga’s Concerto and the only drama I’m following right now is Kill Me Heal Me which is too good for words! >_<

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      1. Am not watching much anime too, not much time, only watching log horizon and just finished Pinocchio which i lovvvveeed so much, its a korean drama. Too many pending novels and translation to read, i wish there are 36 hours a day. I will use the extra hours finishing the pending stuff on my list.~>_<~

        Qing Yin is kick ass, my type of heroine.


  2. Just a suggestion to use more English terms because too much hanyu pinyin can be rather confusing since it can also refer to a person’s name. Eg “Ling Shi” can be “Your Shi Fu”, “Mei Zi” can be “Sister-in-law”.

    Qing Yin is really spot on in her suspicions, isn’t she?


    1. Thanks for the advice, I think that my mind works so inconsistently that I do do that for some things like when he refers to her father as ling mo but yeh, I’ll definitely keep that in mind, thanks again! ^_^ And really? I didn’t know that hahaha as in wife of your younger brother? What’s the official term for that in mandarin? In cantonese it’s di fu, I know that the addressment for your older brother’s wife is kinda similar to how we say it in canto – ah sou 阿嫂 – whilst in mando it’s sao zi 嫂子


  3. Their banter is the highlight of this novel. It’s refreshing when both leads are clever. I find that a lot of c-novels have OTPs with mismatched IQs. Thanks for your hard work!


  4. So glad I stumbled upon this, eagerly waiting for the next chapter. So refreshing to find such an intelligent heroine who is so witty and sharp in her retort…….loving every word of hers!


    1. Right! Haha! I’ve seen quite a few heroines that are sharp and witty but it’s the way that Qing Yin displays this by actually using her tongue and not just thinking it in her head that captures your interest even more


  5. I love Qing Yin’s sharp tongue and all her recollections of Shi Fu’s teachings! Haha, ruin rather than be ruined, I’d bear this in mind. LOL.


  6. Her shifu is so boss, how else would Qu Qing Yin turn out so amazing? haha i’m sure they made a great shifu-student pair, no one would’ve been able to beat them in a verbal exchange, lol.


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