妖女不妖 : The Demoness Is Not Evil Chapter Three (Part 2)

I’m so proud of myself to have found the image below. Tthe looks, the behaviour, and the cold attitude just fits in so so perfectly with how I imagine Qing Yin to be hahaha. Anyways, in this part of the chapter, we meet another pesky mosquito that Liu Feng had attracted. And I swear this guy is only ever attractting the overly spoilt brats, thank God Qing Yin isn’t one to bully, instead her cool retorts just makes reading this novel so much more fun. Enjoy~



Outside Mount Zhong Yi Manor, before the ‘elimination of evil’ bounty hunt sign up begins, the place is bustling with people. Using this Mount Zhong Yi Manor’s heroes gathering, many have come to join in the fun and at the same time, not forgetting to see if there is any money earning opportunities before the sign up.

Before the sign up, the place is just like being on a government official’s rewarding stand, always rewarded with the gold that the bounty hunters and people of Jiang Hu loves most. “I heard the top ten most rewarded bounty hunters have all come, if so it really is going to be really lively.”

“Who said that? That Ling Long Dao hasn’t even showed up right?”

Someone bursts into a wretched laugh, “No matter how great that Ling Long Dao is, she is still just a woman. The one we are dealing with this time is the rapist, the mortal enemy of women. Her not showing up is but a normal matter.”

Many laughs along.

“But I heard she is chasing down an evil villain outside of this.”

“News spread within the Jiang Hu are not always to be trusted, who knows whether that is truth or lie, not like anyone has seen the Ling Long Dao’s figure anyway.”

“Shuu~ watch your words when speaking, Ling Long Dao is not someone to be offended. According to rumours, ever since she stepped foot in the Jiang Hu, to this day, every job she has taken on has never been met with failure.”

Once those words were spoken, as expected, the people immediately pretended that nothing had happened and changed the subject.

They are all people who had experienced their own fair share of bloodshed, naturally they would understand that those who wanders the Jiang Hu – one careless slip of the tongue can lead them to their own fatality.

Standing outside of the crowd, observing the whole scene was Qu Qing Yin who had heard every word said, but did not let the least of it get to her.

This really is a huge movement, almost all of the top ten most rewarded bounty hunters had come, coupled with other sects, cults and scatters of other Jiang Hu people, even if he manages to harass someone, this would be enough of a headache for that rapist.

To become the mutual enemy of the entire Wu Lin, looks like the rapist’s days will not go as smoothly as it once did.

Qu Qing Yin looks in front towards the ‘elimination of evil’ bounty notice, slightly hesitant, two hundred thousand liang[1] bounty missed out on just like that, no matter what there will still be some regrets.

“With such degree of excitement it should be starting soon, time to head back.” Someone suddenly says.

Qu Qing Yin turns her head.

Liu Feng sways his fan as he walks over from the side, laughing ever so light-heartedly, “You came out to check out the lively crowd?” Could it be she really wants to take on the job? This little thought made his heart sink.

Mount Zhong Yi’s two guards sees Liu Feng, respectfully salutes him and leaves with good grace. With Wu Lin’s number one gentleman here, lady Qu’s safety would naturally be assured.

“To come to Dan Xia Valley and not see the sign up to eliminate evil, just seems to make one feel that this trip here is but an empty one.”

Liu Feng stands shoulder to shoulder with her and watches on for the soon to start announcement, lamenting, “Before this ‘elimination of evil’ bounty hunt, it hasn’t been this lively for such a long time.”

“Doesn’t that just go to show that the Jiang Hu has been at peace for too long?”

“That’s right, unfortunately now…….”

“Worldly matters are impermanent.”

“Let’s go, we didn’t have much of breakfast, and it is already fast approaching noon now. I’ll treat you to lunch.”

Qu Qing Yin was a little surprised, “Not returning to the manor?”

Liu Feng sways his fans, saying, “Within the manor we are guests, it is freer to be outside.”

She understands what he is saying, he must have noticed her own discomfort, who would have thought he is this attentive, this is surprisingly beyond her expectation.

“It is not like that, just not used to such warm hospitality.”

Liu Feng pauses the hand that was swaying his fan, and then smiles and says, “Zhang Shan, that person does not care about trifling matters, if by chance he had said something out of hand, please don’t let it get to you.”

“I wouldn’t, Zhong Piao Ba Zi isn’t a bad person.”

“Since you had already addressed him as Brother, from now on don’t change that addressment in front of him, he would not be happy with it.”

“Got it.”

In order to find some peace and quiet, the two people picked out a restaurant at the corner of the street, but because of this gathering, even this little shop had many customers.

They picked out a table in the corner to sit at, and ordered a few dishes. The worker goes to report their orders. Qu Qing Yin takes hold of the pot of hot tea on the table and washes the cups, pouring them both a cup of tea.

Swaying the fan in his hand, Liu Feng casually starts the conversation.

“Amongst the top ten most rewarded bounty hunters, nine are here, how could we still stand a chance.”

“You shouldn’t speak like that, the rapist is incomprehensible, also highly skilled in martial arts, if not, Mount Zhong Yi Manor would not have needed to organise this heroes gathering to send out this ‘elimination of evil’ order.”

“Such words are also correct.”

… “Amongst the bounty hunters, that mysterious sword (Dao) didn’t show up this time.”

“Probably scared of the rapist.”

“That is not right, since she is the most mysterious sword, and no one has seen her real appearance before, even if she did come, it is not like we would know.”

“That’s right, who knows, she could already be here.”

“That’s why, be cautious with your words. This sword could very well be murderous, if one were to provoke her, she may just murder them without requesting a fee.”

Hearing this Liu Feng could not help but to eye the person across him.

Qu Qing Yin leisurely drinks the cup of tea in her hands, as if to say the person they speak of is nothing like her.

“If we were to say in the Jiang Hu which woman is never to be offended, Ling Long Dao would definitely be high up there, with a voice like that, there is definitely no likelihood of her being anywhere near beautiful. “

Liu Feng laughs, if he were to say she was an outstanding beauty that would be too exaggerating, but to say she is just pretty is also too undermining.

Face shape ranging from that of a melon and a goose egg, eyebrows not drawn but done with umber black make up, straight nose, thin lips as though coated with a pearl, eyes like autumn water, small ears like ingots, earlobe slightly sagged, said that such people tend to be more lucky.

Her skin bright and dewy, as for her body……although back then at the temple he had only taken a glimpse, but as a man, a woman’s body figure would always leave quite the impression.

Liu Feng discreetly uses the fan to cover his face, feeling a little guilty, because of that time he had even had an erotic spring dream, in which, he had committed an act of immorality against her……

“Customers, here are your dishes, please enjoy.”

Right then the worker serves up their dishes, breaking him away from his daydream.

“Brother Liu, what’s wrong?” The sensitive Qu Qing Yin notices him acting unlike his usual self, and couldn’t help but to quietly speak out.

“Nothing, eat eat, after we’re done I’ll take you to look around.”

She shakes her head, “No need, we had better return to the manor.” To walk around alongside Wu Lin’s number one gentleman, really isn’t a wise idea.

“Why not tour around the place? It’s a rare chance for us to be here.”

“I don’t like being in the crowd.”

Liu Feng raises his brows but says nothing.

Bounty hunters tend to be more used to doing things on their own, they’re typically tolerant, and are patient, capable of chasing down fierce, stubborn villains for thousands of li and are also calm and collected.

This is probably the reason why she insists on keeping her distance from him, habits can sometimes become imbedded into the person’s blood and bones, amending them is not an easy task.

Deep inside, Qu Qing Yin is thinking, she cannot continue to stay with Liu Feng, this person is too clever, he isn’t someone she should get involved with.

… “Liu Feng, so this is where you are!”

A clear, crisp voice charmingly calls out, and immediately a swift, fierce strike cuts through the air, aiming towards them.

Qu Qing Yin indifferently remains still, she believes that before she leaves the gentleman, there is no place for anyone to do anything.

Liu Feng extends his hand, seizing hold of the attack from the long whip, his brow twitches^ laughing he says, “Missy Li is this how you greet someone?”

There, was someone of such strong attractive beauty, a young girl like a rose in full bloom, dressed in bright red like a fiery phoenix. With a bright smile she looks at Liu Feng, her original hostility turns warm, “As soon as I reached Mount Zhong Yi Manor I heard people say that gentleman Liu is accompanied by a beauty, came to check it out, but she is merely mediocre.”


Liu Feng laughs, “To be able compete with missy Li’s beauty, not many can fare, this is no surprise.”

“Who is she?” Li Fei Yan points at Qu Qing Yin, directly asking on the spot.

Qu Qing Yin blandly looks over, saying, “A Jiang Hu amateur, not worthy of missy asking.”

Li Fei Yan proudly lifts her chin, “Glad you know, the seat next to gentleman Liu is not a place for someone like you, hurry and get out my way.”

Qu Qing Yin places her chopsticks down, and stands up, still looking ever so calm, “Missy please take a seat, I shall take my leave.” First that Shui Su Yun, and here comes another Li Fei Yan, the ones Liu Feng is involved with really do all come from a powerful background.

“Heng~, counted your tactful.”

The Jiang Hu people inside the shop watches this dramatic scene, every one of them keeping their eyes wide open, anticipating what this will lead up to.

Liu Feng’s smile remains unchanged, gesturing for her to sit, “Missy Li please take a seat.”

Li Fei Yan unperturbedly goes over and sits herself down.

Liu Feng takes his fan, spreading it open, and laughs, “Since missy Li has come here to eat, then please take your time, it just so happens that Qing Yin and I are pretty much done here, we shall take our leave first. Farewell.” Having said that, he gets up from his seat.

“You–” Li Fei Yan was abnormally angry, looking towards the young girl who is already a few steps ahead, the whip in hand lashes out towards her.

Liu Feng easily moves to interfere with her attack, blandly speaking, “Listen to my word of advice, do not mess with her.”

“You insist on protecting her?”

Liu Feng lets go of her whip, waving the fan in his hand, “I am saying this for missy’s own good.”

“You blocked my whip and say it’s for my own good?”

“I had merely blocked the attack of missy’s whip, that’s better than getting the whip cut down by someone, or even, the owner of whip get cut down by someone.” The understatement in his words brought upon a chill.

Li Fei Yan’s phoenix eyes opens wide, angrily laughing out loud, “I would also like to see how this little amateur’s skills can fare.” Once again, her whip lashes out like a snake.

Everyone had only seen a flash of silver pass by, and the whip had been entangled within a silver chain, and those silver chains were what everyone had originally thought to have been the girl in purple’s waist ornaments. Only looking at it now, did they realise it is actually a dart.

Li Fei Yan secretly channels her inner energy through her hands, yet the whip remains stilly unaffected, she couldn’t hold back her shock.

Qu Qing Yin just blandly looks at her, saying, “Being short tempered isn’t a good habit, girls should be a little gentler to have people dote on her.”

“Who the hell are you to dare lecture me?” Li Fei Yan was brimming with anger.

She smiles, turning her head ever so slightly, saying to Liu Feng who stood aside leisurely swaying his fan, “Say, should I cut the whip, or should I cut the person?” Would his heart be pained to see this?

Liu Feng lets out a little cough, “The Li guild master isn’t a bad person.” Although disciplining is necessary, but you still need to leave some face for the person.

“Fine then.” Before those words could be heard, everyone could only hear a brittle sound ringing throughout the shop. Li Fei Yan’s snake root whip had been cut down into inches within seconds, falling to the floor in shattered pieces.

Li Fei Yan went pale with shock, taking a few steps back, looking at her in disbelief, “You……”

Qu Qing Yin retrieves her dart, hanging it back onto her waist, looking at her with a smile, and says, “Someone who refuses respect and insists on receiving penalty[2], typically wouldn’t get any good from doing so.”

At the side, Liu Feng exhales, “Missy Li, didn’t I say so before, do not mess with her, she’s just never been someone good to mess with.” He has always pretended to mess with her but never dared to take actual action. That’s because he is well aware of how powerful she is, afraid that if he exceeds the limit he wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences, and can only bear with it as he slowly figures her out.

Li Fei Yan stomps her feet, “So you just watch her bully me? I’m going to tell my father.”

“You need to understand one thing, someone who dares to cut down your whip wouldn’t be someone who would be afraid of the Li guild’s head master.”

“Who exactly is she? For you to be so protective of her?”

“Her?” Liu Feng laughs out loud as he looks at Qu Qing Yin, and then says to Li Fei Yan, “Someone who I daren’t offend, nor do I wish to offend.”

Once those words were said, the place was in an uproar, for even the Wu Lin’s number one gentleman to dare not to offend, nor want to offend, what kind of background does this lady come from?

Qu Qing Yin lowers her head and laughs, not caring about whatever Liu Feng is trying to do. This image he had established for her is far too powerful, looks like no matter who tries to do her wrong will now have to consider the severity of the cost before taking any action.

“If by chance the Li guild master wants to look for me, I shall wait for the invitation with open arms.” Having finished her sentence, she turns around and heads out.

Liu Feng laughs out loud, and says, “Missy Li, I shall be leaving first then. Right now she is staying in the same courtyard as me, finding it would be very convenient.” Leaving no room for clues, he puts his and hers’ relationship into a confusing ambiguous light.


Liu Feng no longer bothered with her, instead hastens his pace to catch up with the person in front.

Any man who hasn’t received their wife’s hand in marriage yet, would definitely not dare to offend her, nor would they wish to offend their other half, otherwise, their wife could very possibly fly far away from them.

[1] Liǎng / is the currency used in Ancient China, these currencies were actually measured in weights.

[2]I had to simplify the saying here, the original phrase used is jìng jiǔ bù chī, fēi yào chī fá jiǔ / 敬酒不吃,非要吃罚酒 – it roughly translates to ‘to refuse to drink to a toast (a form of respect in which you’re supposed courteously return the gracious act. By refusing to do so you are directly opposing the person which is blasphemous, and is basically asking for punishment, hence…) insisting on drinking for forfeit.

Liu Feng is so sly hahaha and I can only say he gets worse in the upcoming chapters XD

As for Li Fei Yan, she may have been spoilt to the extreme with such a horrible snobby attitude, but at least however she feels and whatever she thinks, she just shows it. There’s really no hiding anything with her, her personality is just really direct in the way she presents herself and we know that her upbringing is what made her grow up to be like this. So in this aspect, she’s a lot better than Shui Su Yun, which you’ll come to understand in later chapters. But in all fairness, you can’t completely blame her for having such personality either. :/


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  1. I wonder if he felt guilty because he had that explicit dream or if it is because he wanted to realize his dream. No wonder he is so persistent! Thanks for a fun chapter!


    1. I guess it was his more refine and gentleman side that made him feel quilty for having such a dream hahaha ….having said that though…(and a little warning here)…but I guess you can say his dream comes true in later chapters 😉

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  2. Just a little hard for me to believe that someone who had reached the level of martial arts skill to be the guild master–or is she only the guild master’s daughter. Still, it is not the kind of world in which I expect to hear someone resort to ‘I’m going to tell my daddy on you’. Why is it that we don’t hear the men say things like this?


    1. Yeh she is only the guild master’s daughter, a very spoilt one at that too haha and one is spoilt, no matter how dignified of a position their family is, they will never be ashamed of bringing out their mother or father’s power like that. And you’re right, it is the girls that are portrayed like this more often, as they are more pampered than boys, whilst boys are raised to be brave and ‘manly’


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